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The adoption fee for all our foster pets includes microchipping, desexing, first vaccination and flea and worming, lifetime registration, heart worm testing for dogs and FIV testing for cats if this has been done.


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Izzy, born June 2010, is a tiny little short-haired dark tortoiseshell with big green eyes and a fiery orange stripe down her nose. She is a delicate and softly spoken little thing who enjoys being with people. While she can be a little timid with new people she quickly warms up to everyone and loves a good pat, cuddle and ear scratch.

Izzy had a bit of a rough start to life. She was rescued with 5 kittens who had to be hand raised as Izzy needed an operation for a blocked intestine to save her life.  It was touch and go for a while, but she’s a tough little thing and came through it well. she was very skinny and underweight. She improved greatly in just a few weeks, although she appears to be naturally small and slender.

Izzy has an adorable little miaow that sometimes is barely audible. When it can be heard, her miaow sounds more like a squeak, which had led to the nickname ‘Pipsqueak’.

Izzy is very content to live inside and enjoys sitting up high and watching people. She can also keep herself amused and is happy to spend the day by herself . Izzy loves to have a play and chase, but her favourite thing to play with is long shoelaces.

Izzy would make a great companion and would fit easily into any household. She has had a rough start in life and appreciates the simple pleasures of a comfy bed, a bowl of food and a warm lap to snuggle on.

Izzy has tested negative to FIV