Leaving a bequest in your will

Including a bequest in your will is one way to continue your support. You may find the following words helpful for inclusion in your will. However, it is important to see your legal advisor before you do so.

On behalf of our rescued pets, we thank you for your support. Your donation will help us to save more lives.

For your gift to Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption we recommend the following wording for your legal adviser’s consideration:

“I give, free of all duties and taxes

the whole of my estate,

or ______% of my estate, or

the residue of my estate (or ___% of the residue of my estate), or

the sum of $ _______, or

my units/shares in ___________________ Trust/Ltd, or

my real property situated at [insert street address] having the title
reference _________________,

to: Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption Inc.
80 Tara Street,

The receipt of the treasurer, secretary or public officer for the time being of ‘Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption Inc.’ is an absolute discharge to my executor.”

Every life is precious to us. We have a no kill policy.