Adopted Pets 2010



They have been adopted by his foster carer, Bryony’s, inlaws.

Cecelia and her son Toby (born 4 Dec 2006) are looking for a loving new family who have some time and space to spoil them rotten. Cecelia is very fair – being mostly snow-white with a gorgeous black nose which gives her the expression of always being mildly surprised! She is very loving and protective of her little boy Toby – but has obviously some bad memories of mistreatment in the past as she likes to hide and can be easily startled. This said though, once you have gained her trust she loves to follow you round the house for a chat and a rub and adores being stroked and scratched. She needs lots of love and attention to learn she can trust people again.
Toby on the other hand is as boisterous as they come! He is black and white and has the cheekiest face – he is a constant form of amusement and plays all day – he is itching to get out into the garden and chase the birds as he spends so much time chasing imaginary things around the house. He loves to play in bags, boxes, with balls, toys and newspapers and is so talkative I wish I could speak cat to find out what he is trying to say. He also loves a good stroke and I definitely understand his language when the walls are shaking from his enormous heart warming purrs. (inherited from his mum)
They are a perfect pair as their personalities complement each other so much – and they look after each other whilst my husband and I are out at work (and protect each other from our other less friendly moggy!)
They would suit a variety of homes and have adapted well to living with other animals. They are a very beautiful pair waiting to give lots of love.
Location – Mt Colah



Sammi needed a new home as his owner had to move and was not allowed keep him in the new home.

 Dec’ 2010 Sammi has been adopted by Meryl from French’s Forest as a friend for Leoni who she adopted from us earlier


DANIEL – Med haired Ginger/white boy- very affectionate- born approx March ’08

30/12/10 Daniel has been adopted by Lynn, his foster carer, from Bexley.

Daniel is a magnificent looking boy with a feather duster of a tail.
Lynn says “Daniel is a handsome lad with silky soft fur and a magnificent tail. Whilst not overly affectionate, he likes to be near “his” people and enjoys a good pat. Just recently he has been sitting on my lap at night for a short time – maybe he likes to share warmth??  He always comes and sits on the end of the bed at night while I read and is always waiting at the top of the stairs for us when he hears the car.
While he doesn’t like to be picked up, he will sit on your lap while you pet him and purr happily until he’s had enough. He also purrs when being brushed.
He is a real entertainer and keeps us well amused with his antics with his ping-pong ball and imaginary prey. He also enjoys hunting a bean – that’s right, a fresh green bean – which he bats around, throws in the air and usually loses under the fridge or sideboard.
He sleeps in the laundry at night and this is not a problem – in summer he ignored his bed and slept on the washing machine. As the weather is getting cooler he is now using his bed.
He isn’t fazed by visitors and is usually around to see what is happening although a little shy at first. He is a little fussy with some food but always likes his bickies.
Because he is still not much more than a kitten, his playing can sometimes be a little rough so he is best suited to a home with older children. He is quite playful and doesn’t mean to hurt in his games. If his claws are kept clipped this would prevent any ‘accidents’. ”

Cats with pink noses/ears are more susceptible to sunburn. Repeated sunburn can lead to skin cancer, so it will be important to make sure that Daniel is not left outdoors in the sun for long periods. He will need regular grooming to keep his coat and his gorgeous tail looking their best.

NALA (f) born 4/10/10 (renamed LUCY)

29/12/10 Nala has been adopted by Jon & Cait at Redfern
20/12/10 – Nala (f) is a very sweet eleven week old Staffy blend pup, who is both people and dog friendly.  Nala, along with her siblings Kovu & Fox, has been hand raised since 10 days old, due to being dumped in the bush. She can be a little timid when first being introduced to new people but soon comes out of shell. She’s playful, curious, but very mellow for a little pup. She is housetrained and is currently being leash trained, which she is responding extremely well to. Nala is very quiet and doesn’t mind being left alone, though she does love to have some dog company with her. She has also coped very well with being separated from her brother and sisters and will make a happy addition to most families.
Nala is with Darren in Matraville

SIERRA (f) born 14/5/10 approx

Sierra been adopted by Darren in Matraville

Sierra is a beautiful 7mth old Pug blend (possibly with Staffy but she is smaller in size) who is as friendly as can be. She’s great with other dogs, listens well to instructions, and already knows how to sit when told to. She has a very gentle nature, likes to play, and isn’t afraid of much… except for Chickens and Goats! Sierra is great on the lead and is quickly learning not to pull (though it’s more of a gentle tug than anything). She loves cuddles and rubs on the tummy and would make a great companion for anyone who could give her affection and exercise..


GIZMO (remamed MADEMOISELLE COCO) born 25/10/10 approx

31/12/10 Gizmo has been adopted by Noad from Maroubra
Rescued 29/11/10 from Death Row. Belinda writes –
GIZMO  – BURMESE blend approx 5weeks – is really lovely, has a lovely nature and will sit on your lap for hours. My kids love her, Ryan was off sick yesterday and he said he held Gizmo most of the day.
with Belinda in Sutherland


 Oscar, born 25/10/10

20/12/10 Oscar has been adopted by Ingrid in Gladesville


Oscar was rescued at 1 day old with his mum Clementine and his 2 siblings.
Oscar (m) – mostly black with white markings almost identical to his mother.


LEXA – 2yrs (f)  good with children, cats & dogs- gorgeous girl

18/12/10 Lexa has been adopted by Jane & Justin at Springwood.
11/9/10 Lexa is a Boxer x Mastiff female.
Lexa has been surrendered as her owners are moving. Her notes say that she is very good with children, cats & other dogs. Nic, who visited her in the pound said “I just adored this girl. Lexa is gorgeous, was great on lead, loved being handled, knows sit, stay & will drop for food. She is very well manered & affectionate. People focussed & very laid back.Lexa is a little on the thin side. Lovely interaction with other dogs in the run & not at all phased by the cats. Most of Lexie’s  training work is done. She is a fantastic girl who has so much to offer a loving home
Lexa is micro-chipped, council registered & de-sexed.

Lexa is obedient and follows general commands (i.e. sit, stay). Lexa is well behaved around food, and shows no food aggression around other dogs, she will sit and wait until she is allowed to eat her food. She is a confident and curious dog who would be well suited to an active family. Lexa is great with other dogs and enjoys having the constant companionship another dog gives. She is well behaved around cats though sometimes is a bit too curious. She is a bit heavy on the lead at the moment but is improving with the constant training she is receiving. She’s also house trained. Lexa is a wonderful dog who will be a joy to any family she is adopted into.
Lexa is with Marcus in Quakers Hill


BINGO & SPENCER(renamed Mick & Leni) born11/10/10 approx

21/12/10 Bingo and Spencer have been adopted by Alexandra and Anthony from Neutral Bay


Rescued 29/11/10 from Death Row. Belinda writes –

Bingo & Spencer are with Belinda in Sutherland
Nov 2010-Our grateful thanks to Margaret for her donation of Breeders Choice and kitten food to Belinda for all 6 kittens- purrs from all of us x x x


TANGO (m) Chihuahua blend,  born 1/8/12 approx – quiet & gentle

31/12/10 Tango has has been adopted by Stephanie from Newtown

8/12/10 Tango is a happy little fella, approx 4mths old. He is always ready for lots of cuddles and attention. He’s quiet and has great manners, including being very gentle with people. He is friendly with other dogs, though can be a little timid when he’s meeting people/dogs for the first time. He appears to have had no basic training on the lead but he’s working on that now. Tango is very small and would do well in most homes.
Tango is with Darren in Matraville



SMUDGE (male) Australian Coolie blend born 29/9/10

23/12/10 Smudge has  has been adopted by Kim from Woollahra

24/11/10 Smudge is only 8 weeks old and a gorgeous little boy, he’s an unusual breed, being an Australian Coolie blend. He is a working dog so will need to be adopted by a loving, committed family who will ensure he has plenty of daily exercise and mental stimulation.
He has just come into care and is slowly learning basic manners and toilet training. He’s a bit young right now for lead training as we are just letting him settle in to his new environment.
Smudge plays with the other dogs and is a cute and friendly boy, who is very sweet. If you think you can give Smudge a stable, loving home, please contact us.
He is already micro-chipped, wormed and has had 1st vaccination
Smudge is with Darren at Matraville


BERKLEY ( m) adorable

23/12/10 Berkley has  has been adopted by Cara from Goulburn
30/7/10 BERKLEY is a red Mastiff Cross approx 2-3 yrs old. He is a big friendly natured boy who is just sooo adorable! Who could resist those eyes, we certainly couldn’t.
Berkley is a very big boy. He is excitable but quite intelligent so can easily be calmed down with his ‘sit’ and can even give you a special  ‘shake’. He is still learning to walk properly on his lead, but has improved already. He is extremely sociable and friendly towards other dogs but he loves nothing more than spending time with people, and lying down in front of you to get tummy rubs. Berkley is a gorgeous, sooky boy and would do well in any home where there is plenty and love and time dedicated to him.
Berkley is now with Kate in Strathfield

Berkley sends grateful woofs and licks to Deborah from Bundeena for her donation of $75 towards his rescue & de-sexing costs from the pound & the purchase of a much needed large dog bed.
17/08/2010    100.00    Kirsten    MONA VALE – I would like to give this to Berkley to help him get on his feet and make him fit and strong- Woofs & hugs from Berkley

Berkeley was SPONSORED by Laurence Garceau from 1 August  for 3 months!
“Thank you for sponsoring me and helping with the  costs of my care, whilst I am looking for my own forever home.

Love from Berkeley & SPRA x x x”


BILLY born 30/10/10 approx

29/12/10 Billy has been adopted by Melissa from Cronulla-he will be a mate for Edward, previously adopted from us


The little Tabby is called Billy – male approx 5 weeks old when rescued on 4/12/10 – very very smoochy and very lovable .loves being with you and he has the biggest ears that will melt your heart, we already in love with him and he has only been here for 7 hours !!!


HOLLY (f) small mixed blend, born 12/10/10

18/12/10 Holly has has been adopted by Sara at Caringbah

8/12/10 At just 7 weeks old Holly was found on the side of the road.  Holly is approximately 8 weeks old now and a little cutie.  She is currently undergoing toilet training with excellent results already and she is also undergoing toy training.  Toys are hers to chew and play with but everything else is out of bounds.  She is a happy pup, always wagging her tail and for a puppy only 8 weeks old is showing loads of confidence and intelligence.  She loves nothing more than to follow you around but is also happy to settle in a comfy spot and have a good nap (this will happen wherever she chuffs out, on the cool tiles or in her bed).
Holly is lucky enough to be staying in a foster care home where there is someone home all day every day.  As she was abandoned so young this should set her up well for her future independence and training.  She is also staying in a home with two other dogs and a cat and this will help her obtain good social skills.
Holly is with Tanya at Sans Souci


EBONY born Mar’08

Ebony has been adopted by Maria, her foster carer

EBONY (f) born March’08 – is medium haired and has a gorgeous feathery tail, she is extremely friendly and loves other cats . Just look at those golden almond eyes. She is such a beautiful girl and would make a lovely addition to your family
She is with Maria in Belmore


Lovely LEONI (f) – very affectionate (born 26/8/08)

13/12/10 Leoni has been adopted by Meryl from French’s Forest

This gorgeous medium/long haired girl was rescued in the nick of time from Death Row..She has lovely almond shaped eyes that look right at you, as she snuggles on your lap.
Leoni is so soft and fluffy (like a feather duster), with such a beautiful little nature.
She will spend a long time just kissing and licking you, whether you are a human or even a dog! Yes, that’s right, she loves to groom anything. And she also loves to be brushed.
Leoni is such an affectionate girl with so much love to give to her new family. Whoever adopts her will be very lucky indeed to have such a beautiful affectionate girl as part of their family.
Leoni was with Carole in Oyster Bay

WINSTON (m) – Shetland Sheepdog Blend – Rescued Oct 2010!

30/11/10 Winston has been adopted by Heidi from Box Hill, Victoria
Winston is a Shetland Sheepdog blend who was born approximately August 2009.
Winston is settling in well and loves the company of people. He’ll follow you around and sit at your feet. He’s great outside and on his own and rarely barks, he’s a very quiet boy. He’ll play ball but prefers to be chased and only has short energy bursts so is ideal for an older couple or low activity family.
He’s currently being house-trained and that is going okay but will take a little more time.
Winston is a little skinny at present, so we are feeding him more often to get him back to normal weight.
Winston sleeps in the laundry at night and without any fuss, he’s happy to go to bed and is no trouble at all.
He’s unsure of the cats but is slowly coming around.
He’s a lovely, sweet boy who deserves a happy life and will make someone a wonderful companion.
Winston is with Valarie in Campbelltown


TITAN (m) very sweet pup- rescued 3/11/10

27/11/10 Titan has been adopted by Robert in Burwood

Titan  is 4mths old., born 1/7/11 approx and. is a very sweet little boy who is good with other dogs too.
He is a  Tan & white  Hungarian Viszla / Dogue De Bordeaux blend.
Darren writes – Titan is an adorable pup, who is smaller than I had expected, considering his breed. At most, he will probably grow to the size of a Dalmation. Considering he is (and definitely will be) the bigger dog of the pair, (Squid) Titan is the biggest sook I’ve known. Unfortunately, he seems to have lost a lot of confidence, and is quite anxious in new surroundings. However, he is slowly getting used to being in a family, and is extremely dog friendly. He loves nothing more than having a cuddle on the couch or sitting on feet. And with a little more confidence, he will be an amazing addition to any family.
Titan is with Darren and Squid in Matraville


WILLOW (Ex TRIXIE) – 18 months old (f) – Brindle and White Staffy – Rescued October!

20/11/10 Willow has been adopted by Michelle from Maroubra

Willow was surrendered by her owner and is in urgent need of a loving new home. She is very sweet and good with other dogs.
She is small for a Staffy and very, very sweet natured and better looking than her picture here suggests!
23/10/10 Willow is a very small Staffy who has an incredibly sweet nature. She’s still adjusting to her new lease on life but her big personality is already shining through. She loves to be outside, in the sun, and gets very excited when it’s time for her walk. She’s very well behaved on the lead and is always interested in anything new. We’re still working out which toys are her favourites – she’s not interested in ropes, will sleep on cuddly toys, but absolutely loves her Kong – but mostly, she just loves playing with people. Once she’s comfortable with someone, she comes alive, and runs around like it’s nobody’s business! However, she loves nothing more than just lying down and getting rubbed on the belly. Willow is very friendly, towards and people and other dogs, and although she’s initially timid, it doesn’t take long for her to get relaxed. She could easily fit into any kind of family, so long as there’s hugs and kisses involved.
Willow is with Darren in Matraville
Willow sends woofs and hugs to the nice people below who were so kind
15/10/2010    50.00    Katrina    RIVERWOOD     – I would like to give this gift to celebrate Trixie from Renbury – beautiful girl, hope you have a great future like your friend Charlie
17/10/2010    100.00    Barbara    VAUCLUSE     – Thank you for your rescue of Trixie from Renbury from Akela*2007 DOL


SHAKESPEARE (m) – Terrier Cross (medium sized)

31/10/10 Shakespeare has been adopted by Sharon at St Georges Basin

Shakespeare is a medium size Terrier blend who is as cute as a button. He was born approximately April 2010 and is a gorgeous natured young man.
Shakespeare is a very excitable pup who has bundles of energy and is always interested in anything that moves. Or anything that doesn’t, really. He’s always eager to show how much he loves you, with rapid kisses on any exposed skin, and lots of hugs. Saying that, he’s extremely good on the lead. He stays by your side at your pace and will stop at the edge of roads if you tell him to. With a little more training and some more bonding, there’s no doubt he could easily be let off the lead. He is currently being housetrained and is responding well and can already ‘sit.’ He’s a very intelligent dog but he does get distracted easily, nothing that a little firm but caring training won’t sort out. He is dog friendly and is fine being left on his own for long periods of time – though obviously, like any dog, would much prefer to be with someone. He would do well in a home with a family or with someone who has the time to keep him active.
Shakespeare is with Darren in Matraville

MUFFY(f), POSSUM(f) & SOOTIE(m), shy & gentle cats needing a special home

8/10/10 – They have been adopted by Kylie and Brett at Oyster Bay
SOOTIE is being SPONSORED by Alison from Moss Vale at $40 per month
meows and headbutts in thanks from Sootie x x x

Muffy(f) and Possum(f)are the best of friends who love to snuggle and play together. They must be re-homed together, or one could be re-homed with Sootie, whom they are both also closely bonded with.

Sootie and Possum are brother & sister & both have short easy care coats.
SOOTIE is a Black male with a white chest and is very smoochy.
POSSUM is a Black and white female who is friendly but a little shyer. They were rescued from a building site where yobbos were throwing things at them and threatening to poison them.

MUFFY was rescued from Death Row on the day she was to be euthanased at the pound. She is a very smoochy, pretty medium hair tabby and white girl with the most gorgeous fluffy tail.

All are very sweet and gentle cats, but considered special needs cats as they are very shy till they get to know you.
They will need time and patience for you to win their trust, and are best suited to a quiet family with no young children or dogs.
They are all approx 2yrs old.

They are all litter trained and live indoors.

They have been in care with Michelle since rescued. She has fallen in love with them and found them very loving cats once they got over their shyness. However it is now time that they found their own special fur-ever loving homes.
If you would like more information, please contact MICHELLE Ph: 02 9576 1457, Mob :0403 254 960

Location – Sylvania
Mar’09 – Big thanks to Joy who donated 1 Kg Container of Snappy Tom Dry Food and some tins of Dine cat food.greatly appreciated by Muffin, Possum, Sootie & Melody who send purrs & hugs x x x
Dec’08 – Grateful thanks to Annette from Cronulla who donated some Whiskas tinned adult food for Muffy Sootie and Possum. mmm Purrs and kisses from Muffy, Possum and Sootie x x x

Oct’08-Another big thank you to Penny, Cris, Toby, Sparkle and Gemma for a new donation of Dine gourmet food. Yummy yum…..Purrs and hugs from Muffy, Possum and Sootie x x x
Another big thank you to Penny, Cris, Toby, Sparkle and Gemma for their very generous donaton of a box of Dine gourmet food. Toby, Sparkle and Gemma’s mum, Penny told us that they wouldn’t eat this gourmet food, and she didn’t want it to go to waste…..but we’re not sure we believe that story. This is our favourite food which we usually only get for treats!  Yum yum, bubble gum! We think Toby, Gemma and sparkle’s mum and dad are just too generous, and wanted to give us something special for our Xmas stockings!
Lots of hugs and kisses from Muffy, Possum and Sootie xoxoxo

A big thank you to Munchkin’s foster carers, Melissa & Troy, for a laser light pointer. – we have had lots of fun chasing it around with all the kittens.hugs and purrs from Muffy, Possum and Sootie x x x


HOLLY & IVY born 25/9/09

24/10/10 Holly & Ivy have been adopted by Ngaire from Darlinghurst

Holly & Ivy are almost identical sisters- the only difference being Holly’s eyes are more copper and Ivy’s are brown but actually look green to me in most lights. Both are very playful and their favourite toys so far are those little balls, the empty tissue box and toilet rolls. Holly is more playful and boisterous yet still very smoochy and Ivy is very smoochy and loves to snuggle. They are both super, super sweet little girls and would love to go to a new home where they can stay together and be playmates.


DASH (m) renamed SABRE

10/10/10 DASH has been adopted by Leigh at Newport

29/7/10 DASH appears to be a Mastiff blend, he is approx18mths old and a lovely brindle colour.

Dash is a beautiful natured boy with medium to low energy and can be a little shy sometimes. Dash can sit and shake hands on command. He is a master fly catcher, is very smart and a fast learner. Dash gets along brilliantly with my other two dogs and two cats and loves children, he is still putting on weight (as he was very skinny when rescued from death row)
Dash has a beautiful brindle coat, silky and soft to the touch, medium to short coat. Many people Dash has met have commented on how beautiful and tiger like he is.
Dash is in training to collect the daily newspaper from the front yard (He’s nearly mastered it).He loves getting pats and scratches and will raise his hind leg so you can access his tummy easier. Dash loves carrying around his favourite teddy bear with him. He can fetch a ball and loves play wrestling with his dog friends. He walks well on the lead but can get a little concerned at loud noises but we are working on this.He also picks up flowers from the ground sometimes on his daily walks. Dash DOESN’T bark all the time, at most he will give a little bark to let him in from his toilet break. He travels great in the car. Dash is kept indoors but loves to sleep in the laundry at night with his heated bed and numerous soft toys. He is being toilet trained and is picking it up quick with no mistakes for a long time now.Dash needs some practice in different situations. He was taken to the dog park for the first time and was very sociable and joined in with the other dogs.
Dash’s personality has grown from strength to strength in a small amount of time, it’s easy to see why Dash was the pound staff”s favourite.
Dash sends grateful woofs and licks to Tony from Vic for his donation of $50 towards his rescue & de-sexing costs from the pound


OLIVER ( m) very sweet

25/9/10 Oliver has been adopted by Marilyn from Epping

30/7/10 OLIVER is a (Belgian) Shepherd blend approx 12mths old and a lovely brindle colour. Oliver is a happy friendly natured boy who is very sweet.  He is still only a young teenager. He appears fine with other dogs and he was also one of the pound staffs favourites
His foster carer writes – “Oliver is a sweet and polite boy. He is toilet trained, easy-going, food orientated, tummy-tickle orientated and he gets along with humans and other dogs! He is a little shy (and a bit skinny at the moment) as he has just been rescued from death row, but given patience and time he will no doubt be a confident boy. Oliver is very polite and will always sit down to get treats and to get pats.”
Oliver is now with Megan at Granville
Oliver sends grateful woofs and licks to Tony from Vic for his donation of $50 towards his rescue & de-sexing costs from the pound


PERIWINKLE-mum to Treasure & Liebling

24/09/10 Periwinkle has been adopted by Trevor from East Sydney

8/9/10 PERIWINKLE is a short haired, black & white friendly natured girl. Vet has advised she is only a kitten still herself approx 8mths old.
She is now lifetime Council registered at a cost of $40 which is therefore added onto her adoption fee.
Periwinkle is with Jessica in Parramatta


TREASURE & LIEBLING (now POSH & PARIS) born 27/6/10 approx

01/10/10 Treasure and Liebling have been adopted by Tanya and family from Cranebrook

30/8/10 we have just rescued these 2 little kittens from Death Row. They are approx 9 weeks old and a little shy at present.
Their mum Periwinkle (above)  was rescued 8/9/10
They are with Jessica in Parramatta who says –
-TREASURE is a very sweet & cute black & white longhaired girl with a black nose. She is rather shy when first approached, however as soon as she is gently stroked she calms down right away and after a few minutes she was purring away in my lap.. She needs a home where someone will have lots of time to give her plenty of cuddles to boost her confidence in people. She responds well to food rewards and seems to like her fluffy tummy rubbed! Her health is improving daily.
She is now becoming a gentle little girl who doesn’t swipe,bite or try to scratch. She looks like a little ball of fluff.
-LIEBLING is a sweet black & white shorthaired boy. He is a curious little thing, he has to know whats going on and when. He loves little chin rubs, and will let you know when he thinks you have been a bit stingy in his dinner portions. He loves food and will stand up on two feet and nudge you with his paw for more. He is a little shy at first with unfamiliar faces, but once he gets to know you his gorgeous little nature shines through. He will appreciate a home where he can get lots of cuddles to boost his confidence also. He’s sooo cute, who ever gets him will be very lucky!! Liebling has a pink nose so will need to be kept out of strong sunlight to avoid skin cancer.


“BUBBI” (m) – sweet temperament

5/6/10  Bubbi is a Dachshund / Kelpie blend who was surrendered by his owner
He is Black/tan & white and is 3 years of age. He  is a very friendly boy, gets on well with other dogs and has a sweet temperament. He travels beautifully in the car. Bubbi is a charming little devil who loves to follow you around. He is far more Dachshund than kelpie, but does love to chew the occasional pink slipperAt only 3 years old, Bubbi was almost killed with “kindness” as his previous owners fed him rather a lot for his small frame. Bubbi currently weighs 23 kilos! He is with his personal trainer Bethanie at the moment who is helping him get trim and terrific, but  he would love to go to his forever home soon! He loves to potter around the garden sniffing flowers and is most happy when its time for walks, and of course, dinner! Bubbi would benefit from continued obedience training and a house with older children. Preferably a family with breed experience!
11/9/10 Bubbi has been adopted by Lin & Andrew from Redfern


Lovely TILLY  born Mar’06

TILLY has stunning bold Classic tabby markings, white socks and a white bib. She has gorgeous bright golden eyes.
It seems as though Tilly has not been treated well in the past, but with tender loving care she is becoming really affectionate and trusting with her foster carer. Tilly is super smoochy and loves a scratch under the chin. Tilly likes to be around people and loves nothing more that to snuggle up to you on your lap and have a cuddle. She loves watching TV and will often sit in front of it and wait for you to turn it on for her. She is independent and likes time to groom her beautiful coat and to have a cat nap. Tilly is playful and loves to bat her rubber ball around as well as pounce and wrestle with her toys. Tilly gets along well with the other cats in foster care with her.
Tilly would best be suited in a quiet and peaceful home as loud noises still startle her, but she is getting much better each day.
Tilly was rescued from death row while still nursing her 6 kittens Lily, Zoe, Oliver, Timmy, Ellie & Zara, who have all now found loving homes.
Tilly has been desexed and is looking forward to finding her extra special furever home.
Tilly has been tested for FIV/FeLV (Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia) and has tested negative.
29/08/10 Tilly has been adopted by Danielle from Beacon Hill


CARTIER (f) Maltese/Shih tzu born Nov 2001 (Assisted Rehoming)

Cartier is a gentle, loving, white & gold, medium haired Maltese Shih tzu blend. She is sadly in need of a new home as her family is moving interstate and is unable to take her with them. Cartier is is excellent health and loves walks, belly rubs and lots of pats. She is afraid of storms however, and needs to be inside during them.
Cartier is house trained and sleeps indoors at night & is outdoors during the day. She gets along with other dogs but would prefer to be your only pet so she can enjoy your full attention.  She is very gentle with children. She has not been exposed to cats so it is unknown how she would react to them. She is a quiet lady who only barks when a stranger arrives, and stops when she sees they are welcome.
Cartier would be best suited to an elderly person/couple who would dote on her and take her for regular walks. She is quiet and gentle and would enjoy this lifestyle. Alternatively, she is fine in a family situation also and is very adaptable to new people as she has spent a lot of time in different boarding situations.
She is de-sexed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, flea treated and wormed with 3 mthly tablets
Cartier is located with Celeste in Cremorne
16/8/10 Cartier has been adopted by Nicola


OLIVIA(f), OLIVER(m) & ORLANDO(m) smoochy & cuddly

Olivia and her brothers Oliver and Orlando are VERY, VERY smoochy,purry and cuddly kittens and very playful so never still for long!! They are medium haired and born 8/2/10 approx
They love the hammock in their pen, they look so adorable -like 3 little possums, when they are in it.
Oliver and Orlando are nearly identical twins, they look so much alike but Orlando has a white chin.
22/08/10 Orlando, Oliver and Olivia have been adopted by Jayne and Christopher from Denistone


TOM JONES (m) very affectionate

Tom Jones (born 14/12/09) has been named after Tom Jones, as he sings to you and it sounds like ‘It’s not unusual’……he makes more of a squeak actually, but it’s very cute!

Tom Jones is a white male kitten with a few blue tabby patches and a blue tabby tail. He has a pointed face with distinct white blaze and a smudge on his nose. Tom is a cheerful and playful kitten with loads of personality. He is trusting and affectionate and quick to adapt to new situations and other cats. Tom is a darling and you are likely to fall in love with him when you meet him!
14/08/10 Tom Jones has been adopted by Justine from Mosman


FUR & IZZY sweet & affectionate twins born Nov’07

Fur & Izzy were surrendered to us by their owner who could not keep them due to a change in her circumstances. They were about to be taken to the pound until we stepped in. They are adorable & very affectionate. They have medium length fur coats which need regular grooming to stay in tiptop condition.  Fur & Izzy have been tested as FIV/FLV negative and are both healthy cats. They would love a new home together as they are good mates.

Some information from their first carer Anna-Marie –
FUR has the white nose and lots more white colour, she is the playful one and will happily chase a ribbon or ball around. She is beginning to jump up next to me to seek out pats. She likes to follow you round from room to room, checking out where you are, and always keeping an eye on what Izzy is up to.

IZZY is quieter but enjoys catching you unawares, swiping you playfully as you walk past the cat post. She has now begun to jump on my bed and will find a warm spot to curl up on. She is very creative at finding hidey holes and once she was nowhere to be found. Eventually she was found sleeping behind the microwave. She also likes hiding in my wardrobe.
Fur found a box to hide in and Izzy cheekily jumped on top and squashed the entrance. They love to playfight at times and groom each others ears and heads which is so cute.
They always have a meow for me when I get home from work. They sense when I am coming and always run to the door about a minute before I arrive (so my sister tells me).
They are litter trained, are well behaved and do their scratching on the cat post, not the furniture. They enjoy sitting on the windowsill watching the birds and trees. They like to snooze in a safe spot under a chair.
They would be suited to a home without young children. They are quite happy enjoying their own company although they do enjoy attention when I come home at night.  They are really beautiful sweet cats.
They were previously with Leticia in Abbotsford who added “Fur follows me everywhere, she really likes company and likes to stay at my side watching TV.
Both of them are quite vocal.. sometimes it seems like they are talking to me… specially when I come back from my job at the end of the day”
They are currently with Katy in Beverly Hills who says-
10/7/10 I have been fostering Fur and Izzy for two weeks now.They are both lovely cats and would be so happy to be in a permanent home. When they first arrived, they moved into the wardrobe and stayed there a couple of days. Fur was the first one out of the wardrobe, so I started getting him used to being handled with lots of patting and lifting him into my lap. Now he jumps into my lap voluntarily and likes a lot of patting. Izzy is taking a little longer, but enjoys some patting. They both like to sleep on our bed; Izzy at my husband’s feet and Fur next to my arms
Both cats are very intelligent. Izzy even comes when she is called by her name. They use the litter tray and alert me when they feel it needs emptying. They are both very chatty (speaking in chirrups) and have beautiful manners. They are low maintenance, polite and really nice cats to have around the home.
14/08/10 Fur and Izzy have been adopted by Rosalind from Petersham


JINX (f) little cutie

30/7/10 JINX is a cute little Boxer blend puppy, only 11 weeks old.  Jinx has had a very sad start to life and was very lucky to be found in time to save her life, she was  abandoned, starving and undernourished and only 8 weeks old. She is making a very good recovery now that she is getting the correct nutrition  & care, and will require a dedicated carer who will love and care for her to enable her to regain her full health.
14/8/10 Jinx has been adopted by Bonnie in Oakville


Thomas & Tiger born 28/4/10 approx- very friendly kittens

These gorgeous twin tabby brothers are both very cute and very, very friendly.
They were lucky to be rescued at 5 days old and had to be bottle fed 3hrly by our dedicated foster carers.
Tiger is slightly bigger than Thomas but both are now thriving, putting on heaps of weight and playing together all the time.
They know exactly where the heater is in the house and are always in front of it either playing or sleeping.
They would love to go together to their new home for play & companionship if possible.
08/08/10 Thomas and Tiger have been adopted by Olivia and her sister from Rhodes



KIZMAT (renamed CHARLIE) (f) born 6/12/09

Kizmat is a lovely little kitten, she is very affectionate and a real lap cat, we cannot sit down on the lounge without her instantly on our lap.
She  loves being near you. She is great with kids not shy at all. She enjoyed playing with Gypsy at her previous foster carers home. Kizmat has now moved to Narell and has has become good friends with the other foster kitten Mila. She would love a home with another friendly kitten for company if possible especially if she will be on her own during work hours.
07/08/10 Kizmat has been adopted by Rebecca and family from Bondi Junction

MOLLY smoochy snuggly girl born Dec’08 approx

Molly is soooo friendly, a real sweetheart. She is a real wiggle bum and EXTREMELY playful. She is a HUGE smoocher and really loves to snuggle in. Molly is a very friendly, happy dog who loves people and cuddles, is fine with other dogs and is good on the lead and can sit. She’s also great in the car. She is a Staffy blend, tan with white on chest and was born approx Dec’08
Molly was with Anita at Neutral Bay who writes-
Molly is like an oversized puppy, but is toilet trained. Excitable and energetic. She is good with dogs and people, and would likely prefer being in a home where she is walked everyday or where she can wrestle with another dog her size. She needs someone willing to take the time to provide her both physical and mental stimulation, so that she can stay the beautiful girl she is.
Molly is a lovely, sweet girl who deserves a great home.
Watch a youtube video of Molly
30/7/10 Molly has been adopted by her carer, Peter at Northmead


SOPHIE (f) ‘The Gentle Squeaker’

Sophie was born in May 2008. She is so pretty (silver blue/grey fur, long white whiskers and big golden eyes). Sophie doesn’t exactly meow; rather, she utters funny little squeaks. She is sweet and gentle with the kids, and loves to be around people. Sometimes she settles softly on your lap, and other times she will be totally content snuggling right beside you, or at your feet. She gets excited with her cat scratching posts, and even some little boxes lying around. She carries little toys around in her mouth, and meows to them.
Sophie is an absolute delight!
She would love a home with another friendly cat for company as she does not like to be left on her own a lot.
30/07/10 Sophie has been adopted by Prue from Cammeray who previously adopted Wendy from us

RILEY (m) Tibetan Spaniel / Corgi cross

Riley DOB Dec 05.  Tibetan Spaniel / Corgi cross.  Desexed and vaccinated. Riley is house trained but a doggie door would be ideal for early morning needs. Riley is indoors when family is at home, and outside when they are at work unless the weather is cold and stormy.

Hi, I’m Riley and I’m looking for a family of my own to love and play with me and make me No 1 in their lives!  I am very energetic and adventurous and love getting out and about.  My favourite things are going for walks, and chasing any toy you throw for me but especially my Dr Harry red ball and my squeaky lion (the latter I’m only allowed for short spells cos I make loads of noise playing non stop with that one, it’s so much fun!).  I am a hugely loving, devoted, cuddlesome and loyal boy who will give my loved ones as many kisses as they will allow.  It should be noted however I have strong instincts – I don’t make just anyone my best friend!  I’m very clever and learn really fast – my foster mum actually thinks I should get involved with obedience and agility.  My new family will have to be willing to give me 100% because I give at least 110% to those I love.  Nothing less will do for me – and you! – to be truly happy, so if you are half-hearted then we are simply not right for each other!  You’ll have to buy me a softish brush to groom me with but I’m good to bath, I love all sorts of food, especially fish or chicken with rice and veggies, and peaches and yoghurt (umm, more than my doggy kibble & raw chicken wings).  I also love paddling in my shell pool though I haven’t yet been to a real beach (can’t wait to see if I like it though!).  If you have experience with dogs (and are looking for a special dog like me to be a REAL member of the family – a ‘furry kid’ I think you call it! – to play and snuggle up with you and your human children, then I would really LOVE to come meet you all!

PS:  I live in Revesby with my foster mum’s two dogs and two cats at the moment but want to be the only dog with all the love and attention going just to me in my forever home – well okay, I could probably learn to  tolerate a cat that doesn’t give me too much competition!  Oh, and I should tell you that both parties get a four week settling in period to make sure we all made the right decision.  If not, I return to my foster mum (you won’t have to worry, she will welcome me back with open arms!) and your money returns to you.
25/7/10 Riley has been adopted by the Chambers family at Eastwood


MIA (Plastic Bag kitten born 24/1/10

   16/2/10 MIA & Chocco were found cruelly dumped inside a plastic only a few weeks old. Their brother sadly did not survive.
After patient hand feeding by Sue, our dedicated carer, with help from surrogate mum, Matilda, they have now been weaned.
Update 1/4/10 – Mia is more independent and will play with toys and the other cats – especially Chrissy, for hours if I let her.
Both kittens purr as soon as you touch them and are very easy to handle.  They are still too small for adoption yet  in spite of their age, and  will have to gain some more weight, especially Chocco who needs encouragement with her food.
Chrissy(above) loves washing, grooming them and playing with them.
July 2010 Sue says both kittens have grown and are now lovely & healthy little girls. they are just wonderful, smoochy and purry.  Very playful – they constantly try and help me on the computer.They love playing with Pepe the dog who has been a surrogate dad to them.
04/07/10 Chocco has been adopted
18/07/10 Mia has been adopted by Caitlin from Killara

BLUEY (renamed BLUBELL) found her furever home after 3yrs
                    “Bet you can’t see me”                                 “Love my green cushion”                      “Where did that mouse go?”
“Hello, my name is Bluey because of my Blue/white colour. I have been told that I am rather pretty. I was born approx April 2005 and I am a short-haired rather petite, dainty little cat.
I was rescued, pregnant, from Death Row and my 6 kittens all found good homes. Now I am looking for my own special family to love and to look after me.
I like sitting by the window and watching the world go by and I can use a cat door as well.
I am a little shy at first till I get to know you but then will come out of my shell & love your attention. I love hiding under mats  & cushions and chasing my friends Tiger & Tigerboy then curling up with them sometimes to sleep. I just love chasing long shoelaces and taking them into my bed inside my cat carrier.  I like being patted and brushed gently.  I would be best in a quiet home without young children as sudden movements & loud noises startle me.”

Bluey is in care with Lucy who advises…… Bluey is now very affectionate with me, jumps up on the couch next to me and puts her head on my knee for pats,  she loves her neck being massaged and her coat brushed, and likes to follow me around from room to room.  She is not a lap cat but loves attention, if I am stroking another cat, she pushes her head between them and me to get her share. She loves her food and licks her bowl clean. She has beautiful large expressive eyes & and is such a gorgeous little girl. She has a tiny little meow occasionally when you stroke her. She sleeps next to me on the bed sometimes.. She is the first to come to the door when I come home.

She is still a little shy at first with new people, though she is becoming more outgoing. Once she gets to know you she is such a lovely little girl. In the evening she loves to rush around the place jumping onto the cat tree and chasing toys and the other cats Tiger, Tigerboy, Jade & Jasper & being chased in turn.
On warm days she likes to snooze on a chair on my enclosed balcony. She likes dozing also inside one of the cat carriers on a blanket.
Bluey will be happiest in a quiet home with an older person or family who have the patience to give her time to settle in at her own pace. She would be OK on her own or possibly with a laid back cat as a friend who will be tolerant of her.

Because of her shyness and white nose, Bluey is best kept as an indoor cat or with access to an enclosed balcony or catmax type enclosure. Cats with pink noses/ears are more susceptible to sunburn. Repeated sunburn can lead to skin cancer,
18/7/10 Bluey has been adopted by Jane & Sam in Summer Hill as a friend for Wilbur
Many thanks to Carolynne & Dana from Cronulla for their kind donation of Purina Natural Blends dry food and the lovely comfy bed – purrs from Bluey x x x  (I am sharing it all with Jade & Jasper)
A big thank you to Penny, Cris, Toby, Sparkle and Gemma for their very generous donation of a box of Dine gourmet food.
Toby, Sparkle and Gemma’s mum, Penny told us that they wouldn’t eat this gourmet food, and she didn’t want it to go to waste…..but we’re not sure we believe that story. This is our favourite food which we usually only get for treats!  Yum yum, bubble gum! We think Toby, Gemma and Sparkle’s mum and dad are just too generous, and wanted to give us something special for our Xmas stockings!
Lots of hugs and kisses from Missy and Bluey  xoxoxo

Oct ’09 -Iris & Hanky from Beverley Hills were generously sponsoring  Bluey (& Jade and Jasper)  purrs & hugs from all xxx


INDY (f) super friendly

5/6/10 – Indy is a Kelpie /Border Collie blend, born approx 5/1/10. She is White & black and was wearing a pink collar when found. Indy is approx 5 months of age and is a super friendly natured girl

Indy is with Darren at Matraville who writes –
‘Indy is an adorable pooch who loves hugs and kisses. She especially loves to hug your legs as you’re walking. When she first got here, she was very scared, with her tail constantly between her legs, and twitching when we were trying to pat her, but she’s now come out of her shell and is the dog equivalent of a hamster in a wheel. She loves her walks, stopping every two minutes to sniff something of extreme importance, like a blade of grass or a signpost, but is still learning not to pull on the lead. Indy is still being house-trained and hates being left alone, so would probably be suited to a family who can show her a lot of attention and not leave her for long periods of time. She is extremely dog friendly and doesn’t bark at all. At the most, she’ll have a little whinge, which sounds more like a car won’t start than anything else. Regardless, she’s very affectionate, and loves nothing more than curling up with you on the sofa… and making sure you never get off.’
17/7/10 Indy has been adopted by Cassandra at Umina Beach


MATILDA (SuperMum) born approx Mar’09

MATILDA and her 3 kittens were surrendered on Australia Day. Matilda is a gorgeous little dark tortoiseshell girl with looong white whiskers. Matilda became a surrogate mum to our little rescued bucket & bag babies, helping to save their lives. (See our appeals page)
Sue says “Matilda is a quiet, friendly girl.  Crawls into my lap at any opportunity – even tries to push Pepe out! If that doesn’t work she would sit on the back of the couch with her head on my shoulder.  She got on well with all my cats and wasn’t overly interested in the birds – although one of her favourite resting places is on top of the lorikeet cage!  She didn’t really mingle with Pepe (the dog) but wasn’t overly fearful either”.
All the kittens are now weaned and Matilda is looking forward to her own special home where she will be loved and fussed over for the rest of her life. as she so richly deserves.  Please contact us if you think Matilda is the one for you.
Matilda  has been tested for FIV/FeLV (Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia) and has tested negative.
14/7/10  Matilda has been adopted by her foster carer Lydianna


GIA (f) Rottweiler – loves children born May’06

15/5/10 Gia has just been rescued from Death Row. She is Black & tan, a gorgeous sweet girl, approx 4 years of age, she seemed good with other dogs in the pound and  is great with children,.
29/6/10- Gia was rather neglected & underweight when rescued, but with lots of TLC and good food she has recovered well,  put on weight and is now ready to find her new special furever home.
Gia is with Adrianna at Nth Narrabeen who writes –
Gia came to me a little bit sad and quiet, but since then she has blossomed into a playful and completely loyal dog. She is very human friendly and thrives on the attention you give her. She loves nothing more than to just be in your company and be cuddled.
Gia is a beautiful girl and nearly every time we are out she gets comments about her gorgeous face. Since coming out of her shell, Gia has become very playful and just loves playing fetch with a tennis ball. She is a little bit goofy and i often find myself laughing when watching her play with her stuffed toy moose. On her walks, which she is also VERY keen on, she is continually wagging her tail and loving life. She is a little bit cheeky in terms of being told what to do, and pulls a face as if to say “i know i can get away with it” when she’s in trouble. She is very good with her ‘sit’ and is very food motivated so has been quite easy to train.
Gia has reservations about other dogs we meet when we’re out, but is completely tolerant and loving with my small older dog at home.
Gia would make a wonderful addition to any family that is willing to give her the attention and love she deserves.
14/7/10 Gia has been adopted by Ashley from Botany


DEXTER (m) friendly pup

5/6/10 Dexter is a wolfhound cross. He is going to be a big boy, weighing 20kg at just five months and with a lot more growing to do! He is very friendly with other dogs and people and he loves food! He knows sit and is already toilet trained. Dexter would be a loving addition to any family.
This gorgeous boy may look a little silly with his tiny beard and big ears, but he has a beautiful heart and is a calm gentle guy.
Watch a youtube video of Dexter & Molly having a wrestle
12/7/10 Dexter has been adopted by Megan at Granville who was fostering him and fell in love with him.


MILO, REBEL (renamed WHISKY) born 10/3/10

These gorgeous black & white kittens are brothers and were born approx 10/3/10
10/07/10 Milo has been adopted by Leah from Campbelltown
10/07/10 Rebel has been adopted by Sue from Eschol Park who says ” Whiskey (Rebel) is a part of the family and is interacting wonderfully well with any visitors and my older cat. His personality has really come out and he is a joy to have, he is now affectionately known as “Frisky Whiskey” with Leah’s little Milo being “Monkey Milo”.


CHOCCO-Our Plastic Bag kitten- born 24/1/10

 16/2/10 Chocco & her sister Mia were found cruelly dumped inside a plastic only a few weeks old. Their brother sadly did not survive.
After patient hand feeding by Sue, our dedicated carer, with help from surrogate mum, Matilda, they have now been weaned.
Update 1/4/10 – Of the two kittens it is little Chocco who is the lap cat.  She has a little play then climbs up the couch and onto my lap.  Mia on the other hand is more independent and will play with toys and the other cats – especially Chrissy, for hours if I let her.
Both kittens purr as soon as you touch them and are very easy to handle.  They are still too small for adoption yet  in spite of their age, and  will have to gain some more weight, especially Chocco who needs encouragement with her food. Foster cat Chrissy loves washing, grooming them and playing with them.
July 2010 Sue says both kittens have grown and are now lovely & healthy little girls. they are just wonderful, smoochy and purry.  Very playful – they constantly try and help me on the computer. They love playing with Pepe the dog who has been a surrogate dad to them.
04/07/10 Chocco has been adopted by Adolfo and Eleni of Liverpool.



MILA (renamed Louisa)  loving affectionate kitten

Mila was born approx 27/9/09 & was surrendered to us to find her a loving home.

Mila is a pretty calico tortoiseshell with a ginger fringe and snow white tummy, legs and face.. Mila’s eyes are crossed and she has a slight oriental look to her face. Mila is happy to meet new cats or people and is great with young children.  Mila is good with dogs also. She craves cuddles and pats and is very smoochy and lovable, if anyone wants a lap cat or smoochy girl that is a little quieter than a very young kitten then this is the girl for you.
Friends that visit say she is the most placid kitten they have ever met. This has a lot to do with being played with by two adoring little girls I think. She would be perfect for anyone who wants a kitten but a quieter one.
Mila has become good friends with Kizmat.
Mila is ideal as an indoor cat because of her pink nose which is susceptible to sunburn, this can lead to skin cancer with repeated exposure to strong sun.
03/07/10 Mila has been adopted by Trudi and family from Mortdale who writes
“Mila (now Louisa) is great. She gives us great pleasure with her affection and odd little face. After I put my youngest to bed and come down stairs she is usually waiting next to my spot on the lounge so she can sit on my lap. Even my “not interested” husband talks to her and pats her. She sits at his feet and they stare each other out. She just knows he’s not into pets”


SACHI-Papillion blend(m) 4yrs old-loves company

He is with Tanya at Sans Souci who writes –
Sachi is a truly amazing little man.  He has so much love and happiness to give.  Sachi will play ball for as long as you will play ball, he will drop the ball right at your feet, you barely have to move to pick it up and throw it again.  Sachi loves to go for a walk, even if it’s a short one but because he is a Papillion x Fox Terrier he really enjoys exercise which is easily achieved with his love for chasing a ball that is thrown for him in the yard.  He also loves squeaky toys and will play with these by himself. He loves company, both human and doggy so if you are at work all day a playmate his own size would be wonderful.  He is good with cat’s who are good with dogs.  He doesn’t jump up, steal clothes, dig or chew on anything but his own toys and bones. Sachi is toilet trained. He likes nothing more than some cuddles and quiet time on the couch with you in the evening and at bed time he is happy to be put to bed and won’t peep a sound until the morning when you take him out. I can see Sachi with a family who has children older than 7 or 8 who enjoy playing with him.  He’s a robust little dog that will give you many many years of love and companionship.  It will break my heart to see him go, I will miss his bright eyes, smile and tilted head when I talk to him and he is listening with much enthusiasm.  A real people dog.
21/6/10 Sachi has been adopted by Tanya at Sans Souci who decided she could not let him go.


JADE Cattle dog / Corgi  8yrs old good with children

Jade is a cattle dog/corgi blend, and is 8 years young. She is a beautiful dog, everyone she meets falls in love with her. She has a wonderful nature, she is very quiet, interacts well with children, loves to play and fetch a ball. She especially loves to have her belly scratched. She is great to walk, and enjoys to meet others especially if they give her a little attention and a scratch.  She travels well in the car. She is a very content dog, as much as she loves attention, she also just as much at home relaxed on the mat at the back door or laying out in the sun. She has been an absolute delight to have around.
20/6/10 Jade has been adopted by Martin at Glebe
Thank you so much to Debbie for her generous donation of $100 towards Jade’s rescue costs


ZIGGY (m) Staffy/JRT born 26/12/09-super affectionate

Ziggy is 5mths old, is a Staffy/JRT blend and has been desexed, chipped and vaccinated. He was abandoned at a vet at 8wks old when he was very sick. He is now fully recovered with a clean bill of health and is ready to find his special furever home.
He was previously with Tanya who writes:
Ziggy is a gorgeous little man who is super affectionate and loves cuddles. He is being toilet trained at present but already knows how to walk on a lead and sit.
Whilst he’s energetic, he can also settle quickly and will go and lay down if nothing is happening. He is good with other dogs, has been introduced to the cat and so far has been fine.
As he is still only a pup, Ziggy would enjoy a home with a moderately active family and lots of playtime / cuddles.
18/6/10 Ziggy has been adopted by Susan at Loftus.



LEAH (f) (renamed RUBY) very sweet, born May’09 approx

13/5/10 LEAH is a small to-med mixed blend girl. She is Tan with white on chest and was approx 12 months when rescued. Leah is  a very sweet girl and was a staff favourite  at the pound.
Leah has a lovely temperament, she is smart, good on the lead and loves walks.She knows ‘Sit’ and is toilet trained.
She is loving and loyal once you’ve gained her trust. Leah is a quiet dog, likes bones, toys and warm laps to sit in to be patted.
Watch a youtube video of Leah playing with Brock
13/6/10 Leah has been adopted by Emily at Chatswood


SYD   Large Boxer blend  -very smoochy affectionate boy

16/5/10 Syd is approx 7 years young. He is very sweet & gorgeous and  rather unusual looking. He is Tan & white.
Information from a visitor at the pound – what a sweetheart he has proved to be. He is extremely affectionate and just wants to be cuddled.. He is gentle and doesn’t jump up. Friendly, happy boy who would love you to bits, a Pound staff favourite
12/6/10 Syd has been adopted by his foster carer,Kate at Strathfield
Thank you so much to Tony for his generous donation of $50 towards Syd’s rescue costs.


SARABI- ginger kitten

June 2010 Sarabi has been adopted by Katie and Talbot from Vacluse



SCOTTY-The Big Friendly Giant!

Scotty is an absolute sweetheart with a lovely temperament. He was rescued from the pound as he was such a delightful boy who deserves to find his own special family. He is a shorthaired tabby and white boy approx 1-2yrs old at Dec’09.
His previous carer Ceri writes –
Scottie is a handsome boy with loads of personality.  He has a gorgeous soft coat and keeps himself very clean! He can be a bit shy at first when he meets new people but it doesn’t take him long to come out of his shell.  He likes his own space but will also come looking for a fuss or let you know when its dinner time!  He eats anything you put in front of him, but he loves his Kangaroo and he is spoilt sometimes with Salmon.  Scottie loves his treats and will eat them gently out of your hand!
He likes to sleep at the end of the bed and he talks to you when you wake up in the morning!  If ever you can’t find him he is probably drinking from a tap in the bathroom or sitting in the sun watching birds! He also loves playing, his favourite toy being a ball of string!. Once he trusts you he loves his belly tickled and will lie stretched out on his back for ages.  He likes nothing better than sitting on the arm of the sofa next to you and watching TV at night with lots of cuddles and purrs!
He is very affectionate and cute once he gets to know you and would make an excellent and amusing companion! He would suit a home without any other cats as he is likes all of the attention to himself!
06/06/10 Scotty has been adopted by Caroline from Rushcutters Bay
Mar’10 – thanks to Jen from Cronulla for their kind donation of a  $20 voucher for Scotty


CLANCY (f) (Matilda’s kitten)  born 19/12/09

Matilda and her 3 kittens were surrendered on Australia Day so her kittens have been given Australian names
NED, BANJO & CLANCY were born 19/12/09 approx. They were approx 8 weeks old (13/2/10) and are all very smoochy kittens.
Clancy…as in ‘Clancy of the Overflow’ is a very pretty Calico/white torti, and very much a little girl.
6/6/10 Clancy has been adopted by Daniel in Rockdale
30/04/10 Ned & Banjo have been adopted



20/5/10  Approx 12mths old, Small Cross Breed,  MALE   White, long hair
Health  Good at the moment
Temperament Good with other little dogs,very gentle, sweetest boy who is a big smoocher

5/6/10 Woody has been adopted by Kate from Balmain



These 6 gorgeous black & white kittens are ready for their homes. (Bullet, Fergus Felix, Romeo, Milo & Rebel)
They are all boys and were born approx 10/3/10
29/05/10 Romeo(Bolt) and Felix(Mittens) have been adopted by Robyn and family from Mosman


BEAR (m)Rottweiler/Shepherd -super friendly born Nov’08

15/5/10 Bear is Black & tan with a white blaze on his chest. He is a sweet boofy boy, super friendly.
He was approx 18 mths old when rescued. Bear was born 15/11/08 approx
Bear is a gorgeous boy who is great with others dogs, very friendly and loves rides in the car. He is a quick learner and has found the joy of playing ball. Bear will need an active family who will play, take him for walks and love him.
29/5/10 Bear has been adopted by Fiona at Rooty Hill.

Gentle BROCK (m) renamed WILBUR happy friendly boy born 1/4/09

Brock is a little shy at the moment, but he is such a gentle gorgeous boy you can’t help but to put your arms around him and give him lots of hugs and kisses. He is a large boy (slightly bigger than your average boxer), very lean and is very human friendly and such a gentleman. He knows sit, stay and shake and is already toilet trained! Brock is a boxer blend with a short-haired brindle and white coat and was born 1/4/09
We would love to see him go to a home, where they will be as loving and gentle with him as he is with people.

28/5/10 Brock has been adopted by Camilla in Adelaide


BENJI (m) smoochy boy who loves cuddles

Benji is very much a “people” dog, in that he just wants to be with you wherever you go. When you’re not paying him enough attention, he’ll let you know by licking your hands, or jumping around in front of you. He’s housetrained, quiet (except for when he hasn’t seen you for a while and he’s excited), and gets on great with other dogs… though, his preference is still people. He knows how to sit and lay down, and will mostly just run up to you and lay by your feet, waiting for pats, and he’s working on the rest. He’s fine on the lead, doesn’t pull or run. He was initially scared of the cars going past (and, for some reason, a tree stump), but he’s getting more and more used to it all. Benji is a very affectionate dog who will do everything he possibly can to please you. Benji is a white & black, small mixed blend puppy born 19/9/09
The only reason that Benji was surrendered to the pound was that his elderly owner could no longer care for him. Benji is looking forward to to finding his new special furever family and will give you all his love in return for yours.
27/5/10 Benji has been adopted by Susan at Ruse


SCOOBIE (m) friendly little puppy born 16/12/09 approx

Scoobie is such an excitable little puppy. I don’t think he’s gone five seconds without wagging his tail. He likes to run around and have a play but would much rather come to you for pats, rather than the other way around (but that could possibly be because my hand is bigger than his head!). He’s learning basic commands and still needs to be taught how to eat out of a bowl, as he likes to tip his food out and eat it off the floor. He’s fine on the lead and will mostly walk by your side. Scoobie loves his toys (especially ropes), will literally just lie down when he’s having a bath, and seems to be housetrained. Scoobie likes nothing more than playing hard or sleeping sound, depending on what time of day it is!
Scoobie is Fox terrier blend pup. He is White & tan and was born approx 16/12/09
22/5/10 Scoobie has been adopted by Alison at Prestons


Smoochy TIMTAM (Renamed TAMMY)

TimTam  is a short-haired pretty dark tortoiseshell with a ginger medallion on her chest, ginger-tipped tail and green eyes, born approx Feb 2008. She is sleek and lithe, with a glossy soft coat. TimTam was surrendered after giving birth to her 4 kittens at the end of October ’09. Now that her kittens are weaned & TimTam is de-sexed, she is looking forward to a new home where she can enjoy a space of her own and one-on-one attention and companionship. She is smart, affectionate and playful and enjoys the comforts of your best chair and bed. TimTam occasionally gives you a little nip, either just to get your attention, or to let you know that she has had enough,so she would be best in a family without children. She is not entirely keen on other adult cats and would be best as an only pet to start with, however her behaviour really changes as she feels more settled and secure, and she may tolerate other pets in future. TimTam is smoochy, loves human company and will be your very dear companion.
16/05/10 Tim Tam has been adopted by Pam and Mike from Ryde.



Tashi is such a sweetheart that you will love her immediately. She is a super affectionate girl with a lovely personality and loves following you around. She was also rescued in the nick of time with Tabitha & Leoni below. She is a lovely dark tortoiseshell colour with a long sleek body with perhaps a touch of Oriental breeding..Tashi was born 26/8/06
May 2010 Tashi has been adopted by Jill in St Ives




Ruby (born approx Jan’08) was rescued from Death Row with her kitten Kit-Kat(born approx 30/9/08) & they were put in boarding till a foster home became available.
Maggie, her previous carer, says… Ruby is a very pretty ginger & white cat with medium-long fur and a huge fluffy tail. Ruby has become very affectionate now. She will jump on my lap when I watch TV. She is a great indoor cat and never tries to escape. She is  very easy to look after. In the mornings she jumps on my bed and “plays” with my hair to get me up to feed her. As soon as I come home she runs to the front door when she hears the key in the lock.
Ruby likes company and does not like to be separated at night time into another room on her own. She would settle in well with an older family who don’t want to cope with a playful kitten that gets under their feet all the time..
13/05/10 Ruby has been adopted by her foster carer, Tammy, from Maroubra



Mum KATIE was rescued just in the nick of time, only days before she gave 7 beautiful kittens on 25/9/09. It was such a surprise as Katie herself is a petite cat. She is a fantastic mother attending to her kittens with a constant purr of pleasure and pride.
Katie has a sweet nature. She loves attention and playing with toys but also likes to do her own thing.  Doesn’t like to be picked up but will rub against your leg when excited to see you and come sit on the couch with you. She has a soft purr and a cute meow. She is very well behaved & litter trained.
Katie is a gorgeous cat who loves belly rubs and lots of pats. Her kittens are now weaned and Katie is looking forward to finding her own furever home where she will  be a loving addition to your family.
08/05/10 Katie has been adopted by Michaela from Mosman


BULLET & FERGUS born 10/3/2010 approx

07/05/10 Bullet has been adopted by Amy and family from Kincumber

07/05/10 Fergus has been adopted by Jamie, Gina and their 9 month old ginger kitten Winston, in Waverley



NED & BANJO, Matilda’s kittens born 19/12/09

Matilda and her 3 kittens were surrendered on Australia Day so her kittens have been given Australian names
NED, BANJO & CLANCY were born 19/12/09 approx. They are about 8 weeks old now (13/2/10) and are all very smoochy kittens.
Ned …as in Ned Kelly  is a black & white boy, very friendly loves tummy rubs
Banjo…as in Banjo Patterson  is a blue/grey and white boy, … has a cute squeak as opposed to a meow… always does it when food time
30/04/10 Ned has been adopted by Melissa, Rafe and their feline friend Mimi from Neutral Bay
30/04/10 Banjo has been adopted by Melissa’s parents from Pymble


TILDA (f) born 20/2/10

27-3-10  Beautiful Tilda was rescued from Death row at 5wks old, she has a fluffy long haired coat which will need regular grooming as she grows. She is black with white paws , tummy, chest & chin and has a white blaze in the centre of her face & a cute black dot on her nose. She has the largest round eyes that seem to look out in wonder at the world.
Tilda is with Roxanne in Hinchinbrook who says-
Tilda loves to climb up onto my shoulder and make me the centre of her attention by trying to groom my hair, she loves attention and does not mind her daily grooming sessions.  She is a very playful kitten – enjoys to play with my sons toy dump truck. Sometimes when she is in definite play mode she ambushes anything that moves, that’s the time when we all hide our feet just in case. Tilda is not a really vocal cat but certainly knows how to get your attention.
Tilda will need to be kept out of strong sun because of her pink nose which is prone to sunburn and possible skin cancer with repeated exposure.
Tilda has been adopted by her foster carer, Roxanne.


Tabitha just loves lots of head rubs and pats and was so glad to be rescued at the very last minute. She has a very pretty calico and white short haired coat. She would make a great family pet. Tabitha was born 1/2/05

May 2010 Tabitha has been adopted by her foster carer, Lizzie, from Surry Hills.


BELLE (f) friendly & sweet

After my bath  “I can’t do a thing with my hair!”
Belle is a friendly and sweet little girl who is good with other dogs. She is a pretty Maltese blend approx 3yrs old in April 2010
She is now just like a little fluff ball after her bath. Belle is a quiet girl, not aggressive or yappy, she likes getting groomed, she loved getting brushed!..
Belle is toilet trained and loves sitting in your lap and loves all people. She is comfortable being left at home during the day by herself (and would be a good in a home as an only dog). She is always happy when you get home – We nicknamed her “Belle-rina” because when she gets super excited she stands up on her back legs and turns around, very cute and dainty!
9/5/10 Belle has been adopted by Doug & Carol at Nth Curl Curl.


BILLIE (f) gentle & smart, born  1/10/09 approx

BILLIE is a very gentle pup and a lovely brindle colour. This gorgeous pup will grow to be a medium sized girl.
She is fantastic with other dogs and loves getting her belly rubbed. Billie is smart, as she is already toilet trained and knows the command sit. She is very easy to look after and has a very gentle nature. I get stopped on the street by people all the time when I walk her because she is very sweet & friendly. This little girl would fit into any loving home.
23/4/10 Billie has been adopted by Megan in Granville


BLACKIE (m) renamed ALFIE

Blackie has come to us as his owner is unable to keep him after a relationship break up. He is a lovely Border Collie blend  approx 2yrs old, who is very placid in nature and friendly. Good with other dogs, Blackie is not fazed by much and he would love to have a family to call his own.
Blackie is a lovely, friendly boy who is house trained, obedient, knows how to sit, walks well on the lead and comes when you call him. A very people focused dog, he just wants to be near you and be a part of your life. He would thrive where he can be a real part of the family and inside when you’re home (he’s happy to go and sit on a mat and go to sleep). He loves to smooch and is always happy to receive lots of cuddles and he gives lots of gentle kisses.
Blackie is settling in well in his foster home and has started to play with my other dogs and run around. He likes to run, when you run, so would make you a great jogging companion.
1/5/10 Blackie  has been adopted by Jill & Scott at Austinmer


BELLA(f) & BOOF(m) (renamed BO) gentle affectionate cats
(Assisted Rehoming)

Bella and Boof were rescued by a caring person after being dumped together under their house. They were starving and dehydrated and were in a desperate situation. They have been nursed back to health and are de-sexed, vaccinated , microchipped, wormed and flead. They are now looking forward to finding their purrfect new home together. They rely on each other for support and need to stay together.. They are currently living in Revesby and they are both very affectionate loving cats.
BELLA was born in Jan’09 approx, she loves to play and is a real little sook  just loving attention. She is a little princess and has a pretty black and white shorthaired coat. with lovely green eyes.
BOOF was born in Aug’08 approx, he loves attention and being petted though is a little shy of strangers initially. He is a handsome shorthaired pale ginger tabby boy with long white whiskers and golden eyes.
14/05/10 Bella and Bo (formerly Boof) have been adopted by Natasha and family from Oatley


MILLIE-MO born approx 10/10/09

Millie-Mo is an outgoing talkative little monkey.  Loves: cuddles (climbing on shoulders) food, (chicken is a fave) soccer and climbing. She is very inquisitive and loves to know what is happening. Her curiosity didn’t kill her but saved her! It was her bold, curious nature that led the abandoned pair to be discovered!  They both love human company and watch everything that we do.
They are progressing well and love their playtime. Abigail, their tabby kitten sitter, has lost ownership of her tunnel and all of her toys. They love jumping on the lounge to say hello to us when we are sitting there, then they jump off and continue playing. The tall scratching post is their favourite item. Millie has settled well since Remy left for his new home. She likes having Abigail for company and is happy to follow her around the house copying everything she does. She is a welcome home committee when you come home at night, bounding downs the stairs to greet you as you walk in the door. She is talking more, and the little sounds she makes as she chases a fly are so cute.
23/04/10 Millie-Mo has been adopted by Melissa, Corey and their rescue kitten, Brodie, from Hebersham


Gentle, loving  GYPSY- dark Torti

Gypsy was rescued just in time with her 4 kittens born 22/10/09 and is just adorable. All her kittens have found their furever homes and  now it is Gypsy’s turn.
She has a very soft soul and is gentle and loving and good with other cats. She would fit in with any family as she has such a nice temperament.
Gypsy loves attention and would spend all day if she could smooching and purring. She likes to follow you around and sweep her soft tail around your legs. Gypsy has a stunning long haired coat with a beautiful marbled tortoiseshell effect. Her eyes are a striking golden/green and she loves to gaze up at you with them with a loving soft gaze. Gypsy has become good friends with Kizmat, they have wrestles and play really good together.
25/04/10 Gypsy has been adopted by Kara and Luke from Cranebrook


MERLIN (m) affectionate & playful

Merlin is an affectionate and playful Staffy blend pup, white and brindle in colour. He is still only a pup approx 5mths old in April 2010 so will need to receive training to bring out the best in him.
Merlin is with Darren in Matraville who writes…..
Merlin is completely adorable and always eager to please. He’s affectionate, obedient, and willing to learn new tricks. So far he can sit and lay down (though they’re normally in quick succession before a ‘roll over’ for good measure) and is quickly learning to give his paw. He still needs some work on the lead, as he gets so excited he becomes a tornado of dog, but after five minutes he tends to calm down and walks normally. He’s extremely good with other dogs and likes nothing better than curling up with my two and having a nap. He will have a little cry if he’s left alone in a room but is housetrained and loves his baths.
24/4/2010 Merlin  has been adopted by Kate at Kings Park


HUGO (bucket baby)  & SMEAGOL

Hugo(Blue/white) was rescued, with his sisters, from drowning at a few weeks old, in a bucket of water where they were left by a heartless person.They were handfed by Sue our wonderful foster carer & are now healthy & happy.Hugo – is a larikin. Loves hanging out with his sisters…he’s the only boy of the bunch and is nice and friendly! 

Darling little ginger Smeagol was found in the gutter. Literally! This poor little fellow was in a storm drain, dirty and flea ridden and was luckily saved because of his gorgeous little meow which alerted a kind person to his presence! He was only a few weeks old and would not have survived much longer on his own without his mum. He was born approx 28/1/10
He is now a super playful, clean and happy little kitten..
15/04/10 Smeagol and Hugo have been adopted by Brad and Curtis of Summer Hill
click here to watch a YouTube of Smeagol


APRIL(f) adorable & friendly

3/4/10 – April is a small mixed blend little girl, approx 6-12 months of age. She has a  Black & white shorthaired coat, and is a  friendly natured soul. She was good with other dogs when on Death Row.
April is an adorable girl who likes tummy tickles and walks. April is toilet trained and is good on the lead. She is a smart girl and would love to have an owner who will challenge her with toys, games and possibly agility courses.
17/4/10 April has been adopted by Peta at Stanmore


GEORGE & GIGI renamed ROSY  born 10/11/09
George (left) & Gigi (Rosy)

These  cuties were part of a litter of 5 that were surrendered to us.
‘George the Ginger’- ginger male with beige markings. George has lovely classic tabby markings and is darker ginger on his back.
GiGi (after Audrey Hepburn as she has almond shaped eyes like her) –  ginger female with beige markings . Gigi has a pretty striped tabby pattern.
“George is slightly lighter in colour and is squinting in the photo. Gigi,  is a rich red gold colour and has very delicate and fine features like a little oriental.  They are both wonderfully social purring machines.  They love people and other cats.  George is placid and quiet but also lots of fun and up for a game and very loving.  Rosy is an adventurer; playful, loving and so sweet.  She is more vocal than George.  They would make such brilliant pets for anyone – I already love them both.
12/04/10 George and Gigi have been adopted by their foster carer, Athena, in Glebe

BOBBIE (f) Rabbit saved from Death Row

Bobbie is a lovely female rabbit, she is white with brown patches and is also quite large. She likes to be cuddled and is very friendly. She is quite happy just roaming around the yard and is not scared of our dogs. She obviously came from a good home. She is de-sexed, micro-chipped and vaccinated.
If you are interested in adopting Bobbie please complete & return the Rabbit match form – Rabbit Match adoption Enquiry.doc
9/4/10 – Bobbie has been adopted by Jayne from Pymble together with Oscar, another rabbit he has bonded with.


COCO (m) born 25/1/10

22/3/10 Coco is a gorgeous fluffy medium haired male kitten with striking round eyes. He is white with black markings on his back & head and has a black tail. He is very, very playful and doesn’t sit down at all, just like a typical kitten.
Coco will need to be kept out of strong sun because of his pink nose which is prone to sunburn and possible skin cancer with repeated exposure.
03/04/10 Coco has been adopted by Cara and family from Cherrybrook



COCO (f) part Labrador pup

Feb’10 – COCO was born approx 19/9/09 and is a lovely chocolate coloured Labrador blend.
Previous foster carer Sue said  “I have found Coco to have a sweet gentle nature. She is sitting on command for her dinner and to come into the house. Coco gets on very well with my other dogs and is responding well to leaving the cats alone. She is definitely a family dog as she loves to be around us all day. Coco is playful but not demanding, she is just a beautiful little girl.
8/3/10 – Coco’s manners are improving every day , she is learning to drop and wait .She loves being in our company and is getting on very well with my other dogs. She is a very affectionate little girl and just loves everyone.Coco  enjoys going for walks But also loves to take a well earned snooze.
28/3/10 – Coco has been adopted by Michelle & Richard from Padstow


OPAL(f) – sweet & friendly

30/7/09- Opal has just been rescued from Death Row, she is a Medium Hair Tabby Tortoishell kitten, and was approx 6mths old on 30/7/09. Opal is sweet and very friendly and loves other cats.  Opal is a little beauty – She’s quite shy but very friendly once she overcomes her nervousness. A really lovely little cat. She would make a lovely family pet.
27/03/10 – Opal has been adopted by Karen from Riverwood



Zosha has beautiful blue markings on her face, has superb ball-playing skills and loves sitting in kitten-sized cardboard boxes. Zosha is a darling little girl with a loud purr (and a loud voice when abandoned by her sisters).

24/3/10 – Zosha has been adopted by Janelle & family from Woongarrah near Newcastle


NICK (m) renamed GIZMO

Little Nicky has been rescued from Death Row.  He is a friendly little boy though a bit scared because of being in the pound which is a frightening experience for such a little kitten. Nick was born approx 1/7/09 so was only 8wks old when rescued.
17/3/10 – Nick (m) has been adopted by his foster mum Natalie in Sydney.



ANDY ginger& white tabby  born approx 9/12/08

Andy was rescued with his brother Sandy from Death Row, just in time. Andy has white feet and chest. They have short easy care coats
As at 5/4/09 Andy is still having treatment on his left eye and is not yet ready for adoption.  He is featured on our page ‘Pets needing urgent Help’. His treatment costs have been rather expensive, but he is worth every cent of it.
His eye is well on the mend now and it should not be long before he is 100% healthy and ready to find his new home. He is now in care with Melissa and as you can see from the above photos he is a beautiful little boy.
Melissa says that Andy is absolutely adorable. For all he has gone through he is such a beautiful kitten. He is super cuddly and has one of the best personalities she has seen in a kitten in a long time. He will make a wonderful addition to some lucky persons family.
March’10 – Andy – has been adopted by his foster mum Natalie in Sydney
7/3/09 – Sandy has been adopted
 Mar’09 – Andy sends hugs and purrs to Melissa, Chanel and Jordy who donated a bag of Royal Canin Baby Cat to share with Cinnamon x x x
Feb’09 – Andy sends purrs and hugs to Samantha from Greenwich for the lovely Royal Canin Babycat food. x x x
 Jan 2009 – Many thanks to the clients from AhCat Pet Sitting Service for their kind donation of Breeders Choice litter. Purrs from Sandy & Andy x x x


ROSIE (renamed ABBIE) sweet & gentle little pup

ROSIE was born in August’09 approx. When we saw her on Death Row we just had to rescue her when we saw her pleading eyes. She is tan with a white patch on her chest and a black muzzle.  Rosie loves other pups, and is a very cute and sweet mixed blend little girl!!  She will have some growing to do yet to grow into her long legs and paws.
Darren says- Rosie is very gentle with other dogs, as I have two smaller ones, though she does like a bit of a play and rough and tumble as all pups do. She’s good on her lead and loves to be walked. She likes to play with her toys (and my socks) and even though she chews a lot, she never chews any furniture. Even though she’s an active dog, she does enjoy just curling up and going to sleep when it’s quiet, and she doesn’t cry or scratch at the door when left alone. So far she’s learned how to sit, lay down, and shake paws. She’s a quick learner and generally knows what she can and can’t do, and if she does something she knows she shouldn’t, she’s always quick to say she’s sorry with licks. She’s house trained and very well tempered with dogs and people.
Rosie is with Darren in Matraville
19/3/10 Rosie has been adopted by Hayley at San Remo (Central Coast).



Jonah is a handsome and smoochy boy, about 18 months old. Jonah needs a new home he can call his own. He was  sadly surrendered  to the pound as his owners had to move and were not allowed pets. He’s very affectionate and has a great mix of independence and love of company. His foster carer tells us that he loves being brushed and often follows her around the house like a little dog. He likes to sit on her lap and just enjoy the company. Jonah greets visitors with lot of leg rubbing. However, when he’s had enough human company, he finds a quiet spot and curls up. He’s a very smart cat and after just a few days with his foster carer worked out how to open one of the bedroom doors!
Jonah would be best living with an older family or single person in a home with no other cats and would not be suitable for unit living unless it is a very large unit. We strongly advise that cats with white noses /ears should be kept indoors at all times, as they are prone to sunburn with later risk of skin cancer.
11/3/10 – Jonah has been adopted to a nice home in Inner West Sydney


MILO renamed BOLT, calm sweet little boy

               “Hi there, – ‘zzzzzz                                  Sheer bliss, safe & with a full tummy’

Feb’10 – Milo has just been rescued from Death Row in the nick of time. He is a cute medium sized mixed blend pup,  white with black markings and a cute black patch over his right eye.  Born in  Oct’09 approx.
Milo is a gorgeous little boy, approx 4mths old who is settling in well at his foster home. Milo is currently being house trained and is learning basic commands. He likes to play with the other dogs, all much bigger than himself, but that doesn’t worry him.  He’s a calm, sweet boy that will readily go and lay down and have a snooze if nothing is happening. He loves to play with a squeaky toy and has such fun being chased whilst squeaking his toy. Milo is coming along well and is good natured, friendly, great with people and other dogs.
Milo is currently with Sonja in Razorback
28/2/10 – Milo has been adopted by Rachel in Hornsby
Feb’10 – Woofs and licks from Milo to a kind person who wants to remain anonymous who has donated $50 for Milo, this will buy him some yummy food


HANS renamed TRIM

Hans is a handsome shorthaired black & white boy with long white whiskers. He is approx 2-3yrs old. Hans loves other cats and children and is very placid and calm in his nature. He is friendly and loves to talk and tell you about his day. Hans is a sweet little man who is happy to be free from the pound. Hans has a lovely nature, a good appetite and loves his pats.  All he now wants is a home he can call his own where he can be safe and sound for the rest of his life. .
Hans is currently with Wendy in Padstow.
21/02/10 Hans and Tabitha have been adopted by Karen and Steve from Alexandria



Lovely Tabitha is approx 2yrs old at Oct’09. She is a very pretty tabby and white shorthaired cat.
-Simone says – “Tabitha is a gentle girl and likes being held like a baby in your arms. and enjoys being petted. She sprawls out next to me during afternoon naps when its hot. She’ll sleep sometimes on the bed or on the floor or on my computer chair, or sit in the bathroom or by the window sill. Sometimes, but very rarely, she will come under the covers when I go to sleep. She steals my computer chair as soon as I get up 🙂  and likes to look out the window occasionally. She loves the feather duster type toy best but will play with balls and string… the cardboard toilet roll inserts… anything. She just loves to play
She likes raw meat and tuna & Whiskas cans. She doesn’t seem to like dry food too much at all or loafy style meals in cans… she likes the meals from cans with sauces and gravy best.  Tabitha is very quiet cat and has a soft meow which is the cutest sound. When in the pound she seemed fine with other cats.”
Tabitha is with Simone in Marrickville
21/02/10 Hans and Tabitha have been adopted by Karen and Steve from Alexandria



Simba: is a ginger/white shorthaired boy. Born approx 16/10/09. Simba had a broken tail when he was surrendered to the pound and half of his tail had to be amputated but this just adds to his amazing personality. Simba is such an affectionate kitten and never stops purring. He is loads of fun to play with and will keep you entertained for hours. He also loves nothing more then a cuddle.
20/02/10 Simba has been adopted by Justin, his partner and their 2 year old torti, Diamond, from Chippendale.

REMY (Millie-Mo’s brother) renamed CHARLIE

Remy is shyer than his sister Millie-Mo. He loves: cuddles, food (chicken is a fave), playing with his sister, soccer, climbing. Just goes with the flow but is starting to take the initiative and not just do what Millie does. He lets you know that he enjoys being held and cuddled by the automatic purr he does when he is picked up.
05/02/10 Remy has been adopted by Marilia from Marrickville


WILL renamed TOBY

WILL – long hair ginger & white, male, born approx 10/10/09 – Will is a little gentleman with a mischievous side, he loves to wrestle with Will and explore his surroundings and will never turn down a play or a pat and often he is your little shadow and he always wants to be right in the middle of what you are doing. After a hard day of playing, he will curl up on your lap and have a snooze, he is particularly fond of head scratches which will send him into a blissful state of purring. He can be quite independent, but likes to be around you, even if its just to keep an eye out on you in case you do something interesting. Since he has a long coat, he will need to brushed regularly to keep him looking his best. – Will was named Will because it seems to suit him, and it’s a gentleman’s name.
04/02/10 Will (renamed Toby) has been adopted by the Mobberley family from Lindfield



BELLA (f) 9yr old Border Collie blend-gentle affectionate lady

Bella is a 9 year old female border collie blend, whose owner has sadly recently passed away. Her relatives are unable to offer Bella a permanent home  as they live in a Unit so they need to find her a new loving owner for the rest of her days.  Bella was devoted to her lady owner, who had had her since a puppy.
3/2/10 –  Bella has been re-homed with a lovely family


 NOEL(left) & GABI  – CHRISSY’S kittens renamed MILO & ROXY

Poor Chrissy was found abandoned with her 2 new kittens (Noel & Gabi) and rescued on Xmas Day by a kind person or they may not have survived much longer. They were skin and bone and little Noel had cat flu with a sticky eye which is now healed.
Chrissy is only a kitten herself approx 5mths old, so was born approx in July’09. Her kittens were born approx 27/11/09
29/01/10 Noel and Gabi have have been adopted by Sally and family from Castle Hill


SAPHIRE-renamed HOLLY Gollightly

Jewel, Gem, Meg and Saphire are all from the same litter born approx 6/10/09.
Saphire is the most beautiful looking calico I have ever seen. she has a great personality and loves pats, cuddles and playing with anything that moves. She is just gorgeous.
17/01/10 Saphire  has been adopted by Kathryn & family from Hunters Hill. She joins Pippy(ex Abby) who was adopted from us on 28/12/09 and Otis.




Cassie & Millie are both Calico tortoiseshell and so similar in looks and personalities, they are hard to pick apart. They are very  playful and are becoming friendly especially at dinner time when they are on top of your feet.
06/01/10 Cassie and Milly have been adopted by Stephanie from Bronte


 CHARLIE-rescued 5 March’09

CHARLIE(m) born 12/11/08 approx – is very smoochy.  He is extremely playful and full of energy, he’s a bit like a pocket rocket.  He loves running around and playing with the other cats. You can see his striking Classic tabby markings. He is a very handsome boy with lovely golden eyes to match his ginger coat.
7/1/10 Charlie has been adopted by Goretti at Lugarno after being fostered.
May 2009 – Many thanks to Iris & Hanky from Beverley Hills who were kindly sponsoring Charlie with an amount of $100 per month towards his care – Lots of purrs and hugs from Charlie x x x  (They have adopted Meggsie and Jasper 2)


DAISY (f) Super affectionate girl

Daisy has a Black & White medium hair fur coat with the longest white whiskers & big green eyes.. Daisy is a super affectionate girl, very very friendly. approx 2-3 years old at 12/8/09. The staff at the pound loved her.
3/01/10 Daisy has been adopted by Amanda from St Ives
Aug’09-Thank you to a kind person for their donation to Jenny which will buy me some food – headbutts and purrs from Daisy x x x