Cats for adoption

The adoption fee for all our foster pets includes microchipping, desexing, first vaccination and flea and worming, lifetime registration, heart worm testing for dogs and FIV testing for cats if this has been done.


Miki microchip 900 164 000 314 099
Niki microchip 900 164 000 314 083
23/3/13   Niki and Miki and their sisters Bonnie & Maddy were at the pound without their mum when we rescued them.

Niki and Miki are inseparable, loving sisters. Like Thelma and Louise, they are different, yet complement each other so well. We would love to see them adopted together as they adore and take good care of each other.

What do they have in common? Both are super affectionate, gentle cats. Both dislike being grabbed or lifted off the ground; they prefer to come to you and sit next to you and get lots of petting. Occasionally they will sit on your lap, which is a very special treat. They enjoy sleeping on the bed with foster mom – sometimes by her feet, or right next to her. They are very gentle and never scratch people, not even when jumping on their lap. Both are very clean, and use the litter box with perfection with no accidents. No loud meows; they make a cute trrr sound instead. When a new kitten was brought into the home, at first they hissed at him and kept their distance; but after 2 days they became “moms”. They’ve come to adore him, and are always giving him baths and playing with him.

Niki (short for Nikita) has a slimmer face and black “eyeliner” on her left eye with a black spot on her left nostril. She is the most extroverted of the two, being the first to have come out and explore her foster mom’s house, and happily greeting the occasional visitor. When she wants something, she’ll let you know. She has a funny way of staring right into your eyes, as if trying to tell you something. When she wants to be petted (which is very often!) she’ll look all cute and rub against the computer screen or a wall corner, as a way of asking. She loooves eating, and is always last to leave the food bowl.

Miki (short for Mikaela) has a rounder, whiter face. She is the shy one of the duo, hid under the bed and cried for a day when first brought to her new foster mom’s home. She likes having her own space; she loves climbing to the highest spot of the house (nowhere her sister dares to go!) and spending hours thinking about… whatever cats think about. She loves getting petted, and her favorite is a belly rub; she’ll lie on her back and streeetch out, to let you know that she wants one of those. Other times, when she wants some affection, she doesn’t come to you asking for it: she expects you to read her mind and go to her, when she’ll go “trrrr” happily. She’s the one who sleeps the closest to mom in bed, and the first to stick her little head at the front door’s gap when mom is coming home at the end of the day.