Missy Moo & Gentleman Hugo are looking for a new family that is willing to give and receive lots of love and cuddles.

16/12/12 Missy and Hugo have been adopted by  Monica in Cherrybrook.

Missy was born 24/4/2009 and is a blonde, medium hair, Spoodle (Poodle/Spaniel).
Missy is happy go lucky, sweet and cute and loves cuddles and snuggles.
She is an energetic little lady, she has a playful personality and loves people and just hanging with the family. Missy also loves walks and loves to be let off the leash in the park so she can feel free and explore. Missy adores blankets and loves to snuggle at your feet while you watch a movie together.

Hugo was born 20/4/2009. He is a medium hair, golden & Red Cocker/King Charles spaniel).
He is a distinguished little man, extremely well behaved and enjoys sleeping and occasionally snoring. Hugo also enjoys a good cuddle on the sofa and is always happy to see you when you arrive home. Hugo also likes to take regular walks and loves to be let off leash at the park to explore with his best friend Missy.

Both Missy and Hugo have very sweet natures and really their most important things in life are their family, a walk a couple of times a week and cuddles and love.
They are house-trained and used to living indoors.
Their only dislike is thunderstorms

They have never bitten or ever been aggressive towards anyone, children, babies, and strangers! They love each other very much and have been together since they were both puppies. They are looking to be re homed together as they are so closely bonded.
They get along with other dogs, but have never been around cats.

Missy and Hugo are much loved pets and are reluctantly being re-homed due to family issues.
They have had all services done and are in the best of health.

They are available to view at weekends at Gladesville.
For more information, please contact Michelle 0403 254 960 or 9576 145

TIGER born 6/11/11 – desexed 24/4/12

17/12/12 Tiger has been adopted by his foster carer Vicky in Padstow

Tiger is quite a confident kitten and has a very smoochy personality. He will always sit on your lap if you are sitting down, loves human companionship. He is a shorthaired grey tabby & white.
He is extremely affectionate and will shower you with kitten kisses and follow you around.


CHLOE, COCO CHANEL (2 of our Bucket babies) born 14/1/10

28/11/12  Coco and Chloe have been adopted by their foster carer, Michelle in Sans Souci

These lucky sisters were rescued from drowning at a few weeks old, in a bucket of water where they were left by a heartless person. Brother Hugo is adopted
Coco (dark torti)- Very outgoing and loving little one. Always wants to be patted and cuddled and has a lovely meow that she will use to get attention if she isn’t patted enough!
Chloe (Ginger Torti) – social and outgoing young lady she loves a pat and enjoys running around and playing. Lovely purr and is even pretty good getting her nails cut!
9/7/11 update from Claire
Chloe and Coco are so sweet, great personalities, relentless at getting our full attention when we watch tv, they will nuzzle up to our faces and keep nudging us until we stroke them ! Coco cries outside my bedroom door if she gets shut out. She is the sensible older sister and Chloe is the irresponsible cheeky little sister!!
They love our Maltese dog(Poppet) and she will chase and play with Chloe, but Coco being the sensible sister just looks at her as if to say:”grow up” !!!
they would love to be rehomed together if possible as they are closely bonded sisters.
5/12/11 Update from Libby – The girls are settling in well. In fact they rather own the place now. They love the purple mouse which was in the gift pack. They are so sweet and loving!

April 2012 Coco and Chloe are now with Michelle in Sans Souci.


Benny & Panda born 18/9/09

03/11/12 Benny and Panda have been adopted by Elizabeth from Collaroy

 Benny(left) with Panda

Benny & Panda were surrendered to Sydney Pet Rescue when they were just days old after being found on a building site. The building site owner was threatening to drown them when they were rescued and brought to us.
Panda & Benny – Are inseparable mates. More than just brothers, these two spend hours in their games of rough and tumble, sometimes the other cats join in too.

Benny – Professional smooch. Loves to be picked up. Loves to be cuddled. Loves to be held. Hates being put down unless he wants to. Loves to be fed. Loves to be loved. Benny is very generous with his time for smooching. Any time is a good time! Gorgeous glossy black and white coat. Full of personality. Squeaks rather than miaows. Very cute.

Panda -Like Benny but not quite as smoochy. If Benny is getting attention then he wants some too. Panda is a thief. He loves bits of paper and will rummage through the shopping until he finds the receipt and then he is off. His facial markings tend to look like an old fashioned burglar mask. He is a lovable cat who loves to curl up on your lap for a snooze. He also squeaks instead of miaowing.

Ideally these two bundles of fluff would be best homed together as they would keep each other company and would provide your family with hours of entertainment.
They are both beautiful and well mannered cats who will make any family happy and complete. All tolerate other cats and have known an older dog for company.
Both Benny and Panda have pink noses so they will have to be indoor cats.
Benny & Panda are with Kirsten in Potts Point

FELIX & OSCAR born 6/11/11

2/11/12 Oscar & Felix have been adopted by their foster carer Rebecca in Engadine
15/1/12 The brothers are now 10 weeks old and litter trained and would love to go to a home with one of their brothers to play with.
They are all gorgeous, affectionate boys who purr madly when patted and cuddled. But they are also adventurous and love the rough and tumble of playing together
Felix is mostly dark grey with white paws and a pink nose, male DSH.Desexed 27/4/12

Oscar is also dark grey with white but has a white nose, male DSH.Desexed 9/5/12
both vaccinated 3/3/12

Oscar & Felix are with Rebecca Hardie in Engadine – both vacc 3/3/12.

Little CHRISSY born July/09 abandoned Xmas day

14/10/12 Chrissy has been adopted by her carer, Sue.

Poor Chrissy was found abandoned with her 2 new kittens (Noel & Gabi) born approx 27/11/09 ). They were rescued on Xmas Day by a kind person or they would not have survived much longer. They were skin and bone and Noel had cat flu. Both kittens, renamed Milo & Roxy, have now been adopted. Little Chrissy was still only a kitten herself approx 5mths old, but she was a beautiful mumma for one so young.

Chrissy is now in foster care with Sue in Canterbury who says…..

Mumma Chrissy was very timid when she arrived but is starting to relax and settle in.  She will need a quiet home with no sudden noises and a family that will understand her fears and be patient and wait for her to come out of her shell.  Chrissy will now come and sniff my hand and let me pat her whilst she eats. Chrissy is quite happy to touch noses with Pepe (my dog) and all my cats, through the bars of the pen .
Update 1/4/10 – Chrissy is improving and slowly coming out of her shell.  She is not yet happy being picked up but she is happy for me to scratch under her chin and pat her back a couple of times.  She is just beautiful with the 2 bag kittens Chocco & Mia, pinning them down for a wash quite regularly and playing with them for ages.
June 2010 Although Chrissy is still timid she doesn’t run and hide anymore and likes to hang around in whatever room I’m in and check out what I’m up to.. She usually comes up to say hello when I get home.  First thing in the morning she like to lean against my legs whilst she cleans the sleep out of Pepe’s eyes.

FRIDA & ZELDA born 10/10/09

13/10/12 Frida & Zelda have been adopted by their carer, David, in Newtown

Frida and Zelda were rescued by a kind member of the general public who saw their mother attacked and killed by a dog in an attempt to protect them.They were born approx 10/10/09

Frida is a very pretty tabby with some prominent ginger splashes on her face, whilst Zelda is a lovely white kitten with a number of torti splashes on her body. Both girls are surprisingly well socialised and have adjusted to their new home with a minimum of fuss. Neither has had any exposure to children and would be best suited to a home together without young children. They are indoor kittens so will be well suited to apartment living. Being kittens they have abundant energy and curiosity, and keep each other amused with constant play. Both have healthy appetites and are making very good progress.
Feb’10 – The girls have grown a lot, and they are far more beautiful now. They are an absolute joy and much loved by my cats, particularly Rupert who spends a great deal of time grooming them, much to their delight.

ZEUS & SYLVESTER born 16/11/11

13/10/12 Sylvester and Zeus have been adopted by Karen & Katie from Turramurra
both vaccinated 16/1/12

Zeus is the pure black, male DSH.

Sylvester is the dark grey with white and a black nose, male DSH.

Zeus and Sylvester are with Allie in Leichhardt- both desexed 23/4/12


SMUDGE born 30/4/12  Desexed 31/8/12

08/09/12 Smudge has been adopted by Steve and family from Gladesville


Smudge is brother to Bailey and Timmy and they are with Rebecca in Engadine.


Georgie & Molly born approx June 2005

Georgie, Molly, Red & Daisy have been adopted by their carer Wendy at Padstow Heights

Poor Molly & George’s owner died and they were left destitute, finally ending up on Death Row. They were  rescued just in time, seriously ill & covered in fleas by one of our dedicated foster carers who nursed them back to health and is still fostering them.

Molly and Georgie are now fully recovered, extremely well and healthy.  After months of syringe feeding, little Georgie now eats like every meal is his last.  He initially started out just eating Whiskas biscuits and nothing else.  However, over the last month or so, he has taken a liking to fresh meat and prawns and of course his waist line is expanding every day.

Georgie is full of energy and loves life. Molly is also happy and healthy and loves her brother Georgie.  Molly loves to sleep in the sun but is also anxious to leave her rather confined surroundings.  Molly has magnificent tabby and tortoiseshell markings on a background of white (just like her brother who looks like someone has dipped his face in marmalade).

They have wonderful personalities.  Molly is a sun and heat goddess and loves to lie in the sun or in front of the heater.  Little Georgie on the other hand, is full of mischief and loves to march around the house carrying his cat toys making rather odd noises.

Both cats are very gentle and would very much suit a family with children as they strive for affection, especially Molly, who insists on sitting on anyone’s lap. It is close to impossible for me to eat breakfast or dinner without Molly perched on my lap.

If there is anyone interested in 2 loving & beautiful lap cats who have never scratched or misbehaved in the whole time that I have had them, please complete a CatMatch form now..  Both cats deserve a loving home and would ideally suit an older person or someone who has children because neither Molly nor George have ever shown any bad behaviour.  Both cats are simply angelic and are desperate to find someone who has the time to show them some love and affection. Please contact us to arrange a visit.
Thank you to a kind person for their donation of $50 to Wendy towards food for her fosters Red, Daisy, Molly, Georgie and Basil -purs and head butts from them all x x x
Mar’10 –  Big Purrs and thanks to CD from Cronulla for their kind donation of a  $34 Gift card  to Wendy for George and Molly, Red and Daisy


RED & DAISY born August 2005 approx

  Sadly, their beloved owner died and none of her relatives wanted or were able to take them. They were their owners pride and joy and most treasured friends but then found themselves without a home and in a desperate situation..

Red is a beautiful medium haired ginger cat with the most striking coat and bushy tail. He is rather shy of strangers but once he gets to know you he turns into a lap cat. He loves to be with Daisy who is a lovely tortoiseshell lady.
Daisy is very placid, friendly and relaxed,
It would be lovely to find a home that can take both of them together as they have already lost their one friend and need each other now more than ever.

MIAH (f ) & CHARLIE(m) born February 2011

19/8/12 Miah & Charlie are being adopted by their carer Val in Leumeah

Mum Bella was a beautiful Persian blend who was abandoned whilst pregnant & gave birth to Miah and Charlie. Bella has been adopted by Val
Miah (female ginger tabby & white) is a very sweet girl. Like her brother Charlie, she’s playful and shy and a typical kitten. Miah is looking for a furever home that will continue to give her lots of love and help her get over her shyness.
Charlie (male grey tabby & white) is a lovely boy. He is playful and sweet and a little shy too. A typical kitten, he spends his days playing, sleeping and purring. Charlie will make some family very happy.


JESSIE born 18-10-11 Desexed 27/4/12

19/8/12 Jessie and Mitzy are being adopted by their foster carer, Rebecca in Gymea

28/11/11 Jessie and Lottie are sweet, gentle and cuddly little kittens. They just love their snuggles and LOVED being groomed with the combs.
Update 4/12/12  They are total little munchkins. Seriously snuggly and cuddly little girls. They love to snuggle with one another, and are very happy for people to pick them up and hold them close! Very cute. Very social. They are doing really well since we picked them up about a week ago. They are eating well and growing stronger. They would home well either together or separately.

Lottie has been adopted

MITZY born Nov 2010

Update 5/3/12 Mitzy is a tall, slender and elegant short-haired grey tabby/tortie cat. She was rescued from the pound with her own sick kitten (who sadly died) and orphan kitten Melanie (born Oct 2011) whom she had been given to foster. Mitzy is a remarkably calm and content young cat with a rumbling purr who likes to be patted. She is quiet, loving and undemanding, is interested in what you are doing and is an intelligent companion. Mitzy is happy to play crazy games with kitten Melanie. Due to an injury, Mitzy’s tail had to be shortened but she is otherwise in excellent health, is desexed and ready to find her new home.
Melanie sadly passed away unexpectedly  on 16/6/12 & Mitzy misses her badly.


POLLY born June 2010

1/8/12 Polly has been adopted by her foster carer, Roman, of Sutherland

Polly is a friendly black/white longhaired mum who was surrendered with her kitten Charley as their owner was unable to care for them any longer.
They are hoping to find their new furever home where they will be truly cherished as they truly deserve to be.
Note- her kitten Charley has gone to Kellyville Vet for rehoming.


BABY – 4 year old, Papillon X

July 2012 Baby has been adopted by Kay & Graeme

Baby is an amazingly sweet 4 year old girl. She is shy but does like a snuggle on the couch.
She is always excited to see you even if you only went out for 10 minutes. Baby has started lead training and is surprisingly responsive.  She has also started toy training which she is really enjoying.
Baby has also taken to finding a nice snuggly spot on the couch to relax. She is a neat and clean little dog and whilst in care has not attempted to chew anything which has not been given to her so she understands the your stuff and my stuff policy, this is where the toy training is a bonus.
Current sleeping arrangement for Baby is in a small laundry with her friend Sachi, snuggled up in a cozy bed.  Not a peep is to be heard during the night making for a lovely peaceful sleep.  Baby is an indoor pooch.
We think she would love a home with a little doggy friend or even one of her own siblings who are in foster care also. Baby came into care with Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption as her elderly owner became quite ill and can no longer care for them.
Baby will need to go to a home with a reasonably quiet environment as very small children may scare her, with good fencing and no big dogs.
25/3/12 Baby is being fostered with view to adoption by Kay & Graeme.

Romy – Maltese X female, approx 7mths old

29/7/12 Romy has been adopted by Helga at Seven Hills

5/6/12 Romy is a gorgeous Maltese pup, who at approx 7mths of age, is still quite puppyish in nature. She’s full of life and a little rascal, so has personality to boot!! Having rescued her from death row recently, Romy has had no training of any kind, so will need an owner who will dedicate time to getting this little munchkin trained.
She gets on very well with other dogs and kids and is great in the car. Like all puppies, Romy does like to chew and has chewed a few things that she shouldn’t. This can be easily trained out however and will lessen as she gets older. She’s very sweet natured and very affectionate with a lot of love to give.
Romy is in need of a loving and dedicated family who will give her lots of love and time and ensure she has all the manners she requires. They will be rewarded with a very loving little girl who is as sweet as can be.
Romy is with Anne in Dural


WHISKAS born 30/4/12 Desexing 31/8/12
15/7/12 Whiskas has been adopted by Carolyn Maclure from East Killara

 LEIA (f)

Leia has been adopted by Narelle in Camden
Leia is a very very special girl who has been through a lot. Despite her past, she is a very smoochy girl who will follow you around and beg for kisses and cuddles. She would suit an older person or couple who would like a loving companion to bring life to their home. She does not get along with other bunnies- she wants to be the only princess in the house!
Leia loves food (any/all food!), running in and out of her tunnel, and messing up her rug then smoothing it out again (very entertaining to watch!). Most of all, she loves being gentle stroked from head to bottom and kissed just above her nose.
Leia is desexed, vaccinated and litter trained (she’s very clean!).

Leia has had a very rare and severe allergic reaction to fleas. These fleas are super resistant to treatment and have caused Leia so much grief and frustration she has self-inflicted wounds on her body. Leia has had a collar on but managed to free herself of her collar whilst her carer was away. She required stitches all down the side of her body and has been recovering in hospital. This has been very stressful for her and for those who love her.Leia is seeing specialists, vets and was being boarded whilst we try to figure out how best to treat this extreme condition. Leia therefore will not be available for adoption until she recovers her full health

These costs are large for a not-for-profit charity, run on generosity and volunteers. Anything you can donate, small or big, is greatly appreciated.

Donations are being gratefully accepted towards Leia’s large vet bills
Leia was featured on the label of Goodwill wines for month-April


WINIFRED (f) Small Cashmere Rabbit + 7 babies born 5/6/11

Winnifred is  being adopted by her foster carer  Clare & Alex in Dulwich Hill

Winifred (Winnie) is a stunning cashmere bunny with soft fluffy fur that will need to be brushed regularly. She is calm, good with people and enjoys being pet.
Winifred is a silky long haired girl bunny with the prettiest eyes and markings. When we were told by the pound where she was rescued she was a boy, we couldn’t believe it- and when 2 weeks later on 5/6/11 she gave birth to seven beautiful babies our beliefs were confirmed.They were comfy and warm in their nest of mum’s soft angora fur.
Winifred is very relaxed, enjoying her days lazing around and watching out for her bubs from afar. She enjoys running in and out of her tunnel when she gets a burst of energy and most of all being doted on by her foster carers with lots of pats and kisses.
Her babies are now weaned and Winnifred is now looking forward to finding her new furever home

Expressions of interest for both Mama Winifred and babies are welcome.
Enquiries can be made to or to Clare (Rabbit Co-ordinator):
0405 175 511
Please complete a Rabbit Match adoption application form at top of this page.

We may be requiring some extra foster carers to help us with our new friends. Bunnies will need to be fostered in pairs (at least) as they will be bonded. Please contact Clare and complete a Foster carer Application form -at top of this page – if you would be interested in fostering.


PRINCESS (f) quiet & sweet

1/7/12 Princess has been adopted by her foster carer, Lisa, of Yowie Bay
  Princess was born approx 14/8/08 and is a lovely sweet, quiet natured girl, mainly white with very pretty calico markings. She was a favourite with staff at the pound.
4/10/09  Princess  presented us with a little baby boy, white with black spots. (World Animal Day).  He has been named Christian after Christian the Lion, as this baby was a miracle. We had no idea Princess was pregnant and she was booked in to be desexed so was a very lucky girl..
6/10/09  Princess became the surrogate mother to 3 male black and white orphan kittens -Benny, Panda & (Johnny-adopted). born approx 18/9/09. She accepted them straight away into her family. She is a wonderful mother!!Princess -is very laid back and tolerates most cats well. She is now ok with being carried and will come up for pats. She has gained weight since she was desexed and is a  very pretty little cat,and has become very placid. Princess is not a lap cat but she will come up to you and meow for your attention and pats and likes to curl up close to you.
Princess has a pink nose so will need to be an indoor cat to avoid getting skin cancer from exposure to strong sunlight..

Hush (f) and Lou (m) born 5/6/11

30/6/12 Hush & Lou have been adopted by Matt & Dan in Eastwood

Hush and Lou are siblings and very loving towards each other. Their mum Winifred ended up at the pound on death row with a surprise tummy full of little ones. Winifred has given them an amazing start to life despite enduring so many challenges and now they are looking for their forever homes together. We’d like for them to go together so they will never have to be alone.Hush is a fluffy chinchilla bunny who will need some help with her amazing coat!!! Hush is very lovely and has always looked after Lou licking him through their barrier (whilst undesexed) and staying close by. Hush is a clever bunny and can jump the highest out of everyone- even the adult buns! She is good for a pat and a cuddle but also loves an adventure in the garden, where placed she will do immediate binkies and run as fast as she can back and forth!Lou is our only little boy out of the litter. He was the last to do everything (open his little eyes, come out of the nest) and is regarded as the baby. He has a gorgeous coat and looks adorable side by side with Hush. He is a very sweet boy and steals the hearts of all who meet him. He would like to stay with Hush forever but just needs a forever home for them to live.

These two are looking for a household who enjoy rabbits for rabbits- giving them freedom to run and jump and explore. They’d also like to be part of the family and give you as much love as they give each other. They are used to an indoor playpen where they use their litter box and can still do rabbity things like running and jumping. They also have the potential to be housetrained for a particular room or for the whole house!! Hush is too fluffy to live outdoors and bunnies are very susceptible to heat so this would not be advisable, plus then they would be too far away for you to view their adorable cuddling!


BEAR (m) born 10/1/12 approx Desexed 24/7/12

25/6/12 Bear has been adopted by his foster carer, Chris, from Mascot

10/5/12 Bear is SO cute!  Though initially a bit shy, he has truly come out of his shell to show that he is a big sooky, snuggle bug! He loves attention and interaction, and is a real little character. Such a friendly little guy! He’s snowy white, with a lovely thick coat, and crystal clear blue eyes.. personality and looks combined!


PRINCESS LILY born 6/11/11 desexed 24/4/12

21/6/12 Princess Lily has been adopted by Teagan in Padstow
Princess Lily is a little cautious but she also loves human companionship and loves to sit with you and curl up on your lap. She is a pretty tabby with white chest and paws . She is extremely affectionate and will shower you with kitten kisses and follow you around.
She is with Vicky in Padstow..

AXEL–Mastiff / Bull Terrier (m) born October 2007- VERY gentle quiet boy

17/6/12 Axel has been transferred to Fetching Dogs contact Sonja on 0421 617 948

26/10/11 Axel is a large boy who’s also a big sook. Very gentle and loves people and other dogs, he also LOVES his blankie, so would make a great lounge lizard for a lucky family. He’s a very friendly boy and very obedient and already knows how to sit, stay and drop and will wait for food until told. Axel is very eager to please so will make a willing participant for any further training. He’s a very soft, gentle soul and is so gorgeous in nature you will never regret taking him into your home

Axel is currently in boarding waiting for a new home or foster carer.



MARSHALL (m) Poodle 7 yrs old

17/6/12 Marshall has been adopted by Vicky in Newcastle
April 2012 – Marshall is a lovely male Poodle who likes to think he’s still young. Whilst he’s 7 yrs old, you wouldn’t think so and neither does Marshall !! He’s quite excitable and loves to be the centre of attention. He is fine with other dogs and is very loving and affectionate. He’s also very intelligent .He’s house and lead trained too, although is not great in the car.
Marshall has been allowed to rule the roost in his previous home, so has some domineering tendencies that we’re trying to work through. He will need a home that is experienced and will not allow Marshall to continue to believe he’s Alpha dog. He would not be suitable with young children because of this.
We are looking for a home that will continue to work with him and seek further training. There is nothing wrong with Marshall that training and a confident hand can’t fix and all in all, he’s a lovely natured boy who is looking for a family.
He  is with Anne at Dural.


SOPHIE(f) born approx 4/10/11. Desexed 7/4/12

10/06/12 Sophie has been adopted by Juliet and James from St Peters. She joins Cloudy, who was recently adopted from us, and Tinkerbell
15/11/11 Sophie – tabby , she is very social and friendly, doesn’t seem to mind being picked up and held and she is very pretty , the photos don’t do her justice.
1/2/12 Sophie is very playful and sweet . She loves cuddles and when she is really tired she gets cute droopy eyes.
She is with Belinda in Sutherland

SAILOR (f) born 25/5/10 approx -renamed KC

10/06/12 Sailor has been adopted by Gavin from Macquarie Park
Sailor was rescued 25/11/10 from Death Row She is a lovely medium haired friendly girl.
Sailor is a tiny girl who was under 6 months old when rescued. She has long thick hair and is very affectionate & loves chin rubs. A real cutie
18/7/11 update from Clare – Sailor is now sleeping on the bed, playing with shadows and being very sweet. I think she needed the time to settle in but now I feel confident that she will make someone a very sweet little companion. She just needs time and love, and will settle happily. She is initially shy with new people and places but she is a great little character.
Sailor would prefer to be your only pet in an adult only household.
31/12/11 Update from Judith
Sailor has turned into a remarkable cat. She plays, listens to my talking to her, demands food & often turns up a the door when I return home. She has really come out of her shell. She would do well in a single person household
Sailor is with Clare B in Manly
Sailor sends purrs & hugs to the kind people who have donated towards her boarding costs x x x
14/3/12 – $100 from Maria 


TIA (f) (born June 2011 approx)

3/6/12 Tia has been adopted by Alex at Bondi Junction
22/10/11  Tia is 16 weeks old and a Stunning American bulldog X pup with gorgeous greeny blue eyes. No photo can do this girl justice to her true beauty.
By looking at her paws and her current size, she will grow to be a large solid dog. She loves kids and gets along with other dogs.
Tia is quite shy but very friendly and would suit a home that can understand and handle a large dogs need for proper socialization. She needs a home where she will be allowed indoor/outdoor access. She is house trained, lead trained and has some basic obedience. Tia may not be suitable for a home with other small animals . She also has an overbite which causes her no harm apart from her being a bit of a messy eater.
Tia is with Belinda in Loftus.


RUBY’s kitten JADE-LOUISE born 15/8/11 Desexed 12/1/12

30/05/12 Jade-Louise has been adopted by Pavel & Slavena from Mosman

16/10/11 Ruby was rescued with her 4 kittens. Jade-Louise, Paddy, Maxie & Louie

4/12/11 Jade is still very shy.  She would do well in a quiet household, and would probably be happier if she found a home with either Louie or Ruby, as she is  attached to them both (particularly Ruby). That said, she may just come right out of her shell if she was on her own getting all the attention. She is absolutely fine with other cats and dogs too. She is also gentle and sweet.

Ruby(mum) is a really lovely girl. She is sweet and gentle and not shy. She’s fine with dogs and cats once she gets to know them, and they are OK with her. She isn’t a cat that likes to sit on your lap, but she’ll follow you around the house and likes to be near you. She is very sociable and is fine with strangers.
They are with Chris at Mascot


LOTTIE born 18-10-11 Desexed 9/5/12

30/05/12 Lottie has been adopted by Donna and family from Engadine
28/11/11 Jessie and Lottie are sweet, gentle and cuddly little kittens. They just love their snuggles and LOVED being groomed with the combs.
Update 4/12/12  They are total little munchkins. Seriously snuggly and cuddly little girls. They love to snuggle with one another, and are very happy for people to pick them up and hold them close! Very cute. Very social. They are doing really well since we picked them up about a week ago. They are eating well and growing stronger. They would home well either together or separately.They are with Rebecca in Engadine

JADE born 20/10/07

13/5/12 Jade has been adopted by her foster carer, Lucy, in Bexley joining her friend Tigerboy who was adopted previously 

Many thanks to Iris & Hanky in Beverly Hills who have been kindly sponsoring Jade since Oct’09

Jade with best friend Tigerboy
JADE is a very pretty coloured orange tortoiseshell with an orange patch in the middle of her white chest. She is a short haired gentle girl with a lovely long tail, and loves to be held and cuddled and have chin rubs. She reaches up my legs to be picked up.

She is still a little shy of strangers as she does not get the chance of meeting many. She hides under the bed if she is startled. She and Tigerboy have now become great mates and play together most of the time especially in the evenings when they have great fun chasing each other through all the rooms and cat doors to both enclosed balconies..Jade is with Lucy in Bexley

Many thanks to Carolynne & Dana from Cronulla for their kind donation of Purina Natural Blends dry food and the lovely comfy bed -lots of purrs from Jade and Jasper x x x (We are sharing with Bluey)

ASTRO (m) Kelpie mix born July2011 approx

5/5/12 Astro has been adopted by Saiba at Earlwood
9/12/11 ASTRO is a medium sized mixed blend male (possibly Kelpie X), who is approx 5mths old. Astro is not a large dog, he comes up to just knee height.

Astro has just been rescued and is proving to be a very lovable boy, with a happy, bubbly nature. We haven’t yet determined his training or abilities, only that he needs an active family moving forward and to be included in a family. He’s fine with other dogs and is currently being tested with cats.
Astro is a little shy and not sure what’s happening but remains loving and smoochy with plenty of kisses to be had. He’s so relieved he didn’t have to stay in the pound, he curled up on the carers lap and went to sleep the whole way home in the car.
If you believe you can offer Astro a loving, active family environment, we’d love to hear from you.
12/12/11 His carer, Chris, writes – He’s TOTALLY fine with cats and kittens alike. Just likes to get into their room to eat their food! He loves his food. He sniffs them a bit and then pretty much ignores them.

Astro has settled in very well. As long as he has some toys to chew on he’s fine and doesn’t chew on household items. Loves playing with our small dogs (though they try to put him in his place). He’s shown no aggression whatsoever towards children, adults, cats, or dogs. Loves everyone and anyone who will give him some cuddles and love. A fun-loving pup indeed.
He loves being around people and being included in the household activities. He would suit an active family, particularly one with other animals or children to play with.  I don’t think he would like to be left alone for long periods of time on a regular basis. He’s just so social.
He needs a bit of training on lead, but he’s not at all difficult to handle, or out of control. He’s learning quickly what he is allowed to do and what he is not. He knows the sit command very well, and this can be used in a range of situations to get him to respond to commands, even when he’s a bit excited.
He sleeps well at night and doesn’t cry, but we have him in the room next to us, so he knows we are close. He’s a gorgeous fellow and we love having him.
Astro is with Chris at Mascot

CLOUDY(f) (renamed Matilda) born 5/11/11 Desexed 1/5/12

04/05/12 Cloudy has been adopted as a companion for Tinkerbell with Juliet and James from St Peters

Cloudy(f):is light silver gray/beige/white tabby shorthair.
She is first in everything & independent. Update 1/2/12 Cloudy is still fairly small for her age, but is a very confident kitten with the most beautiful coat, very thick and soft.
Cloudy is very affectionate and is quite content to be on her own so would be fine to be adopted on her own, but loves someone to play with as well.
Cloudy is currently with Belinda in Sutherland

Marigold (f) and Jazz (f)-born 5/6/11

30/4/12 Marigold & Jazz have begun their adoption trial with Katharine in Lapstone

29/8/11 Marigold and Jazz are sisters. Their mum Winifred ended up at the pound on deathrow with a surprise tummy full of little ones. Winifred has given them an amazing start to life despite enduring so many challenges and now they are looking for their forever homes together. We’d like for them to go together so they will never have to be alone.

Marigold is a gorgeous fluffy girl with a very gentle and calm nature. Her soft coat will need some care each day. She is happy to be petted and when comfortable with the person will come running to the edge of the playpen to greet them.

Jazz is a curious little explorer who likes to take care of others. She is an excellent groomer and loves to lick Marigold’s ears and rest her chin atop her head. Her coat is shorter and doesn’t require as much grooming as her sister’s.

These girls would make beautiful companions and would be a great addition to the family. They are used to an indoor playpen environment where they are litter trained and have lots of toys such as tunnels and cardboard boxes to keep them occupied. They will come desexed (when they are old enough) and vaccinated against the calicivirus.
Marigold and Jazz are with Jamie in Ashfield.


LUNA (f) born approx 22/12/11 Desexed July 2012

19/4/12 Luna has been adopted by Darren from Paddington

Luna is a sweet, slightly shy girl. I think the shyness comes more from being in a bit of an overwhelming household with so many other animals. She’s very playful and is comfortable around other cats and dogs (as long as they are not too boisterous). She is shy with new people, but warms as she gets to know you. She walks with confidence and as much as she gets on with other animals, she’s fine being independent and doing her own thing. Given a calmer environment and more one-to-one attention, I think she would really come out of her shell and thrive!
Luna is with Chris in Mascot


SOOTIE (m) Black, very special friendly boy born June 2010

15/4/12 Sootie has been adopted by his foster carer, Ann from Castle Hill. 

25/11/11 Sootie is a short haired gorgeous boy approx 18mths old. A pound volunteer wrote – If this fine young chap was a dog his name would be BOOFA!! He may actually think he’s a dog as if you go to stop patting him, he wraps his paws around you so you don’t. Very friendly and laid back – love this man.
Sootie has tested negative for FIV
Sootie is with Ann at  Castle Hill

BENNY & CHARLOTTE born 18/10/11 desexed 17/2/12

12/4/12 Benny&Charlotte have been adopted by their carer Niki


RUBY’s kitten LOUIE born 15/8/11 Desexed 12/1/12

8/4/12 Louie has been adopted by Margaret from Bridgeman Downs

16/10/11 Ruby was rescued with her 4 kittens. Paddy & Maxie ,Jade-Louise & Louie.
4/12/12 Louie has really come out of his shell since Paddy and Maxie left. He lets us cuddle him but is initially shy with people he doesn’t know. He is a gentle and sweet boy though, and given time will warm to people. I think he’d actually really come out of his shell if he was adopted on his own and was able to have all of the attention to himself instead of sharing with lots of other animals. He has to compete for attention. He’s absolutely fine with other cats and dogs.

They are with Chris in Mascot


FERGUS renamed SKY born 17/10/11 Desexed 24/4/12

6/4/12 Fergus has been adopted by his carer Rachel in Hurstville

Fergus was rescued with his mum Xena and brothers Max, Ollie, Toby and Lucas.


SPLASH (m) small mixed blend born Dec 2011 approx

31/3/12 Splash has been adopted by Daniel at Castle Hill

Splash is a typical, friendly pup who is a little wigglebum…always wagging his tail and happy to be with you. He loves smooches and is more than happy to be carried around. He’s roughly the size of a Chihuahua and most likely won’t grow too much taller, so will still be a small dog.
Whilst in care, Splash will be lead trained and house trained and get some basic obedience lessons. Like all dogs, he will benefit from a family who will continue his training and give him lots of love, playtime, socialisation and exercise.

He is with Nikki at Crows Nest.

Brooklyn – Medium mixed breed pup – male – approx DOB 28/12/11

24/3/12 Brooklyn has been adopted by Tim & Chloe at Kearns
Brooklyn is a playful, energetic puppy who is a good mixture of cuddly and active. He doesn’t like to miss out on the action, so wherever there’s adventure, you’re sure to find Brooklyn. He likes to explore new places inside the house and can escape confinement to do just that.He’s great with other dogs and has no fear of big dogs, currently being in care with his brother, Bronx (Bronx has been adopted) and a large Labrador…he even stands up for himself when a toy or bone is involved..this little one is confident and won’t be bullied, but he doesn’t stir the bigger dogs either, so would be quite happy in a home with an older dog too. Brooklyn loves to play in the yard but will also need access to indoors and cuddles. He’s just about house trained and knows his name. He’s a very sweet, affectionate boy and has a cheeky streak. Brooklyn, like all puppies, will require further obedience and lead training and is looking to be a part of a loving, happy household.

They are with Megan at Menai

WILLOW(f) & GILES(m) born 3/10/11

18/03/12 Giles and Willow have been adopted by Michelle and Andrew from Kings Langley

Willow (f)) Silver Tabby with white nose and paws.  Giles(m) Tabby
8/12/11 Willow and Giles are sister and brother with a strong bond. Hard to get separate photos of these two as they are always together.
Giles is the more thoughtful of the two, considering his actions before leaping in.
Willow jumps straight in, and with this in mind, be prepared to find your towels in a pile on the floor.  They both love cuddles and purr loudly, neither have proved to be particularly vocal. They would love to find a loving home together with you.
Willow has a white nose so must be kept out of strong sun to avoid skin cancer
They are with Frances in Dundas together with Polly


CIENNA (f)  Welsh Corgi blend, born approx 27/1/11

14/3/12 Cienna has has been adopted by Daniel at Bexley

27/1/12 Cienna is a beautiful young girl who seems to be a Welsh Corgi blend and has the most unique merle coloured coat. She’s only small, having cute short legs and a longer body and being fully grown, only weighs around 12kg.

A  very sweet natured girl, who loves cuddles and pats and is good with other dogs. Cienna is currently settling into a home environment, so more information to come.
She is with Ian at Beverly Hills

KOBI  – Medium size,  Shar Pei x Shepherd, male, born approx Oct 2009 (2yrs)

10/3/12 Kobi has been adopted by Bruce at Middle Dural

   19/10/11 Kobi is a very handsome man with a personality to match. He’s a very lovely dog who aims to please and loves company. Great with other dogs and people, walks well on the lead and knows how to sit.
He’s medium sized (26kg) and is easy to handle. Kobi has a coat that will require grooming weekly to keep him looking his best. More information to come as Kobi settles into care.

27/2/12 ‘Kobi is a bundle of energy and love looking for the right family to devote himself to. He loves to be around company, so much so he will wait at the gate for you to come home! He is very much a small puppy in a big puppy’s body and would suit an active family or ideally a family with a dog already to use up some of that energy. Kobi is excitable and will jump up to say hi, so not suitable for really small kids at the moment. He is a quick learner though and is jumping less and less, has mastered sit, is working on stay, wait and come and is walking well on the lead. He needs a family that would be happy to keep him in check and make clear boundaries for him – he is cheeky! – but in reward he gives a whole lot of love and affection – really a big sook at heart.’
Kobi is with Nikki in Crows Nest

HONEYSUCKLE(renamed Honey) & ROSE (GRACIE’S kittens born 5/11/11) Desexed 29/3/12

12/03/12 Honeysuckle and Rose have been adopted by Rosie and family from Woollahra
Honeysuckle (female) is a short-haired dark-red and white tabby. She is long and slender, quite independent and loves to run at high speed and rumble with her ginger sister.
Honeysuckle has tested Negative to FIV

Rose (female) is a short-haired tabby/tortie and the smallest of the litter. She is confident and outgoing with the determined nature of the smallest kitten in the litter.

They are with Kathi at Petersham


BRONX (m) Medium mixed breed pup – approx DOB 28/12/11

10/3/12 Bronx has been adopted by Naomi at Croydon.


MAC (m) 7/12/11 Desexed 18/4/12

6/3/12 Mac (ginger kitten) has been adopted by his foster carer’s mother, Ann, from Oyster Bay 

25/1/12 Mac (m) (ginger and white) born 7/12/11–> affectionate, docile little man. Just wants to sit in your lap and get cuddles. Very placid. 7weeks old.

Mac is with Belinda H in Sutherland





Simba & Henry (m) born 30/11/11 (who I have been told is a special breed that likes water) –> 8 weeks old, very playful little guy. Loves to wrestle and chase his ball but when you get him in his quiet moods is a very affectionate boy.
Henry & sibling Simba have been rehomed by Rose Bay vet clinic contact Catherine or Chad the vet – 8 Newcastle St Rose Bay. Ph: 9388 2551


MILO (m) born Oct 2009 good with children & dogs

8/2/12 Milo has been adopted by Mark at Newtown (15/3)

Milo is a small mixed blend boy born approx Oct’09. He’s a sweet, lovely boy who is fantastic with children of all ages, good with dogs, walks on lead and is house trained and has basic obedience.
He is gentle, friendly, energetic and playful and will require a home which is active and will include Milo in family activities. He enjoys the car and is the type of dog that would love to come to work with you and be included. Milo wouldn’t do well being left alone at home during work hours. He’s very social and inquisitive, so wants to see what’s going on in the great, wide world and would like to do that with his family.
If you can offer Milo a loving, active home, you’ll get a wonderful dog in return.
Milo is with Sara in Richmond


SHAYDY(f), MITTENS(m) born 5/11/11 -Desexed April 2012

02/02/12 Mittens and Shaydy have been adopted by Cassandra and family from Dulwich Hill


Shaydy (f): is medium haired, dark gray with some tabby marking on her legs.
She loves cuddles very much. She climbs up from my back to my legs and sleeps there. She purrs a lot.
‘Mittens’ (m): (ex ‘Lalaba’) Medium haired, he looks very much like his mum, mainly blue/gray, with a bit of white on his chest and wearing white mittens.
He is a gentle & placid boy. He does things at his own pace.


SILVER(born June 2011)

1/2/12 Silver has been adopted by her foster carer Tamiki from Epping

3/12/11 Silver (mum, born June 2011 approx) is a gorgeous smoochy Mumma with a pretty blue med length fur coat with a white chest & long white whiskers. She has the largest beautiful eyes. She is only a kitten herself approx 6mths old and is a little underweight. She is now getting lots of good food and TLC which she dearly needs. Once her bubs are adopted Silver can become a kitten herself again and make up for lost time with a loving family to look after her. Her 3 kittens Cloudy, Shaydy & Mittens were born 5/11/11


BOO (m) 3yr old pure bred Maltese

28/1/12 Boo has been adopted by Lynne & Tony at Cherrybrook (29/2/12)
9/4/11 We rescued little Boo today and he has been bathed and clipped. Poor boy has been severely neglected in his short life but now has the chance of a better life ahead. He will not be ready for adoption till he recovers his full health and becomes a happy healthy little boy.
4/12/11 update from Anne – Boo is a delightful personality. He loves being around people, but also enjoys sharing a lounge (or bed) with Teddy our other dog. He’s fine with other dogs and unknown with cats.
Boo was severely neglected when we first rescued him and had a few health issues at that time. Those have all been dealt with and he is in great health now and very happy.  He enjoys sitting quietly in the sun during the day. He will happily sit on his own and equally will love sitting on your lap. A bit like a cat really. Being a small compact design, Boo can’t quite jump as high as he would like, but not to be deterred, he will take 5 or 6 backward steps, and prepare his run-up, and springs into full flight , up and onto the lounge!! Very funny to see.
He’s still a little timid in unknown situations and will require some patience to allow him to settle in and know he’s safe.
Boo’s recovery has been a journey for all of our family, and we cannot put into words how satisfying it is to have had a little part to play in his recovery. He loves life and he appreciates everything we do for him.
We will miss him immensely when he goes forward to his next family. But it is all part of the recovery process.

Boo is with Anne at Dural

26/7/11 Thank you to Melissa – We have raised over $600 from the sale of the Entertainment Books which will go towards Boo’s vet bills and care
Boo says a big thank you to Janette and Tony at Styles Dog Salon in Normanhurst who kindly donated Boo’s clipping. They are truly beautiful people.

MISTY(m) and MIA(f) born 5/11/11 – brother & sister

17/03/12 Mia has been adopted by Cid and Gary from Lane Cove, joining her brother Toby (formerly Misty) Desexed 18/5/12
22/1/12 Misty (renamed TOBY) has been adopted by Cidalio and Gary from Lane Cove. Desexed 17/4/12


10/12/11 They are just 5wks old and would love to stay together and go to a home together if possible.
Misty and Mia are sweet and gentle, good purrers and very adorable.
They are with Michelle in Sylvania


LILY(f) born 5/11/11 Desexed 26/3/12

22/01/12 Lily has been adopted 3/3/12 by Keith and Jan from Rouse Hill
16/12/11 Leo is blue with white nose and paws,  Lily is blue with a touch of ginger. They are siblings to Misty and Mia
They are gorgeous little things. Lily is such a princess, she loves to just sit on someone and get cuddles and Leo is a little fire cracker, always wanting to play and wrestle with his sister even if she doesn’t want to. They are both good natured, affectionate kittens and would be a joy to their new owner, is this you?
They are with Belinda H in Sutherland



LEO (m) born 5/11/11 Desexed 5/4/12

20/02/12 Tara and David from Wolli Creek have confirmed the adoption of Leo as a companion for Chelsea

16/12/11 Leo is blue with white nose and paws,  Lily is blue with a touch of ginger. They are siblings to Misty and Mia
They are gorgeous little things. Lily is such a princess, she loves to just sit on someone and get cuddles and Leo is a little fire cracker, always wanting to play and wrestle with his sister even if she doesn’t want to. They are both good natured, affectionate kittens and would be a joy to their new owner, is this you?
They are with Belinda H in Sutherland



HAPPY – friendly boy who loves cuddles

16/1/12 Happy has been adopted by his carer, Leanne from Waverley

 Happy is such a super friendly boy we had to rescue him from Death Row. He has a short easy care black & white coat and is approx 2yrs old.
He is best suited to be an indoor cat because of his pink nose which is susceptible to sunburn and can lead to skin cancer with repeated exposure.
Happy’s previous carer Sarah wrote
Happy is definitely one of the family and he and our other cat Snickers are best friends (despite the occasional play fight which of course happens in the middle of the night!). Happy loves to wake you up by licking your face and always is ready for a cuddle. He has to be part of any action and is very curious about everything but especially small spaces, crawling into bags and buzzing flies!

Aug’09-Thank you to a kind person for their donation which will buy Joey and me some nice food – headbutts and purrs from Happy x x x


XENA & LUCAS born 17/10/11 LUCAS desexed 4/4/12

14/02/12 Linda from Artarmon has confirmed the adoption of Xena & Lucas. She has said they have both settled in very well.



Xena is a medium haired, pretty, white/pale ginger/blue calico tortoiseshell cat, approximately 1 year old. She is petite and not yet fully grown.
Her kittens Max, Ollie, Fergus & Toby were born 17 Oct 2011 and she is also fostering her sister’s kitten Lucas (blue and white), born the same day. Xena is used to human contact and is a very gentle and affectionate cat who likes to be patted and give head butts. She settled in quickly and is a great mother. She will need to put on weight herself once her kittens are weaned.
They are with Rachel at Hurstville


JAGGER – male Rottweiler, born approx Oct 2008 (3yrs)

13/1/12 Jagger has been adopted by Tim at Cremorne
Jagger is a gorgeous big boofy boy who has a great nature. Good with other dogs and is also seemingly uninterested by ducks, birds and horses. He loves to sniff around and gets a little distracted by all the smells but a quick check on the lead, and he’s happy to go with you.
For a big boy, he’s still a little shy, so will need a home that will help him with his confidence and continue his socialisation. Jagger is a loyal type, so will make someone an excellent companion.
3/1/12 Update from Adrianna – Jagger is very loyal so it’s easy to see that he’s perfect off the leash. When we are down at the park his nose goes wild but he makes sure not to leave your side by a few metres, even if there are the temptations of big flocks of birds on the grass.  Jagger is still very playful and gets very excited about balls and ropes that go flying past him, he is such a vision wagging his tail and bounding around like a puppy. Despite his size (a huge 50kg) not once has he destroyed anything in the house. The wonderful thing about him is that he also knows how to be quiet, calm and gentle and loves nothing more than sitting by your side with his head in your lap or lying on your feet. He is also house trained.
He is great with food and knows how to take treats from you very gently, and he stands very still when its bath time on the lawn, he doesn’t even need to be tied up!
Jagger is a gorgeous Rotty who is extremely loving and would make a special family very happy. If you’re looking for a perfect dog, Jagger’s your boy.
Jagger is now with Adrienna at Nth Narrabeen.


BONNIE(f), Renamed Cleo born approx 4/10/11.Desexed 9/3/12

14/2/12 Bonnie has been adopted by Lesley and family from Wahroonga 

15/11/11 Bonnie – torti & white , she is shy and isn’t confident with us yet, but doesn’t hide and is OK to run around the house as long as you approach her slowly.  She is coming out of her shell a bit more every day and it won’t be long before she settles in..