DAVY & BENJY born 25/7/09 – friendly & independent

25/9/15 Davey and Benjy have been adopted by their foster carer Michelle T

Looking for  a couple of handsome boys?
DAVY is a handsome little boy, he has a black mask, back and tail, but is pure white on the rest of his body.
BENJY has a cute white face, tummy and paws and has lovely ginger tabby markings on back, head and tail.

These boys are an absolute bundle of joy to have in our home; they play, contentedly enjoy pats and have a wonderful temperament. Both are always friendly, love playing together and cuddling on a daily basis. They have no major medical issues, are trained to use litter trays and are well behaved. They will suit a family, including those with young children or even a single household – they have never shown any type of aggression, and became quickly affectionate after just a couple of days of settling in. The way they enjoy each others company and groom each other is heart warming!  There are never enough cute moments with these two and any adoptive family taking these two on board will fall head over heels for their fun antics and loving natures.


ALLIE born Sept 2011- sweet, affectionate  & gentle

 26/07/15 Allie has been adopted by Anne and family from Turramurra.

Allie is a shorthaired pretty tabby torti.  When rescued, she only looked about 6mths old although the vet estimated she was 18mths. She was so thin and her hips protruded badly. She only weighed about 2.5 kgs but as you can see from  the above photos she has put on weight and  is now in good health
Allie has tested negative to FIV/FLV.

Allie was found to be pregnant and gave birth on 19 September 2013 to 2 kittens. Jemima (dark torti)  and Pippa (Black/White) who have now been adopted.

Allie is a very sweet, gentle, cuddly little girl, gorgeous & affectionate natured. She is quite petite, not much larger than her kittens. She is very easy to handle.
Allie is fine when travelling in a car inside her carrier.

She is now looking for her furever home.  The family that adopts her will be very lucky.

Jade Jnr born approx 22/11/08

1/7/15 Jade Jnr has been adopted by her foster carer, Dina.

Jade Jnr – Female – White with grey cap and two large grey spots on her back. She has a lovely long tabby tail. Jade is the elegant lady. She loves a game, her specialty is hide and seek!

August 2012-Update from Meryl – Jade is very sweet and ladylike.  Jade & Jasper both have incredibly good natures.

They have a lot of energy and both really enjoy playing – their favorite toy is a dangled shoe lace!
They both love a cuddle, and to sit as close as possible to you on the sofa or bed and snuggle up to you.  Jade will playfully swipe at you with a paw if you should dare to pass by without stroking her!
Whilst Jasper is a very talkative little boy, and greets you with a constant chatter, Jade does not meow at all. Instead she makes a funny little grunting noise to talk, which is very sweet.

Jade will make a lovely pet for someone who will love her and give her lots of love and attention. She is energetic so will appreciate a large living area with plenty to keep her amused and with things to climb. She is suitable for a home without dogs or small children

Click here to watch a YouTube of Jasper and Jade as kittens.


SUGAR & SPICE born 11/12/12 approx

9/4/15 Sugar & Spice have been adopted by their foster carer Amy

5/2/13  These cute sisters were rescued at approx 8weeks old.




Sugar (charcoal tabby)- very affectionate, placid and friendly natured. She is a sweet little thing who loves attention and gets along well with young children.


Spice (silver and white tabby)- placid and friendly natured. She is a quiet little girl who enjoys cuddles and would be more suited to a quieter environment.

June 2013 Sugar and Spice certainly have developed their own personalities since they have been with us. They were a little shy at first but have really come out of their shells.
Sugar, typically, was the first to come out and explore and she has been the more curious sister ever since. She gives you a little meow to see what you are up to every now and then. She is in love with shoelaces, so their new owners will need to factor in extra time for getting their shoes on in the morning! She has such a majestic way of sitting on the couch and very much enjoys watching the TV, especially nature programs where she tries to hunt whatever appears on the screen.

 Spice was the shy girl at first, but my goodness has that changed! She has the cutest way of climbing on the back of the couch and rubbing her face against the side of your face. She seems to get into the funniest positions for cuddles – her latest is around our necks like a scarf! She loves to groom her sister and will also happily groom her human owners too – many a time we have had her try and lick our hair or face.

Sugar and Spice would be perfect homed together as they are best friends who really love to play, snuggle with and groom each other. They really are the perfect pair– very loving and cuddly, and would be perfect for any home.

They are located in Kensington

GRACIE (born May 2010) + daughter Dandelion (f) born 5/11/11

 March 2015 Gracie & Dandelion have been adopted by their foster carer Kathi in Petersham

Nov 2011 Gracie and her 4 newborn kittens were rescued from the pound. Rose, Honeysuckle and Jonah have been adopted.
Oct 2013 Gracie (female – desexed), born approx. May 2010, is a petite and pretty short-haired tabby/tortoiseshell. She is shy and cautious with visitors but gentle and relaxed with people she knows. Gracie is bright and independent and able to amuse herself but she is also very affectionate: she will sit by you on the lounge, sleep on your bed and enjoy smooches on your lap in the evening. Gracie has been a delightful foster cat and a charming companion. She would love a gentle and patient family of her own. Being a dominant cat (surprising for such a petite little thing) she would be happiest with few other cats in the household.

Oct 2013 Dandelion (female-desexed 4/4/12), born Nov 2011, is a short-haired ginger and white tabby with a lovely thick spotted coat. She is a quirky and independent little cat, going about her business with confidence and attitude. She is very shy with people and you will have to win her trust with patience and understanding. That said, she now sits on the lounge with me, sleeps on the bed, asks for pats and can be handled perfectly well so I know she has potential. Dandelion absolutely loves her mum Gracie – they have crazy chasing time together, groom each other and snuggle up together when sleeping. Dandelion’s perfect home would be in a small quiet family, with her mum Gracie if possible and no other cats.

They are located in Petersham

25/7/13 Gracie is being sponsored by Kylie@ $40 per month

Many thanks to CD for a generous Christmas donation of $200. grateful purrs and hugs from Gracie, Dandelion & Jonah