Adopted Pets – 2011


ONYX (m) born 23/10/11

30/12/11 Onyx has been adopted by Juliet at Westleigh

Onyx (m) born 23/10/11 (8 weeks) is a gorgeous medium size blend boy (possibly Lab x) who is just adorable. He and his sister Ebony are very friendly, playful puppies that are mostly interested in playing, eating and sleeping at this age. Onyx is quiet by nature and very well socialised and healthy as you can see. For 8 week old puppies, He’s well behaved and doesn’t whine or cry when left alone, too busy playing…or eating….or sleeping.
He loves chewing toys (and hands..ouch!!), playing tug o war with his sister, and having lots of cuddles. He’s very people oriented, so will make a great family member.
There’s not a lot more to say about such young pups except they are so gorgeous it’s not funny, will grow to be approx medium size (Onyx may be heading towards large) and provided they are given  loving, stable homes that will be committed to their future training, they will be happy, well adjusted dogs. They do not need to be homed together.
He is with Val at Campbelltown

FIFI (f) & FELIX (m) silver tabbies

28/12/11 Fifi and Felix have been adopted by Jeff from Waitara
   Fifi                                   Felix                      ‘Togetherness’

FIFI & FELIX are sister and brother, born approx 5/10/09. Both are bright, happy and affectionate young cats. Fifi is a small and slender silver tabby, with delicate features. She is confident and playful, and adores sitting in the sun watching the world go by through the screen door. Felix is a slender silver tabby with striking dark markings and a beautiful pointed face. He is cautious at first but loves to play and is very excited about balls, toy mice, hiding under rugs and dashing through the cat tunnel. Both look up longingly to ask for pats. They snuggle up together at night and would love to go to a home together if possible.
They are now with Trudy at Pyrmont

EBONY (f) born 23/10/11

27/12/11 Ebony has been adopted by Nicole at Frenchs Forest

Ebony (f) born 23/10/11 (8 weeks) is a gorgeous medium size blend girl (possibly Lab x) who is just so cute. She and her brother Onyx are very friendly, playful puppies that are mostly interested in playing, eating and sleeping at this age. Ebony is quiet by nature and very well socialised and healthy as you can see. For 8 week old puppies, they’re well behaved and don’t whine or cry when left alone, they’re too busy playing…or eating….or sleeping.
She’s a confident little girl, a bit more so than her brother and therefore a touch more independent. She still loves her cuddles too, so will come and get hugs regularly and then go off and play again…or eat.
There’s not a lot more to say about such young pups except they are so gorgeous it’s not funny, will grow to be approx medium size  and provided they are given a loving, stable home that will be committed to their future training, they will be happy, well adjusted dogs. They do not need to be homed together.
She is with Val at Campbelltown

WILLOW (f)- born 5/6/11

26/12/11 Willow has been adopted with bunny ‘Bunoit’ and Mia in Petersham.

Willow is another of Winnifreds babies

DUCHESS (f) born 3/9/11 approx – Desexed 3/2/12

24/12/11 Duchess has been adopted by Kathy and Russell from Penrith

20/11/11 Duchess is now a gorgeous 11 week old DMH kitten, named after the white cat in the movie Aristocats. she is sister to Alex & Jamie below.
She is pure white except for a tiny patch of sketchy grey on the back of her head. With beautiful grey/blue and sometimes green eyes she is truly a stunning cat. Duchess is a very affectionate kitten and will meow at you insistently to get her pats and cuddles. She is a sociable, active and exquisite little girl, loves people, dogs and other friendly cats and would be suited to apartment living and with most families.
She will need to be kept indoors to prevent her delicate pink nose from getting skin cancer.
Located with Nicole in Casula

SAMBO(m), CHARLIE(m),  born approx 4/10/11.Desexed 29/3/12

20/12/11 Charlie & Sambo have been adopted by Warren and family from Lindfield

115/11/11 Charlie – grey & white , he is the most confident, has a great appetite and is very friendly and affectionate. He likes to be around us and is always the first out when they have the chance.
Sambo – black male, he is a little shy but loves attention and is happy to sit with you, and likes to be cuddled.
They are with Belinda in Sutherland



19/12/11 Molly has been adopted by Richard from Casula

We rescued lovely Molly (born approx Oct’06), and her 3 kittens born Oct’07, from Death Row in the nick of time. All kittens have since found loving homes. Molly is a beautiful looking short haired white cat with the most lovely golden eyes and a cute tabby & brown tail. She is rather independent but is happy to let you come up and stroke her.
She was an adorable loving mum and will settle in well with a caring family.
Cats with pink noses/ears are more susceptible to sunburn which can lead to skin cancer, so Molly is best suited being an indoor cat.
Molly is currently with Andrea in Darlinghurst

29/8/11 FERN(f) and PETAL(f)- born 5/6/11

17/12/11 Fern & Petal have been adopted by the Richards’ family in Port Kembla
Fern and Petal are sisters. Their mum Winifred ended up at the pound on death row with a surprise tummy full of little ones. Winifred has given them an amazing start to life despite enduring so many challenges and now they are looking for their forever homes together. We’d like for them to go together so they will never have to be alone.

Petal is a stunning fluffy girl with panda eyes and patches. She’s a very gentle natured bunny with lots of love to give. She is calm around people she knows and enjoys being petted and spoken to. She will need some care with her long soft coat each day.

Fern was the first one out of the nest and is somewhat of a leader- nothing upsets her much and she enjoys discovering new things. She is very affectionate towards Petal and likes to keep an eye on what she is doing at all times.

These girls would make beautiful companions and would be a great addition to the family. They are used to an indoor playpen environment where they are litter trained and have lots of toys such as tunnels and cardboard boxes to keep them occupied. They will come desexed (when they are old enough) and vaccinated against the calicivirus.
Fern and Petal are with Julia in Rockdale.


AKIRA (f)  6mth old large mixed blend (possibly Dane x). born May 2011 approx

11/12/11 Akira has been adopted by Laura at Sackville

25/11/11 Akira is a gorgeous big girl, who is the easiest dog to look after. She’s wonderful with dogs, cats, people and just loves company and attention and likes nothing more than belly rubs and cuddles.
Akira is great on lead and a pleasure to walk. She is also very well trained and responds to hand signals for sit, drop, stay, come and can eat. She’s a bit of a sook and a lounge lizard and will lay quietly around. In saying that, she’s still a pup, albeit a tall girl, and loves to play. She’s not hyper at all or in your face, just sweet and cuddly.
She’s perfectly behaved inside and is fully house trained and is currently homed with cats, who she loves to play games with. Akira would love the company of another dog and a family all her own. If you can offer this gorgeous girl a loving home with plenty of cuddles and time, you’ll be rewarded with lots of love
Akira is with Val in Campbelltown.


ALASKA (renamed THUNDER) (f)  Cattle/JRT pup born December 2010

26/11/11 Alaska has been adopted by Jennifer at Gymea Bay
(photos taken by )

25/6/10 ‘Alaska is a beautiful 6mth old, well behaved little pup (who is closer to the size of a Jack Russell than a Cattle Dog). She loves getting hugs and kisses and is partial to playtime with ropes… the more the better! She is people and dog friendly and is great on a leash.
Alaska is housetrained, very quiet when left alone, but loves to be out where all the adventure is! While she loves company, she is just as happy wandering off and playing with her toys by herself.’
Alaska is now with Sara in Richmont


LEMON(f) born 2/7/11

26/11/11 Lemon has been adopted by Collette at West Pymble

Lemon is with Adrienna at Nth Narrabeen
10/9/11 More to come as Lemon settles in.”


PADDY & MAXI born 28/8/11 Desexed 30/1/12

23/11/11 Paddy and Maxi have been adopted by Jorge and family from Hillsdale


They were rescued with mum Ruby and siblings Jade & Louie
Maxie -was initially very shy but has really come out of his shell. Let me snuggle him. He has a cute white chin.
Paddy – (Black eye patch) loves to play and a bit outgoing, still shy getting used to his environment.
They are with Chris at Mascot


REMUS Jnr (m) renamed MAXIMUS born approx 9/8/11 Desexed 20/1/12

17/11/11 Remus Jr has been adopted by Toni from Eastlakes

4/10/11 Remus is now 8weeks old and a very, very energetic and playful little kitten, he loves to be with you and cries until he can find someone to play with. When he is tired he crashes on you , preferably up near your neck. He would love to find a home with perhaps another kitten for company
Remus Jnr is with Belinda in Sutherland


SMOKEY (m) born October 2009

13/11/11 Smokey has  been adopted by Raelene and Howard from Shoal Bay.

Smokey (m) born October 2009  is very affectionate and loves attention. He would do well on his own or with another cat but does not seem to like dogs at all. He is a perfect pet, he loves attention and craves pats. Smokey is an indoor cat.
Located in Casula

SCOOBY (m) born June 2010- Beagle/Cavalier blend

9/11/11 Scooby has been adopted by Sue at Glenmore Park
28/10/11 “Scooby is an adorable little lad, around 16 months old, he’s still very much a puppy. It doesn’t seem like he’s been given much training or attention, and as such, he’s very excited by the presence of people! He does jump up and want to lick you to death, but he’s already learning very quickly that sitting gets him lots of pats. He loves other dogs, loves children and is good with cats. He’s pretty easy to walk, and is learning heel quite quickly.  He knows how to sit and we are currently working on stay!
He loves cuddles and play time, he’s really just a big puppy. He has been raised an outdoor dog, and he’s happy to sleep outside, but what this young lad deserves is to be an inside dog! If you make him part of your family, you will be rewarded forever with scooby love and smiles. ”
Scooby is with Tamar in Naremburn.

PENNY (f) sweet & affectionate

8/11/11 Penny has been adopted by Kelly from Bondi Junction
26/1/11 Penny and Domino were rescued from the pound at the same time and became friends while in adjacent holding pens, waiting for foster homes.
24/6/11 Penny (f) is a petite and pretty short-haired brown tabby with dark orange tortoiseshell colours on her back and dark golden eyes, born approx. 23/6/10. Penny is a very sweet young cat – calm, playful and well-behaved. She is a very vocal cat and loves to talk to you. She is clever and sociable, is happy to be picked up and cuddled and enjoys the company of humans and other cats. She would be well-suited to a family with children.
10/11/10 Penny has tested FIV negative
10/7/11  Penny is with Kelly in Bondi Junction

PIXEL (f)  Staffy blend  (born Feb 2011 approx)

8/11/11 Pixel has been adopted by Amber at Gymea
22/10/11 Pixel is approx 8mths old and is a really striking and beautiful young girl who is only small (weighs 12kg). She is super sweet natured, gets a long great with dogs, kids and people and already knows how to sit and shake hands. She walks on lead also.
She’s not  hyperactive like a lot of Staffy’s and just loves her cuddles, so will sit next to you quietly for more. Pixel is soft and gentle and would make an excellent family member, especially for a family with children who will include her in their activities.
More information to come on Pixel as she settles into care.
Pixel is with Kirsty in Guildford

KISMET – female Rottweiler blend, born approx April 2010 (18mths)

6/11/11 Kismet has been adopted by Julie at Brookvale

Kismet is a gorgeous, sweet Rotti blend girl, who is only medium in size and not as large or as bulky as a standard Rotti. She has a super sweet nature and is a soft, gentle soul, who is a little shy and will sit quietly for cuddles and pats.
Kismet is great with other dogs and walks well on lead, she loves humans and isn’t an ‘in your face’ dog. She’d good in the car and will be further assessed as she settles into care.
Kismet is with Sarah at Bexley.


ATLAS – Shepherd X, male, born approx March 2011 (7mths)….

6/11/11 Atlas has been adopted by Halina at Gymea….

19/10/11 Atlas is just the most sweetest, gentle boy and is absolutely gorgeous. He will  grow a little more, so will be medium in size (currently 18kg). He’s very submissive and will roll onto his back for tummy rubs at every opportunity and will need an owner that will help him grow his confidence and be patient with him as he realises he doesn’t need to be timid.
He’s getting used to the lead and will be house trained and given basic obedience. A home with another, slightly more confident dog would be good for Atlas to learn from and keep him company.
Atlas is a lovely boy that will thrive in the right environment and be a wonderful family member. More information on Atlas as he settles into care.
Atlas is with Halina in Gymea – she couldn’t part with him and decided to adopt him herself.


PEANUT(f) born 2/7/11

21/10/11 Peanut has been adopted by the Marshall family at Ingleside

Peanut is now with Adrienna at Nth Narrabeen
10/9/11 More to come as Peanut settles in.”


Sleek ‘VELVET’ (mum Dec 2009), and her son ‘TIGER’ (ex RUPERT) (Nov 2010)

16/10/11 Velvet and Tiger (Rupert) have been adopted by Joanne and family from Marrickville


VELVET, Young mum, looks like a beautiful pure black Egyptian cat with her panther like sleekness. As her huge golden eyes rest upon you, she gently pats your face with her paw.She is very gentle and affectionate
TIGER is like the Egyptian Mau cat with his leopard spots on his tummy and lower half. He is a bundle of fun, and Yes….Intelligence. He has now grown and is bigger than his mum but just as cute.
What a lovely pair! They both have the statuesque, upright, pointed ears. It would be wonderful if they could find a home together. They have such a strong bond of love.
3/5/11 (Jenny) Tiger and Velvet have been staying with me for nearly 3 weeks. They have been so easy to care for. They are very quiet and easy to please. They are also extremely clean cats, they learned the litter box straight away and don’t shed any hair. They both have sleek soft coats and extremely good looks. They love to play with toys, out of all the fancy things I’ve given them, shoelaces have proven to be their favourite. They enjoy human company and being with each other. They have great appetites and aren’t fussy about food at all, yet somehow maintain super fit physiques! They are a delightful pair and, together or separately, would make wonderful companions, they love to stay close by and seem fascinated by everything I do!
They are currently with Ally in Leichhardt


LICORICE (f) renamed Agness born 2/7/11

11/10/11 Licorice has been adopted by Lauren at Adamstown

Licorice is with Elisabeth in Paddington
More to come as Licorice settles in.


PRECIOUS (f) (renamed MIA) born approx 10/07/10 Petite, gentle & smoochy

09/10/11 Precious has been adopted by Justine from Mosman as a companion for Tom Jones (TJ) whom she previously adopted from us
19/6/11 Precious is a little sweetheart, placid, gentle and purry. She is a little shy when first meeting you but after settling in & getting to know you, becomes a smoochy girl who loves cuddling on your lap and having head rubs whilst purring loudly. She is a petite little girl, with a long, slinky body and a lovely shiny coat. She greets you with a tiny meow when you come into her room in the morning.
Precious would be best indoors in a quiet household. She has a pink nose so needs to be kept out of strong sunshine to avoid skin cancer
Oct 2010 Precious has tested FIV negative
Precious is currently with Ruth in Birchgrove


LOLA (renamed LAYLA)(f) Staffy blend born October 2010 approx

8/10/11 Lola has been adopted by Corrine at Ermington

2/8/11 ‘Little Lola’ is a super sweet little girl who is so very friendly, loves cuddles and rubs on the tummy. Lola is great with other dogs, walks on the lead and is being house trained and getting to know cats. She’s only small, weighing maybe 12kg and is a Staffy blend. Lola is approx 10mths old and is looking for a furever home.
More information to come on Lola as she settles into care.
Lola is with Kate at Strathfield.


ARCHER (m) born April 2011

8/10/11 Archer has  been adopted by Dominika at Woollahra
24/9/11 Archer is a gorgeous Labrador blend boy, , who is very sweet and a typical happy, friendly pup, who loves to play, sleep and eat ! Archer is quite good on the lead already and is learning his basic obedience and house training too.
He’s great with other dogs and loves nothing more than having some good quality play time and then a nice snooze. Archer is a very smart young man and confident too, so will easily learn new things and fit into a new family.
Archer will require a medium activity home and would be great with another dog. If you think you can offer Archer a loving, stable home, we’d like to hear from you.


SPRITE (f) Staffy blend born 9/7/11 approx

8/10/11 Sprite has  been adopted by Helen at Marrickville
17/9/11 Sprite is a 10 week old Staffy blend pup who is full of puppy love and enthusiasm for life. She is very sweet, loves human and doggy company and is as a puppy should be, quite lively and wanting to explore everything.
Sprite will grow to be approx medium sized and will require a medium to high level activity family to keep her happy and healthy. As she is only young and just rescued, she will be learning to walk on a lead, some basic manners and house training in the coming weeks.
Her foster carer, Chris said “Sprite couldn’t be a happier dog. Lots of running in the backyard and playing. She even gets on well with our cats! We have started to crate train her for sleeping at night and she’s responding very well. She hasn’t barked at all, except for a few playful barks. She’s great with kids too. My daughter plays with her a lot and we had a 4 yr old over today and Sprite was happy around him too.”
Sprite is with Chris at Mascot.


REX Cattle/Kelpie blend born 21/7/11 approx

6/10/11 Rex has  been adopted by the Drake family at Killarney Heights
29/9/11 Rex is a very well behaved young pup who loves to play with other dogs and kids. He will be a breeze to train and is keen to enjoy the learning experience. He seems very eager to chase birds, so perhaps a home without birds/chickens would be ideal.
Rex has already learned to sit and is currently getting used to a leash but not yet walking on the lead. He listens to commands and ceases unwanted behaviour readily. He is an absolute pleasure to have here in my home and I hope that Rex finds a home worthy of his beautiful nature.
Rex is with Darren in Matraville

DAISY(f) & MATILDA(f) sisters born 23/5/11-(desexed 14/9/11)

19/09/11 Daisy and Matilda have been adopted by Janine from Brighton-Le-Sands


MATILDA(more tabby colour on face) & DAISY, born approx 23/5/11, are sisters and are mainly white with tabby tails and patches on head and body.They were a bit scared at first but are starting to settle in.
They are with Belinda in Sutherland


–  MATILDA (left) & DAISY

SALSA (f) born Dec 2010 Renamed BELLA

18/9/11 Salsa has been adopted by Monika at Winston Hills


8/9/11 “Salsa is a 10mth old beautiful little pooch, who we think is possibly a Tibetan Spaniel cross. As she has only just come into care, there’s not much we can yet say, only that she is very loveable, quiet, and calm. She doesn’t like leashes at the moment but will be trained over the next couple of weeks to get used to them”



Afghan Hound / Pharaoh Hound blend  born 29/5/11
11/9/11 DaVinci has been adopted by Rhianne in Waverley, VIC.
Update 31/8/11 “DaVinci is the epitome of puppy. He’s clumsy, his legs are everywhere, and whenever he wants something, he pulls out the big puppy dog eyes. Since he was four weeks old he was always the life of the party and that hasn’t changed. His favourite game to play with other dogs is Bitey Face. In fact, the only game he plays is Bitey Face! He does love his toys, especially balls, and is very focused when it comes to playtime.
DaVinci prefers not to be left alone. Having been with his siblings and then integrated into another pack, he has always been around dogs, and much prefers to have their company. He has a fair amount of energy but nothing that a long walk or a play in the park wouldn’t sort out. He is a good listener and I’m able to take him off-leash at the park. He knows several commands but, still being a very young pup, can get distracted easily.
DaVinci is very well socialised and friendly to any and all breeds of dogs. He thinks other dogs are instantly his BFF’s, whether they’re Chihuahuas or Great Danes. He is housetrained, leash trained, and is now starting to learn a variety of tricks.”
Here’s a video of him:
DaVinci is with Darren in Matraville


JAZZ (f) Cattle Dog blend-obedient & such a darling. born July 2009

8/9/11 Jazz has  been adopted by the Rohead family in Canberra
Notes from Renbury Farm
Jazz is white with red spotting, 2 years of age. she is such a darling. she is a quiet girl, doesn’t bark no matter what the other dogs next 2 her were doing. appears 2 be good with other dogs of all sizes. her personality outshines her beauty. She would suit any type of family, single, loads of children, other pets etc. must see & meet.
24/7 Volunteer’s note – Like the rest of Renbury Farm I LOVE this girl. She’s so obedient, has no issues with other dogs male or female….a truly special girl. Haha….when I had her out on her walk I got thirsty so went to my car to get my water bottle….she jumps in through the front seat and goes into the back….and then wouldn’t get out!!! You’d be mad not to consider this girl
Jazz is with Sarah at Bexley


KITTY (renamed HEIDI) (f) born 8/1/11 affectionate & sweet-loves cuddles04/09/11

Kitty has been adopted by Kirrilly from Penrith



4/4/11 update from Lucy – Kitty is a medium haired black gorgeous dainty little girl with a touch of white on her tummy and a fluffy tail. She is a quiet little kitten, giving a tiny meow of greeting when you come into her room. She is happy to mix with my other cats and approaches them for play.

Kitty loves being brushed and made a fuss of and loves to cuddle up in your arms or lap when she isn’t busy playing or sleeping. She is happy to play quietly in her room and would be suited to a quiet family with a gentle cat or kitten as a playmate. Kitty will need regular gentle brushing to keep her coat looking gorgeous.


GUINNESS (m) med xbreed (possible Wolfie x) born Oct’2010

4/9/11 Guinness has been adopted by Alan & Liz at Helensburgh

“Guinness is a very friendly boy who loves attention. He’s generally very placid but enjoys playing with his toys (he has a fascination with sticks and will pick them up and carry them home on his walks). He is currently being leash trained but knows how to sit and is house-trained.
Guinness is quiet when left alone and will happily lay down and chomp on a bone or play with a toy.

He’s eager to learn new things and has conquered his fear of stairs (and random dumped baby car seats) in just a day.”


HAMISH (DONNY) (m) – grey/brown tabby, (nicknamed after Kerrie’s husband Donny) Born approx 3/11/09

29/8/11 Hamish and Dudley have been adopted by their foster carer Pam from Casula

Hamish is playful and cuddly, and likes to be nursed on his back and have his tummy scratched.
Hamish, Hope & Hannah, 3 week old triplets, were discovered abandoned in the backyard of a derelict house by the builder who was renovating. It was a very hot day and as they became distressed in the heat he moved them to a shady spot . Mum was never sighted at all so they were taken to Kerrie, an experienced wild life carer, who found them to be rather poorly and close to death. Besides bottle feeding, they had to be given fluid under the skin over a few days (as instructed by the mobile vets), they were too small to put on a drip and this was their only chance. Thankfully Kerrie has given fluids many times before and despite the odds, all 3 of the little amigos survived.
Their approximate date of birth is 3/11/09. They came into care at 3 weeks and took 3 weeks to wean as they were so small. Plus they had a virus from their Mum and were on antibiotics. It was very touch and go for a while
Hamish is now with Pam at Cecil Hills with Dudley

DUDLEY born 10/11/09

29/8/11 Hamish and Dudley have been adopted by their foster carer Pam from Casula
Dudley is the last of a litter of 5 kittens who were surrendered for rehoming. His brothers and sisters have all found homes and now Dudley is looking for his own special family.
Dudley is a super sleek and glossy short-haired black male, with a gorgeous chocolate brown tummy and golden eyes. He is lithe and tall and stretches way up on his hind legs. Dudley is energetic and active with a quirky little personality – curious, adventurous, outgoing, talkative and companionable. He follows you around from room to room to see what you are doing, loves splashing around in water, delivers toy mice at lightning speed and shares the fun of tossing them around with you, and finally will sit beside you for a wonderful cuddle when he is tired out. He is not at all timid and would suit larger households with older children or a single person or couple looking for a very devoted new best friend. Dudley needs company and activity, so would prefer a home with other animals or people who are home at least part of the day.

Dudley is with Pam and Nicole in Cecil Hills
Dudley was SPONSORED by Sandra from 1/8/10 for 3 months! “Thank you for sponsoring me and helping with the costs of my care, whilst I am looking for my own forever home. Love from Dudley & SPRA x x x ”


INDIGO (m) Clementine’s kitten

27/08/11 Indigo has been adopted by Leah from Oatlands

Indigo (M) born 25/10/10 is a medium-haired black kitten with a small patch of white/grey on his chest and abdomen, and green eyes. He was rescued with his mum Clementine from Death Row when he and his brother Dash were only 1 day old.What a beautiful ball of fluff! Indigo has been the largest and strongest of the litter since day one, with bright eyes and an adventurous nature. He is a little shy of people, but enjoys racing at top speed, playing with balls, climbing and jumping, and wrestling his brother. He is lively, gentle and delightful.

He is with Debora in Zetland


FIFI (f) (renamed BELLA)

24/08/11 Fifi has been adopted by Erin from Sefton-Desexed 9/1/12
FIFI, born approx 20/6/11, is a shorthaired black kitten who is  very, very sooky and loves as many cuddles as you are willing to give her,
she is very confident and had no troubles settling in with Belinda.-


SHADOW (m) Shepherd blend pup born 29/3/11 approx

20/8/11 Shadow has been adopted by the Mobbs family at Bathurst


23/7/11 Shadow is approx 4mths old, he needs some lead training but has basic obedience already (sit, drop etc). He is good with other dogs and has no problem with cats. He loves cuddles and seeks reassurance. He’s quiet for a pup but that’s probably due to him being a little overwhelmed at the moment.
More details to come on Shadow as we get to know him a little better.
Shadow is with Val in  Campbelltown


MAVERICK(m) born 5/1/11 -very friendly

13/08/11 Maverick has been adopted by Laura from Lilyfield
16/3/11 Maverick. is black and white & came with his own collar from the pound. His owner never turned up.
He is a little dynamite, very active and loves to explore. As soon as I open the bathroom door he is out like a flash. He purrs like a steam train – as soon as he sees you – you don’t even have to pat him! He is very friendly and loves to be patted. He has now been desexed.
Maverick is with Kylie in Oyster Bay


Cairo – Afghan Hound / Pharaoh Hound blend  born 29/5/11

6/8/11 Cairo has been adopted by Carol at Londonderry

Cairo is incredibly well behaved for such a young pup. He’s quiet and independent – he doesn’t rely on the others to amuse himself, he’s quite happy sitting there with a toy, or snuggling up to someone else (most likely Sahara). He’s the least vocal of all four of the pups and likes his food! He weighs the most but, actually, doesn’t scoff it like some of the others.
Cairo is now with Sarah in Richmond


Sahara- Afghan Hound / Pharaoh Hound blend  born 29/5/11

6/8/11 Sahara  has been adopted by Carol Laurie at Cammeray
Sahara is as laid-back as they come. She and Cairo are both very calm, very quiet, and just so chilled out, you’d barely notice them if it weren’t for their cuteness! She likes to be cuddled but isn’t over-affectionate (she doesn’t lick faces or go overboard), and loves playing with ropes… even if they trip her up most of the time (they are her arch nemesis!). Sahara loves the company of both people and dogs alike and would thrive in a family environment.
Sahara is with Darren in Matraville

MISS BEAR (f) Staffy/Bull Terrier-gentle, good with children & other dogs

23/7/11 Miss Bear has been rehomed
Miss Bear is a Staffy/Bull Terrier Female, micro-chipped, de-sexed, 4 years old and she is as gentle as they come.
She is mainly black with two brown beauty spots on her face, a floppy right ear and a gorgeous smile. She is in good health and understands back, no, wait, stay, sit, up and is so gentle with hand feeding. Many people on our walks comment on how happy and energetic she looks. She is house trained, gets along with other dogs and children. She is very friendly and rarely barks.
She likes playing ball, going for walks, schmackos, raw chicken, people and other dogs.
Her dislikes are dogs barking at her (but she doesn’t retaliate) and lightning storms.
Miss Bear is very deserving of a loving home and you will be rewarded with a great dog that just needs a home.
She is located in Wollongong currently and due to health issues, her owner can no longer care for her. She wants to see her go to a loving home and not be put down in the pound system…

HARLEY(m) , SMOKEY(m)) born 5/1/11 -very friendly

22/07/11 Smokey and Harley have been adopted by Margie from Marsfield (DESEXED)

16/3/11 Harley and Smokey are best mates. They were approx 10wks old at rescue, and have gorgeous friendly natures
Harley is DMH black and white, He is such a gorgeous affectionate little boy. loves a cuddle and to sit on your lap.He also purrs when you pat him. He is a little shadow and will follow you around when you call him.
Smokey DMH blue grey tabby with a lovely fluffy tail – He is also a smoochy boy, comes over for a pat and chin rub and he also purrs to say thank you.

13/7/11 Clare advises -Both cats are very friendly.  They are now six months old; active, curious, playful and a lot of fun.  Smokey loves to drape himself around my shoulders, purring loudly. Harley enjoys being stroked and winding around my legs, purring with pleasure.
25/6/11 Harley and Smokey have moved to Clare at Manly



23/7/11 Noodle has been adopted by Renee at Mosman
Noodle (cream) and Panda (tricolour) are both Shar Pei blend pups around 12-14 weeks old. They were surrendered to us and are currently with Darren in Matraville
Note: As these girls are Shar Pei blends, they may have breed specific health issues that any potential adopter will need to be aware of and committed to. SPRA is happy to discuss this further and supply some relevant breed information

“Noodle has only just come into care so it’s not possible to give a detailed insight into her personality. However, she has shown that she is extremely friendly (in just a few hours she and her sister have gone from barely any socialisation to hopping on our laps for cuddles) and just a little bit cheeky. There seems to be zero aggression – not even with food, with she happily shares – and is so far a quiet little pup.”
Noodle is with Darren in Matraville


BIBI (m) Cavoodle

10/7/11 Bibi has been adopted by the Winston family at Tamarama
4/7/11 Bibi is a 10mth old King Charles Cavalier cro Poodle (Cavoodle) male who is micro-chipped, lifetime registered with Hornsby Council, desexed and vaccinated. He is great with kids and dogs and is a friendly, happy boy who loves to play. Bibi is quite energetic, so will require an active family that will take him for daily walks and play time.
We are working with Bibi on his house training and lead training and whilst good, has some room for improvement. He has basic obedience and is a well behaved little man. He loves cuddles and affection and is eager to please. Bibi is quite an intelligent dog, so will learn quickly and respond well to training. Due to his intelligence, he will require mental stimulation as well as physical.
If you think you can offer Bibi a loving, active home, please contact us. Bibi’s adoption fee will be used as a fundraiser for the medical costs of Boo, a male Maltese that we have in care who was severely neglected.
Adoption fee to be discussed at time of application.
Bibi is with Anne at Dural.


Panda (tricolour) is a Shar Pei blend pup around 12-14 weeks old

9/7/11 Panda has been adopted by Rebecca at Camperdown

Panda was surrendered to us with her brother Noodle. “Panda has only just come into care so it’s not possible to give a detailed insight into her personality. Like her sister, she is very friendly (in just a few hours she and her sister have gone from barely any socialisation to hopping on our laps for cuddles) and just loves attention. There appears to be no aggression – not even with food, with she happily shares – and is so far a quiet little pup.”
Panda is with Darren in Matraville

JAFFA (f) born November 2010

9/7/11 Jaffa has been adopted by Rick and family at Little Bay.

19/6/11 Jaffa is a gorgeous small cross breed female (possibly Kelpie x). At just 7 months old, Jaffa is an extremely sweet natured, affectionate little girl who loves cuddles. Jaffa gets on great with other dogs and is good friends with the cats, snuggling up to them when sleeping.
She’s mostly lead trained, still working out the kinks but is coming along very well. Jaffa is being house trained too and is nearly there. She’s eager to please and easy to train and would make some family very happy. She’s playful but not in your face and is happy to go lay down quietly and play with a toy or have a snooze.
Jaffa is such an adorable, sweet girl who is looking for her furever home.
Jaffa is with Valerie at Campbelltown

PRESLEY (m) Mastiff blend- sweet & gentle-born Nov’09

23/7/11 Presley has been adopted by Matt at Telopea

24/5/11 Presley is people and dog friendly, a little camera shy but when the camera was put away he became a big softie.
He’s an approx 18mth old Mastiff X boy, who’s just so handsome. Presley is a lovely natured man who is good with dogs of all sizes and likes to play. He’s very timid and shy at present and we are working with him to gain his confidence around people. Presley knows how to sit and shake hands and is currently being house and lead trained. He’s a sweet, gentle soul and whilst a little afraid, shows no signs of agression at all. Once he gets to know you, he’s so lovely and will stick by your side, wagging his tail and loves cuddles.
Presley was also fantastic in the car (4hr drive) and sat quietly or laid down and had a long snooze. He was no trouble at all. Presley is medium in size and fully grown. We’ll have more information on this gorgeous man as he settles into care.
Presley is with kate at Strathfield.


MIAH (f) German Shepherd blend – young adult-very sweet (approx 18mths)

7/7/11 Miah has been adopted by Cathy at Regents Park

9/6/11 Update from Adriennna :
Miah is an absolute pleasure to have. Miah has made a complete transformation from the dog we picked up from the pound just four weeks ago, we could hardly get her to move she was so scared. Miah is becoming more confident every day.
She is very sweet and sookie when we are in the house, and is a whole different dog when we go to our local off leash dog park. She loves to play with all the dogs down there especially those staffies that she can have a good rumble with. She is so funny when she races around waiting for someone to chase her or play tug of war with her too.  She has a real puppyish nature when she’s playing bounding around and jumping over small dogs which are in her way. Miah also LOVES the water!
Miah is extremely intelligent she is completely house trained, she sleeps in the house and will wait till she is let out to go to the toilet. She can sit and come on command and is perfect on and off the leash, she is a very loyal dog. Miah is a beautiful girl so we often get comments about how gorgeous and unusual she looks.
Miah is a very sweet gentle natured dog and would be perfect in a family home where she has kids to play with (she loves giving them licks in the face when we bump into them out and about) or with anyone who will love and give plenty of attention to her forever.
25/6/11 Miah is now with Jade at Campbelltown


BELLE (f)  Brown Chinchilla coat, Younger bunny

2/7/11 Belle has been adopted by the Bokina family in Castlecrag
17/4/11 Soon to be desexed and vaccinated, she is vet checked and healthy, probably younger due to lack of dental markings, chinchilla coat
Belle is a calm, cuddly possum. She is a sophisticated blue-grey Chinchilla rabbit in her first years of life. Her previous owners surrendered her to the pound much to our shock as she is the most kindly mannered, sweet hearted girl with so much love to give. Put her on the grass outside and she’ll express all her joys with binkies (literal jumps, leaps and flips which express extreme happiness) and will flop out, snuggled into her own fur when she is relaxing inside. She is very clean, litter trained and enjoys playing with her toys- we think shes a smart girl! She will cuddle with you on the couch or in bed and would make a beautiful companion.
Belle would like to find a home with people who can make her part of their family and that can give her daily cuddles and playtime. Can you give this special girl a second chance?
She is residing with Clare and Alex (together with Leia) in Dulwich Hill for now, but hopefully soon this cuddle bear will be someone’s new best friend.


MANGO (f) Whippet blend born 8/3/11- very sweet.

27/6/11 Mango has been adopted by Bron at East Maitland
24/5/11  Mango is an 11 week old Whippet blend female.  For such a young pup, she was brilliant in the car (4hr trip) and settled as soon as the car started. She sat quietly and then curled up and went to sleep. Mango will grow to be medium in size and has lanky little legs. She’s so cute, you just want to cuddle her all day long!!
Mango is adorable. Everything she does – whether it be yawning, tumbling around, or snorting in her sleep – is too cute for words. She’s a great listener, likes to be with you in a room, as opposed to running around and exploring, and is a quick learner. She is currently being housetrained with brilliant results and will soon start being trained on the leash.
Mango is people and dog friendly. She has no fear of bigger dogs and will play with them the same way she plays with puppies. She loves her rope toys and loves playing tug-o-war with other dogs. But she especially likes to curl up with her people and watch her stories on the TV.
Mango is with Darren in Matraville
Big thanks to Karen from Dogzonline for her  $50 donation for Mango. This will go to buy her some premium food to help her grow.

CASHEW (f) renamed TIA

23/6/11 Cashew has been adopted by Donna at Quakers Hill
7/6/11 Cashew  is an 8 weeks old Terrier blend pup and will grow to be medium in size.
She is proving to be  very trainable. Listens well… Is pretty sooky and loves cuddles and staying close.
” I’m too cute.
I do everything a puppy does. However, standout points are; I am smart, I understand when roused on, I don’t care about the cats and when they warn my curiosity off, I obey. I stir the dog because I have realised she is all talk. I love cuddles and attention from the children as they are much more interesting than the adults. At the moment I walk 90% ok on the lead, however pulling will have to be looked at once I am bigger and at the moment, puppyness, is making me drop to my back and be pulled along. I also bite the lead however, this new walking method is very new and I’m loving every moment! ”
Cashew is with Sara at Richmond.

TOBY born Jan’09 approx

21/6/11 Toby has been adopted by his carers Sheila and Andy in Davidson.
Toby Dec’2010
Toby is a gorgeous little fellow who would love to have a permanent place to call home.  He is generally pretty relaxed and would love to be the sole dog of the house, or maybe play second string to an older dog.  He has a fluffy coat which suits him better being cut short and would perfectly suit the more laid back household.  Toby loves company so a household where someone was around most of the time would see him a very happy little chappy. If Toby sounds like the dog for you please contact us now.
Big thanks to ‘Paws Up’ grooming company (in St Leonards) who donated a free haircut for Toby.



JESSIE (f) Tenterfield Terrier 3yrs old

19/6/11 Jessie has been adopted by Aaron at Kellyville

May 2011 – Jessie is a Tenterfield Terrier and is approx 3 yrs old. She is very sweet and loves to play with other dogs. She’s great with kids and cats and is lead and house trained too.
Jessie is quite people focussed, so will make a wonderful family addition. She was born with a congenital deformity in her front leg, which has had surgery to correct it and has no ongoing issues, however, when she plays hard, her leg will get a little sore and she’ll need a rest. She shows no signs of this affecting her play time and enthusiasm.
Jessie is with Megan at Granville.


JAZZY(f) born approx 22/11/08 renamed Tiffany Jane Benedikta

11/06/11 Jazzy has been adopted by Margaret and her sister Rosalie from Pennant Hills. She joins Harriet Amber Louise Bridget whom they adopted from us in June 2009.
“My name is Jazzy, and as you can see from my photos I am a very pretty and petite semi-longhair tabby with a lovely feather duster tail. I am a very affectionate girl who loves having her tummy rubbed (only after I get to know you of course). I am a little frightened of sudden loud noises so would be best suited to a household without children, or a household where the children are a little older and sensitive to my needs. I very much like other cats so would like a new home with an existing cat who will welcome me into the feline fold. I have a very attractive and musical meow which I do not use often, but when I do I think you will like it. If you can find a place in your heart to offer me the love I deserve, it will be returned in abundance”.
Jazzy is with Maria in Belmore


BLOSSOM (f) [pale ginger) loves people, very affectionate
8/6/11 Blossom has been adopted by Liesel, her carer, in Mt Colah

Blossom is 7yrs old and is a  very friendly cat. She is a pretty champagne ginger with tabby markings. Her owner was unable to keep her and surrendered her to the pound from where we rescued her in the nick of time. Blossom is a female ginger which is not very common to find.
Blossom is a beautiful girl – extremely affectionate and likes to talk to you. and loves being near you all the time. As she loves to be near you it is hard to take photos as she tries to rub her head on the camera every time it is pointed at her.
She would fit in easily with a family who has the time to show her lots of affection which she will return a thousand fold.
note – Blossom has been tested and is Negative for FIV
Blossom is with Liesel in Mt Colah


KAYLA (f) gorgeous & smoochy, born April 2007

11/6/11 Kayla has been adopted by Carol at Pagewood
May 2011 -Kayla is a medium sized mixed blend, possibly with some Wolfhound (although nowhere near the size). She stands just above the knee and is fully grown, so will remain medium in size. She is an extremely sweet, quiet girl who just craves human contact and will snuggle into you for pats and cuddles. She’ll sit at your feet all day to get some smooches.
Kayla is 4 yrs old, is Tan and white with a little Wolfie beard, which is just so cute. She has these soulful eyes that make your heart just melt. She is mostly short haired but has this unusual long Wolfie fur along her back only.
Having just saved her from death row, she is settling in with her carer and putting some weight on. We will be assessing her skill levels with regards to obedience and house training etc as the days go by. She knows how to sit and we believe she is lead trained. Kayla is a gentle soul that will make some family very happy and will give loads of love in return for theirs.
Kayla is  with Valerie at Campbelltown


BAXTER (m) born 26/6/10 approx

9/6/11 Baxter has been adopted by Skye at Engadine
30/12/10 Baxter is as sweet as his photo. This little Mastiff blend pup is a real wiggle bum, so we have nicknamed him Beans.
Always happy to see you and he is great with other dogs. Unlike most puppies his age, Baxter is pretty easy going and after a good tumble and play likes to have a long nap. He would be great in a family, with another dog or with kids. He really doesn’t mind as long as he gets a hug a day and lots of good food. Beans would love to go to puppy school with his new family. He loves learning, toys and loves loves treats! He is currently toilet trained and we are working on getting sit and shake. Baxter looks like he will be a medium sized dog, very sweet temperament and is approaching 6 months of age.
23/2/11 Jade writes “Baxter is a fantastic little guy who loves nothing more than affection from humans & other dogs. He gives you the biggest wiggle each morning and loves to give kisses. He gets along well with people & dogs, loves a walk & is getting used to swimming down at the river. He is very well behaved inside and at the moment he is sleeping outside with my dog in a kennel and I am currently training him to walk on a halti harness.”
Baxter deserves a loving forever home and will give you loads of love & puppy eyes in return.
Baxter is with Jade in Campbelltown


VEGAS (m) gentle natured, born approx 16/5/10

29/5/11 Vegas has been adopted by Michael at South Maroota

16/3/11 – Vegas is a gorgeous Staffy blend, white with tan patches & black markings on face, approximately ten months old. He was a staff favourite whilst in the Pound and it’s not hard to see why! He’s quite a powerful dog but has very good manners. He can become slightly distracted by other dogs but responds well to commands. He knows how to sit, lay down, roll over, shake, and “shake other one.” He is a great listener, eager to please, and always has a smile on his face!

Vegas has been introduced to my own pack now and is absolutely great with them. He can be a little heavy-handed, not realising his own size, but is never aggressive. When other dogs tell him off, he is happy to walk away, or kiss them (a lot) to apologise. He’s great with all sized dogs, including puppies. He’s very mindful of them, jumping away so he doesn’t step on them, and gratefully accepting lots of licks!
He is not a jumper, he’s housetrained, and he’s an angel on the leash. He has energy bursts but, for the most part, lazes around the house or yard sleeping and vocally dreaming! He doesn’t mind being left alone for periods of time but, obviously, likes to be with people. He’d make a great family pet for anyone who’s willing to give him the love, time, and hugs he deserves.

Vegas is with Darren in Matraville

LUCKY (m) renamed BUDDY

28/5/11 Lucky has been adopted by Shelly at Mittagong

Lucky is a very lucky dog. He is a silky terrier blend with a gorgeous personality.  He is energetic, inquisitive, affectionate and gentle, the kind of dog that you would like to have by your side. When the vet said that they thought he was almost 7 years old, we thought impossible because he is so energetic! He loves putting his head out the window in the car to take in the wind, taking long walks, eating and jumping into your lap and giving you little licks on the hand. He is toilet trained, good with big and small dogs, and with people. He also does this little dance when he gets excited, where he puts both his hands up in the air (like he is cheering) – very very cute!! The family that adopts this little guy will be very lucky!
Lucky is with Julie and John in Miranda


OSCAR 18mths friendly & smart born 26/8/09 approx

21/5/11 Oscar has been adopted by Susan & Patrick at Oberon
21/3/11 Oscar has been with us for 3 weeks now and has gone from being an emaciated mutt to a stunning, muscular, shiny coated  “head turning” dog.
We have a cat which bosses Oscar around and is quite mean to him, but Oscar still keeps smiling and trying to be friends…. one day perhaps. On walks, we meet small children on bikes, skateboards and others tearing around and screaming, and he just keeps smiling.
He loves “still” water but is a little unsure of the waves, we’re working on that.
He has had regular romps with our Great Dane friends, which is a sight to behold. On walks, he greets all dogs regardless of size with a sniff and a wag of the tail and friendly interest. We have horses next door who we’ve introduced him to and he was fairly disinterested in.
Oscar eats well but waits for his food until told. He’s learned to respect our right to eat without begging or hanging around. He stands back at doorways now so as not to barge us through. He’s learned to jump into our big high 4WD. (he was very proud the first time he did that!)
Although a young playful dog who loves running around, Oscar is equally happy to lie by our side quietly. He does not chew furniture, shoes etc.
Oscar has no vices at all. He looks the part of a guard dog, which is nice, but is a gentle giant.
Oscar is with Sara at Richmond.


BOSTON (m) born 19/12/10

14/5/11 Boston has been adopted by Adam at Maroubra

Boston(m) is very laid back compared to his brothers. He doesn’t make much noise, he plays nicely, and is a bit of a serial hugger. When the three boys were first rescued, they were very wobbly on their back legs, and it was causing them pain to stand for long periods of time. Now, however, they dash around the courtyard like it’s nobody’s business! Boston is normally the one playing referee (as in, he sits and watches, but when there’s commotion, he gets right in the thick of it). Saying that, he is also the fastest of the three, and enjoys being chased… as well as getting stuck in plant pots..

ANNABELLE  –  approx 4yrs old

11/05/11 Annabelle has been adopted by Vicki from Balmain

Anabelle is a very beautiful, charming and clever little cat. She’s adventurous,  loves climbing and chasing insects, but is also quite content to sit back and watch the world go by. She is a little shy at first with new people but once she gets to know you, she’ll be your friend for life. Annabelle  is a true lady when it comes to dining. She grazes and will savour her food.
(Annabelle is pure white so will need to be kept away from strong sunshine to avoid sunburn & risk of skin cancer)
Annabelle is with Ruth in Birchgrove
Big thanks to Candace and John from Balmain,  for their kind donation of $150 towards Annabelle’s food and care


ARIZONA(f) born 19/12/10

7/5/11 Arizona has been adopted by Julia from Cammeray

Arizona(f) The smallest of the pack is one of the loudest. Saying that, she’s only noisy when you haven’t given her her hourly cuddles. Considering she’s so cute, it’s not really a problem, as it’s hard not to cuddle her. When we first rescued her from the Pound, she wasn’t doing so well, and looked like she was completely exhausted by it all. With some good grub and a lot of love, she’s really started to liven up. She gets on great with Dakota (it’s a rare moment when they’re not joined at the hip) and isn’t as shy as she initially makes out (she has daily adventures exploring the house and courtyard). With her being so tiny, there’s a lot of unexplored territory each new day! At six weeks old, Arizona hasn’t begun any formal training, as she’s still settling in and getting used to a home environment.
Arizona is located with Darren in Matraville


KARMA (f) very sweet born 23/3/10 approx

1/5/11 Karma has begun her adoption trial with Kate’s brother at Strathfield.
7/3/11 Kate writes – Karma is a pure privilege to look after,She’s a social butterfly! She gets along with any dog small or extra large even cats!
Karma is toilet trained, lead trained, has no food or bone aggression. She knows basic commands ,Karma is medium energy, but still puppy like, Karma is a small dog, she weighs 12 kg
Karma is still learning about many things outside her home i.e., backfiring in cars and looks for direction. Karma goes to the dog park a couple times a week, and fits in really well, there can be up to 20-40 dogs at my local dog park at one time and she assimilates marvelously. She has a new best friend at the dog park, a Great Dane called Ode.
Her favourite pastime is lying on her back in the grass, loves to play fetch, doing comando rolls on the grass and loves to be praised when she accomplished something.
She is in the process of learning to swim, which is progressing well.
Karma’s personality is one of a kind, everyone she meets fawns all over her, she brightens up anyone’s dull day. She loves being around people and animals and children.She’s even joined in with my cats chasing lizards in the backyard .Her fovourite toy is a plush teddy bear, she takes it back and forth with her to the backyard and doesn’t mind if one of the dogs borrows it.
Karma has access to the house and the backyard and is well behaved, she lives with two dogs and two cats plus humans, and plays with the next door neighbours dog Lolli.
Karma is with Kate at Strathfield


GINGA(m), OREO(m) & MAGGIE(f) born 25-12-10 approx

one has been adopted and the other 2 are being rehomed in the vet adoption programme in Kellyville

Ginga, Oreo & Maggie were found in bushland at 3 weeks of age. Sadly their brother had been run over nearby and mum was nowhere to be found. They are now happy, healthy, loving kittens ready to find their new furever homes.
GINGA” is the biggest and most adventurous boy, always up to mischief and leader of the pack when it come to getting into trouble. He was the first one to make it to the top perch on the scratching post and likes to think he is in control at feedtime as well. He is also very loving and playful, and enjoys having his tummy rubbed.
OREO” is usually one step behind his brother when it comes to adventure but is actually a little braver and is the first one to come back out after something has scared them all into disappearing into the wardrobe. He is also the first one to dart through a door when it’s opened and likes to hide in the bedroom or under the lounge. He loves having his ear scratched and purrs really loudly.
MAGGIE” is the typical little sister, Maggie is much smaller than her brothers and tends to keep to herself, observing their silly activities but not always joining in unless provoked. She can give them a bit back though, if the need arises, but seems to prefer being a lady rather than a tomboy. She is by far the most affectionate and is happy to curl up on your lap for a sleep.
They are with Erin & mum Beth at Picnic Point


RANGER (m)German Shepherd/Kelpie 18mths approx

27/4/11 Ranger has been adopted by Charlotte from Leichhardt
31/31/3/11  Ranger is a German Shepherd blend and approx 18mths old. He has a great, friendly temperament and loves other dogs and people

4/4/11. Ranger is a little bit shy at first but once he gets to know you is absolutely doting and adorable. He is very respectful and smart and has learned basic obedience already (after 3 days). Ranger is still young and puppyish and he loves all other dogs no matter what size, he will always try and get over to them at the park to have a play. This boy is not at all possessive over his food and is very gentle in everything he does, often getting bowled over by his playmate Bosley. Ranger is quite active and loves to be off his leash and run as fast as he can while exploring the park. He is still learning to come when he is called all the time but we know its only days till he’s got it! He is a very sweet boy and just loves to be cuddled.
Ranger is with Adrienna at Nth Narrabeen


YOGI (m) Terrier blend born April 2010

26/4/11 Yogi has been adopted by Bill at East Hills

23/3/11 Yogi is  Cream & white with wiry hair, and was wearing a  black collar. He is approx 12 months old, shy but very very sweet, just loves to be picked up and snuggled and given lots of love….
5/4/11  What a little treasure. He is sooooooo gentle. Yogi will make someone a very loyal and loving companion. He  lacks confidence at the moment but we are working on that with him, along with basic training. He loves going for walks and is great with kids and other dogs, he loves to snuggle. Yogi seems to be house trained and can get a little startled when visitors arrive. He’ll bark a little, but settles as soon as he is confident again. With ever so much love and patience he will be a forever dog for someone. We love him already.
Yogi is with Anne at Dural



25/4/11They have been adopted by their carer Helen


.Amelie is ginger and the smallest of the two. Her brother Toby is black & white.


BOSLEY (m) big happy goofball

23/4/11 Bosley has been adopted by Miguel and family at Bondi

31/3/11  Rottweiler blend  Black & tan, gorgeous natured boy,– big goofball, happy & friendly and appears fine with other dogs, approx. 18 months of age
4/4/11 Bosley or ‘bozzy’ is just a big goofball. When he is excited his tail spins in circles, not your standard back and forth! He is a very happy go lucky boy who is also very loyal. He will sit whenever he is asked but not for long before he is up jumping around again. When he is excited this jumping seems to be aimed at the person around him but with some persistence we are getting rid of this naughty habit. Bosley can also be very gentle when it’s dinner time, he will take treats from you very gently and is not possessive at all. He is a little bit of a noise maker, when he is playing with ranger he always is making some kind of weird ‘arrr -arrrr-ooorrrr’ noises which are very funny to all of us around. Bozzy is perfect on lead and off, he won’t pull at all or leave your side for a minute. He gets along with all other dogs although sometimes they seem to be a bit nervous with him bounding up to them! Bosley is a very sweet boy and would love a perfect home consisting of lots of love and attention
Bosley is with Adrienna at Nth Narrabeen together with Ranger


SAMPSON (m)  born 17/9/09

16/04/11 Sampson and Lola have been adopted by Claire and Andre of Clovelly

SAMPSON – male, born approx 17/9/09 – Sampson is a very handsome ginger tabby kitten, with gorgeous marmalade coloured fur.
Sampson is a real character; he is very affectionate and loves to give head butts and “kisses”. He can be very cheeky and likes to bend the rules while managing to obey them and comes up with creative ways to get what he wants. An example of this is he likes to drink directly from the jug that is used to refill his water bowl, if the water is low in the jug, he will dip his paw in and then lick the water off his paw.
Sampson has many quirky and endearing habits, he is a master fly catcher and loves to groom you and chortle away. Sampson is playful but also just as happy to flop down somewhere and snooze and watch his surroundings. Sampson is best suited to a home without small children and with another cat for company.
Once he knows you he is truly a delight and will make a wonderful addition to your family.  Sampson has been named after Sampson the Church cat from the Church Mice Book Series by Graeme Oakley

LOLA (f) born Oct’07

Lola  ‘Hello’                                   Lola- After a hard day’s play
We rescued lovely Molly and her 3 kittens born Oct’07, from Death Row in the nick of time.
Lola, her remaining kitten, is white with black markings on her back and a white nose, with a tabby tail
Lola is simply adorable and has a knock out personality.  Lola would be suited to a household with at least one other cat, or adopted with her mum, she is so sweet and full of energy and she needs the interaction with cats as much as she needs it with humans.
Sampson and Lola are with Ally in Leichhardt



.17/4/11 Patchey has been adopted by Michelle & Justin at Peakhurst who have been fostering him since his rescue from the pound.


DAKOTA (f) born 19/12/10

16/4/11 Dakota has been adopted by Gay & Steve at Hilltop

Dakota(f) is the second smallest of the pack and possibly a Rottweiler cross. She is around the 6/7 week old mark but her spell in the Pound hasn’t knocked her confidence. She’s very affectionate and a great listener. She loves to give lots of kisses and likes nothing more than curling up on your lap and watching the world go by. For such a young pup, she’s very easy-going, and is a great companion to Arizona. Like her roommate, she can be very curious, and is always heading off into lands unknown, unafraid, tail wagging.


HONEY(f)  born 30/10/09

10/04/11 Honey has been adopted by Erin from Heathcote

HONEY is a small short-haired champagne ginger tabby girl with white face, chest, tummy and legs, and amber eyes. She is gentle and independent, with a very refined attitude – she doesn’t expect to be chased around the house by cats or children and likes to live a quiet and civilised life. She can be aloof when there are too many animals or people around, but one-on-one she is very loving. Honey doesn’t sit on laps but she does roll over to have her tummy rubbed and will come and sit close to you. She really enjoys her shaded outdoor enclosure and can be a cheeky little miss. Honey has been happy to have a gentle older cat around for company. She would do well in quiet home with a little space to explore independently. With her pink nose, she needs to be kept out of the sun to avoid skin cancer.
Honey is with Kathi in Petersham

GOLDIE(m) & STITCH(f) very sweet loving couple

10/4/11 Jenny, their carer, has adopted them into her family

Goldie (m)                   Stitch (f)

Goldie is a very, very handsome male golden blonde Pomeranian/chihuahua blend (small dog). He is approximately 9 1/2 (at Jan 2010) years but could be younger.
He does everything that Stitch does and is very devoted to her. Goldie loves lying on a lounge and having a sleep while Stitch will smother you with kisses all day long.

Stitch is a female tan/black  Silky terrier blend (small dog) that is blind in her left eye. She requires no medication other than the occasional clean out with Liquid Tears ($7.95 from chemist) if the eye looks dry. Stitch is an extremely friendly, lovable girl who wags her tail constantly. She is 4 1/2 years as at January 2010.
She loves being inside and as long as let out regularly for wee runs she is very clean. She sleeps in laundry at night and when I am out and no problems at all. Stitch is not the sort of dog who would be happy left outside alone.
Goldie follows Stitch everywhere so we would prefer them to go to a home together. They are very attached and will do anything for a Schmacko or similiar treat. They have always lived as indoor dogs.
They both have very sweet temperaments. They are not yappy dogs and blend in with all Jenny’s gang (dogs & cats) as if they have always lived there.
Both dogs have had all services done – desexed, microchipped, heartworm free with monthly prevention and worming up to date.

They are being rehomed because of a broken marriage which is very sad for them.
They are currently with Jenny in Leumeah
Many thanks to Debbi and Liz from Eastlakes who have generously donated $200 to help with the care of Goldie and Stitch – grateful woofs and hugs from them both x x x

DENVER (m) born 19/12/10

3/4/11 Denver has been adopted by Warren & Cheryl at Bonnyrigg

Denver(m) is the most mischievious of the three but has a huge personality. He loves to play with his cuddly toys and anything else that squeaks (including his brothers). Out of all three of them, Denver is the one who likes to play the most, and is always on the go. He loves chasing, running, hopping, jumping, falling, chasing… anything that has movement involved! Like with most puppies who are active, Denver requires more stimulation than his siblings, and he is showing he is quite intelligent already.


PHOEBE(f)  renamed BELLE

27/3/11  Phoebe has been adopted by Emma  from Toongabbie

Phoebe – female grey tabby , Phoebe is just adorable very pretty and her personality matches her looks she is very friendly and loves to play. The only female of the group she holds her own in the wrestling stakes, also loves to cuddle.
with Belinda in Sutherland.



27/3/11  Stanley has been adopted by Sarah from Cronulla
Stanley – male black , Stanley is the go getter of the group , he is the most inquisitive and the first to try anything, very playful and also very affectionate, he loves the sound of his own voice and has  a very loud meow.
with Belinda in Sutherland.


RAVEN (f) Kelpie / Labrador ~31kg- born 2-3-09 approx

27/3/11 Raven has been adopted by Aileen at Leichhardt

17/3/11 Raven is the sweetest girl, she has come out of her shell so much in the last week. The usual greeting in the mornings starts off with a wagging tail and as she gets happier her whole body turns into a big wiggling worm. She has plenty of manners and can sit, shake and walk beautifully on the lead. She is also very loyal so sticks to your side when she’s off the lead too! This beautiful girl is very affectionate and just wants to be around you as much as she can. Raven gets along with ANY dog and would be great in a home with another dog, she does not bark at all and does not have a mean bone in her body. Raven loves the water, and will take the opportunity to jump right in and have a quick paddle before we pull her out! (she is not allowed to be in the water yet due to her desexing stitches). Raven would be a perfect family dog, loyal and gentle but would be happy in virtually any home where she gets the love and attention that she deserves.

DELTA (f)Medium Cross Breed ~21kg, born 8/9/09 approx

27/3/11 Delta has has been adopted by Aileen at Leichhardt
17/3/11 Delta is a gorgeous puppy with lots of energy. She is a lovely red sable colour. Delta is very sensitive and knows exactly when she is in trouble, coming straight to you and rolling onto her back. She can sit already and is learning (with the added help from Raven) to walk on the lead. Delta is a smart little girl and is extremely food motivated so she has been quite easy to train, currently learning to lie down, shake and stay. She is good off the lead and will come when called, gets along with all dogs and also takes the opportunity to leap in the water (she is not allowed to be in the water yet due to her desexing stitches) before she gets pulled out! This excitable girl can also be quite calm and she is very trusting, turning to mush in your arms. Delta is very loving and adorable and would be perfect in any home where she gets lots of love and attention.= & medium sized.
Raven & Delta are with Adrienna at Nth Narrabeen.


RUFUS (m)  born 30/10/09

24/3/11 Rufus has been adopted by his foster carer Kathi in Petersham.
RUFUS (m): Rufus is a lovely big medium-haired champagne ginger tabby with white bib and paws, amber eyes and a fluffy tail. His fur is exquisitely soft with a dusky sheen and he loves to be brushed. Rufus is a gentle giant and a very contented boy. He is still young and playful, sociable, undemanding and well-behaved. He is happy to amuse himself. He doesn’t sit on laps and is a little cautious of people at first, however once he knows you he will roll over so that you can pat his super fluffy tummy. Rufus is very affectionate and loving with a big purr and a tiny meow..


BELLA (f) born 19/7/10  – great with children, dogs, cats, everybody

29/3/11 Bella has been adopted by Meg at Revesby Heights
Bella is a lovely Foxy blend female. She is wonderful with kids, adults, other dogs – big  and small and cats. Bella is always excited to see you and loves to play and will follow you everywhere. She is getting good at walking on the lead, has learnt to sit and stay and will come when called, even at an off leash park. She’s a little camera shy at present and her photos don’t do her justice.
Bella is a sweet natured, friendly girl who is looking for a home she can call her own.
Bella is with Megan in Granville


LEO(m) & RIGBY(m) renamed BERNIE & BASIL

19/03/11 Rigby and Leo have been adopted by Rachel from Loftus
Rigby & Leo– male tabbies , these two could be twins they are similar in personality as well as looks . they are both really smoochy and love as many cuddles as you are willing to give.
with Belinda in Sutherland.


MACKA Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever born Mar 2005

20/3/11 Macka has been adopted by Shannon at Kingswood

   Macka is a 6 yr old Cocker Spaniel / Golden Retriever, the size of a small Labrador, and is a lovely, playful boy. He gets on well with other dogs and doesn’t  seem fazed by cats. He loves to swim and jumped straight into the pool at his new foster home. Sadly, Macka was surrendered to the pound as his owner is terminally ill and couldn’t care for him any longer.
What a personality,  delightful Macka. Fully house trained, and some levels of obedience training (not that we are reinforcing his training). The minute he got out of the pound he was truly grateful and he has not let us out of his sight. Macka just longs for human contact. He is settling in extremely well, and now has his own lounge. Very very gentle boy. Does not bark, only at the door bell. Loves our other little dog. Very social at the dog park, and does not fuss or stress around other animals eg cats.
Loves swimming and walking and drives in the car.Active boy, although he is more than contented with one walk a day.  He eats very well.
Macka will make a great addition to any family. He is already trained (lead, obedience, house), is desexed, registered, chipped and vaccinated.
Macka is with Anne at Dural.


KNOX (m) born 19/12/10

9/3/11 Knox has been adopted by Michelle at Kingsford

Knox, born 19/12/10  is like a combination of his brothers. He loves his cuddles but also loves to play. He likes to lick your hand to death but also enjoys roughhousing with other dogs (and me). He’ll either be asleep in your arms, or climbing on your shoulders, licking your ears. He is also quite loud when he wants to be and will never be afraid to tell you when he wants something. No food in his bowl? He’ll let you know. No fun toys to keep him entertained? You’ll know. With that in mind, he is very easy to care for and loves getting lots of attention.
Knox is with Darren in Matraville.


ARIA now MINNIE & NOVA now TASHA (f) born 21/12/10 approx

5/3/11 Aria has been adopted by Jacqui at Mt Druitt
5/3/11 Nova has been adopted by Bronwyn at St Helens Park

7/2/11 These gorgeous girls are only 6 weeks old and appear to be German Shepherd blend. They will probably grow to be medium size with medium energy levels. They’ll require a reasonably active home and one that is capable of training them further, as they’ll need lead and house training (too young for that now). We have just taken them into care, where they’ll settle and learn good socialisation skills, both with dogs and people, so they can become happy, confident, well adjusted dogs. Both girls won’t be ready to go to their new homes until early March, but we are happy to take enquiries and  you are welcome to apply for their adoption.
They are with Darren in Matraville.


POPPY (f) chocolate Torti born April ’08 approx

02/03/11 Poppy has been adopted by Bernd from Oatley
Poppy was rescued from the pound with her 4 newborn kittens who sadly did not survive.. Poppy obviously had had a very tough life and was extremely thin. She was always smoochy though and loved a pat. She is only a small cat even after putting on weight with good food and care.
Poppy was with Anna-Marie in Merrylands who wrote….
Poppy came to us as a very timid and skinny little cat. With time and patience she has put on weight and is now healthy and bouncing around the house. She took some time to feel comfortable in her new surroundings but now enjoys curling up on the bed, watching the world from her perch on the windowsill and playing with her cat toys. She is a gorgeous dark chocolate tortoiseshell and always greets me at the door when I come home. She is shy around children and other adults and would be best suited to a quiet home without children. She enjoys every opportunity to play on the safely enclosed balcony and will sit placidly and take in the world. Poppy is a gorgeous cat and just needs a loving owner to provide her with a safe environment where she can continue to come out of her shell.
Poppy  has been tested for FIV/FeLV (Feline Aids and Feline Leukaemia) and has tested negative.
Poppy is with Jane in Narwee
POPPY was SPONSORED by Bill and Gillian from 1/8/10 for 12 months!
“Thank you for sponsoring me and helping with the costs of my care, whislt I am looking for my own forever home.
Love from Poppy & SPRA x x x “


MANGO (m)  Friendly & affectionate born 9/12/10 approx

20/2/11 Mango has been adopted by Zane & Rowena from Heathcote

Mango is a little cutie pie. He is very friendly and affectionate and loves playing with the other kittens.
He has ginger tabby striping with snow white paws
Mango is with Belinda in Sutherland

7/1/11 TOFFEE renamed TLULLA – female- (born 12/11/10)

20/02/11 Toffee has been adopted by Narelle from Woolaware

.Toffee is a very beautiful girl, very gentle nature and very friendly. She has lovely striking white & torti markings as a kitten , and she will also grow into a lovely looking cat. She has a nice temperament and seems very easy going.
Toffee is with Belinda in Sutherland



18/2/11  All 3 have been adopted by Kylie and Brett at Oyster Bay
SOOTIE was being SPONSORED by Alison from Moss Vale with the amount of $40 per month

Muffy(f) and Possum(f)are the best of friends who love to snuggle and play together.

Sootie and Possum are brother & sister & both have short easy care coats.
SOOTIE is a Black male with a white chest and is very smoochy.
POSSUM is a Black and white female who is friendly but a little shyer. They were rescued from a building site where yobbos were throwing things at them and threatening to poison them.
MUFFY was rescued from Death Row on the day she was to be euthanased at the pound. She is a very smoochy, pretty medium hair tabby and white girl with the most gorgeous fluffy tail.
All are very sweet and gentle cats, but considered special needs cats as they are very shy till they get to know you. They will need time and patience for you to win their trust, and are best suited to a quiet family with no young children or dogs.They are all litter trained and live indoors.
They have been in care with Michelle since rescued. She has fallen in love with them and found them very loving cats once they got over their shyness.
 Mar’09 – Big thanks to Joy who donated 1 Kg Container of Snappy Tom Dry Food and some tins of Dine cat food.which is greatly appreciated by Muffin, Possum, Sootie & Melody who send purrs and hugs x x x
Dec’08 – Grateful thanks to Annette from Cronulla who donated some Whiskas tinned adult food for Muffy Sootie and Possum. mmm Purrs and kisses from Muffy, Possum and Sootie x x x
 Oct’08-Another big thank you to Penny, Cris, Toby, Sparkle and Gemma for a new donation of Dine gourmet food. Yummy yum…..Purrs and hugs from Muffy, Possum and Sootie x x x
Another big thank you to Penny, Cris, Toby, Sparkle and Gemma for their very generous donaton of a box of Dine gourmet food. Toby, Sparkle and Gemma’s mum, Penny told us that they wouldn’t eat this gourmet food, and she didn’t want it to go to waste…..but we’re not sure we believe that story. This is our favourite food which we usually only get for treats!  Yum yum, bubble gum! We think Toby, Gemma and sparkle’s mum and dad are just too generous, and wanted to give us something special for our Xmas stockings!  Lots of hugs and kisses from Muffy, Possum and Sootie xoxoxo
A big thank you to Munchkin’s foster carers, Melissa & Troy, for a laser light pointer. – we have had lots of fun chasing it around with all the kittens.. hugs and purrs from Muffy, Possum and Sootie x x x


KELLY (f) born approx Dec 2004 – sweet & loving

20/2/11 Kelly has been adopted by Tony at Ambarvale

15/12/10  Kelly is 6 1/2 years young with a gorgeous white and cream short to medium coat. Kelly is an absolute delight to have, low to medium energy, people and dog friendly. She can be a little shy sometimes but doesn’t take long to warm up. Kelly is an angel to walk with on the lead, you wouldn’t know she was there, super light never pulls. She knows stop, sit, go at the curb and the command heel and shake. Kelly is super smart and loves to please, exceptionally easy to train.
She is learning about cats at the moment and is going well. Some adjectives to describe Kelly are as follows ; gentle, loving, sweet, loyal, playful, respectful, gorgeous. Just to name a few.
Kelly goes to the dog park several times a week and loves it, she plays fetch and even shares her favourite ball.
Kelly loves giving hugs and loves to receive belly scratches. She is house trained and she doesn’t bark when left alone. There’s no problem at dinner time, very respectful and will wait for her command to eat, same with bones and treats.
Loves going for rides in the car, and her walks. There’s not a bad thing I can say about her.A staff favourite at the pound. A true sweetheart!
Kelly is with Val at Campbelltown
A big thank you to Sally who donated $100 towards Kelly’s rescue. This will be used for a new bed and food for her. Grateful Woofs from Kelly x x x


CHINO (m) Maltese blend born Oct’05-very affectionate & gentle

19/2/11 Chino has been adopted by Graham & Louise of Narellan.

13/5/10  CHINO is a white Maltese blend He is microchipped, lifetime registered & desexed. .He is 4 1/2 years of age
Chino is a lovely, smoochy little man who loves cuddles and being with people. He gets on well with other dogs and is being house trained at present.

CHINO is with Anne in Dural who writes
Beautiful Little Chino….. So small but so much love. He is a small and gentle boy. Desexed. Very, very kind and loving. He is really good with children and other pets. He loves to snuggle up and needs to know you are near by. Very affectionate and well behaved. We are working on toilet training, but  he loves to be praised, so this will come too.
Chino is rather timid, and easily scared, he may have been mis-handled before being abandoned, therefore he needs lots of love and patience. Chino is a pure delight, and our family will miss him terribly when he goes forward to his next adventure.


COMET (m) born 7/11/10 approx

16/2/11 Comet has been adopted by Elicia at Seven Hills
16/12/10 Comet is only 6 weeks of age and is a gorgeous young man. He’s a real sweetie and loves doggy company and people of course.
8/2/11 “Comet is a very handsome and well mannered pup, now around 14 weeks old. His unique look gets him lots of attention and his independent personality has people laughing all the time. He is a good listener when he’s doing something he’s not supposed to be doing but, most of the time, Comet will do what Comet wants. However, that is by no means a bad thing, as Comet is incredibly well behaved. Most of the time, he will lay on one of his many blankets, and watch the world go by. In fact, wherever you put a blanket, he won’t be far behind.
Comet is extremely dog friendly and loves to have canine companions, though he also like his “quiet time” when he’s ready for his naps. He’s still being leash-trained but is progressing well, though I have to let him believe that he’s taking me for a walk most times. In the two months since Comet has been with me, he’s grown quite a bit (he’s all legs!), and he makes me laugh every day. He’s so full of personality and everyone who meets him falls in love with him completely.
Comet will be a medium sized dog but, considering how big I think he’ll be, he does not have high energy levels. Most of the time he likes to chill out and just let the world pass him by (or collect his toys and put them under his blanket), where he tries to build a fort. He loves meeting new people and dogs and is perfect off-leash already (and he loves the water too). This little pup will suit anyone who’s looking for a truly unique dog.”
Comet is with Darren in Matraville


SUKIE (f) born 4/6/10 approx – loves tummy tickles

12/2/11 Sukie is being adopted by Anita her foster carer
Rescued 4/12/10 at 6 months old Sukie is a Great Dane blend (possibly Kelpie). Sukie is a sweet girl and a fast learner. She is great on the lead, good with other dogs, loves getting treats and rolling on her back to get tummy tickles. She would be a great family dog and would love to be in a family with another dog that she can run around play with.. Sukie will probably grow to a smaller than normal Great Dane size.
Sukie is with Adrienna in Nth Narrabeen


ARAMIS (m) Renamed MONTY born 19/3/10 approx – loves cuddles

17/2/11 Aramis has been adopted by Natalie at Tamworth

Aramis is a Wolfhound blend who is approx 10 mths old. He’s extremely sweet natured (as are all Wolfhounds), isn’t fazed by much, is obedient, great with other dogs and loves cuddles. He knows how to sit on command and as we have just taken him into care, will be making sure he’s lead trained and house trained. As he’s now mostly fully grown, he is a large size dog, but not huge, and will require a moderate level of exercise. Wolfhounds are very placid dogs with medium energy levels . Centuries ago, Wolfhounds stayed in the castle’s to protect the children and were often seen in the family portraits. Only kings and noblemen were allowed to own such a great breed of dog. If you are looking for a loyal, sweet, loving dog, then Aramis is your boy.
Aramis is with Kate at Strathfield


7/1/11 ABBY – female – dark torti – approx 7 weeks (born 19/11/10)

5/02/11 Abby has been adopted by Matthew from Annandale.

Abby seeks attention and follows us everywhere we go, meowing loudly if she can’t find anyone to pay her some attention. She is extremely friendly and affectionate, she will make a great companion.
Abby is with Belinda in Sutherland


MAXWELL (m) renamed MAXIE bobtailed smoochy boy Born approx Feb’07

2/2/11 Maxwell has been adopted by Laurelle of West Pymble

Maxwell is a very handsome, smoochy, bob tailed boy, possibly a Manx cat.  He is short haired and was born approx Feb’07. He is dark Tabby & white and was wearing a blue collar when found, but his owner never came to rescue him from Death Row. He is  very smoochy and just loves attention.

He is quite happy to wear a harness and lead, he is very relaxed and laid back. He is a smoochy boy and loves to give you lots of head rubs. His funny little purr sounds strange coming from such a big cat. Although he is not a lapcat he does like to lie next to you for a cuddle. He liked to play chase with a  previous kitten friend. If she happened to be just sitting around not doing anything and Maxwell wanted to play, he just tore around everywhere making the funniest noises until she joined in. He is such a beautiful cat, with his gorgeous tiger stripes, snow white leggings and white paws.
Maxwell is not suitable to be with boisterous or overly affectionate children. He is not happy if confined to a small space eg inside a Unit but would need to be indoors in a house where he has lots of room to run around and explore, with possibly another cat or kitten as a playmate.
10/11/10 Maxwell has tested FIV negative

Aug’09- Thank you to a kind person for their donation to Jenny to buy me food, -headbutts and purrs from Maxwell x x x
June’10 – Many thanks to Puss ‘n’ Boots Boarding Cattery who is generously providing subsidised boarding for Maxwell till a foster carer becomes available  664 Old Northern Rd,Dural NSW 2158  (02) 9651 1401
June’10 Many thanks to Lanis from Dubbo who is generously contributing to Maxwell’s boarding costs- smoochy kisses from Maxwell x x x


CHARLIE born 4/10/10 approx

29/01/11 Charlie has been adopted by Ashley from Sutherland

Rescued 29/11/10 from Death Row- Belinda writes –
currently with Belinda in Sutherland
Thank you to Victoria for her kind donation of $50 which supplied Belinda with food and litter for Charlie & her other foster kittens.


Sylvester (m) born Aug’05 – Mr Personality

Sylvester is being adopted by Nicky, his foster carer.

Sylvester is a very handsome, sleek black and white cat with bags of ‘catittude’! This is one cat who is truly Mr. Personality – his foster carer absolutely adores him and he’s going to make someone the most super family or companion cat. As is the case with a lot of rescue animals, Sylvester is often desperate to please and, at times,  he can be quite demanding of attention. His foster carer has been using some simple training techniques and Sylvester’s behaviour has improved no end, but his new owner will need to be committed to continuing to reinforce these to ensure Sylvester doesn’t start to slip back into his old ways.
Sylvester is a hugely affectionate and very sociable boy who loves nothing better than getting a big cuddle – and to show you how much he loves you, he’ll put his arms around your neck and give you cat-kisses back! He is very much involved in family-life – in fact, Sylvester likes to know exactly what everyone is up to, and he makes it his business to come and check on where you are. He gets on well with other cats, is tolerant of dogs (provided they leave him alone) and is also extremely patient with our foster-carer’s baby…no aggression shown even when his ears or tail are being pulled very hard!  As Sylvester is so sociable, he would be better suited to a home where he is not on his own for long periods. As we said before, as he loves giving and receiving a fuss, he’d make an ideal family indoor/outdoor cat.


PEPSI (f) & STARR (f) born 10/11/10 approx

28/1/11 Pepsi has been adopted by Samantha from Werrington

23/12/10 Pepsi has only been with us for less than a day but already we’re starting to figure her out. She’s definitely the bossier of the two pups, but she loves hugs and kisses. She’s very playful and has already taken to her rope… which she lets her sister play with too.
Pepsi looks like she is carrying the confidence of five dogs and isn’t afraid of much… except for high pitched whistling, which doesn’t go too well when you’re trying to grab her attention for photo shots! She will be learning how to walk on a lead in a couple of weeks, as well as being housetrained, and socialised. She’s a very friendly pup with a playful personality.26/1/11 Starr has been adopted by Laura from Wentworthville
23/12/10 Starr hasn’t been with us long but she’s already showing a lot of affection. She’s not shy towards people, and loves a good cuddle, but she is the quieter of the two pups. She’s a little gentler than her sister and likes to play at her own pace, and adores rubs on the tummy.
Starr will no doubt love you for life if you let her be your lap dog, as she loves to be near people and feel safe. For two young pups that were abandoned, she is doing extremely well, and is a great listener. She will be learning how to walk on a lead in a couple of weeks, as well as being housetrained, and socialised. She’s a very friendly pup with a playful personality..

THELMA & LOUISE born 11/10/10 approx

22/01/2011 Thelma and Louise have been adopted by Anne from Mosman

Rescued 29/11/10 from Death Row. Belinda writes –
Thelma & Louise are with Rachel in Hurstville

Nov 2010-Our grateful thanks to Margaret for her donation of Breeders Choice and kitten food to Belinda for all 6 kittens- purrs from all of us x x x


KATIE –  approx 4yrs old

21/01/2011 Katie has been adopted by Natalie of Randwick
Katie is adorable and is a small dainty little girl. She’s extremely affectionate – a true lap-cat if ever I saw one. She loves to be petted and will nuzzle up against you if she feels like she’s not had her fix of pats for the day. Personality wise Katie is more like a dog than a cat, she’s loyal and loving.
She’s still very playful (like a kitten) and has not really grown beyond the size she was when first fostered. She’s a big eater and she loves her food.
Big thanks to Candace and John from Balmain,  for their kind donation of $150 towards Katie’s food and care.


SQUID (m)  Foxy blend, a gorgeous little boy

16/1/11 Squid has been adopted by Jacqueline & Dan at South Coogee

2/11/10 SQUID is white & tan fox terrier blend pup & is just 4 months of age. He is a gorgeous natured little man…full of life and ready to bring lots of love and happiness into your life.
Darren writes – Squid gets nicknamed Tailspin or Roflcopter because his tail is always wagging. Whether you’re sitting calmly or playing hard, his tail is always spinning happily. He’s very excitable and loves to play. He’s big on cuddles but, as a puppy, is still being taught not to nip. So far it seems he is house-trained. He responds well to treats and seems to be a very quick learner. He already knows how to sit and roll-over, and I’m sure will easily pick up anything else he’s taught. His favourite place in the house is the kitchen and his favourite word is “snack.” A beautiful, small dog, with a big personality. He loved playing with Titan who has just been adopted
Squid is with Darren in Matraville

SATURN (f) born 22/11/09 approx

10/01/11 Saturn has been adopted by Alexander from Hornsby

Saturn was  rescued from Death Row on 22/11/10
Saturn is a lovely friendly mum, her kitten has been adopted and Saturn is now looking for her very own special family. She has  medium hair and is chocolate/black in colour and is a very pretty girl.

Saturn is staying with Stephanie in Marsfield


FOX (f) born 4/10/10

13/1/11 Fox has been adopted by Janine at Matraville
20/12/10 – Fox (f) is a gorgeous Staffy blend 11 week old pup who has been hand raised since 10 days old, due to being dumped in the bush.. Her siblings are Nala & Kovu, also listed.
Fox is good with other dogs, big & small. She’s also great with kids, and is house trained. Fox is a little timid at the moment, having just been separated from her siblings, but she is a sweet natured girl, who is loyal and wants to be a part of a family. Fox will be starting lead training soon and has basic manners already.
Fox is with Barbara in Kentlyn.


CADBURY (m) (renamed RAJ)  friendly & adorable

09/01/11 Cadbury has been adopted by Maureen from Bass Hill
Cadbury is a friendly Ginger shorthair.
Cadbury is with Debora in Zetland who says –
Cadbury is a delightful, adorable boy and we already love him. He is a vocal cat who loves talking to you and to himself
He is very affectionate, loves to be cuddled and enjoys pretending to stalk and catch the fish in the pond. He socialises well with our other cats, has a cordial relationship with the toy poodle and will happily follow you everywhere
10/11/10 Cadbury has tested FIV negative


KOVU (m) born 4/10/10 (renamed Tunza)

8/1/11 Kovu has been adopted by Jason at Woolloomooloo
20/12/10 – Kovu is a sweet Staffy blend boy, who along with his siblings Nala & Fox, has been hand raised since 10 days old, due to being dumped in the bush. Kovu is 11 weeks old, has been wormed and vaccinated and is ready to find a forever home. This little man is house trained and is currently being lead trained. He’s great with other dogs, big and small and is learning about cats.
He’s very healthy and as you can see, gorgeous. He has a sweet nature and is also great with kids.
Kovu is with Kate in Strathfield




5/1/11 – Lucky has been adopted by Rachel in Loftus

Lucky was found abandoned in a car tyre at 6wks old.

Luckily a kind lady rescued him and he has now found his very own home.



3-1-11  Mitzi has been adopted by Lisa from Bathurst

Mitzy – black & white – female – approx 5 weeks when rescued on 4/12/10, she is also adorable and she has a little chunky body with a real thick luscious coat (short hair), she also loves to have a smooch and has settled in really well,
Mitzy is with Belinda in Sutherland