MEG -renamed MILLY- Pretty white mum

        foster mum Meg                                                 Valentino (m)                                                               Koko (f)

MEG is such a gorgeous very sweet girl and was pregnant as well, she was sitting on Death Row, abandoned and unwanted like so many others
She is white with a small grey patch on the top of her head and large round eyes. Because of her colour she will need to be an indoor cat. Cats with pink noses/ears are more susceptible to sunburn. Repeated sunburn can lead to skin cancer, so it will be important to make sure that Meg is not left outdoors in the sun for long periods.

Her carer says Meg is very sweet natured and gentle. She will sit in your lap although whilst pregnant she used to spill off. She loves having her belly rubbed and has a good appetite. She is a very good looking cat and will make a wonderful pet once the kittens are weaned.

Meg gave birth to 4 kittens on 9/9/08- .but sadly they did not survive, however we rescued  a litter of 3 newborns (Rita, Diesel & Rocky) on 20 September from the pound,  and  another litter of 2 (Valentino & Koko) on 17 October at 4wks old,. Meg is being their loving foster mum, she is beautiful in nature and a very loving and trusting girl. The kittens were all born approx 17/9/08.
Valentino and Koco have been adopted through Natalie at the Figtree Vet Clinic 0450 527 577

28/12/08 –  Meg has has been adopted by Sonja and her family in Mortdale and renamed MILLIE.


Cricket                                                                                         Millie
CRICKET (f) born 21/9/08 approx- mostly black with a white neck & 4 white socks is the most friendly & affectionate of her litter. She will follow you everywhere and purrs as soon as you pick her up.
30/11/08 – Cricket(renamed Sakura) has been adopted by Patricia from Belmont N’castle as a mate for little Millie.
Maisie’s remaining  kitten is MILLIE who is  calico tortoiseshell/white, with unusually pretty markings.
30/11/08 – Millie has been adopted by Patricia from Belmont together with Cricket.


CARAMEL renamed RUPERT- long haired white & caramel affectionate boy

14/12/08 – Caramel has been adopted by David of Camperdown and joins siblings Ava, Bassey and Kiki,  who were also adopted from Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption. His name has been changed (tentatively to see if he likes it) to Rupert.

Caramel is a handsome antique white and rich caramel colour with a medium length coat. He has the sweetest nature, is very affectionate and is so unassuming. He has obviously been someone’s loved pet at some point.  However it looks as though he has been neglected for quite some time. After his vet check we were told he will need 4 teeth extracted and his teeth cleaned.  He has had 4 baths in the last week – and he is looking much much better than when we rescued him from Death Row. He will be an outstanding  looking cat when we get him into top condition.
He will need regular grooming to keep his soon to be gorgeous coat in tip top condition.
Caramel is getting lots of TLC and good food which you can see him tucking into in his photo.

Caramel’s treatment removing 4 teeth and cleaning the rest, will finish up costing us about $500 in total and we will be very grateful for donations of any amount to help towards his costs.

19/12/08 – Caramel would like to say thanks to Annette from Cronulla who kindly donated $200 towards his treatment costs. Lots of purrs and hugs from Caramel.x x x x
Caramel would like to say thanks to Deb who has been hard at work  selling fund-raiser Chocolates making a profit of $96 which has been donated towards his medical treatment. purrs and hugs from Caramel.x x x x

4 kittens- 3 ginger boys, 1 torti girl

Torti                                                           Ginge                                                      Fox                                               Spike
These 4 kittens (born 1/9/08) and their mother were rescued from a building site where they were constantly soaking wet and in danger of being crushed by machinery. Their mother has a beautiful temperament and these guys have inherited that from her. Mum is now de-sexed and healthy and looking forward to a long life of relaxation. Help the kittens do the same! They would love to be adopted in pairs as playmates to keep each other amused and not be lonely.
The 3 boys are ginger and white and their sister is tortoiseshell
Torty is a very cute little Tabby/Tortoiseshell girl who loves a good belly rub!
Ginge is a very playful boy, who loves a pat and a purr, always up for a bit of excitement…
Spike and Fox went to Coreen Ave Vet and were re-homed from there.
Fox is a very affectionate boy – a bit like a dog this one! – follows you everywhere and is always up for a game…
Spike is the quieter one of the bunch – happy to spend hours on the windowsill – but then also happy to spend hours playing with his bro’s, he purrs constantly!

Dec 2008 – All kittens have now been adopted.

Chanel born 4/10/07 pretty calico colours

This  cute little girl was rescued by us just in the nick of time before she was due to be euthanased.

Chanel was was only 6wks old at the time and is a very pretty short haired Calico coloured kitten. Playful and friendly
She has settled in well in her foster home but is looking forward to becoming part of her own family in her fur-ever home with you.
Chanel will need to be an indoor cat  as cats with pink noses/ears are more susceptible to sunburn. Repeated sunburn can lead to skin cancer, so it will be important to make sure that Chanel is not left outdoors in the sun for long periods.

7/12/08 – Chanel has been adopted by Melissa who was fostering her and fell in love with her.


Oct’08 – A big thank you to Penny, Cris, Toby, Sparkle and Gemma for a lovely donation of Dine gourmet food. Yummy yum……..Purrs and hugs from Chanel x x x x

Dec’07 – A big thank you to Allison and Milly Mary from Armidale NSW for a lovely box of presents. They’re all nicely wrapped in Chrissy paper, but we’ve been shaking them, and we think there’s yummy food and toys. And we peeked thru the cellophane, and we think we can see some lovely cat bowls and fish treats! Yummo. We can’t wait for Christmas!
Love,hugs and purrs from Polly, Chanel and little Mitzi x x x x

A big thank you to Munchkin’s foster carers, Melissa and Troy, for a laser light pointer – we have had great fun chasing it all over the place.
hugs and purrs from Mitzi, Chanel and Polly x x x x


SAFFRON female ginger- sweet & shy-snatched from Death Row

Saffron (f) was born approx 4/4/08. She is a pale ginger tabby(rare in females) and has gorgeous soft downy fur with a  medium hair coat.
Here is what Rhonda says about her-
Saffron is very sweet and gentle. She is extremely timid but is learning to trust. She will come and sit next to you but scares very easily and startles with any quick movement. She will bond with a new owner as long as they understand her timid nature and are willing to give her plenty of time to adjust to a new environment.  She is extremely lovely looking and gets along remarkably well with the other cats and they all seem to love her. She may settle in easier with another gentle cat or kitten as a playmate.
Saffron is located in Sutherland
1/11/08 – Saffron has been adopted by Valerie from Earlwood

DELTA(Abby), JOSIE & MARLEY cute kittens. born approx 30/5/08

Delta        –                                                                                                Delta, Josie & Marley  –                                                              Josie
We rescued these 3 little cuties from Death Row and now have them safe in loving care. They were so lucky to be rescued as they had been surrendered by their owner and surrenders can be euthanased immediately by a pound. They were approx 7wks old. Born approx 30/5/08
They are all such delightful kittens and very smoochy. Location – with Maria in Belmore
MARLEY (male tabby and white) is adorable, he is so gentle and sweet and has a beautifully patterned face.. he is now waiting for his special family to come along and give him his own home like his sisters.
JOSIE  (female black/white) was shy to start with but she is warming up and very keen to explore.
DELTA  (female tabby) loves to climb and spends most of her free time on her carers shoulder and back.
15/11/08 – Marley has been adopted by Clare and Darrel from Darling Point

18/10/08 – Josie has been adopted by Anne, Kevin, Arabella, and Oliver in Bonnet Bay
11/10/08 Delta  has been adopted by Linda & Annemarie in Balmain. She has been renamed Abigail (Abby for short)

GLORIA female ginger – loving & playful, likes friendly dogs

Little Gloria was waiting for us to rescue her from Death Row. Gloria is now waiting patiently for her fur-ever home with her own loving family. She was born approx September 2006

GLORIA is a tiny, ginger girl with a lovely white bib. Her eyes are a beautiful golden colour matching her ginger coat. She is loving, playful and curious and gets along with friendly dogs.
She has an easy care short coat and will easily fit into your family. She is waiting for you now. Come and pay her a visit.

Nov’08 – Gloria has been adopted by Jule and Rod in Sylvania who have been caring for her and fell in love with her.
Dec’07 – A big thank you to Nestle Purina for some yummy gourmet food- mmmmm I can’t wait till Xmas Day. Hugs and purrs from Gloria x x x x


Annabelle affectionate tabby kitten born April’08


Mandy and Annabelle are cute little tabby sisters born in April ’08.
Annabelle has a great personality and she just has to be in everything. She likes to try and rumble her carer’s older cat Tossie (he is about 6 years old) and he just sits there and takes it. Plus she loves her cuddle time as well
They are both full of curiosity, and when you are cleaning your teeth you are guaranteed to have Mandy on one side of the sink and Anabelle on the other watching what you are doing.
They are both very well behaved, friendly and very affectionate kittens. Even purring happily at the vet when they were being microchipped.  They would fit happily into any family.
Sept ’08 Mandy has been adopted by Briony from Meadowbank & renamed Moet.
Nov’08 Annabelle is being adopted by her foster carer Jenny.

A big thank you to Anne-Marie from Randwick for buying Annabelle a new collar. She looks very cute indeed!  Big Purrs from Annbelle xox


SNUGGLEPOT & CUDDLEPIE- (now Spook and Charlie)White Manx twins

Snugglepot & Cuddlepie are 2 gorgeous short haired white Manx cats  rescued from Death Row at the pound. They are approx 12mths old so still kittens really.
They are both lovely and affectionate.
They need to be re-homed together as they are closely bonded. Like all sisters, they romp, they play and have lots of fun together. They are beautiful together and we do not want to separate them.

They need to be predominantly indoor cats due to fair features as they will sunburn easily. They are ideal apartment cats.

12/11/08 – Snugglepot and Cuddlepie (now Spook and Charlie) have been adopted by Renee and Jerry from Paddington


BLUEBELLE-very affectionate blue Tortoiseshell girl

We rescued the lovely Bluebelle from Death Row in April 08. She was looking so sad and unhappy but all the staff there loved her and told us she was such a gorgeous girl.
Bluebelle has the gorgeous looks and personality to match. She  has an exquisitely soft, fluffy coat with an unusual blue tortoiseshell colouring. Her nature is gentle and affectionate. She will need regular brushing to keep her coat in tip top condition.
She likes to greet you at the door and rolls on her back for some tummy rubs (her favourite).

Bluebelle may be a bit shy at first but once she gets to know you she becomes very affectionate and loves her cuddles and belly rubs.
She is a little wary of the fan heater and loud noises
Bluebelle was born approximately April 2007 so she is just a little over a year old and in the prime of her life.
21/9/08 – BLUEBELLE has been adopted by Doula and Frank in Earlwood


ECHO & MILO gorgeous Ginger brothers born approx 20/3/08

                          photos 30/7/08
ECHO & MILO were rescued from Death Row and were born approx 28/3/08
ECHO is a cute medium haired ginger tabby boy with snow white nose & face, legs and tummy.
MILO is a gorgeous short haired ginger tabby boy with a white nose, chin, chest, tummy and paws.
They would be best kept mainly indoors away from strong sun, to lessen the risk of sunburn and skin cancer.
21/10/08 Echo & Milo have been adopted by David in Sutherland

Lovely LILA

Lila’s new owner urgently needs to find a new loving home or foster care as soon as possible..she is moving into a unit on Sunday 14th September.

Lila is a lovely 3yr old Black Labrador /Retriever x.  She is friendly and affectionate.. She gets on well with  other dogs, cats and older children.
She walks well on a lead, likes going for a drive, loves playing with her toys, swimming and water, responds to some commands including sit.
She has previously been to puppy pre-school, but may benefit from some additional training.
Lila would suit a family with children older than about 7yrs, with time to take her for  regular walks
She will need a reasonable sized yard , fully fenced yard and lockable gate.
Lila is de-sexed, vaccinated, flea/wormed, heart worm tested and vaccinated. She is micro-chipped and council registered.
She is with Leona in Rockdale.
26/9/08 Lila has been adopted by Kate


SNOOPY(f) WHITE ALBINO RABBIT rescued from Death Row

SNOOOPY is an adorable pure white albino rabbit we have rescued from Death Row. She is waiting for her new fur-ever home.

Can you give her a loving home and a chance of a new happy life.
14/12/08 SNOOPY has been adopted by Leanne and family from Picnic Pt


SAFFRON & TOBY -KITTENS born approx 7/9/08

In care with Rhonda  8 wk old kittens  healthy boys with gorgeous natures. –  DOB 7/9/08 – rescued from Death Row 2/11/08. .
TOBY- DSH dark tabby , SAFFRON DMH ginger
In care with Rhonda
14/12/08 – Saffron and Toby have been adopted by Christine and family from Wahroonga

STAR – KITTEN born approx 7/9/08


14/12/08 – Star has been adopted by Linda and family from Riverview


Frankie & Pepita born 27/9/08

Frankie                                                                              Pepita
Both are beautiful kittens, very chubby, healthy and friendly. They are vaccinated, microchipped and wormed. They are happily eating Royal Canin baby cat. food.  They were born 27/09/08.
Ginger and White Male ” Frankie ”
Frankie is your typical boy, he loves nothing more than playing.. He adores his brother Pedro and they are rarely apart. When you can slow him down for a cuddle, Frankie is a willing participant. He has a white face, chest, tummy and legs. As he has no pigment in his nose, Frankie would be best kept as an inside cat. This will prevent him getting sun burnt and potentially skin cancer.
Blue Torti Female  ” Pepita ”
Pepita is at first a little shy. But once she feels safe and secure she loves a snuggle and a purr. She is happy to play with her brother Frankie and definitely holds her own in any rough and tumble game. As she is a little shy, and sometimes scared of loud nosies, Pepita would be best as an inside cat.
9/12/08 FRANKIE & PEPITA have been adopted by a family living on the Northern Beaches


CHLOE born 21/9/08


CHLOE (f) – black and white face – very funny and friendly loves her brother & sister and also loves to be cuddled
30/11/08 – Chloe has been adopted by Alana from Concord


MAX DLH tabby kitten – born 21/9/08

MAX (m) long hair dark tabby, very small and cute loves cuddles and every day is becoming more friendly
22/11/08 – Max has been adopted by Tracey at Thirroul




DAISY adorable black med hair kitten born 17/5/08 approx

Daisy at 5wks – The 3 Amigos-August ’08 Daisy,Princess,Rosie Jnr

These 3 lovely sisters were rescued together from Death Row and were only 5wks old. They are all gorgeous adorable little girls. They are all very purry and smoochy, in particular Princess and Rosie Jnr. They climb all over you to get a kiss and cuddle. Princess is short haired with lovely tabby markings.
Daisys sisters have been adopted and now she is waiting for her turn to find her perfect home.
Daisy’s fur is black and medium length, when she was little it looked as though she had a perm but as she has grown older it has straightened out.
15/11/08 Daisy has been adopted by Sophie in Wollongong
7/9/08 – Princess has been adopted by Alenka in Minnamurra & renamed MINNA
16/10/08 – Toby and Rosie Jr. have been adopted by Irene from Rose Bay


Yann – affectionate ginger kitten

This is the life!!

Yann is a very affectionate little male Ginger kitten approx 4 months old: His colour is ginger, like a Firefox or a giant red Panda, and he is very affectionate like a little Puppy.
The origin of his name Yann is from china, meaning “pretty colour” which suits him perfectly, and “Swallow Bird”.

Yann was rescued on 14 July by a kind couple. He was very cold and hungry but was very friendly and came up to them immediately to ask for food and help. He was a very affectionate little kitten.
He was not frightened at all and settled in quickly and happily in their home with their other 4 “big”cats. He was curious and friendly, he couldn’t wait to get to know his new home and fellows.
Yann was de-sexed the next day and recovered quickly. He played, ate, running around the house, was very busy exploring every corner of the household, busy making new friends. He is a good eater.
After initial toilet training in a pen he is now using the litter tray with no problem.
He is a very happy and delightful kitten now. At times he is very playful, and then he can be very relaxed. He is very happy to stay indoors and gets along really well with the other cats. He is also a big purring machine! He likes to lie on his back to show you his tummy and be petted, and loves his favourite toy, the fishing pole. He also likes to sit quietly either next to the computer or on a lap.
He is a very curious little boy, likes walking between your feet,and likes sleeping next to you, or preferably on top of you.
He is such a lovely little kitten and he really deserves a loving fur-ever home. He will bring lots of companionship, joy and happiness to his new family. He would like a home with at least one other cat for company if possible so he is not lonely.
6/9/08 – Yann has been adopted by Sarah from Sylvania


TILLY (renamed TRINNY) pretty med hair Tortoiseshell/white

Beautiful Tilly was rescued at the end of July 08 from Death Row. She is such a sweet little girl with a beautiful med haired fur coat. She has a snow white tummy, nose, chin and  feet. and a glorious fluffy tail. Just look at those golden eyes. She is just waiting for her lifetime family to come along and find her.
She will need to be kept out of strong sunshine because of her white nose which is prone to sunburn and skin cancer.
Come along and meet her. She is currently in Leichhardt
20/9/08 – Tilly has been adopted by Denise and Wayne from Parkes and has been renamed Trinny.


JENNA Foxy X mum

Mum Jenna was a Foxy X and was rescued from Death Row pregnant giving birth on 20/5/08 to 7 gorgeous puppies
– She is a bundle of energy just like Angel, she loves attention and loves going for walks, she also loves to play and jump all over you. She would be great with kids who are full of energy.
Mum Jenna has been adopted by Jenny, her carer who has fallen in love with her

7/6/09 Bosco & Bailey have been adopted
21/1/09 Jet has been adopted by Avi in Kingsford
29/8/08 Akira has been adopted by Nora and Ed in Cammeray
4/8/08 Holly and Ebony have been adopted by Grace in Rozelle


MAXIE – Stunning Silver Tabby Male

Gorgeous little Maxie is full of energy and is very special. He loves lots of attention and cuddles and will turn his loud purr on for extra attention. He is very smoochy and affectionate and loves to give kisses.
Maxie is a stunning silver tabby with striking markings and adorable eyes. Maxie was born approx 6 April 08 so is approx 9 weeks old as of the 8th June 2008.
This extra special little man is looking for a fur-ever home so he can feel super safe. Can you give Maxie a loving home and lots of cuddles?
24/8/08 Maxie has been adopted by Emma & Andrew in Petersham


6 cute kittens born 12/3/08

Sooty Jnr(m)                                                                       Misty(f)                                     Tabitha-Jane(f)                               Chloe(f)

Sooty Jnr (m)                                           Misty (f)                          Tabitha-Jane (f)

These little cuties are all from one litter and are simply gorgeous. They were approx 6wks old when rescued on 23/4/08 so born approx 12/3/08
SOOTY Jnr is a little aloof from his siblings, but loves playing with his many toys, and especially the laser pointer. He loves sunning himself on the window ledges and being up high so he can survey his terrain. Once again as with the others from this litter he is a cuddle-a-holic
UPDATE 15/8/08 – SOOTY Jnr  has been adopted by Aimee in Paddington

MISTY is the smallest of the litter. She looks much like her brother, Sooty Jnr, save that his chin is black and hers is white.
Misty was the quietest and most sedate of her litter at first but she is now beginning to gain confidence with the bigger cats and holds her own well, although she isn’t much of a snuggler, she still likes the occasional cuddle and loves toys.

TABITHA-JANE is the wicked genius of the litter. In her photo she is trying to determine whether the feather wand can be used as a weapon in order to extort extra dried fish snacks from Mim… She still can look rather cute though.
UPDATE 15/8/08 – MISTY and TABITHA-JANE have been adopted by Leah in Sydenham


CARL & ROBBIE born 11/4/08

Robbie                                                                                       Carl                                                                     Carl and Robbie

These cute little boys are approx 7wks old and were rescued from Death Row on 19 May, they were born approx 11/4/08
Carl is a very funny little fellow… He is very interactive and would love to be around people.
19/8/08 Carl has been adopted by Bernadette in Summer Hill
Robbie is the most beautiful looking grey/blue and white male..very vocal when it comes to his food! Extremely cute with pale grey blue eyes and a real little personality.
25/7/08 Robbie has has been adopted by Daniel & Gemma & their cat Tom at Oatley


EMILY affectionate tabby girl

Emily is a lovely, calm and affectionate cat and was just waiting expectantly for Joanne to rescue her from Death Row. She was approx 12mths old when rescued on 26/4/08 and she is now getting lots of TLC from Joanne who will give us further updates after she settles in.
07/8/08 – Emily has been adopted by Andrew at Cambridge Park


MANDY (renamed MOET) born April’08

Mandy and Annabelle are cute little tabby sisters born in April ’08. They are now looking for a loving fur-ever home together.

Mandy has the cutest little face and is a very loving kitten, she just loves being cuddled.
They are both full of curiosity, and when you are cleaning your teeth you are guaranteed to have Mandy on one side of the sink and Anabelle on the other watching what you are doing.
They are both very well behaved, friendly and very affectionate kittens. Even purring happily at the vet when they were being microchipped.  They would fit happily into any family.

Sept ’08 Mandy has been adopted by Briony from Meadowbank and renamed Moet.


TOBY & ROSIE born May 2008

Rosie 5wks old –                                                                  Rosie Jnr (left) with Toby 23/9/08

Toby 23/9/08

Toby was rescued from Death Row and is an adorable short haired Black & White boy with beautiful green eyes. He was born approx 11/5/08. He is looking forward to his own fur-ever family and would love to have another kitten as a playmate and to cuddle up with. He has bonded well with Rosie Jnr. He should be kept out of strong sun and would be ideal as an indoor pet because of his white nose which is prone to sunburn and possible skin cancer.
Nicknamed Mr. Curious. Toby loves to know what is going on. He is smoochy and friendly. Toby loves playing with his toys and chirps away to himself.
He has a healthy appetite and loves his raw meat.

Rosie Jnr is a little lady born approx 17/5/08. She is a very small cat but boy does she have a big purr!! She is super sweet and loves a cuddle and smooch. She is looking forward to her own fur-ever family and would love to have another kitten as a playmate and to cuddle up with. She has bonded well with Toby. Rosie Jnr is short haired with a black & white coat and has a white nose so will need to be kept out of strong sun because of the risk of sunburn and cancer.
16/10/08 – Toby and Rosie Jnr. have been adopted by Irene from Rose Bay


EBONY(f) cuddly black lap cat – born approx Nov’07

EBONY is a special little girl, she is so smoochy and cuddly. She is all black with the most beautiful green eyes. Ebony was born approx Nov ’07.
Her carer says that Ebony is very sweet natured, affectionate and a lap cat. She is also becoming rather spoilt as she likes to sleep with her at night and will quite often snuggle under the covers. She has a beautiful silky coat and loves to be brushed especially being rubbed on the tummy. She has similar characteristics to her Burmese cat both in nature and looks. She is very social and gets along well with all the other cats.
20/09/08 EBONY has been adopted by Catherine in Newcastle


PRINCE(Tin Tin) (m) gorgeous Silver Tabby kitten

Prince was rescued from Death Row on 5/8/08 and was approx 12wks old. He is Silver Tabby & White and is an ADORABLE young man with a simply GORGEOUS nature. He looks a bit like a snow leopard.

13/9/09 Prince (renamed Tin Tin), has been adopted by Kathy & Ahmed in Chippendale



COCO Jnr. & JESSIE cute tortoiseshell siblings born approx 9/5/08

on 2/8/08   Hello!”  mmm….. grubs up”
COCO Jnr and JESSIE were born approx 9/5/08 and were only 6weeks old. They would love to find a home together as they have great fun playing and chasing each other around. They are both very friendly and cute little kittens with adorable little faces.
CoCo is a very cute little ginger tortoiseshell tabby with the cutest little face.
Jessie is tortoiseshell with snow white face, chest and legs. She would need to be kept mainly indoors out of strong sun to avoid sunburn and skin cancer. She is the adventurous one and loves exploring.
31/8/08 Coco Jnr and Jessie (renamed Jules) have been adopted by Janne from Denistone East


MISTY – loving BLUE male-approx 3yrs old

Misty was rescued 20/6/08 from Death Row and is approx 3yrs old. He is blue in colour with a white chest and toes and the longest white whiskers..
Misty has the friendliest nature he is a very handsome confident boy. He doesn’t mind being picked up and loves a pat. He purrs constantly and just loves attention.  He will need regular brushing to keep his medium to long length coat looking beautiful.
Kate says “He follows you at your feet everywhere!! I must say he is such a gorgeous boy, loves a cuddle, loves a belly rub and just generally loves attention.  He also gets on fine with all my other cats”
Although Misty was microchipped, his owner never came to reclaim him so Misty is now looking for a new home with a loving family who will cherish him.  Is this you?
Location – with Kate at Toongabbie

30/8/08 Misty has been adopted by Aaron in Castle Hill


BREE (f) – Gorgeous white/tabby very sweet little girl – born approx 29 May 2008


Bree just had to be saved from euthanasia, she was such a little sweetie, all the staff at the pound loved her. She is a Medium Hair  White & Tabby Gorgeous kittend, born approx end May ’08 and Very Very sweet!!
She is now safe with us in foster care and looking for her new fur-ever home with a loving family to take good care of her for life.
Bree is with Rhonda in Sutherland
26/10/08 Bree has been adopted by Anthony and Elizabeth in Rydalmere


DOMINO black/white boy- snatched from Death Row


Domino (m) was born 25/4/08 so was 5wks old, very striking with lovely Black and White markings, short hair coat, cute chubby little face, sweet and gentle. Domino is extremely playful and bounces around like a little jack in a box.

24/8/08 DOMINO has been adopted by Scott and Christina in Manly


Coco-Pop black/white kitten born 8/3/08

COCO-POP is a friendly playful little kitten. She was born approx 8/3/08 . She has a shiny black and white shorthaired coat which is easy to look after. Coco Pop loves cuddles and  sitting on your lap to be patted  she also gets along fine with other cats.
She is looking forward to finding a loving home of her own where she will give you lots of love in return and can look forward to a wonderful future.
7/9/08 Coco-Pop has been adopted by Jenny, her foster carer.


BOBBY is an absolute sweetheart of a kitten-born approx March ’08

‘I love my mousie’                                                                                           “you want me to do what?? You must be joking! “

BOBBY just had to be rescued from Death Row, the staff all said what an absolute sweetheart he was. Bobby was born approx March 2008. He has a shorthaired white coat with black and grey tabby markings and a tabby tail….
His carer says – He seems to be quite a little larrikin. His coat is lovely and soft  He is well socialised and will develop into a very affectionate cat with lots of TLC. He seems to have settled in quite well and has been exploring his room and eating well.
Bobby is a very independent kitten and is quite happy amusing himself playing with his catnip mice. Two of my neighbours have met him and found him to be very friendly. He thrives on affection and purrs very contentedly when cuddled.
Bobby would be ideal for an indoor pet because of his white face and pink nose which must be kept out of strong sun because  of the risk of sunburn and possible skin cancer.
He is waiting for you now, will you be the lucky one to add him to your family?
Bobby is in care in Newtown
14/10/08 Bobby has been adopted by Samantha at Speers Point


MUNCHKIN – Stunning Bold Tabby – born approx Nov ’06

Super Smoochy and Ultra Endearing, MUNCHKIN is now looking so much happier since we rescued him from Death Row in August ’07. He was approx 9mths old when rescued so would have been born around Nov ’06. He is however still in urgent need of his own fur-ever happy home so he can relax and know he is forever safe and loved.
He is a gorgeous strongly built, long, sleek, dark grey tabby with a short, easy care coat and lovely bold stripes. He has beautiful green eyes and a very cute ginger nose.
Munchkin is friendly, active and athletic. He loves to climb, jump and play with his toys. He loves his cat tunnel. He is very intelligent and knows everything that is going on in the household. He is smoochy and loves his morning cuddles.  He also likes time to himself to groom his coat and catch up on a quick cat nap. Munchkin would love to meet a devoted new owner who can spend time with him making him feel extra special.
Munchkin likes to be the centre of attention so other pets would not be suited with Munchkin. He would be best suited to an experienced cat owner who is willing to spend some time building trust with him and showing him lots of love and affection which he will return a hundred fold!
Munchkin is a very clean cat. He is house and litter trained, and currently kept indoors. He loves his dry crunchy food as well as wet food and raw mince. His favourite treat is a small piece of lite cheese or liver treat which he just melts in your arms for.
17/7/08 Munchkin has been adopted by Jenny and Mark at Hurstville


BRANDY (m) friendly white & tabby long hair cat-likes dogs


“Hello! my name is BRANDY, I am a very friendly boy, I was born approx 5/2/06.

I don’t know how I ended up on Death Row. I guess nobody loved me enough to take proper care of me. I would love to be your new best friend and be loved again.  You will need to groom me regularly to keep my coat in tip top condition.
I do need to be an indoor cat because my white nose will get sunburnt and my lovely long fur will get badly tangled outdoors.

Here are my new photos after being bathed and brushed. I think I look so much better now that Georgia is taking such good care of me..  I am so looking forward to my new fur-ever home with you and hope it will not be too long to wait for.
Update from Georgia, his foster carer. “He is an adorable cat! He’s very affectionate and talkative though not playful. He also loves dogs – very unusual!
My mother has a Border Collie and always brings it to my place for a play with the cat. He is completely non-fussed, which makes me think he grew up with dogs.I have kept him indoors since getting him and he does not seem bothered by this.”
Brandy has been adopted by Georgia


Geordie(m) ginger/white kitten saved from Death Row

Geordie in a short haired ginger and white male born approx 27/2/08Geordie is a very special little man who is very social and loves a cuddle and smooch around your face. His purr is huge and you can hear him coming a mile away. He has a beautiful nature and gets along well with other kittens that have been in foster care with him.He loves attention and playing with his toys.

Geordie’s favourite daily pastime is lying in the window watching the birds and the world go by.

Geordie is in care with Melissa at Miranda who has now adopted him (Sept’08)- lucky Geordie.



SASHA – Maltese X, friendly little girl

We rescued lovely Sasha on 23/3/08 from Death Row and now she is getting lots of TLC to make up for her ordeal and to let her know that there are people out there that still care about her.
She was rather underweight when rescued and our vet found out that she had a gum infection and had to have some teeth removed. She is now eating well and is looking lots more like the lovely dog that she should be. Suh says she is settling in well and seems a lovely gentle girl.
She visited a family with children and was happy to curl up on the little boys lap and be made a fuss of.
Sasha is approx 5yrs old.
17/8/08 – SASHA has been adopted by Marilyn at Woronora Heights


HEIDI – Silver Tabby kitten – gorgeous personality

Heidi was rescued from Death Row on 4/8/08 and is approx 12weeks old. She has a gorgeous personality and is a beautiful Silver Tabby with golden eyes.  She is now looking for her fur-ever home. Please contact us if you think she is the one for you.

17/8/08 – Heidi has been adopted by Anthea in Bondi


Nutmeg, ginger/white boy rescued from Death Row

NUTMEG was rescued from Death Row after Xmas ’07. He has been christened Mr Personality Plus and is a gorgeous smoochy boy with a lovely ginger tabby and white short hair coat. He has a white nose so is best kept ,mainly as an indoor cat to prevent sunburn. He was born 8/10/07
Nutmeg is being cared for by Jule, at Sylvania.
UPDATE 16/7/08 Nutmeg has been adopted by Helen and Gary in Menai


COCO- affectionate long haired fluffy older kitten

Coco was rescued from Death Row 22/5/08. He was such an affectionate, special, adorable kitten that we just had to rescue him. He was born approx end of October 2007 so was 7mths old when rescued.

He will need regular grooming to keep him looking his best and is best kept as an indoor pet,staying out of strong sun because of his white face which is prone to sunburn and skin cancer.
Coco loves your company and will follow you around and settle down nearby. He is content as long as he is near to you. He loves to play with his tennis ball just like a playful kitten. He also likes to carry around a small dolls pillow for comfort.
He is just adorable and will be a loving addition to any family. Is he the one you have been looking for?
17/8/0/ – COCO  has been adopted by Robert in Willoughby


JAZZ (Renamed Whiskers)- Rosie’s Blue/White kitten born 13/4/08 approx

cute little Jazz- photo taken 2/8/08

JAZZ is a cute little blue and white kitten of Rosie’s with white bib and toes and some white on her tummy.  She has an oriental look to her
features with large ears and pointed face and with beautiful eyes. this is probably because she us so small that her ears seem large on her small face.. She is a tiny little girl for her age but healthy.
Maria writes ” She is a non stop talker and is very sweet.  She wasn’t afraid of any of the kittens nor my dog (and that is a first cause every other kitten that has come into the house has been terrified of the dog when they see him for the first time).  She is a fearless kitten.”

Location – with Maria in Belmore
23/8/08 Jazz has been adopted by Mark in Mosman who has renamed her ‘Whiskers’


JESSICA -Torty/White kitten

Jessica (f) (4wks old on 23/4/08)
JESSICA – Sweet and Affectionate – Little Jessica is super sweet and meows in her cute squeaky meow if she is not getting enough attention. She loves to snuggle onto your lap for a warm cat nap and follows you everywhere just for more cuddles. She loves to play with the other kittens. Jessica was 4 weeks when rescued on the 23/4/08. Born approx 26/3/08. She is a tortoiseshell and white medium hair with gorgeous markings and will require regular grooming when older to stay looking so gorgeous.
9/6/08 – JESSICA has been adopted by Tracey and Tayla and is renamed Faith.


BENSON – Super cute long hair fluffy kitten (m)


BENSON was rescued on 8/5/08. This little bundle of fluff is very cute and curious; he has a very fluffy long fur coat…soft grey tabby with white belly and paws…wide curious blue eyes and cute little tan and brown markings on nose…a great purrer even just sitting on his lonesome. Benson is approx 7wks old and is getting lots of TLC from Julie at Beverley Park.
7/6/08 – BENSON has been adopted by Axel


NICKI (m) Silver tabby kitten


NICKI  is a totally adorable little boy, who loves his snuggles and nibbling toes. He has a wonderful time playing with his toys and the other cats, but can be a little shy at first. Although he certainly holds his own with the bigger cats. Nicki has the most striking tiger stripes, and just look at those golden eyes. He would love to be a playmate for another kitten or cat.  He was born approx mid March.  He is currently being looked after by Mim in Carlton.
22/6/08 NICKY  has been adopted by Haley



MISSY is a beautiful long haired black and white lady. She was rescued in October 2006 from Death Row with her 2 new kittens. Fluffy was the image of her and got adopted quickly.
Lucy says – They came to me in December 06 and I have recently adopted her tabby kitten, Tigerboy, as a companion to my own cat Tiger.
Missy is a good mum and still wants to mother Tigerboy, she washes his face  and loves playing with him, even allows him to eat her food.
She wants to play & chase with Tiger and Bluey but they are rather wary of her and keep their distance. There are no confrontations though and all 4 cats share my home with no hassles.Missy loves spending time outside on the balcony in her hammock and prefers the cooler temperatures. Missy has improved greatly from originally being very wary and cautious around people, she was obviously not cared for and loved before.
Missy now follows me around and rubs her head against my hands and legs to be stroked. She lets me know when she has had enough attention though.  She will now sit on my lap if I pick her up and will let me stroke her there for a short while whilst she is kneading my lap, then she will jump down. She loves playing tug of war with me over a long shoelace which is her favourite plaything. Mostly she is quite content to snooze in a comfy spot, but will let you know when it is mealtime.
She will jump onto my bed and knead the covers next to me for some attention, then move away and snooze at the end of the bed for a while.

Missy may not have been socialised when young (her history is unknown to us) and she has not learned how to retract her claws at times, e.g. if you want to tickle her tummy as she is lying on her back
5/4/08 – Missy has moved to a new foster carer, Leisa,  where she can get lots more attention as she is the only cat there. She has settled in well and Leisa says she is very sweet indeed and sleeps next to her on her bed most nights.
She would love to find her own home with a patient experienced cat lover who will give her lots of love and understand her temperament. A home with no young children would be preferable and with an outside enclosed area or balcony to snooze in if possible.

Aug 08 – Missy has been adopted by Leisa at West Ryde who has fallen in love with her.


POSSUM- tortoiseshell kitten snatched from Death Row



Possum (f) was born approx 2/5/08 so was only 4wks old  when rescued on 30/5/08(sweet and petite), she is a pretty tortoiseshell colour with a short hair coat and the largest eyes. Possum will need to be mainly indoors because of her white nose which is prone to sunburn.

10/8/08 – Possum has been adopted by Linda & Graeme from Engadine as a mate for the lovely Sarah



Chloe (f)                                                                                                                    Tigger (now Buffy) (f)                                                               Tommy (m)

These little cuties are from the same litter and are simply gorgeous. with short easy care coats.  They were born approx 12/3/08 and were rescued from Death Row at 6wks old.
Tommy is the quieter one, he loves his snuggles and his food and toys.
Tigger is very active and cuddly, also loves her snuggles
They would love to stay together as they are great playmates.
Chloe, Tommy & Tigger(re-named Buffy) have been adopted by Mim and David at Carlton


BENJY – 4mths Foxy X born approx Feb 2008

BENJY was rescued with his pregnant mum Jenna from Death Row in May. We could not rescue her and leave him behind.  He is also being cared for by Kate at Sans Souci. He is a lovely little boy approx 4mths old when rescued, and is looking forward to meeting his new family who can offer him a loving fur-ever home.
BENJY has been adopted by Neil in Kogarah on 14/6/08



AUTUMN pretty Orange/White tabby girl born April ’07

Autumn is a gorgeous orange and white tabby with, as you can see from her picture, the most striking amber eyes.  We don’t know her exact age but we think she was around six months old when rescued on 9 October ’07.  Autumn is a super little cat – she’s very friendly and affectionate, and just loves being made a fuss of – she likes to talk to you as well and tell you how happy she is! As you would expect with a kitten, she’s also very playful and loves to chase her toys – and her friend Posy – around the house.  Autumn was very underweight when we rescued her but has gained weight now that she is being properly cared for and loved.  She is still a small dainty little girl
Autumn was rescued from Death Row at the same time as Posy, and the two of them got along famously, although now Posy has moved to a new foster carer.  After such a rough start, this little girl deserves to find a loving forever home and would like to have the company of another cat as a playmate in her new home.
30/7/08 Autumn has been adopted by her foster carer Liz’s mum at Linley Point


SARAH,Tortoishell tabby & kittens born 15/10/07, Rescued 8 Oct ’07

Mum Sarah
Muffy 24/12/07                                                                                                                                  Milo 24/12/07

‘Happy’ Tommy                                                                          Benny & Milo

15/3/08 MILO has been adopted by Julie in Castle Hill
30/7/08 TOMMY has been adopted and is living in St Ives.
20/4/08 MUFFY has been adopted by Robyn in Caringbah
30/7/08 Sarah has been adopted by Graeme and Linda from Engadine

Lovely SARAH, is a friendly little Tabby/tortoiseshell mum. She was rescued from Death Row at the pound on 8/10/07 and gave birth to her kittens shortly after. She is approximately 1-2yrs old.
Sarah may have been mistreated in her past by a man and now is afraid of men. She is very friendly to any females so she would need to go to a home with only females and preferably with no other pets, so she can get all the attention.

Muffin is a lovely ginger tabby and white
Tommy is medium haired Black and White.and the others are short haired.
Milo is a lovely striped tabby and white.
Benny, shorthaired Black & White boy
All are gorgeous playful little boys

A big thank you to Carissa from Darlinghurst for her kind donation of a scratching stand for my gorgeous kittens. Now the furniture will be safe
Lots of hugs and purrs from Sarah and kittens x x x x


JAFFA ginger & white kitten

Jaffa is a friendly playful little boy. He was 6wks old when rescued on 15/4/08 and is now getting lots of TLC with Rhonda at Sutherland
30/7/08 JAFFA ‘s adoption is confirmed


Liquorice adorable black kitten


LIQUORICE is the most adorable sweet little kitten with a gorgeous nature. He just loves his cuddles.  He was 12weeks old when rescued on 3/5/08 from Death Row.

He has been adopted on 30/7/08


AMELIA & COOPS- British Shorthair cross kittens born approx 1 Jan 08

Mimco (Amelia) (f)                                                                                                         Coops (f)

Angus and Amelia are British Shorthair cross sisters, They were rescued 23/3/08 from Death Row together with 6wks old twins, Samantha and Tabitha and went into care with Jenny at Leumeah. They were born approx 1/1/08 and were 12wks approx when rescued.

They are adorable and purring with placid laid back natures. They are both chubby cheeked little sweethearts.
Amelia is a very pretty blue, ginger & white colour and Coops is a lovely white and ginger girl. Both have lovely golden eyes.
We would love them to find a fur-ever home where they can stay together after all they have been through.
BOTH have been adopted by Debbie in Erskineville. ‘ Amelia renamed ‘Mimco’


SAMANTHA & TABITHA born 10/2/08 approx- rescued 23/3/08

Tabitha (front) & Samantha

Tabitha (f)

Samantha (f)

These gorgeous little twins were rescued 23/3/08 from Death Row..They were born approx 10/2/08.
These bewitching sisters are Samantha (tabby and white), Tabitha (tortoiseshell and white). They are cheerful and playful and were approx 6 weeks of age when rescued. they have beautiful markings, just look at their little faces.  Can you offer them a fur-ever home together?  we would prefer not to split them up.
Location: with Maria in Belmore
27/6/08 – Samantha and Tabitha  have been adopted by Ben


Posy & 3 kittens Louis(m), Napoleon(m) & Aremis(f) born 16/11/07

Napoleon (m)     Louis (m)     (photos 11/2/08)            Aremis (f)

Posy 15/2/08

16/3/08 Aremis and Louis have been adopted by Gayle from Point Piper
5/4/08 POSY has been adopted by Joy at St Ives as a friend to Liza

Napoleon has been adopted by Carolina

Posy is a pretty little female black and white kitten, exact age unknown but we estimate she was approx 7-10 months old when rescued on 9/10/07, based on size. Posy gave Nicola, her carer, quite a surprise when she turned out to be pregnant and gave birth on 16/11/07 to 3 kittens-Louis(m), Napoleon(m) & Aremis(f), . It was Nicola’s first birth experience but luckily all went well and Posy has turned out to be a  lovely mum.

Posy is now with Sue in Canterbury being an adoptive mum to Liquorice,Dipper, Einstein & Boots who were abandoned at 3wks.
Sue has just sent us an update.
“Posy is such a lovely, gentle girl.  Very undemanding. As you know she took Boots, Einstein, Dipper and Liquorice under her care when they were very small and in need but now her surrogate kittens have grown she is becoming more playful – she is, after all, just a kitten herself.  She really loves cuddling up with the other cats for a snooze but at night, and in the morning she always comes up for a snuggle with me”

Posy’s kittens are now in care at Paddington with Carolina who says….
“They are all divine, the easiest kittens I have ever come across!!! They’ve all had play visits from my cats and so they are all very used to grown up cats and other kittens.
AREMIS is a girl and the smallest of the litter. She is quite the independent girl and very curious. She needs a little bit of coaxing for her to join in during play time, preferring to strut her stuff and make her own fun. Although not a needy cat, she enjoys a cuddle and a kiss. She is small but not by lack of appetite!!!

NAPOLEON is the second biggest boy and a comedian! He has the sweetest personality and is extremely affectionate. He can lie in my arms purring his little heart out for hours. He loves playing with his toys and absolutely adores human company. He cherishes both his siblings so it would be fantastic if he found a home with his sister.

A big thank you to Carissa from Darlinghurst for her kind donation of a lovely yummy box of food goodies for our Christmas Stockings. Lots of hugs and purrs from Posy & kittens and Autumn x x x x


PRINCESS April ’08 renamed TIGER



PRINCESS was rescued from Death Row after Xmas. She was born approx 9/11/07. She is an absolutely gorgeous little tortoiseshell kitten with medium length fur coat. She has a white nose so is best kept as an indoor cat to prevent sunburn.
6/4/08 PRINCESS has been adopted by Amanda in Petersham

EBONY & her 5 kittens born approx 15/3/08

mum Ebony                                     Hayley (f) left & Squeak (f)                                Jasper Jnr (m)  

Lisa (f)                                              Jack (m)

25/4/08 –  Mum EBONY(now Pepper) and kitten LISA(now Chilli)  have been adopted by Anna, Ian and family from Caringbah.
JASPER(now Smokey) & SQUEAK(now Miles) have been adopted by Joan, Declan & family from Carlton
JACK & HALEY have also been adopted

EBONY is a beautiful natured black short haired cat, she has stunning golden eyes. Ebony is a very caring mother and is currently caring for her 5 playful kittens. She is only approximately 9 – 12 months herself so still a kitten really.. Ebony’s kittens were born on approx 15 March 2008.
JACK was the tiniest of the litter, but his bold and cheeky personality helps him keep up with his big brother and sisters. He is a black and white short hair, with a strong white stripe down his nose and cheek.
JASPER Jnr is a medium blue/grey male. He has a cheeky personality and is very curious. He is definitely the leader of the pack.
HAYLEY is a sweet and smoochy pale torti female, she too has a bold and curious personality and is a real heart stealer.
SQUEAK is a cuddly dark torti female and likes to snuggle into your arms.
LISA is a ball of fluff. She is a very sweet tabby and white girl with a little pink nose. She would be best kept indoors, to prevent possible skin cancer later.


 Our grateful thanks to a very kind family at Cronulla, who want to remain anonymous. They have donated $100 to cover the expensive eye drops for kittens Squeak and Lisa –
“We both had flu when rescued from the pound, and nasty ulcers in our eyes. Thankfully we  both have now fully recovered with no lasting effects.
Lots of purrs and hugs from Squeak and Lisa x x x x”



1/5/08 SHADOW has been adopted by Kay at Bardwell Park

Lovely Shadow was rescued in the nick of time from Death Row in September ’07. She is a very friendly,smoochy girl who loves attention. She has an all black easy care short coat and is hoping to find herself a caring home very soon. She gets on well with other cats and is only approx 12mths old
She would return your love and caring ten fold.




Angel was sitting on Death Row just waiting for us to rescue her. She was approx 6wks old when rescued on 4 April 08.  She is absolutely gorgeous, sweet and affectionate and just purrs her little heart out when you cuddle her. …

ANGEL has been adopted by Ellen who says “Angel has integrated well into the house with the other cats, she is very social and everyone is in love with her”


GOBLIN with the fluffy tail – renamed ARLO

‘thinking’ – photos taken March 2008 – “I love my mouse”

Goblin is an adorable little medium haired tabby boy with the most gorgeous fluffy tail. He was born approx 1/11/07 and was rescued from Death Row. He was adopted but unfortunately due to a change of circumstances he needs to be rehomed.
He loves to run round the place, running in and out of the rooms and his tunnel. He loves to follow you and sit at your feet and purr periodically.    He loves to sit at the computer and watch the cursor and tries to swipe it on the monitor screen – gorgeous to watch. He then falls asleep in front of the monitor.  He loves to just sit and watch you whatever you are doing.  He will jump onto the bed in the mornings to say hello and let you know it is time to wake up.
He is currently with Marie at Rydalmere and hoping to find his new fur-ever home soon.
Marie has decided to make his home permanent – good news for little Goblin.

JEWEL playful dark torti kitten born 26/2/08 approx


Jewel was approx 6wks old on 12/4/08 – She is a gorgeous little girl, full of adventure and boundless energy chasing her ping pong ball and toys all around. It is surprising how fast she can run.  She is very good with her litter tray for one so young.  Jewel is a very pretty, dark tortoiseshell with some white markings around her eyes, orange/white on chest, chin and left back paw.
She is a fearless little girl and it is so funny to see her stalking the older cats and dive bombing them, then scampering away. She would love to go to a home with another friendly cat or kitten to play with.
24/5/08 – JEWEL has been adopted by Mim and David at Carlton, together with Chloe, Holly and Timmy.

ROSIE gold labrador puppy 8mths old

Rosie was rescued from Death Row on 7/3/07 and is 8mths old. Born end of June ’07. She was micro-chipped but unfortunately she was not reclaimed. We rescued her in the nick of time as she looked so gorgeous we could not leave her there to her fate.
She is now staying with foster carer Karinne who says this about her.
“Rosie is a very beautiful girl…affectionate, playful very adorable and very smart.. . Loves affection , enjoys playing ball , loves rubs ,cuddles and of course her food…
Rosie is currently learning the commands of No, Come, Sit and Stay and will need training re walking on a lead, but she is still young and will learn quickly. When she sees other dogs she wags her tail and barks at them.

All in all she is great with kids and very gentle to my 8mth old, 6yrs and 13yrs children.”
9/4/08 – Rosie has been adopted by Richard at Bossley Park

SLIM & ZOOM – 2 Cross Breed pups approx 3mths, rescued from Death Row

Slim –                                                Zoom (in Como)
12/4/08-We rescued these 2 cute cross breed male pups, the last ones from a litter of 5 sitting on Death Row. They were approx 3mths old.

Christine writes “The little one that we took is now called Slim. He’s doing so very well. We went for a lot of walks and he’s having a great time. They’re both so affectionate. I think that Slim may be suited to a busier house, maybe with other animals too but not sure if it’s just because he’s still so young and just wants to be around people/animals”
Karinne writes about Zoom
“Zoom is only a baby….he is slowly being toilet trained & learning to go on paper…He loves cuddles and is very affectionate…Loves his food and when he goes, he goes, just like his name he just loves to run and has boundless energy …Has yet to learn to walk on a lead ..Zoom is Approx 9weeks X breed possibly Staffy X but not sure”
18/4/08 SLIM (now CHARLIE) has been adopted by Vicki at St Leonards.
25/4/08 ZOOM (Zac) has been adopted by Nicola from St Leonards. He will be living next door to his brother Charlie (AKA Slim) who was adopted by Vicki.

POLLY (HOLY) rescued 5 Nov 07 from Death Row

Polly born 6/9/07

These cute little girl was rescued by us on 15 November ’07, just in the nick of time before she was due to be euthanased.
 Polly was 10wks old and settled in well  in her foster home.
Polly will need to be indoor cat because of herr white nose and fair colouring. She is susceptible to sunburn which can cause skin cancer later on.

—Polly – has been adopted by Eva at Kengsington and has been renamed Holy.

Abandoned kitten Ginger MicK (now POSSUM) -born approx 2/12/07


Ginger Mick

UPDATE – 26/1/08 – GINGER MICK has been adopted and is now living in Mosman- He has been re-named to POSSUM

These gorgeous little medium haired kittens were abandoned and rescued by a kind lady who brought them to us. They are approx 3-4wks old as at 23/12/08 and are being hand reared.. They are all very smoochy and playful
Ginger Mick is the only male and is of course ginger tabby and white with bright blue eyes
Pixie with the big ears (has been adopted) and Pusskin (now adopted)are tabby girls.

Smokey, Sunny & Zorro, 3 gorgeous kittens born approx 10/2/08

Smokey                                                                                    Zorro                                              Sunny
16/4/08 ZORRO has been adopted by Kelly in Silverwater.

30/4/08 SMOKEY has been adopted by Michael in Bexley.
SUNNYhas been adopted by a family in Sutherland.
These 3 gorgeous bundles of mischief were rescued on 23/3/08 from Death Row. They were approx 6 weeks old and very friendly and playful.
Smokey is a lovely blue/grey colour, Sunny is ginger and white and Zorro is black with a white nose and waistcoat.

POSY(f) Black/White mum to Louis(m), Napoleon(m) & Aremis(f) born 16/11/07


Posy 15/2/08

Posy is a pretty little female black and white kitten, exact age unknown but we estimate she was approx 7-10 months old when rescued on 9/10/07, based on size. Posy gave Nicola, her carer, quite a surprise when she turned out to be pregnant and gave birth on 16/11/07 to 3 kittens-Louis(m), Napoleon(m) & Aremis(f), . It was Nicola’s first birth experience but luckily all went well and Posy has turned out to be a  lovely mum.

 5/4/08 POSY has been adopted by Joy at St Ives as a friend to Liza

23/3/08 – BOBBY & BENNY, 2 gorgeous black & white kittens

Bobby born 13/9/07                                        (Dec’07)  Benny born 15/10/07

Bobby & Benny                                                  Benny & Bobby

 23/3/08 Bobbi (now Pirate) and Benny (now Ninja) have been adopted by Tristian and partner from Bathurst.

Bobby was rescued from Death Row on 9/11 at 7wks old, and is safe in care with us now.  Bobby is a pirate with a black patch over one eye.
He is a friendly playful little boy and gets on well with other kittens. He has a short easy care coat. He is best suited to be an indoor cat because of his white nose which is susceptible to sunburn and later skin cancer if he is exposed to strong sunlight.
Benny’s mum was rescued from Death Row 8/10/07 then gave birth approx a week later to a litter of 6 kittens. Benny has come to join Bobby and keep him company as Bobby’s friends Tom and Jerry got adopted. Benny is a lovely boy who needs to be an indoor cat as well because of his white nose. He is the bandit with the black mask.


A big thank you to Kramar for their kind donation of toys for us to play with- Xmas 2007.
Hugs and purrs from Bobbi and Benny x x x x x


Boots 15/2/08

Dipper 15/2/08

Einstein the boy genius 15/2/08

Tiny Licorice 15/2/08

UPDATE 22/3/08 – LICORICE has been adopted by Erik & Amandine at Surry Hills.
UPDATE 6/4/08 – BOOTS has been adopted by Faon at Allambie Heights
UPDATE 11/4/08 – EINSTEIN (re-named MAX( has been adopted by Ashleigh at Beacon Hill
UPDATE 20/4/08 – DIPPER (re-named GYPSY) has been adopted by a family at Rockdale

These lovely kittens were left at Campbelltown markets and brought to us by a concerned person as they were too young to survive on their own. We estimated they were about 2 weeks old at that time so were born approx 13/1/08. Little Licorice was so starving and dehydrated she was near death and need fluid infusion to revive her.  They were taken in by Jenny, one of our loving foster carers. They needed to be hand fed for about 2 weeks but thankfully are weaned now.
They are all basically toilet trained – which is great at such a young age.  They play well with the 3 grown cats in the household and are calm with small children and dogs when they visit.

-BOOTS was called scruffy for the first week until she got used to looking after her long fur, she is the biggest and follows Einstein everywhere, she’s definitely a bit of a tomboy and loves hunting the toy mice and enjoys some rough and tumble with the big cats.
-Little DIPPER is definitely a bit of a princess and cries if she doesn’t get her own way.  She is called Dipper because she has a white tip on her black tail which almost glows in the dark.
-EINSTEIN is the only boy and the first to do everything!  Eat from a bowl, use the litter tray, climb the furniture.  He is very cuddly and loves to go to sleep in my lap.
-Tiny LICORICE is still the smallest and needs some extra attention and TLC right now until she gets big enough but should have NO ongoing issues.   For a small girl she has a lot of courage and mixes it with the big cats fearlessly.
Update 6/3/08 – Licorice is now going from strength to strength.  She is visibly growing on a daily basis and is catching up with her siblings quickly.
This is an unusual litter in that none of them are bullies!!   There have been no toiletting accidents in over a week – and they are only 7 weeks old!  They are inquisitive of course but not naughty at all.  Their new families will be very lucky!
A great big thank you to Coral and her granddaughter Taylor (for their devotion in caring for our rescued  kittens)
Taylor, who is only 11, and Coral did hourly feeds round the clock for Licorice and his siblings, when Sid was in hospital and Jenny was completely overwhelmed with managing everything. Hayley, Jenny’s vet nurse friend said that together they did a magnificent job and it was truly a miracle that all the kittens survived considering the state of their dehydration, and especially tiny Licorice.  All the kittens send you their grateful thanks and lots of purrs x x x x x x

SAFFRON – now ZAZU-adorable ginger & white boy approx 12mths

UPDATE 6/4/08 SAFFRON has bee adopted by Beth and is now living in Paddington

SAFFRON was rescued  27/3/08 from Death Row. We only just managed to find a carer that could take him in before it was too late.

GUMNUT & GUMDROP 12 weeks Silver tabby brothers

12/4/08 Gumnut & Gumdrop are now living in their new home in Rushcutters Bay
We are very excited about being rescued and looking forward to being with a family to love us. We are only approx 12wks old on 2/4/08 when we arrived at the pound and are soooo happy to be out of there.

31/3/08 – ONYX (f) – rescued kitten born approx 20/10/07- black & white rather shy


Onyx (f)

Onyx was rescued (with Opal and Topaz- 3 gorgeous kittens from the same litter) by a caring person who wanted to give them a 2nd chance for a happy & safe future.  They were born approx 20 October ’07 and are still a little shy. Opal and Topaz have been adopted and now just Onyx is waiting patiently for her fur-ever home.  She is a shy little girl and would suit a quiet family without children and with another kitten as a playmate. She would be happiest living safely as an indoor cat, especially because of her white nose which can get sunburnt and lead to possible skin cancer later on.
-Onyx has been adopted by Debbie who has been caring for her and has fallen in love with her.

March 2008 – LIZA (f) Silver tabby/white kitten approx 7mths old gorgeous natured


LIZA is a pretty Silver Tabby & white girl approx 11months old on 28/12/07, she is gorgeous & friendly natured and deserves to have a long and happy life with a loving family of her own.  She gets on well with other cats and has settled happily with her foster family. She is still a kitten and loves to play.
Liza has a short easy care coat –
Liza has been adopted by Joy at St Ives

 March 2008-Pusskin-born approx 2/12/07


This gorgeous little medium haired kitten was abandoned and rescued by a kind lady who brought her to us. She was approx 3-4wks old as at 23/12/08 and had to be hand reared.. She is very smoochy and playful
She has been adopted by Bobbi, her carer together with Velvet & her kitten Annabelle.

March 2008-Velvet (f) friendly Black mum, Annabelle, her tabby(f) kitten

My name is VELVET, I am a very friendly girl who loves cuddles. I was born approx 30/12/06 so was only 8mths old when rescued on 30/8/07.  I have a shiny black shorthair coat and a white star on my chest. I don’t know how I ended up on Death Row at the pound. I guess nobody loved me enough to take proper care of me. I would love to be your new best friend and be loved and fussed over again.

A nice lady rescued me and told me I can stay for a while till I find a fur-ever home of my very own- She got a great surprise when I presented her with 4 kittens on 7 October, 2 black and 2 tabbies. 3 have been adopted and only my little tabby Annabelle is waiting for her new home. She has lots of other rescued foster kittens to play with and would love to go to a home with a little playmate for company and cuddles.

I wasn’t expecting to be a mum as I am still a kitten myself and I am looking forward to being just a kitten again and playing with my new parents in my new fur-ever home where I will be loved and cherished.

Bobbie, their carer has adopted them together with Pusskin

March 2008 – Babybear- gorgeous Med Haired boy-Matilda-sweet orange flecked tabby

BABYBEAR was born on 16/4/07 and is a med/long hair gorgeous male kitten . Mainly black with white chin and feet. His coat will need regular brushing to keep it looking its best.
He is best suited to a family without very young children and no dogs.
He is a gorgeous little fluffy boy, a little shy at first till he gets to know you then his friendly and playful nature will emerge. He has moved to a new foster carer in Sutherland and has bonded with Matilda who is also being fostered there

MATILDA was born approx in May 2007 and was rescued from Death Row on 18/9/07

She is a very sweet and affectionate shorthaired kitten . She has a lovely tabby coat with orange flecks.

Rhonda, their carer has fallen in love with them both and has adopted them to stay with her fur-ever.

26/1/08 – TINY TINA & CASPAR

Tiny Tina                                                  Caspar

 26/1/08 Caspar and Tina have been adopted and are now in their new home in Caringbah


Tiny Tina and Caspar were rescued from Death Row at the pound and were approx 7wks old on 23/12/07
they are both very smoochy and playful kittens.
Tiny Tina is a silver grey tabby and white little girl and Caspar is a white and black little boy.
Both have white noses so must be kept as indoor cats to avoid sunburn .

TARA 9mths cream Labrador pup

9/2/08 Tara has been adopted by Barb from Heathcote

TARA ‘s elderly owner has had to go into hospital and has nobody to care for her dog. She will be unable to take Tara back as she is frail and unable to cope with a playful puppy so we are looking for a new loving home for Tara
Tara will be a lovely family dog. Gets on well with children, other dogs and cats the owner told us

Tara is a beautiful Cream coloured 9 month old Labrador, has been de-sexed/Micro-chipped, is on monthly heart worm protection and current vaccinations due approximately August 2008.
Tara is a playful puppy with normal puppy behaviour, has some basic training, will sit and drop – should be easy to train. Needs a family who is willing to provide further training. Tara does not like getting into a car but once in travels well.

March ’08 STORMY-blue cream tabby

STORMY has been adopted by his carer Kate

STORMY is a handsome looking short haired blue/cream tabby boy. He is very friendly and just looking for a home where he can be safe and loved and be part of the family.
His new foster mum reports that Stormy has a gorgeous nature, very smoochy. He is a big cat, but a gentle giant and the best natured cat. He has to put up with a household full of females and does it so patiently. He loves to play ping pong (if he gets a chance before the girls). Loves to sit on your lap, sleep on your bed, loves to talk to you.
They own two dogs which are kept outside. A Staffy and a Foxy. When they are walked through the house on leads for their evening walk, Stormy doesn’t seem to mind. When a visitor came with a dog, Stormy seemed interested and didn’t run away.
He lets their 16mth old niece pat him and he puts up with it patiently.
He is litter trained and although he was obviously an outdoor/indoor cat before, he has adapted to being an indoor cat very well.

19/2/08 ANNIE

19/2/08 – Kriscia who has been caring for Annie has adopted her as a companion to Alice.

Annie was rescued at the last minute from being put down at the pound. Her only crime was that she was abandoned and left homeless.
Pretty Annie is mostly white with a grey tail and grey markings on her head and back.
She is approx 1-2yrs of age and is an adorable, affectionate cat who would love to be a part of your family. Can you give her a place in your home?

Cally, gorgeous blue cream tortoishell, and her 3 kittens born 7 Oct

      CALLY with Isabella, Nina & Jorja

Cally and her kittens were rescued from Death Row and are now safe in foster care. Cally is only about 12 months old herself if she’s lucky, not much more than a kitten but has proven to be a good mum.
She has a medium length coat, blue cream tortoishell, and a gorgeous nature. She deserves a loving home where she will be safe and cared for.

Her 3 kittens, all female, were born 7/10/07. Cally will need to be kept indoors because of her white nose which is prone to sunburn.
They are all litter trained and used to living indoors.
all kittens have now been adopted

March ’08 – Cally has also been adopted by Kris at Helensburgh and will be with her friend Daniel

Feb ’08 DANIEL


Hi, Daniel here,  I am approx 12mths old. I have been rescued from Death Row in September and am now looking for my very own family who will love and care for me. I will need my gorgeous fur coat groomed regularly to keep it in good condition.

When I was rescued from the pound, and taken for desexing, the vet rang Sydney Pet Rescue to say he could tell I had suffered a lot. He said that someone had previously had a go at de-sexing me….and it wasn’t a vet!  I was a bit of a mess and needed extra surgery and TLC, but I am happy and healthy now and much loved by my foster family. My foster family just loves the way I stand up on my two feet and put my arms around their neck for a big cuddle!
I’m patiently waiting for my new home (secretly hoping I will find a new home with my special friend Cally). We would be so very happy.
Kris from Helensburg has adopted Daniel and is fostering Cally with view to adoption also

A big thank you to Carolina and Luna for their generous donation of $100 towards my medical expenses.
Big kisses and cuddles from Daniel. x o x o x o


February ’08 TOMMY


Hi, my name is Tommy, I was so happy to be rescued from Death Row at the pound on 18/1/08 and am enjoying life with my new foster carer Suh.
I am a very dark brown/black colour with a short haired coat. I have white feet, chest and around my muzzle and on the tip of my tail.
I would love to be with a family with children as I have loads of energy and love to play and get lots of attention. I need to be taken for daily walks to use up some of my energy and you can get lots of healthy exercise as well when you come with me. I love being bathed. I am a very friendly little boy and I never bark at all.
I would need a fully fenced yard with a locked gate so I can play in safety.
I would also need some further training although I have learned the command ‘sit’ and will soon learn lots more if you have the patience to train me. I am friendly to other dogs if they are friendly to me.
I would love you to come and visit me to see if you can be my new fur-ever family.
9/2/08 Tommy was adopted by Cate and Hugh from Annandale and is getting along famously with their 2 sons, still getting to know the cat. We look forward to postcards from Tommy.

February ’08 PIXIE DMH kitten

This gorgeous little medium haired tabby kitten was abandoned with her siblings and rescued by a kind lady. She was approx 3-4wks old as at 23/12/08 and had to be hand reared.
Pixie has been adopted by Bobbi who cared for her initially and fell in love with her.

February ’08 – BERT & ERNIE

Bert & Ernie 20/11/07      (9/1/08 11wks old)  Ernie

Bert and Ernie  were born approx 20/10/07. They were abandoned as newborns and taken in by a caring person who couldn’t bear to think of them left to fend for themselves, especially when they clearly needed vet care.
They have been hand reared and are now fully recovered and are in the best of health. They are the most gorgeous friendly playful little fellows and are a joy to have around the place.
Bert is the one with the most black and Ernie is his big brother(he just loves his food).  Bert has now caught up in weight with Ernie and is overtaking him.

Bert and Ernie have now been adopted by Debbie who has hand reared them. Their new home fell through so Debbie decided that fate had decreed that they should stay with their surrogate ‘mum’. This was not a hard decision as they have a special place in her heart, we know they will all be very happy.

19 January ’08 – NICHOLAS gorgeous black DMH kitten

Nicholas is a very special boy, approx 12-13 wks of age smoochy, gentle and playful. Rescued from Death Row at Xmas, hence his name.  He has a gorgeous glossy black medium length fur coat, with a white chest and feet. He’s adorable!
He has just been adopted on 19/1/08 and has gone to live in Cremorne


Jesse James (Wilson)                                                                         Lily (Molly)
Lily ( renamed Molly) is a very affectionate short haired adorable kitten. She jumps up onto you for a snuggle when you are sitting down… she purrs quite a lot when she is relaxed…She has been raised as an indoor cat and is good at using the litter tray.

We rescued lovely 12mths old mum Molly and her 3 kittens (2-3wks old ) from Death Row in the nick of time on 23/10/07.
Mum Molly is a lovely smoochy, very friendly cat. She will need to be an indoor cat because of her white face and ears. She is a beautiful  looking short hair white cat with the most lovely golden eyes and a cute tabby & brown tail.The 2 girls Lola & Lily are shorthaired and look like twins, Lola has black markings on her back and a white nose, Lily has a brown nose and a white body. Jessie James is a fluffy medium haired boy, so named because he is so cheeky! All have tabby tails.

12/1/08  – Jessie James and Lily were adopted by Chris and Ian in Surry Hills and have been re christened as Wilson and Molly.


  Isabella, Nina and Jorja       Nina
Cally and her kittens were rescued from Death Row . Cally is only about 12 months old herself if she’s lucky, not much more than a kitten but has proven to be a good mum. She has a medium length coat, blue cream tortoishell, and a gorgeous nature.
Her 3 kittens, all female, were born 7/10/07 and will be 8wks old on 2 December. They are all litter trained and used to living indoors.
Cally, Jorja, the ginger and Nina, the tabby kitten will need to be kept indoors because of their white noses which are prone to sunburn.


Nina and Jorja were adopted together on 29/12/08 and are now living in St Ives.
Isabella was adopted on 12/1/08 and has gone to live with a nice family in Werrington.

7 Jan ’08-Ginger cats-Pumpkin & Pierre staying together for always


Hi, my name is Pumpkin, my buddy Pierre and I were found living together in a factory. We were taken to the pound on 31/5/07 where we were rescued by a caring lady from Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption.
We are now living with her in Leumeah till we can find a loving family to take us both into their home. Please don’t separate us, we love each other so much and can’t bear to be separated.
I am a shorthaired orange ginger tabby boy approx 2yrs old. My buddy is Pierre, a handsome medium hair cream/champagne ginger tabby boy approx 12mths old.

We have lovely friendly natures and would just love to be a part of your family and feel safe and loved.

7 January 2008- They went to live with Ben so they are now safe together for always.

A big thank you to Lyn from Epping NSW, who has kindly donated $300 to help cover my eye operation. I had eye lashes growing inside my eyelid which gave me constant pain, my eye was always watery, inflamed, and almost closed up. Now I really feel fantastic..Lots of love, and big hugs and kisses from Pumpkin x x x x x

Another big thank you to the lovely Lily from Catmax St George who raised $258.80 towards the cost of my operations as well, via donations to our charity tin, kindly displayed on her Catmax St George stand. Lots of cuddles and kisses from grateful Pumpkin x x x x x x



We rescued these 2 lovely boys who were surrendered together by their owner to the pound, just because he could not look after them any longer. These poor mates were facing euthanasia on Death Row as they only had a few days left to live. Both have very friendly natures and would be a joy to have around.
GOLDIE the 8 year old boy is a little bigger than a mini poodle but a little smaller than a cocker spaniel, he seems to be crossed with a Maltese as he has a Maltese type coat which is white with apricot points on ears. He is with a foster carer in Dolans Bay
MAX the 5 year old boy is a mini poodle size, with a poodle type curly coat which is apricot in colour. He is with a foster carer in Rockdale.

Nadine fell in love with them and travelled all the way from Goulburn to adopt them. The boys were so happy to be with each other again, they would not sit still for quite a while, dashing around the garden and chasing each other till they had to lie down to catch their breath. As you can see from the photos, they are now one big happy family.
We are looking forward to getting updates on how they are settling in with Nadine and her daughter.


29/12/07 Opal & Topaz

Opal (f)                                                                                  Topaz (m)
These 2 gorgeous kittens from the same litter were recently rescued by a caring person who wanted to give them a 2nd chance for a happy & safe future. These precious gems will soon be ready for their new fur-ever homes. They were born approx 20 October ’07 and are still a little shy.
OPAL & TOPAZ went to their new home to Lane Cove with Fiona on sat  29/12/07
(Their sister Onyx has been adopted by Debbie)
(sister Jade(torti) and brother Jasper(silver tabby) are in care with Lucy in Bexley )

29 December 07 MITZI


Mitzi was rescued by us on 15 November ’07 from Death Row, just in the nick of time before she was due to be euthanased. She was just 6wks old.
She is now living happily with Louise at Bondi.

LUCKY (m) kitten

On Monday morning 17th December, a couple on their way to work travelling through rural Rossmore observed a 4 wheel drive throw a bag out of the car window then carefully reverse over it. Sensing something suspicious they were close enough to jot down the rego number before the vehicle sped off and the couple rushed to the bag to find,to their horror, 3 crushed kittens inside, the 4th kitten a tiny 6 week old male had only sustained minor injuries to his feet because of his position in the bag.

The distraught pair rushed him down to the local vet where he was taken into care.The couple then immediately went to inform police of the barbaric act they had just witnessed. Now this sweet little man who only narrowly escaped death and has been affectionately named “Lucky” has fully recovered from his minor abrasions and is with  one of our foster carers.
Have a look at this little man’s face, have you got a space in your family for him?  Or would you like to contribute a donation towards his vet costs?  Please contact Michelle – Email:  Ph: 02 9576 1457

His Christmas gift was his life, now we need to ensure his life is cherished from here on in.

Lucky is a little smoocher and purrer and hold no malice towards humans, he is trusting and adorable. His vet nurse became attached to him in less than a week.


Sadly little Lucky lost his grip on life and passed away in his sleep Jan 5 2008 he was only 8weeks old – Jenny has officially adopted him and he will be cremated through Pets at Peace. At least his last days were happy and he knew he was loved.

Dec ’07 CADBURY – Friendly White & Ginger (m) cat approx 12mths


Hello, I am called Cadbury, I am white with ginger tabby markings and am a very friendly and good looking boy. I have not been looked after for quite some time before being brought to the pound, so I now need lots of TLC to fatten me up and make me a handsome boy again.  I have an easy care shorthair coat and I will be no trouble to look after.

Now that I have been rescued from Death Row, I  am  feeling so much better and am looking forward to finding my own special person to love.

Cadbury was adopted by Belinda and Nathan just before Christmas 2007

28 December ’07 STORM, Border Collie X adopted

Storm  was rescued from Death Row at the RSPCA and had a good home,but his owner died recently in September, so poor Storm is now looking for a new forever home again.-

Storm is a lovely dog approx 2-3yrs old, with a brown/black medium hair coat with a touch of white at throat and chest.
He loves to go for walks and adores the water. He loves people and children and chasing a ball. He has been trained not to jump up on people but sometimes forgets when excited. He does not lick you.

He was only fed on dry food by his owner.
Storm is now living at a friends place who already has 2 dogs and a small back yard. Storm gets on great with one dog but now so good with the other one unfortunately..

Storm would benefit from some more training, though he is house trained and was allowed indoors. He has spent most of his time outdoors.
He is desexed and has just had his vaccinations.

Storm has been adopted by the sister of the Office Manager where Michelle works

December ’07-7mth Silver Tabby, Kiki

Kiki is a striking silver tabby and white friendly kitten, with a petite build, she is approx 7 months.
Kiki was rescued as a sweet little 4 wks old kitten found wandering alone. We thought we had found a caring and furever home for her, but now her owner does not want her anymore and surrendered her to a shelter whilst we were trying to find her a new home.

We were able to rescue Kiki again safe back into our care whilst she waits for her fur-ever home next time around.
We are looking for a family we can trust to love and care for her furever. We can’t bear to think of her being abandoned yet again in her short life.

Hooray –  Kiki has now been adopted by David from Camperdown, joining Misty and Caspar who were also adopted from us.

17 December ’07 Misty adopted by Elaine

Misty is not a rescue kitten. He is a purebred Tiffany kitten, kindly offered by Kristeabo Cattery at Engadine.
A big thank you to Kristeabo who is kindly donating the adoption fee to support our rescued pets.
Misty (Light Smoky Grey – de-sexed)

Misty is a gorgeous little Australian Tiffany, dob 14/9/07

His special price is only $400  ($650 – $1000 is the usual asking price for a pure-bred Tiffany kitten)

$400 =  INCLUDES; De-sexing, 2 vaccinations, micro-chipping, Vet checked

Temperament: very affectionate, Indoor cat only, Fur is very easy to maintain

Misty is now going to live with Elaine

16 December ’07 Sabrina adopted by Frank & Sonja


SABRINA is a 7mth old short hair brown tabby with lovely tiger stripes and is looking for a loving home after her rescue from the pound. She loves to play and would ideally suit a person with at least one other cat who enjoys playing and wrestling.

Sabrina has the softest fur that she has ever touched. She is simply a little doll and loves to sleep with her carer at night. She is happy to be an indoor or outdoor cat and will gladly spend most of her time playing with cat toys as though she is still a tiny little tot.
Frank and Sonja met her and decided that she was the one for them

24 December ’07 Tom & Jerry adopted by Sheila

Jerry and Tom
Tom and Jerry the gorgeous twins above were rescued from Death Row on 9/11 at 5wks old.
Tom has the white nose and white tip on his tail. Jerry has a black chin and half black nose.
They will stay in care for 2-3wks before they are ready to be adopted.
They would love to go to their new home together and will need to be mainly indoor cats because their pink noses will get sunburnt.
Sheila fell in love with them and they will go to their new home in North Rocks on Xmas eve to be a surprise for Sheila’s 2 daughters.

15 December ’07 Honey adopted by Joanne, her carer

Honey was rescued from Death Row the first week in May with her 2 gorgeous blue kittens, we could not let them get euthanazed.
Honey is approx 11 months old and is a sweet and gentle pretty black and white girl.
Her kittens were adopted and Honey has been waiting for her turn to come.

Honey has now found a fur-ever home with Joanne, her carer, who fell in love with her and decided that she could not let her go.

13 December ’07 Serena adopted by Doreen

Serena is a very friendly, loving cat. She is an unusual pretty blue and cream colour, and is  approx 6yrs old.We have rescued her from Death Row and she has settled in well with her foster family. Serena is now looking for a new fur-ever home with her own special person to love.

Serena has gone to a loving fur-ever home with her new mum Doreen, and will be living in Sylvania Waters


9 December ’07 Eloise adopted by Nicky


Eloise recovering at Michelle’s       Eloise and new friend Milo

Eloise is a beautiful blue Burmese who was rescued from Death Row at the beginning of May. She was rather thin and looked as though she hadn’t been well cared for previously.
Eloise was suffering from a bad gum infection and as a result she had to have 10 teeth removed. Her teeth were polished at the same time and she was de-sexed. She stayed with Michelle who lovingly nursed her through all her treatment and rehabilitation. She is now a beautiful cat again and in spite of all she has been through she has a beautiful nature.
Eloise is a beautiful, smoochy lap cat, very quiet and affectionate with a placid personality and gets on well with other cats.
Nicky fell in love with her and has adopted her into her family, to join her other cat Milo. She is now living in Woollahra.
You can see Eloise and her new best friend Milo in the attached photos. Eloise follows Nicky everywhere and loves to be picked up and cuddled

A big thank you to David for his very generous donation of $300 towards the cost of my surgery.. I was so miserable before with my mouth so sore I could not eat. Now I feel on top of the world, I can eat all my food and show off my shining teeth With purrs and hugs from Eloise  x o x o x