SHELBY (1-2yrs old) + kittens born 2/11/08

SHELBY (mum) is a dark tabby with white feet and chest. She was surrendered to a pound 3/11/08 with kittens born the day before – 2/11/08
Unfortunately only 2 kittens survived- Shelby is between 1-2yrs old as at Nov’08
Shelby has been adopted by her foster carer  Ruth in Miranda

Her kittens, 1 blue/white(m) – HARRY, and 1 silver tabby(f) – SABRINA have been adopted via Steve Cooney at the Maroubra Junction Vet Clinic Ph: 9349 8662 as part of the Whiskas cat adoption program.


ABBY renamed Pippy Longstocking – 1 of Gypsy’s kittens


Champagne , Abby is a little timid but is coming around and is the most curious of the litter.
28/12/09 Pippy has been adopted by Kathryn and family from Hunters Hill.


SASHA- 1 of Gypsy’s kittens

.Long hair silver tabby- very stunning looking girl and very friendly. She likes to play with her sisters and loves mum, still a little timid but like them all they are coming around and becoming friendlier each day.
21/12/09 Sasha has commenced her adoption trial with Lee and Senia from Pymble




Jewel was rescued with her siblings Gem, Meg and Saphire and is the first one to be adopted.
Jewel is a bit of the odd one out. She is a long haired dark tortoiseshell (black & cream) and has a very unique stripe on her face which makes her look adorable. She’s the shyer kitten of the bunch but nothing a little TLC won’t take care of. She was born 6/10/09
17/12/09 Jewel has been adopted by Helen from Exeter


PEDRITA (f) – very affectionate

This little girl is super friendly and affectionate. She loves the company of other cats and would make a wonderful addition to your family and as a mate to your other cats. Pedrita was born approx 26/4/09
14/12/09 Pedrita has been adopted by May in Birrong


JOE (m) born approx 10/3/09

Joe was found abandoned at 8 weeks old by a caring person.

“My name is Joe and as you can see from my photos I am one handsome dude. I am a slender ginger and white kitten with a very long tail. I like a kiss and cuddle and will give you a loving head butt sometimes when you do this, but not always. I am a playful boy who loves other cats, so I must go to a home with another cat who will like to play with me. I cannot be an only cat as I find that I get very bored and can get up to mischief. I would be best suited to a home without children or with older children as young children frighten me a little.”
13/12/09 Joe has been adopted by Bridget from Redfern


MEZ (f) born 3/10/08

2/11/09- MEZ is a small long haired blue-grey girl with ginger whiskers around her nose and a white tummy.  Sue says – Mez is very beautiful but was rather shy on her first day with me. She is very underweight at 395g and we think she has not eaten for a few days.  She wouldn’t suck from a bottle but I managed to drip some formula into her mouth and I could hear her swallow.
She is named Mez after the lovely lady who rescued her.
3/11/09- This morning Mez ate a little from her bowl and drank some water.  She didn’t mind too much when I bathed her and although she didn’t purr she relaxed enough to come out of her towel and look around when in my lap (after bath). This evening little Mez has finally started eating.  She has stopped hiding and now is calling constantly for company. She is only happy when on my lap. She will make a loving companion for a lucky family when she is a little older and stronger..
12/12/09 Mez has been adopted by Anita and Mark from Redfern


PRINCESS ISABELLA(Bella)  Purebred White /Seal Point Himalayan Persian

Princess Isabella is an adorable 18mths old female Purebreed White /Seal Point Himalayan Persian with papers.
Bella is an indoor cat, very affectionate and cuddly and gets along with children and other cats. She loves affection, cuddles and sleeping with you on the bed. Loves playing with her toys and being brushed. She has a beautiful long hair coat which needs to be brushed regularly to be kept free of tangles. Her eyes need to be cleaned regularly as well.
Bella is extremely affectionate and placid and her new owner will be a very lucky person.. She needs an owner who can spend quality time with her and attend to her grooming faithfully.
12/12/09 Princess Isabella has been adopted by Melissa from Bondi Junction


LULU smoochy tabby girl

Lisa writes:-
Lulu is a beautiful de-sexed 3 year old shorthaired tabby & white cat with snow white paws. She was initially shy when came into our home. Now she is coming out of her shell & we are seeing a beautiful, affectionate & chatty cat.
Lulu loves to be hugged and stroked and will sit with you for cuddles all day. She makes cute sounds when you play with her and she is a very loud purrer. Lulu eats well and is house & litter trained.
She has been an inside cat since being with my family but we are now starting to take her outside on a cat lead.
I would recommend this beautiful, friendly cat to any household. She is great with children – mine are 11 & 9, she would also suit a single person or an elderly couple. As long as you have the time to cuddle her she will be your friend for life. She is good with other cats as well, having lived with two others before here.
Lulu would bless any home and steal your heart with her abundance of affection.
Lulu is vaccinated, flea/worm treated and tested negative to Feline Aids and Leukemia
10/12/09 Lulu has been adopted by Kim and family from Glenmore Park
Thanks to Shelley from Lane Cove who donated 1 bag breeder’s choice, new bed, Litter tray, Pre-loved scratching stand for LuLu- lots of hugs and purrs from Lulu x x x


STANLEY born 8/10/09

Stanley was found inside a cardboard box dumped outside a house in the hot sun. He was very lucky to be rescued in time.
Stanley is just lovely, very friendly and loves cuddles up on and around your neck and he snuggles into you every chance he gets. He has settled in very quickly and doesn’t seem to mind being on his own but is very keen to be with us when we get home.
09/12/08 Stanley has been adopted by Julia and family from Dee Why and has a new doggy friend also 


MITCH gentle ginger boy

Mitch’s owner unfortunately passed away rather suddenly after been diagnosed with cancer for only about a month.  So Mitch is looking for a new family to love and care for him. Mitch is a wonderful cat, very well behaved, very gentle, would suit any living arangement. He is roughly about 5 years old, de-sexed and up to date with his vaccination. Mitch is also microchipped. He would be ideal for a family or single person who does not want to cope with a playful kitten.
7/12/09 – Mitch has found a lovely new home through Croydon Park Vet.


SHEEN (f) green eyed Black female cat

SHEEN is a beautiful, large black female cat with hypnotic green eyes who was rescued from Death Row by a foster carer. She is all black with just a touch of white on her chest. She was born approx March ’05. She has a short easy care coat.
Sheen is a quiet, affectionate girl, but a little shy until she gets to know you. She is used to living as an indoor cat with another cat and loves getting lots of attention. She would be happy with one other cat for company.
She likes going outside in her enclosed back yard.

She will need patience and some time to settle into a new place as she gets startled by strange new noises. We would give an extended trial period to allow for this.

06/12/09 Sheen has been adopted by Barrie and Mitzy from Neutral Bay


EDWARD silver tabby (Katie’s kitten)

Mum Katie was rescued just in the nick of time, only days before she gave birth.to 7 beautiful kittens on 25/9/09.
EDWARD is a silver tabby, he has blue eyes at the moment but will probably change later on.
 20/11/09 Edward has been adopted by Lyn from Oakville



LEO (m) renamed CHAMPERS

30/7/09 – LEO was rescued today from Death Row, he is an absolutely stunning Champagne & White, medium hair boy, very affectionate and friendly. Loves cuddles and is good with other cats! He was born approx July’07
His carer says “Leo is a lovely cat, probably one of the friendliest cats I’ve come across. He will make a great family pet.
He jumped straight out the cat carrier as soon as I let him out in ‘his’ bedroom when we got home. Showed no fear or nervousness and hasn’t hidden away at all.  Eating and drinking well.  Happily settles down on the bed and jumps up for a fuss whenever you go in the room.
His coat is in need of grooming and he will be even more handsome when he is cleaned and brushed. He will need regular grooming to keep his looking his best.
06/12/09 Leo has been adopted by Axel and Linda from Constitution Hill



Princess has become the surrogate mother to 3 male black and white orphan kittens named Benny, Johnny and Panda. who were born approx 18/9/09. She has accepted them all straight away into her family and is looking after all her babies very well. She is a wonderful mother!!
Benny, Johnny & Panda were surrendered to Sydney Pet Rescue when they were just days old after being found on a building site. The building site owner was threatening to drown them when they were rescued and brought to us. They had been hand raised to keep them alive and healthy by Simone and Sue two of our fantastic foster carers. It must be fate… how lucky we were that our darling Princess had one unexpected kitten, and so all of a sudden had a milk supply, enough to support our poor orphan babies.
02/12/09 Johnny has been adopted by Brad and family from Theresa Park


PETAL – Blue mum with 5 kittens born 20/9/09- Ricki, Rose, Primrose(Violet), Sturt (Max) and Daisy(Miley

Gorgeous Mum Petal       (Sturt) Max (m) on left  & Ricki (m)

 (Daisy) Miley (f)                                       (Primrose)Violet                        Rose

Petal is improving really well, after the first week she has been with us she looks amazing, she now has a shiny coat, no fleas and bright eyes, she has also put on lots of weight and is not so skinny, though still has a little way to go. She is feeding all 5 kittens really well. Her new name is Petal and she is soooo affectionate, she purrs and loves cuddles, she is really friendly and should easily fit in with a new family. She is very sleek and pretty too with her golden eyes. She is approx 12mths old.

Her little kittens are just adorable. Their names are Rose, Daisy, Primrose, Sturt and Ricki. (flower children!) 2 boys & 3 girls.
6/12/09 Petal and Ricki(m silver blue) have been adopted by Wendy and Antoine from Clontarf
28/11/09 – 2 steel blues  Daisy(f)(now Miley) and Sturt(m)(now Max) have been adopted by Kim from Mascot
14/11/09 – 2 Blue/Grey girls- Rose & Primrose(now Violet) have  been adopted by  Sarah in Kellyville


MOLLY-ANNE (f) friendly & affectionate renamed MOLLY


Molly-Anne was micro-chipped and waiting on Death Row for her owner to collect her, but  they never came. She is a  lovely friendly girl with a Black & white short haired fur coat and long white whiskers. She is 7yrs old and would be ideal for a person who does not want to cope with a lively kitten.

28/11/09 Molly Anne has been adopted by Kathryn from Leichhardt.
Aug’09-Thank you to a kind person for their donation to Jenny which will buy me some food – headbutts and purrs from Molly-Anne x x x



Pretty PENNY & her 6 kittens born 15/9/09Esky, Pepper,Harry, Cricket, Snoopy, Pepsi(Merlin)

Penny is absolutely delightful, very relaxed and content. She was rescued, pregnant, from Death Row. Penny loves snuggles and  attention. She is an incredible Mum! she and her bubs are doing fine. She is very pretty and has very unusual eyes, one greeny golden eye and one blue eye.
We think that Penny may be a British White, she has pink pads and is pure white with different colour eyes. She does not seem to be deaf as she reacts to noises and is starting to come when being called for her food
Pennys 6 kittens born 15/9/09 are all gorgeous, (2 black, 2 blue, 2white), they are approx 2 1/2 weeks old in the photo and are just starting to wiggle around, very cute.
White ears and pink noses are susceptible to skin cancer from repeated exposure to strong sun, so Mumma and her white kittens are best suited as indoor cats
14/11/09 Esky(white m) and Pepper(black f) have been adopted by Hayley and Atif from Cringila
14/11/09 Harry(white,grey stripe on head m) has been adopted by  Lei from Annandale
15/11/09 Cricket f and Snoopy m (2 blues) have been adopted by Amanda from Wangi Wangi
15/11/09 Pepsi (black m) has been adopted by Selina from Gosford & renamed MERLIN
20/11/09 Penny has been adopted by Sascha from Woollahra


BILL(m) born 8/9/09 renamed WILL


BILL is a handsome dark tabby boy born approx 8/9/09
Lil (f) and Bill (m) were rescued by a lovely family after being abandoned in a park
14/11/09 Bill has been adopted by Trish and family from South Windsor


MOWZER born 6/10/08 approx

Such a handsome friendly little boy! Has a lovely black & white medium haired fur coat, really soft. likes to sit back and watch what’s going on. Good strong purrs! He was described as “very gorgeous” in the pound.  Mowzer and Phoebe spent a lot of time together and slept next to each other.  Phoebe has been adopted and now Mowzer is looking forward to finding his own special family.

14/11/09 – Mowzer has been adopted by Sarah Jayne from Freshwater


LUKE born 11/4/08

Luke was  born approx 11/4/08 is a very cute black and white little boy …Just look at that face,
Luke loves a bit of a game and loves his food. He was rescued from Death Row with his 2 brothers Carl and Robbie who have been adopted. Can you offer him a loving home?

14/11/09 – Luke has been adopted by his foster carer, Daniela, from Russell Lea


PRINCE (m) lovely friendly boy

Prince is a gorgeous friendly boy with a stunning medium hair grey & white coat. He is approx 12-18 months old as at 12/8/09 Loves cuddles! The pound staff thought he was terrific.

08/11/09 Prince has been adopted by Catherine from Yagoona
Aug’09-Thank you to a kind person for their donation to Jenny which will buy me some food – headbutts and purrs from Prince x x x




Little battler- FANTA born 13/8/09

Fanta is the sole survivor from a litter of 4 orphan kittens that were less than week old with their eyes not even open. Fanta was bigger and stronger than the other three. Despite our best efforts, hand feeding 2-3 hourly around the clock, the other 3 did not make it.

20Aug’09 – Here is little FANTA, he has now progressed to a bottle which is great news.
26Aug’09 – Fanta is progressing well, he loves his bottle & purrs all the time. He now weighs 225g & has become very playful-he is a little fighter.

20Sep’09 –  Fanta is growing really well.  This morning he was 597g (5 weeks old last thurs) so is ahead of milestones for weight,  physical skills are a little behind, perhaps because he is not honing his skills with other kittens.  He is trying to play rough house with me, Pepe, his doggie soft toy (poor little boy, he really misses having a sibling I think).  Today he was practicing fast running and looking big and scary (even tiny spitting – too funny!).  He is slowly discovering his toys.
He is an outgoing, active, inquisitive little boy.  When awake he likes to be out of his pen and playing with Pepe the dog – who I think he sees as mum as Pepe used to look after him and clean him when he was little.  He certainly knows his own mind and will meow loudly if he doesn’t get his own way!

Fanta is growing into a real little cutie as you can see from these photos. He needed a lot of coaxing to start being weaned from his bottle but on 22Sep he finished his first small dish of kitten food. He still loved his bottle as well and now weighs 608g which is a good weight for his age.

1 Oct’09 Fanta is now 7weeks old and we are taking adoption enquiries to find him his purrfect new home. So if you think he is the one to join your family, please send us your cat match form.

1Nov’09 – Here is Fanta with his good mate Pepe, they are great friends and love playing together.

04/11/09 Fanta has been adopted by Nolene from Robina on the Gold Coast

Thank you to Heather who has donated a kitten scratching stand for Fanta- purrs from Fanta x x x




REGINA renamed KAYAH -Cream Burmese X mum born Feb’08

REGINA (approx 12mths Feb’09) is a lovely Burmese X rescued at the last minute from Death Row with her 4 young kittens.Sugar, Peaches, Frankie & Barbie who were born on 16/1/09. She was a little underweight from neglect, but is now getting lots of TLC so will soon be looking even more gorgeous. Regina is a very sweet girl and is learning to trust people again.  She is approx 12mths old so is not much more than kitten herself.  All her kittens have found new homes.

On 28/2/09 Regina was also being a surrogate mum to little 2wks old Ollie.and also Shans kittens Jordy, Midnight & Minty rescued in March.
30/10/09- Regina has been adopted  by her foster carer Trevor from Croydon Park
Feb’09 – Grateful thanks to Samantha from Greenwich for her donation of much needed Royal Canin Baby Cat food with some toys -Regina and her kittens send lots of purrs and kisses x

Feb’09 – Many thanks to Anne-Marie from Randwick for her kind donation of kitten food, litter trays, scoops and toys & $15 toward purchase of Whiskas pouches – lots of purrs and kisses from Regina and her kittens x





Rocky (m)   Rita (f)
We rescued  a litter of 3 newborns (Rita, Diesel & Rocky) born on 17 September from the pound and they were fostered by Meg who’s own kittens had died. Meg became their loving foster mum, and has now found a home of her own.
They are all very gentle, playful and have sweet natures.  They love their toys and are very creative with their games.
Rocky is a bit of a talker and calls out when he has had enough of the holding pen and wants out. Then they all have great fun chasing each other all around the place.
Rita is a sweetie and loves cuddles, whenever she sees me she moves towards me (with her back arched) ready for some loving.  She is very girly and takes her leads from the boys.
Rita & Rocky are now with Charlie  and have settled in well and have been chasing each other around the place.
27/10/09 – Rita and Rocky have been adopted by their foster carer Charlie in Fairlight
Feb’09 – Thank you to Rita for her kind donations of Iams kitten food for Rita, who has kindly shared it with her brother Rocky. purrs and kisses from Rita and Rocky x x .



BOBBY super friendly, cute & affectionate boy


Bobby is a super friendly, very affectionate boy approx 12 months old. He Would make a great family companion. He loves other cats. He is healthy and soo cute, everyone simply loves him. He has a solid body with a strong head,and a handsome striped tabby short hair coat.

25/10/09 Bobby has been adopted by Mary from Granville



BASIL sweet tabby boy

Basil is a sweet kitten that was rescued by a kind person who saw him sitting lost and confused on the side of the street. Basil, from the day he arrived at his foster carer’s home, showed lots of love and is a bundle of inquisitive energy. Basil loves to watch the birds from the safety of his home and plays endlessly with his toys. Basil would make a perfect companion to either a single person or a family and he is also used to other cats.Basil has striking tabby markings and a pretty little face. He loves long naps on a human lap and is happy to sit back and watch TV with his human companion for hours on end.

16/10/09 – Basil has been adopted by his foster carers Karen & James in Roseville


CAESAR & CLEO  born 10/10/08 approx

Caesar and Cleo were part of an abandoned litter of 6 kittens sitting on Death Row. They are siblings to Connie and Mitch, Maddie (Kitstar) & Monica who have all been adopted.
Caesar and Cleo are the best of mates. They love playing and sleeping together and would miss each other if separated.
Cleo has lovely silver tabby markings with white chest and feet. Caesar is mostly white with tabby markings, he has a white nose which is susceptible to sunburn which can lead to skin cancer so he is best kept mainly indoors and not exposed to strong sunlight. They are both super friendly and love cuddles! They play hide and seek with each other – and are getting pretty good at soccer with their ping pong balls! But at the end of the day, they love to snuggle up with you on the couch and have their tummies rubbed.

16/10/09 – Cleo and Ceaser have been adopted by their foster carer Keira from Dulwich Hill


ROSIE – friendly & very affectionate Black/White mum

ROSIE & her 3wks old kittens were rescued from Death Row.  Her kittens were born approx 13/4/08 and all have been adopted. Her photos don’t do her justice, she is such a dainty, pretty little girl when you see her.She is mostly black with a white chin and whiskers,white chest and toes, and just look at those eyes..
Rosie is a very petite gentle girl with the softest fur. She has the most striking golden eyes and loves lots of attention & cuddles. She likes being with other cats and loves to groom them and cuddle up with them so would love a home with some friendly playmates.
16/10/09 – Rosie has been adopted by her foster carer Leslie from Central coast


EMMA DAISY (f) – Sweet Dalmatian X

Emma Daisy is a sweet young girl,a Dalmatian X who has had a bit of a sad start to life. She is extremely thin at the moment with a few nicks and bruises as she has obviously been locked away in a backyard and then found herself on Death Row at the pound. However, that is all behind her now and she is looking for someone to show her all the good stuff in life: cuddles, kisses, bones and beaches! She loves to eat, but is not food aggressive, she responds well to corrections and is a fast learner. She is toilet trained and can be excitable but prefers being calm when you are. This one year old is very friendly towards humans and is friendly with children. She would prefer a family with a person at home all day or to be with another dog. She walks at heel (without leash and is good on the leash), she knows Sit and Stay and is just a very lucky sweet girl.
9/10/09 – Emma Daisy has been adopted by Holly in Macquarie Fields.


REMY – CHAMPAGNE GINGER (m)  born approx 14/10/08

Remy is a lovely short haired, pale champagne ginger and white boy and is very cuddly, he is definitely a lap cat. Remy would love to go to a new home with another kitten for company and to play with.
Remy is the most affectionate cat, he loves company and to be with you or even better on you. He is really good with other cats and adapts well anywhere.
12/10/09 – Remy has been adopted by his foster carer Meg from Revesby.
Thank you to Samantha from Greenwich for her kind donation of Royal Canin Baby Cat food and kitten toys. Hugs and purrs from Remy x x x

Many thanks to Annette from Cronulla who has donated a bag of Optimum kitten pouches and some Optimum dry kitten food. Lots of purrs and meows from all the kittens with Belinda x x x


DIESEL(m) born 17/9/08

We rescued  a litter of 3 newborns (Rita, Diesel & Rocky)  from the pound . Meg, who’s own kittens had died, became their loving foster mum.
They are all very gentle, playful and have sweet natures.  They love their toys and are very creative with their games.
Rita and Rocky have been adopted and now Diesel is looking for his perfect home.
Maria, previous foster carer advised..”Diesel is gorgeous and very patient with all other members of the household. At times he just kind of looks at me as if he has something really important to say (but of course can’t).”
27/09/09 Diesel has been adopted by July from Rushcutters Bay.


SYLVESTER affectionate black/white cat born March’08 approx

“Hi, my name is Sylvester but you can call me ‘Sylly’ for short. 

My foster mum asked me to tell you a bit about myself so here goes.
I love my food, I love lots of cuddles and licking your face. I love my best mate Storm, we hang out most days play fighting.
My favourite pastimes are playing ping pong, these funny balls amuse me for hours, and sleeping.
I love it here with my foster mum and dad but I would love a forever home. I promise to give loads of cuddles and licks.
Love Sylly.”

Sylvester is a beautiful black and white short haired cat with large golden eyes and wonderful  long white whiskers. He is very friendly and playful.
Sylvester has been adopted by his foster carer Kate from Toongabbie


HONEY (f) 

Honey was rescued from Death Row just in time & is a lovely smoochy girl. She is already de-sexed & was born approx July’06

12/09/09 Honey has been adopted by Natalie from Randwick.
Aug’09- Thank you to a kind person for their donation to Jenny which will buy me some food – headbutts and purrs from Honey x x x



Mikey has just been rescued and is feeling a little scared and apprehensive. He will soon be getting lots of TLC from our wonderful carers to make him feel safe and loved and  ready to find his new furever home. Mikey was born approx 4/6/09 and has a lovely tabby striped short haired coat with lovely green eyes.
10/09/09 Mikey has been adopted by Catherine from Dulwich Hill


BANJO black Labrador Kelpie X -great with children

Banjo has had a string of unfortunate bad luck and found himself on Death Row yet again.

Banjo thought he had found his furever home, but unfortunately he was let down by the ones he thought were going to love him forever.  After some fantastic team work from our dedicated volunteers we have rescued Banjo yet again. He is now safe and sound in temporary foster care. 

Banjo is a beautiful gentle dog with a kind face and is terrific with children. He obeys well to some commands such as sit, stay, outside and no,  but will benefit from further training. He is a very active dog and will need plenty of exercise and walks, he LOVES going to the beach. He would be an ideal companion to another dog or with an owner who is at home most of the day to keep him company so he does not become bored.
He is house trained and has a beautiful nature. When he was with his first foster carer he was learning to fetch the ball etc…He didn’t snatch food from hands and was great with his first foster carers son who is 5yrs old. When he had enough he just walked away…  Banjo rarely barked and was a quiet dog once he had settled in..
He will need very sturdy minimum 6ft high fences to keep him safely contained.
Banjo has been adopted by Mitchell
Aug’09 – Grateful thanks to a kind person from Quakers Hill  for their donation of  $20 towards purchase of  food –  Banjo has kindly offered it to be used towards Lily’s treatment expenses instead.
Jan’09 – Grateful thanks to Deb from ‘Natural Pet Store’ for her donation of a medium Trampoline bed, some toys and food – Banjo can hardly wait to try out his new bed,  lots of licks and woofs from Banjo x x x
Dec’08- Grateful thanks to Tim from Westmead  for his donation of $50 for Banjo. Merry Christmas, with licks and big sloppy kisses from Banjo x x x
Dec’08- Grateful thanks to Jenny from Englorie Park for her kind donation of $50 towards Banjo’s emergency boarding costs. Licks, hugs & woofs from Banjo x x x
Dec’08- Grateful thanks to Brendan & Kate from Caringbah who have donated $50 for dog food for Banjo – licks & hugs from Banjo x x x “woof”


STRUDEL– mature, mellow, gentle boy.

Strudel was surrendered to the pound by his owner in his mature years. He is approx 6yrs old and is quite a big boy.
He is with Carole in Oyster Bay who has this to say about him:
“He is absolutely sweet and mellow, Strudel has such an easy way of endearing himself to anything, whether it’s another cat or someone who wants some love.
He loves company and will softly call for you, to let you know that he cares. Both of my children love him and he is very placid with anyone. He is a lap cat when encouraged, and he likes being cuddled and he caresses you with his head. He seems to talk to you sometimes. He has settled in with no problems to being an indoor cat with us. This beautiful, gentle boy deserves a lovely happy home.He is one unique character”
22/08/09 Strudel has been adopted by Elizabeth, Sean and family from Bondi



His current owner had to  have an urgent operation and then went  into assisted care and was not allowed to take cats with her..She adopted Piccolo from Death Row at the pound and he has been with her ever since a kitten. She would love to know that he has found his furever home.
Piccolo gets along with cats, dogs and children and is very sociable and snuggly. He likes his cuddles but is also independent. He doesn’t mind being alone for a little while then will come for a cuddle and food. He is very easy to care for. PICCOLO was born in 2007 and has lovely Tabby stripes with a white chest..
20/08/09 Piccolo has been adopted by Kiran from North Manly.


MANDY renamed CHELSEA  (Black/white) & her kitten SAMANTHA(Tabby)

Both are very affectionate,  get on well with dogs, cats & children and have integrated well into a multi animal household.  Mandy would be a lap cat if my puppy didn’t get jealous and shoo her away to sleep there himself.  In the evening I end up with Mandy on the chair beside me, Samantha on the back of the couch behind me, the dog at my feet and my cats beside me – very cute and very warm!!!

Mandy (born approx June’07)  runs straight over for a head scratch as soon as she sees me and likes to tell me a little about her day.  Her fur is as soft as silk and when she sits and wraps her tail around her legs it looks like a beautiful bridal train (only blue-grey).

Her kitten Samantha (born approx 19/12/08) is a bundle of energy and full of curiosity.  She just loves to play.  Her favourite past-time is to climb the lorikeet cage and sleep on top!!  They have an understanding, sammy doesn’t hunt the lori and the lori doesn’t bite her toes!
Mandy & Samantha are now with Narell in Chifley who says Samantha wants to play so much, she is really funny. Mandy is less demanding and just wants some cuddles. Mandy is such a pretty cat and would easily settle in anywhere. They both love dogs, other cats and my two small children too. They are looking forward to meeting their special family –
15/08/09 Mandy and Samantha have been adopted by Stephanie from Leichhardt

June’09- Thank you to Keira who’s donation bought me $50 worth of Whiskas kitten food – purrs from Samantha s x x x
Feb’09 –  Grateful thanks to Rebecca for her kind donation of Whiskas kitten pouches, biscuits and Pets Own Lactose free milk. Lots of purrs and hugs from all of Rhonda’s kittens x x



Ginge was born approx 24/11/08. He is a lovely sweet boy, great with other cats and has a super friendly personality. He has an easy care short coat with lovely ginger tabby stripes.
He is microchipped but his owner did not bother to reclaim him. He would love so much to be a part of your family and be loved and cared for.
Ginge is a very affectionate and sociable cat who will have little trouble settling into a new home when the right one comes along. He would like to find a home together with Sunshine if possible as he is very protective of Sunshine (see below) who is rather shy still, though is still settling in and is starting to come out of his shell slowly.  They play very well together and Sunshine seems to follow Ginge’s lead. They eat from the same bowl (even though I put down separate plates/bowls) and snuggle together at night. Both are extremely well behaved and a pleasure to have around. Ginge is like a big brother to Sunshine and looks after him

Sunshine – This cute little boy was too gorgeous to resist when we saw him on Death Row with his big golden eyes. He was born approx 12/3/09. He has a shorthaired white coat with black markings.  He is a little shy but should soon get over that after getting lots of TLC from his foster carer.
White noses are susceptible to sunburn and possible skin cancer, so he will have to be kept out of strong sunlight.and is best suited to be an indoor only cat.
15/08/09 Ginge and Sunshine have been adopted by Julie and Catherine from Mosman
June’09 – Thank you so much to Carla from Fairfield who gave me a lovely new collar and bell, purrs and licks from Ginge x x x
June’09- Thank you to Keira who’s donation bought me $50 worth of Whiskas kitten food – purrs from Sunshine  x x x



These 2 cute babies were cruelly abandoned with their 2 brothers and were freezing and starving when rescued by a kind person. Unfortunately it was too late to save the 2 boys but the 2 girls seem to be doing well after such a sad start to life.
Maddy is black with white paws, chest and stripe down face & nose. She has beautiful big blue eyes and the longest white whiskers.She is larger and more outgoing than her little sister.
Her sister Milly is a beautiful marked tabby with white paws and chest and the same big blue eyes.
They would love a home together if possible so they can stay together for play and companionship.They were born approx 19/3/09 and are hoping to find their perfect home and family.
12/08/09 Maddy and Milly have been adopted by Sarah from Cronulla
June’09- Thank you to Keira who’s donation bought us $50 worth of Whiskas kitten food – purrs from all of us x x x


ZARA (f) born Jan’09

Zara is the last of Tilly’s kittens :She is really friendly, likes a cuddle & also is very playful
Zara is in care with Karen in Roseville

08/08/09 Zara has been adopted by the Rowe family from North Balgowlah.



Missy is a 5yr old gorgeous female desexed Siberian Husky. She is very friendly and loves people. She gets on well with children, although would be better suited to a family without young children, due to her size. She is generally friendly with other dogs but does tend to have a dominant personality, so could be better suited to a family with a male dog, or no other dogs. Missy would not suit a home with cats..Missy  is a smart girl. She responds to commands including sit and stay. She can shake hands. She loves to go for a walk, and generally walks well on a lead,. Missy is a large dog. She needs a securely fenced yard with 6 ft fences, and a lockabe gate. She loves going for a walk, and needs to be walked each day. Missy is de-sexed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, lifetime Council registered . Missy’s need for a new home is now URGENT, due to the imminent arrival of a new baby in the family. Missy is located in Toongabbie East with Garry.
8/8/09 – Missy  has been adopted by Allan at Casula


SNOWY(m) Stunning white Maine Coon X

Snowy is a snow white, gorgeous, super friendly, chatty, affectionate, companionable, loving & stunning looking boy. He was born approx October 2006.
He is quite a big boy with a wonderful personality and will make someone a fantastic pet. He would never bite or scratch, but prefers being the only cat. in the household.
He looks like a Maine Coon X and just look at those golden eyes……
Snowy will need a special indoors only home as we have found out that he is deaf and would not hear traffic on the roads. He will be ideal for indoor living also because of his white colour. Cats with pink noses/ears are more susceptible to sunburn and repeated sunburn can lead to skin cancer.
His carer says
“Snowy is a very quiet and placid cat. He is great with children, mine love him to bits and don’t leave him alone and he takes it all in his stride. He also has a playful side that we have only seen a few times but have left us laughing.
He is not a complete lap cat and has only come to sit in our laps a few times. However he likes attention and will lie down to be stroked and patted when you show him affection.
He has not damaged anything in any part of the house or furnishings since we have had him in our care. He sleeps in his own room at night without any protest and doesn’t make a noise. He does talk and can be a very loud talker but it is not very often, it’s mainly when he sees you opening the door in the morning that his stories begin.

He loves sitting on the windowsill and I think this is his version of TV. The fact that he is deaf has had no impact and it’s actually a blessing as I can have the vacuum sitting next to him when I groom him as he cannot hear it 🙂
He is a beautiful big boy who loves to be around people, and would be a great addition to any family not wanting the extra work that comes with kittens”.
14/7/09 – Snowy has been adopted by his foster carer Rebecca at Engadine

Feb’09 – More thanks to Carolynne from Cronulla who has donated another $100 for treats for Snowy- Rebecca is going shopping for him and Snowy sends lots of hugs and purrs for your generosity x x x
10/11/08 – Thank you again to Carolynne from Cronulla who has generously donated a further $100 towards Snowy’s boarding costs. Snowy sends you grateful hugs and purrs x x x
29/10/08 – Thank you so much to Carolynne from Cronulla who has kindly donated $100 towards Snowy’s boarding costs until we have a foster carer who can take him in.  Snowy sends you purrs and  hugs x x x


SWEETHEART– very smoochy & affectionate

Sweetheart is exactly that – she is an extremely sweet and affectionate girl and loves to give you cuddles and kisses!  We simply could not resist her and had to rescue her so she could find her own fur-ever home.
Sweetheart is a beautiful snow-white cat with expressive almond shaped golden eyes and has a short easy care coat.
Jenny advises “Sweetheart is VERY affectionate, she will head butt you at feeding time for attention and even then is more interested in being patted than diving into her food. We have discovered that she is deaf, so she will be looking for a special family who will give her a loving & safe home.

The family that adopts her will be very fortunate indeed as she is a treasure. Will you be the lucky ones?
She will need a special home with possibly another friendly cat to help her settle in. Sweetheart will have to be kept always indoors as she is white and cats with pink noses/ears are more susceptible to sunburn. Repeated sunburn can lead to skin cancer,  also her deafness would cause her problems outdoors.
August’09 – Sweetheart has been adopted by her foster carer


ZEN (m)

Mum Jasmin was a lovely Ridgeback cross rescued from Death Row. 31/1/09 Jasmin gave birth to 8 pups- 6 females, 2 males. Our own Octuplet mum! She has since found her furever home.
Zen (m) was the last pup to be adopted  (photos to come, but he looks identical to Pippa)
2/8/09 – Zen has been adopted by Rebecca from Caringbah



JACK (m) born approx Feb 2008 was rescued from Death Row at the pound.   He is a Blue & White shorthaired kitten and a very nice sweet affectionate boy who is very gentle and smoochy. Jack is now looking for his loving fur-ever home where he will be treasured and cared for.
Cats with pink noses/ears are more susceptible to sunburn. Repeated sunburn can lead to skin cancer, so it will be important to make sure that Jack is not left outdoors in the sun for long periods.

2/8/09 – Lynne has adopted Jack and renamed him Julian. 




Riley is a gorgeous cheeky little monkey of a kitten with loads of personality. He loves lots of cuddles.
Riley has a medium length fur coat and will need regular grooming to look his best. He is approx 4mths old as at 22/6/09
Riley is best suited to be an indoor cat because of his pink nose which is susceptible to sunburn and can lead to skin cancer with repeated exposure.




Oliver is a very friendly little kitten who has just been rescued from Death Row. He is looking for a foster carer or a new home.
He is approx 3.5 mths as at 19/7/09
Oliver is best suited to be an indoor cat because of his pink nose which is susceptible to sunburn and can lead to skin cancer with repeated exposure.

01/08/09 Riley & Oliver have been adopted by Petrice from Surry Hills.


 MIA, Mastiff X pup(f)

Mia is with Anita in Alexandria after being rescued from Death Row.
Mia is an absolutely gorgeous girl. She was born approx 22/4/09.She is a Mastiff cross, is good with other puppies and very playful but gentle. I’m loving looking after Mia, as she is instantly comfortable with new people and she likes to cuddle up to you but is confident enough to explore by herself. She is smart and has been very responsive to training – walking on the leash and house training – and would love going to puppy
28/07/09   Mia has been adopted by the Gitterle family from Matraville


JORDAN born 5/3/09

Jeremy, Jordan & Jodie were found abandoned and starving and were rescued by a kind hearted person. They are doing very well after such a poor start to their lives. They are playful, adorable kittens who are looking forward to finding their perfect home where they will always be loved and cared for. They were born approx 5/3/09
Jordan is so friendly he almost knocks you over in order to get some fuss! He has a very strong loud purr and loves nothing more than sitting on your lap – be prepared to stay there for hours!
25/07/09  Jordan has been adopted by Melissa from Berkeley


LILY (f) Russian Blue pure breed-very friendly

Lily is a pure breed Russian Blue with papers, she was born in Oct’04 She is de-sexed and in great health and full of life. Lily is a very affectionate and playful cat, and is used to being an indoor-only cat. Due to illness, her owner is unable to care for her any longer and has reluctantly decided to find a new loving home for her little girl. She has had Lily since 8wks old and is very upset that she is no longer able to care for her as she is such a loving companion but wants to do what is best for Lily.
Lily is no trouble to care for and is a very gentle confident and friendly girl. She does not mind children if they are not too boisterous, if they are, she will run away from them. She loves being brushed and her tummy patted. She will snuggle up to you on a couch though usually not on your lap, and sleep snuggled up on your bed. She is also independent and happy with her own company at times., then will come for a cuddle and play chase with some string. She does not mind other cats, but has never been with any dogs to know how she would behave.
During thunderstorms you might find Lily hiding under the bed, otherwise she does not seem to be afraid of anything else.
She loves fresh food, hearts, liver, giblets and chicken necks if they are chopped small,  all in small quantities though.  She prefers Whiskas Ocean fish dry food over all the other flavours.

Lily’s adoption fee is $400 as all her services have been done and is being used as a fundraiser to help our other pets in need.
26/07/09  Lily has been adopted by Michelle and family from South Coogee


CASEY (f) Friendly brown tabby

We rescued lovely CASEY from Death Row at the pound, she came with her own pink collar. but her owner never came to find her. She is a gorgeous girl who has big green eyes that just draw you in. She has a brown tabby coat with lovely tiger stripes. She loves to sit on your lap, follow you around and LOVES head butting your face when held. She loves attention from humans (female) and would prefer to be your one and only pet so she can get all the attention. (definitely no dogs please or other pets)
Casey was about 3 years old at Sept’08  She would be happy with an older family who does not want to cope with a playful kitten. We think she may have had a bad experience with men as she is very wary of any strange men, and has taken over 2mths just to tolerate her carers husband being around. So she would be more comfortable in a female household.. Casey is very easy to take care of and loves her food both wet and dry. She is happy to be kept as an indoor cat as long as she has a window to look out of. She is litter trained, using a hooded litter tray.
24/7/09 – Casey has been adopted by her foster carer Amanda at Dee Why



Sonny is a super friendly boy who is good with other cats. He was waiting on Death Row hoping to be rescued when we found him. He was born approx May 2003
He is now getting lots of TLC with Jenny in Leumeah who says he is a lovely big boy, very affectionate and is healthy. He is just waiting for the right person to offer him his future furever home.
21/07/09 Sonny has been adopted by Cecilia from Pyrmont together with Delilah
June’09 – Thank you so much to Carla from Fairfield for the lovely new collar and bell – purrs and hugs from Sonny x x x


Mumma cat – DELILAH – smoky black DSH – born approx 1/1/08 –

Delilah was lucky to be rescued by police from inside a wall cavity with her her 4 cute kittens  Panda, Pixie, Precious, Pepsi who were born approx 8/10/08

Delilah is a very, very smoochy, friendly and healthy cat.  All her kittens Panda, Pixie, Pepsi & Precious have been adopted and now it is her turn.

21/07/09 Delilah has been adopted by Cecilia from Pyrmont together with Sonny


BELLA now CHEZNA  born 6/10/08 approx

Bella, Mowzer & Phoebe were born approx 6/10/08 and were rescued from Death Row together with little Lotus
Bella is a pretty tortie and white girl.
Bella is a little reserved at first, then she’s a real talker! She is very affectionate when she gets to know you, which doesn’t take long, then has the potential to be a real lap cat. Big purrer!  She could also possibly have some Abyssinian in her genes with her large pointy ears. In the pound she was described as having a personality like a baby ragdoll. Bella is more independent than her siblings, and is happy with her own company, she seems to view herself as a human, not a feline so would be ideal to be adopted on her own as an indoor pet!
Note:– Cats with pink noses/ears are prone to sunburn and repeated exposure can lead to skin cancer. Bella would therefore need to be kept out of strong sunlight.
19/07/09 Bella has been adopted by the Lee family from Bexley.


JEREMY & JODIE born 5/3/09

Jeremy (ginger), Jordan(ginger) & Jodie(Torty) were found abandoned and starving and were rescued by a kind hearted person. They are doing very well after such a poor start to their lives. They are playful, adorable kittens who are looking forward to finding their perfect home where they will always be loved and cared for. They were born approx 5/3/09
Jodie is a very pretty dark brown tortoiseshell with some really unusual coloured markings and a pale stripe down the centre of her face. Her almond eyes are the palest green./blue. She is a really friendly little kitten, and keeps her brothers in line! She loves to play and has a good strong purr when cuddled.
Jeremy is quite the handsome little man and is a little quieter than his two litter mates. He is still very friendly and loves to be stroked and sit on your lap. He will need to go to his new home with one of the other two kittens as he is a bit more reserved and needs their company to bring him out more. He is more solid ginger on his back and has stronger stripes.than his brother.
15/7/09 – Jeremy & Jodie have been adopted by Lee from Northmead
June’09- Thank you so much to Heather for the lovely warm blanket to keep us warm – purrs and hugs from us all x x x
June’09- Thank you to Keira who’s donation bought us $50 worth of Whiskas kitten food – purrs from all of us x x x


CASPAR(m) Blue/white kitten born approx 23/9/08

Caspar at 10wks

Caspar and Pepe are brothers and were born approx 23/9/08. They both have short easy care coats. They would love a home together if possible and are just waiting for you.
Caspar is Blue/white with the most beautiful blue eyes in his lovely face
Pepe is mainly white with a black tail and black markings on his back and head. He was adopted on 6/4/09
12/7/09   Caspar has been adopted by Sarah from Mortdale


Bubba & Mitzy now JACK & FELIX

Bubba and Mitzy are lovely boys, being cared for by Jessica in Oatley. They were born 2/11/07 approx. They were rescued from Death Row together and have been together ever since.
Personality wise, Bubba is very outgoing and adventurous. He’s full of beans and loves climbing anything. He starts purring at the drop of a hat the moment he sees you and doesn’t stop. He is very affectionate and loves getting a scratch behind the ears. It’s impossible to get mad at him if he’s naughty because he’s just so lovable! He has unusual black and white markings with a black heart shape on his white chest.
Mitzy is the quieter boy of the two, he loves to curl up next to you and use you as a hot water bottle. He’s very talkative, loves to follow you round the house and is extremely cute! He has beautiful tiger markings and large expressive eyes.
They are both very friendly and get along with all members of the family. Both get on really well with other cats and dogs so much so that Bubba has been caught cleaning one of the family dogs.
12/7/09   Bubba and Mitzy have been adopted by Nadia from Gymea Bay


RAY(m) & CLOUD(f) now HUGO & RADLEY -dumped at 2wks old-born 4/5/09 approx
Cloud on left

Little Ray and his sister, Cloud, were dumped in a garden outside a block of units in Bankstown one morning, small, cold and crying for their Mumma. They would have been only a couple of weeks old. (Born approx 4/5/09) Luckily for them a kind person took pity on them & took them in, saving their lives. Against all odds, being hand fed, they have survived and are now running around like maniacs, purring at the drop of a hat with nice full tummies.  They let their big ‘brother’ Pepe the puppy clean their faces and bottoms and spend their waking hours playing with the other cats, Pepe, the neighbourhood kids and each other.
Little Ray loves to sleep tucked in between the collar of my jumper and my neck.  Cloud loves to play with, and shuffle the papers on the coffee table, then pass out on the back of the couch. They are both beautiful, affectionate, well socialised kittens
11/7/09  Ray and Cloud have been adopted by Katie from Quaker’s Hill


PETER PAN-now BENNY (m) gorgeous kitten born 30/4/09 approx

Isn’t he just adorable? Peter Pan was rescued from Death Row and he is now getting lots of TLC so he can grow big and strong and find his new furever home. He has a lovely grey tabby and white short hair fur coat to keep him warm. He has a little more growing to do just yet before being ready for adoption.
Cats with pink noses are susceptible to sunburn which can lead to skin cancer so he must be kept out of strong sun. He would make an ideal indoor pet.
11/7/09  Peter Pan has been adopted by Margaret from Oatley


BART now BEAU (m) born March’09 approx, sweet & affectionate kitten

Little Bart was surrendered to Croydon Park Vet and is now looking for his new loving fur-ever home.  He is very sweet and affectionate and was born approx in March’09

8/7/09  Bart has been adopted by Patrick and Holly from Castle Hill.


SAPHIRA affectionate brown tabby

Mum Saphira is a beautiful marked brown tabby girl with a lovely face. She was rescued with her kittens born end Oct. The kittens Poss & Cassie, have been adopted and now it is her turn. Saphira is a young, pretty cat who is very friendly and affectionate. She shows her youth when she joins in the rough and tumble games with her kittens. Since she came from the pound,she has purred constantly. She will be a sweet and loving companion.
5/07/09 Saphira has been adopted by Helen from Lindfield


KRYSTAL sweet Lab/Border Collie cross born 13/4/08

Krystal is a very, very sweet young girl. She was born approx 13/4/08. She is very playful with people and other dogs, but she is always gentle. She has a beautiful sandy and white fawn coat and is a small  to medium sized girl with a loving and adventurous personality. She is just over a year old and already knows Sit, Lie Down and Stay commands.
Krystal is micro-chipped as a Labrador/Border Collie Cross, and was waiting on Death Row but was not reclaimed. The pound staff fell in love with her as she was so sweet and gentle. She would make a lovely family pet for some lucky people.
4/7/09 – Krystal has has been adopted by Wendy in Bella Vista



JORDY (Shan’s kitten) born 12/2/09

Mum Shan Shan was rescued from Death Row with her 3 kittens Jordy,Minty & Midnight. Shan has now been adopted by her foster carer Valma from Oatley.
JORDY is really playful, loves to play with the few older kittens, is friendly and very cute.
12/7/09 – Jordy has been adopted byTiana and family from Yarrawarrah.

Jordy will be a mate for Nellie (adopted from us 30/4/09).


BAILEY – Sweet & Affectionate boy born June 2008 approx

June’09-Bailey has just been rescued and is a handsome very sweet and affectionate boy. He is medium haired so will need regular grooming to look his best.  Cats with white ears and noses are susceptible to sunburn which can lead to skin cancer with repeated exposure. So Bailey will be best suited as an indoor cat..
He is with Michelle in Sylvania who says he is adorable, medium sized, with gorgeous baby blue eyes
1/7/09  Bailey has been adopted by Kevin and Matthew from Granville.
June’09 – Bailey would like to thank Heather for her thoughtful donation of a lovely warm blanket and sends purrs and hugs x x x


MINKY now INKY born approx May 2007

Minky is a very sweet, gentle and relaxed girl.  She is very affectionate and loves plenty of cuddles and always responds with purring.  She has a very kind nature & we believe she would be suitable to any household type.  She is shorthaired with unusual white & black markings especially on her face, a long black tail. and lovely almond eyes.
Minky is with Valma in Oatley
1/7/09 – Minky has has been adopted by Jo and Alex from East Sydney



TATIANA & NATASHA – Loveable sisters born approx 18/10/08

Little Tatiana and Natasha were born approx 18/10/08 and are like Russian princesses (although with a tabby blood line) and being sisters, love each others company. Both kittens are simply stunning with a lovely dark completion to Tatiana’s short haired tabby coat whilst Natasha has simply the most amazing medium length coat ever seen with a splash of ginger in her tabby markings.
Tatiana has the most playful disposition. Natasha is a mummy’s girl, walking on her foster carers foot as she attempted to clean the house. Needless to say, not much house work got done.
Natasha loves following Tatiana around the laundry (where they are currently residing) chasing little balls of fluff that empty onto the floor from the clothes basket.
Both kittens were rescued early in the New Year from Death Row at a local pound on the day they were to be destroyed. In fact, we were told that we were too late for Natasha and that she had already been destroyed. However,luckily for her, she managed to be located at the last minute and joined her sister in safety.
28/06/09 – Natasha and Tatiana have been adopted by Mike and family from Carlingford



MISTY & SKYE born 1/1/09 approx

Misty and Skye are siblings who were rescued at 4wks of age from Death Row They are striking looking kittens with steel blue shorthair coats and were born approx New Years Day 2009.
Previous carer Belinda says “they are both extremely playful and affectionate with boundless energy. They are good with my children so would be ideal for a family”  They would love to go to their new home together as they are great playmates and buddies and keep each other amused.
28/06/09 – Skye and Misty have been adopted by Layla and Hayden from Chatswood

PIPPA Ridgeback x pup born 31/1/09

Mum Jasmin is a lovely Ridgeback cross rescued from Death Row.
31/1/09 Jasmin gave birth to 8 pups- 6 females, 2 males. Our own Octuplet mum!
Pippa’s carer provided the following information ..
PIPPA is a very smart girl, she is just about toilet trained and knows the comand “do wees”, she also know the words Outside and No.
She plays very well but when the others get rough she sits back and watches.
She is the one who climbs on my lap in the evening for a cuddle. I love both of the puppies but Pippa is the sweetest.
Pippa plays well with others or can be an only dog. she also loves the kids next door visiting for a play. She will pick up puppy school and will excel with proper training.
Our dogs sleep outside on our covered patio and in a kennel with blankets.  They also have free range of our family room when we are home.
21/6/09 – Pippa  has been adopted by a family at Five Dock


ANGEL Foxy X born 20/5/09

Mum Jenna was a Foxy X and was rescued from Death Row pregnant and gave birth on 20/5/08 to 7 gorgeous puppies
Angel is very smart and pretty girl who loves walks and jogs, she is curious but also is comfortable curling up into cute ball to sleep. She is mainly white with a tan face and white muzzle. Angel is a fast learner and loves everything!
21/6/09 – Angel has been adopted by Peter and family from Melbourne

CHARLIE(m) – Wolfhound X born approx Jan 2008

Charlie was rescued from Death Row and is a gorgeous, adorable and playful boy. His current new home has not worked out and we are now seeking an urgent new foster home or adoptive home for him with his own loving family to give him  lots of love and attention.  Charlie will need a large securely fenced yard and plenty of exercise. His new carer/owner must be prepared to continue his training to bring out the best in him.
Note:- Irish Wolfhounds are reputed to be sweet-tempered, patient, generous, thoughtful and very intelligent. Excellent, and can be trusted, with children. Dignified and willing, they are unconditionally loyal to their owner and family.
21/6/09 – Charlie has been adopted by Tracey from Bondi


MINTY (Shan’s kitten) born 12/2/09

Mum Shan Shan was rescued from Death Row with her 3 kittens. Shan has now been adopted by her foster carer Valma from Oatley.

MINTY is a lovely blue shorthaired kitten. a little shy but is starting to come around and in time will be a bit of a sook

21/6/09 – Minty has been adopted by Ben and Patricia from Vaucluse


MISSIE(f) now  Harriet Amber Louise Bridget

MISSIE was born approx May 2007. She is a sweet affectionate girl with a lovely gentle nature. She has medium length fur which needs regular brushing to keep her looking gorgeous. She has beautiful golden eyes to match her nature.  She was waiting desperately on death row and was rescued in the nick of time.
Missie is now safe in care with Narelle in Chifley who has found her to be extra loveable, craving attention and loving anyone that will give her attention. Strangers, men, women and children alike. Narelle has 2 little ones only 2yrs old and 3.5yrs old and she is great with them.  She is talkative too, so if you talk to her she anwsers you. She is big and fluffy and cuddly. Not fat,  just nice. She has a lovely coat that was greatly in need of the good brushing that Narelle gave her.  She is glossy black all over with her white mane at the front.
Missie is a beautiful cat, very relaxed, confident and well adjusted. Her coat is improving daily, and she is going to make someone a very beautiful pet.
21/6/09 – Missie (now known as Harriet) has been adopted by Margaret and her sister, Rosalie, from Pennant Hills.


ADELE & JASMIN   born approx 30/9/08

We rescued these little cuties from Death Row. The  sisters are medium haired and have outstanding looks being white with tortoiseshell markings. with lovely golden eyes. Jasmin looks as though she has a black fringe parted in the middle and has the stronger colours, Adele’s are a more pastel.shade. They both have the silkiest fur and gorgeous fluffy tortoiseshell tails. They will need regular brushing to keep looking their very best.
Cats with pink noses/ears are more susceptible to sunburn. Repeated sunburn can lead to skin cancer, so they are best kept as totally indoor pets.
Carolina who fostered them says.
“Jasmin and Adele are 2 of the sweetest kittens I have ever had. They are incredibly affectionate, so warm and loving, not to mention incredibly stunning. Photos just don’t do them any justice! I call them “the twins” because basically they are a spitting image of each other. The only way to tell them apart is by the black stripes on their heads – Jasmin has 2 whilst Adele only 1. Adele is the quieter of the 2, but both love nothing more than a cuddle. Jasmin also loves giving kisses, and can rub her face on mine for hours. Simply adorable. They are still quite young, so are still playful kittens, but definitely play like ladies!!! Whoever adopts these beauties will be a very lucky person indeed!”
20/6/09 – Adele and Jasmine have been adopted by Rebecca from Punchbowl.
Thank you to Samantha from Greenwich for her kind donation of Royal Canin Baby Cat food and kitten toys. Hugs and purrs from  Jasmin & Adele, x x x


SHAN SHAN now SHANDY- Dark torti mum born March’08

SHAN SHAN is gentle, sweet and friendly and is sociable with other cats. Poor Shan Shan was not producing enough milk due to being neglected before being rescued so her kittens Minty, Jordy & Midnight were surrogated by our lovely Regina who did a great job with them. They are ready for their new homes now.
20/6/09 – Valma, foster carer from oatley has adopted Shan Shan
Jordy will be starting his adoption trial on 12/7/09 with Tiana and family from Yarrawarrah. Jordy will be a mate for Nellie (adopted from us 30/4/09).
21/6/09 – Minty was adopted by Ben and Patricia from Vaucluse
25/4/09 –  Midnight was adopted by Haley from Glendenning


BOSCO & BAILEY born 20/5/08

Bosco (left) 

Mum Jenna was a Foxy X and was rescued from Death Row pregnant giving birth on 20/5/08 to 7 gorgeous puppies.
Bosco is an energetic and curious guy – he likes to herd dogs and play fetch with the ball. Whereas Bailey is more about good food and long cuddles. The two would prefer to go to one home together if possible, as they like to play and sleep together. They are small dogs with great personality.
These two foxy X are quick learners. They are great on the lead and are comfortable being left at home alone during the day (they are not noisy), but like getting taken to the park to run and socialise.”
A kind lady from TNT has donated a lovely hamper of goodies to go with Bosco & Bailey when they are adopted.

7/6/09 –  Bailey & Bosco have been adopted by Jacqui from Springwood
Bailey and Bosco would like to say thank you so much to the kind person from Galston, who donated A lovely orange & red collar and lead, another red collar and a dog toy. “We now look very smart – Woof Woof x x x”


ELLIE born 29/1/09

Ellie’s mum Tilly was rescued from Death Row with her 6 nursing kittens.
ELLIE is a real smoocher, she loves cuddles and goes from lap to lap to see who’s lap is the most comfortable. She has a lovely gentle personality and is very sweet.
7/6/09 – Ellie has been adopted by Hayley from South Penrith.


WINSTON – Gorgeous affectionate boy-very special!

This special big boy was waiting for us on Death Row. They told us that he is an Absolutely Gorgeous man, so affectionate and loving, and he loves the company of other cats.
He will be ideal in a family with other cats to play with.
He is with Jenny in Leumeah who is giving him lots of TLC
6/6/09 – Winston has been adopted by Thien and Chris from Rozelle


SALLY now FRENCHIE born 2/2/09

Sally was born approx 2/2/09 & is a very pretty medium haired white and tortoiseshell kitten with absolutely beautiful markings.

Sally is extremely playful and full of energy, very rarely sitting still. She has become very cuddly and affectionate after settling into her new foster home. She follows you everywhere and likes to talk a lot & tell you all about her day.
Sally is with Belinda in Sutherland

1/6/09 – Sally has been adopted by Adele from Edgecliff & is renamed ‘Frenchie’


RICKY renamed LEO born 15/3/08

RICKY was rescued from Death Row together with sister Rose and was born approx 15/3/08.  He is charcoal in colour with white star on his chest.
Ricky just loves to be cuddled, he gets along fine with other cats, also his carers’ older cats.  He is very playful and loves laying on his back to have his belly rubbed.  He will also climb up and sit on your shoulders ,and if you ignore him while he is on your shoulders he will playfully nip your ears.
30/5/09 – Ricky has has been adopted by Karen, Mick and their 15 month old Burmese, Polly, in Woolloomooloo.



 JASPER II is a small cat with a big appetite for food, life and love. He is a very affectionate cat, always ready with a kiss and cuddle whenever an opportunity presents itself. He is a talkative little  fellow with a gentle nature, who will charm anyone with a fondness for felines.
Jasper II gets along well with other cats of either gender, but likes to think that he is the boss. His small stature belies a cat of great determination who is not easily intimidated by those larger than himself. He readily charmed even the most reluctant of feline housemates at his initial foster placement.
Jasper II has a short and sleek coat, which requires little human assistance to keep it looking smart. He is agile and very fleet of foot. He would be best kept indoors as he has a proven track record for disappearing acts if not strictly supervised.
Jasper II would make an ideal companion for anyone looking for a cat with a big personality who just wants to love and be loved.

 MEGGSIE  is a very special smoochy boy, & is adorable, He was micro-chipped but his owner did not turn up to reclaim him. We could not leave him on Death Row to his fate.
Meggsie is a very handsome ginger cat with a soft medium length coat and feather-duster tail. He is a very affectionate boy who will happily settle in your lap for a kiss and cuddle. He loves to play, either by himself or with a feline playmate. He is fond of other cats and has healthy sense of curiosity and mischief. He is quite the talker, particularly at meal time, which happens to be his favourite time of the day.
He will make an ideal companion and is quite content remaining indoors, so long as he has access to toys and/or a window to watch the world go by.
30/5/09 – Jasper & Meggsie have been adopted by Iris and Hanky from Beverly Hills


WENDY – born approx 1/3/08

Wendy is a very demonstrative, affectionate, smoochy sweetheart.
Her 3 kittens Minnie Mouse, Azure & Sox were born on 28/9/08 approx and now have found homes
21/5/09 Wendy has been adopted by Prue from Cammeray


ELLIE MAY born 16/1/09


Ellie was one of Jasmins 8 pups. She is extremely placid and was the smallest of the litter
6/5/09 – Ellie May has been adopted by Sarah in the Mountains.
MISTY-LOU (f) pretty blue tabby born approx April’07

Misty-Lou is a very pretty, affectionate little girl who was rescued by a kind person after being abandoned. She is de-sexed and has lovely golden eyes and would make a wonderful addition to your family. She loves to curl up on your lap or next to you after she has been running all around. She can be really affectionate but also likes to run around and can be very playful. She is in care with Debbie in Erskineville.
4/5/09 –  Misty-Lou has been adopted by Kjersti from Ashfield


PHOEBE (Brown tabby female) born 6/10/08 approx

She is simply stunning looking and her medium haired fur coat is as soft as silk. She is very outgoing, confident and friendly. She could possibly have some Abyssinian in her genes with her pointy ears. In the pound she was described as “gorgeous and loveable”.

2/5/09 – Phoebe has been adopted by Judy from Wahroonga.


BENNY(m) black/white kitten born approx 4/1/09

Benny – born 4/1/09 approx -He is a medium haired Black & white little boy, just a little shy but loves to play with the other kittens and is starting to come out of his shell. It won’t be long before he settles in.

2/5/09 – Benny has been adopted by his foster carer Amy from Maroubra


 JASMIN (now Janey) and daughter ZARA

Jazz is a lovely Ridgeback cross. she needs a securely fenced yard with minimum 6ft fences.

“Everyone says I am a sweet and lovely girl. I’m smallish and a little shy to start with, but being at the pound was a scary place for a little girl like me. I’m a bit thin, but I’ll be a knock-out when I get some good food. Look at my lovely face. Even though I haven’t been cared for, I still have a lovely shiny coat. Imagine what I will look like after I get enough to eat and someone to love and care for me! Do you have room in your family for me?”
Karinne writes ” Jazz is a beautiful girl, Jazz is house trained and is a great companion.She has a gentle nature and is very affectionate…Jazz enjoys her walks and is doing well on the lead..As far as obedience goes she is doing well but will benefit from more training…She is great so far with other dogs …as far as barking goes we have never heard her….She is like a big baby.”
31/1/09 Jasmin is now the proud mum of 8 pups- Our own Octuplet mum!
Mum and pups are all healthy and doing well, There are 6 females and 2 males. Jasmin is being a very attentive mum and is looking after them all very well indeed.

30/4/09 – Jasmin and daughter Zara have been adopted by a family in St George area.

-Pippa has been adopted by a family from Five Dock
-Samson has been adopted by Jessica & family at Albion Park and is now a brother to their Kelpie, Snapper
-Ellie-May has gone to Sarah at Warrimoo
-Lola & Ella have been adopted together to Patty at Point Piper.
Zia has been adopted by Sharon and Charles at Woonona as mate for their lovely boy Dax


NELLIE gorgeous black/white kitten born approx 18/1/09


NELLIE, born approx 18/1/09, is a pretty female kitten, black with white markings.  She has the longest white whiskers and looks adorable.  She was found in a factory and rescued by a kind person. She is very friendly,loving, happy and extremely playful and she has a beautiful nature.

She is in care in Sylvania together with Bobbie, the rabbit.
30/4/09 – Nellie has been adopted byTiana from Yarrawarrah


Frankie, Sugar, Peaches & Barbie- born Jan’09

Frankie(m) & Peaches                    Sugar (front) Barbie

Mum REGINA (approx 12mths Feb’09) is a lovely Burmese X rescued at the last minute from Death Row with her young kittens.
Peaches – Female Burmese X white torti , very sweet natured
Sugar – Female Burmese  X white torti , very playful and affectionate
Frankie – Male burmese x ginger tabby , he is very friendly and playful
Barbie – Female burmese X white torti medium length,  extremely friendly , affectionate and playful
25/4/09 –  Peaches  has been adopted by Narell of Chifley
25/4/09 –  Sugar…now Missy  has been adopted by Joan of Oatley
25/4/09 –  Frankie has been adopted by Stacey of Malabar
25/4/09 – Barbie has been adopted by Michelle of Caringbah & renamed MOLLY

MIDNIGHT born 12/2/09

Midnight (black) was rescued with her mum Shan Shan and siblings Minty and Jordy. Our lovely Regina became their surrogate mum as Shan did not have enough milk due to being neglected before her rescue.

25/4/09 –  Midnight has been adopted by Haley from Glendenning


SOX (now Ginny)  & AZURE born 28/9/08

   Azure (m)                                                    Sox (f)
AZURE –(m) gorgeous solid blue in colour.Azure -(sibling to Socks) , he is friendly and affectionate
SOX – (f) darker blue with white socks & chest – She is a petite little girl, a real sweetie. and very friendly
27/4/09 – Sox has been adopted by Karen & Mark from Jannali and re-named ‘Ginny’
Azure will be joining the family after his eye surgery is completed.


BREE BREE (f) born 12/9/08 approx  BUSTER(m) born 30/7/08

Bree is medium haired, very gentle and sweet she prefers to be with human contact but will tolerate other cats
Buster is a Blue/white affectionate kitten. He is a non stop talker, constantly calling out and has an awful lot to say.  He is very affectionate and purrs all the time.  He has a lovely blue fur coat with white nose, mouth and paws. He was born on 30/7/08.
Maria says…….
He is seriously the most affectionate kitten/cat I have ever known.  It is just so obvious he’s happy to be alive.  He purrs all the time.  Whenever I’m on the lounge he comes up to me and kisses/licks any exposed skin the whole time purring.  He also does that to me when he wants me to wake up and get out of bed, kisses from Buster as a substitute to my alarm clock.  He is very playful and has a favourite toy that he carries around the house from room to room with him.  He loves my dog and sleeps with him a lot.

Note:- Cats with pink noses/ears are more susceptible to sunburn. Repeated sunburn can lead to skin cancer, so it will be important to make sure that Buster is not left outdoors in the sun for long periods.
27/4/09 – Bree Bree and Buster have been adopted by Donna from Coogee.


JUNIOR & BELLA Jnr born early Jan 2009

Bella Jnr (f)                          Junior (m)

Bella Jnr – Black and White Female. Little Bella is very friendly and loves attention. She has the most attractive black and white markings. She is playful and loves to purr.

Junior – Grey and White boy. Junior is a purr machine. This little tyke will start purring at the drop of a hat and loves to be cuddled. Junior is playful and is a real cutie.
27/4/09 – Bella and Junior have been adopted by Susan from Fairlight


OTTO – Cream Persian, Male, Born November 2006

This extraordinary cat has been through it all. Abandoned by his owner to fend for himself on the streets, he was finally found and brought into the pound. There he sat waiting to seal his fate. Full of fleas, dirty, underweight with his fur matted so tightly.
As his final days came closer and closer he was finally rescued just in time. He was immediately clipped, flea treated and put into foster care where he has been getting lots of TLC. Otto has settled in extremely well and is beautiful cat. He likes to talk and purrs nonstop. He loves to be patted and scratched around ears. He is playful and can’t go a day without a good scratch on his scratching tree.
Otto is a very special man and will still need a lot of TLC before he is the stunning cat we know he can be. He will need daily brushing as his fur grows back to keep it tangle free and looking smart.
26/4/09 Otto has been adopted by Pamela from Wahroonga


OLIVER & TIMMY born 21/1/09(Tillys kittens)

 24/4/09 – Oliver and Timmy have been adopted by Jessica from Centennial Park.





JACK FROST (ex Snowflake) born approx 25/12/08

Cute as a Button – Jack Frost (m) Born Approx 25/12/08
Little Jack is a ball of fluff. His fur is long, pure white and super soft. He is a real cutie. Jack is very friendly and a super smoocher. He has the biggest purr for such a little man and just loves a scratch under the chin. He is playful and loves to bat his ping pong ball around or wrestle with his toy mouse.
Jack is not deaf which is often common with white cats. He will have a long coat that will require extra brushing to keep it looking stunning and super soft.
He will also need to be an indoor cat as his pink nose and ears are susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer in later years.

18/4/09 – Jack has been adopted by Carol, his foster carer


KATIE(f) Tortoiseshell born approx 23/9/08

KATIE(f) is a Medium Hair kitten, she is Tortoisehell & White and is adorable
Katie is with Carol in Caringbah\
18/4/09 – Katie has been adopted by Carol, her foster carer
Jan 2009 – Many thanks to the clients from AhCat Pet Sitting Service for their kind donation of Breeders Choice litter. Purrs from Katie x x x


 PLUTO-Terrier X approx 2yrs old rescued from Death Row

Pluto, our little rescued terrier x has been diagnosed with epilepsy and will be having ongoing vet costs and treatment. He will need a special owner who is willing to give him the care that he will need. He also has an allergic reaction to wool

My name is Pluto and I am a terrier cross approximately two years old. I am a very affectionate little boy who has had a rather sad start to life.
I would be best suited to an older, gentler family with no young children, who are experienced dog owners. I rarely bark like other doggies and I am not a chewer!  I know some basic commands such as kiss and beg and will do absolutely ANYTHING for a schmacko. I am very clean in the house as long as you remember to take me outside regularly.
I like nothing better than a cuddle and a smooch with my foster Mum as she is the first person who has ever shown me kindness.
Do you think you would have room in your family to welcome a charming little boy like me?  I will return your love 10 times over!
 I am de-sexed, vaccinated, micro chipped, heartworm free and on monthly prevention tablets.  I am worm free, and frontlined regularly.

 My foster Mum has made up a  hamper for me, which includes collar, lead, brush, toys & my favourite foods.
I am not a fussy eater, when I came into care I was quite thin but as you can see from my photos I have filled out and am now happy and healthy.  All I need now is my new home and a family to call my own.
Licks and cuddles,
Pluto xoxox”

April’09 – Pluto is in  Leumeah with Jenny who has decided to adopt her little boy as he has become a much loved part of her family.
Pluto will agree that he is a very lucky boy as he is getting the best of care with lots of loving, to enable him to enjoy life to the fullest.

Jan’08 – Thank you to Carolynne and Dana from Cronulla for their kind donation of Franklins vouchers to buy food for our foster pets – $20 to Jenny for Pluto who sends licks and woofs of thanks x x x  Pluto is sharing it with Jenny’s foster kittens

A big thank you to Marilyn who generously donated some Science Diet dog food and toys. Yum yum,  big wet sloppy kisses from Pluto xoxoxo


SUGARPLUM – Seal Lynx Mitted Ragdoll born 13/4/08

Sugarplum was born on 13th April 2008 so is still a kitten really.  She weighs 4.9kg.  She is a de-sexed Seal Lynx Mitted Ragdoll in very good health.  (Papers available)
Her previous owner who is unable to keep her, says “Words to describe her would be playful, curious, friendly,  likes her food, dog tolerant but not dog friendly (yet).  She usually likes to know where I am when I am the only one home and follows me around when she’s not snoozing.  She usually sleeps on someone’s bed at night.  Her diet at the moment consists of Nutrience kitten dry food, Gourmet D’Lite tinned food and fresh cubed meat.
16/4/09 – Sugarplum has startedhas been adopted by Damien from Bellevue Hill
-Sugar Plum’s adoption fee is being used to help cover Cinnamon and Andy’s eye treatments for ulcers, and also eye drops, ointment and vet checks for Bella and Junior who also have sore eyes and ulcers due to cat flu. Junior is now recovered and Bella is almost recovered.

SEBASTIAN Silver tabby born approx 7/9/08

SEBASTIAN is a handsome short haired Silver tabby with lovely markings. Sebastian is a very playful little boy, his brother Star has been adopted and he is looking forward to his own special family as well.
16/4/09 – Sebastian has been adopted by Carol in Jannali.


MILKY(m) -Sweet & affectionate White & Tabby 5yr old, likes dogs

Milky was rescued from Death Row and is approx 5yrs old. He has a short haired mainly white coat with tabby markings on his back and head and has beautiful golden eyes. He is a very sweet boy who will make someone a lovely pet. Because of his white colouring, he is best suited to be kept indoors. Cats with pink noses/ears are more susceptible to sunburn. Repeated sunburn can lead to skin cancer.
Jenny, his first carer advised ” Milky is a divine boy who likes dogs, every time my little dogs run past his 3 tiered tower pen to go to bed in our back room he dives to the bottom level and puts his paws out to grab them (claws in of course)
He has now moved to Carole who says “Milky is a very aware and well behaved character. He instinctively knows when you wish to be left alone, and will settle comfortably nearby. Then  when you wish to cuddle him, he will jump happily onto your lap. He is an extremely affectionate boy, and just loves to be with someone as you can see from his photos”
14/4/09 – Milky  has been adopted by Ann from Sutherland
Location – with Carole in Oyster Bay


PEPE White & black kitten born 23/9/08 approx

Pepe born 23/9/08 is mainly white with a black tail and black markings on his back and head. He has large green/blue eyes. He was rescued from Death Row with his brother Caspar
6/04/09 – Pepe has been adopted by Katherine and Max of Telopea


JESSIE born approx 22/11/08

Jessie – Female – Tabby and white –  She was rescued from Death Row 17/1/09 – Jessie, nicknamed “Little Miss Dynamite” has a very forceful loving nature. She would be great for older children as she just loves to play and be close to you.
29/3/09 – Jessie has been adopted by Emel of Castle Hill


LILY & ZOE- kittens to TILLY tabby mum born Mar’06


Lily-white with tabby markings and tail.  & Zoe-Blue with white feet and chin,  were 2 of Tillys litter of 6 kittens all rescued from Death Row
28/3/09 – Lily & Zoe have been adopted by Heather and family from Kearns



All these gorgeous cuties were rescued at the same time on 10/3/09 from Death Row
Rusty – male 7-8 weeks champagne ginger, friendly and loves his voice – DOB 20/1/09 approx
21/3/09 – Rusty has been adopted by Olivia from Caringbah
Fudge – male 7-8 weeks-medium hair coat- all chocolate/black with gorgeous round eyes, and very friendly- DOB 20/1/09 approx
Missy – female 8-9 weeks medium hair coat- black with white chest and feet really cute and extremely friendly and affectionate – DOB 13/1/09 approx
21/3/09 – Fudge and Missy – have been adopted by Judy of Acacia Gardens


STANLEY rescued Christmas Eve

Stanley – Short haired (very thick coat) Ginger Male -born 12/11/08 approx –Rescued Christmas Eve from Death Row-
He was a little shy at first but is ok once picked up and cuddled.

15/3/09 –  Stanley has been adopted by Nicola of Willoughby as a mate to our Rusty, adopted 22/1/09


PANDA & PIXIE -born 8/10/08 approx

 Delilah’s remaining 2 Kittens:

PANDA (f) Black kitten with white paws and chest
PIXIE (m) Tabby kitten with white paws

11/3/09 – Panda and Pixie have been adopted by Amie and Andrew of Woy Woy.


NUTMEG & CINNAMON ginger twins 

Nutmeg (Twins 3wks on 31/1/09)                                              Cinnamon      –          Nutmeg at 6wks old

Nutmeg – born 9/1/09 approx, very cute medium hair ginger with white on his nose, is friendly though a little shy.

7/3/09 – Nutmeg has been adopted by Susie from Neutral Bay
 19/4/09 – Cinnamon has been adopted by Susie from Neutral Bay as his eye treatment is finished


CONNIE & MITCH born 10/10/08 approx

  Mitch                                                  Connie           -“Can I play with you?” 

Connie and Mitch were part of an abandoned litter of 6 kittens sitting on Death Row.
They are siblings to Caesar and Cleo, & to Maddie (Kitstar) & Monica who have been adopted.

Connie (female) is white with tabby patches and has huge green eyes and large ears. She is affectionate and playful. Always purring, even when being tackled by her brother Mitch.
Mitch (male) is black and white and very adventurous he also has big green eyes like his sister Connie. He loves playing with people and is very curious. He has a happy demeanor and will purr on your lap when he is tired of playing.
Connie and Mitch are excellent playmates and are happy to stay together.
March 09 – Connie & Mitch have been adopted by their foster carer Kirsty’s parents in Oatley


HOLLY(f) white/torti kitten born approx 4/1/09


Holly – female born 4/1/09 approx. She is a very friendly absolutely beautiful little cutie-pie.
She is mainly white with tortoiseshell markings and has gorgeous patterns on her face.

SANDY-pale ginger boy, born approx 9/12/08

Sandy and brother Andy were rescued together from Death Row, Sandy is all ginger tabby, Andy has white feet and chest. They have short easy care coats
To be able to rescue them and save their lives we had to place them in boarding as we are short of foster carers.
Sandy(m) is extremely playful and friendly

7/3/09 – Sandy & Holly have been adopted by Monique in Sutherland.


5 KITTENS born 21/9/08 approx

Chloe                                 Max                        Cricket                      Thomas                    Sylvester
CHLOE (f) – black and white face – very funny and friendly loves her brother & sister and also loves to be cuddled
30/11/08 – Chloe has been adopted by Alana from Concord

MAX (m) long hair dark tabby, very small and cute loves cuddles and every day is becoming more friendly
22/11/08 – Max has been adopted by Tracey at Thirroul

CRICKET (f) – mostly black with a white neck & 4 white socks is the most friendly & affectionate of the bunch. She will follow you everywhere and purrs as soon as you pick her up.
30/11/08 – Cricket(renamed Sakura) has been adopted by Patricia from Belmont N’castle as a mate for little Millie.

THOMAS (m) medium hair dark tabby, is a little shyer than Max but, like Max, every day he is becoming more friendly and also loves cuddles. He is a very handsome boy & has beautiful tiger stripes.
14/1/09 – Thomas has been adopted by Elizabeth from Strathfield

SYLVESTER Jnr (m)- Born approx 21/9/08 was rescued from Death Row with his 4 siblings. He is mostly black with a small white stripe down his nose and white chest & socks, a very funny little man, very friendly and likes to snuggle into you for cuddles
7/3/09 – Sylvester Jr. has been adopted by Joanna and family from Chatswood.




Priscilla was approx 12 mths old in December’08.  She is best suited as an only cat, or with one other cat.
Priscilla’s foster carer says –
“Priscilla is a very sweet little girl, with a cute face, green eyes and white feet. She is super friendly and loves cuddles! She likes to play by herself or with others, but at the end of the day she loves to snuggle up for smooches and hugs.
7/3/09 – Priscilla has been adopted by Helen from Davidson near Belrose.
Priscilla had 6 surviving newborns, born 25/11/08, when rescued from the pound.
Totti (dark torti) 22/1/09 – Tottie has been adopted by Maria in Five Dock
Dane (dark ginger/long hair), found his new home through the vet re homing programme.
Rusty (pale ginger), Tilly (Light torti). Dylan (tabby/white), Kurt,(black/white) are being re-homed by the Figtree Vet Clinic in Lane Cove- Please contact Natalie for information  02 9428 4700


TINY- Adorable loving Staffy/Boxer X (m) 1yr old

“I am approximately 1 year old, tan and white with a big grin.  I love everyone and other dogs and would simply love to become part of your family so I can show you how much love I have got to give. Thank you to the lovely person from Sydney Pet Rescue who saw me on Death Row, offered me a foster home and has saved my life, I will always be grateful”
Anita, his foster carer, says-
“Tiny is a Staffy x rescued from death row with 15 minutes to spare.. He’s named Tiny because he’s a medium-large dog but with a really gentle personality. He’s a brown and white American Staffy x Boxer, so is on the larger side of the medium-size (weighing at 28kg). He is an extraordinarily well mannered and loving dog with a gorgeous personality.. He has a really gentle nature and even likes bath time! He is well trained and  already house trained, loves people and loves other dogs. He loves playing ball and is a very fast and agile guy but is happy lazing around the house. Tiny is around 1 yr old, so is over the puppy stage and is really well behaved – no chewing or barking. He is content being left alone for the day but is much happier when you get home and he gets tummy tickles!!”
Whoever adopts Tiny into their family will be very fortunate indeed. He is one in a million!
1/3/09 – Tiny has been adopted by Liz and Paul from Seaforth


CANDY & POLLY rescued 30/1/09 from Death Row

Candy (f) born 12/12/08 approx, white and dark torti, is very friendly and loves cuddles
Polly – (f) born 26/12/08 approx, very cute tabby with white socks and neck is very friendly

1/3/09 – Candy and Polly have been adopted by Sharlene from Loftus 


Lotus (grey tabby with pointy ears) born approx 5/12/08

A little timid compared with the others but is much younger. She is great when picked up and purrs when she’s stroked and looks to be another lap cat, She has such big pointy ears and could possibly have some Cornish/Devon Rex or Oriental in her genes?? The pound described her as “very friendly and sweet”. Her littermate was adopted from the pound so we could not leave her there.
1/3/09 – Lotus has been adopted by Robin from Gladesville


WILBUR (m) Blue white affectionate cat

Wilbur is in foster care with Kassy at Caringbah, who writes-
“Wilbur is a very quiet yet super affectionate, gorgeous boy! He is approx 1-2yrs old. as at January 2009. He loves lazing in his basket for long hours but is always eager to receive a pat or any kind of attention. He is absolutely fine with over zealous pats and squeals of delight from our children and he doesn’t even mind the odd lick on the face from our dog either!
Overall Wilbur is an extremely low maintenance and quietly affectionate young pussy-cat – guaranteed to charm everyone he meets”
Note – Cats with pink noses/ears are more susceptible to sunburn. Repeated sunburn can lead to skin cancer, so it will be important to make sure that Wilbur is not left outdoors in the sun for long periods.
1/ 3/09 – Wilbur has been adopted by Jane and Sam from Summer Hill


 NOAH (m) Steel Blue adorable & very affectionate kitten born approx 31/10/08

If you are looking for a smoochy and super friendly lap cat, then Noah is defiantly one to consider.
This little cutie was rescued just in the nick of time before he was due to be euthanased. He has a big appetite and with some extra TLC he will be ready for his furever home after 24/1/09.

Noah was born approx 31/10/08. He is a very unusual coloured steel blue tabby, with adorable striking markings including 4 white socks and a white bib. He has a medium to long haired coat that will require regular brushing to keep him looking super smart. He is extremely affectionate and purrs non-stop. He just loves attention and cuddles even more than playing with his toys.

His carer says “Noah is an adorable little man.  He has been a big smoocher from the moment I got him home and he is becoming more and more active, even more smoochy and very talkative. He certainly loves to be the centre of attention, follows me everywhere and climbs into my lap for a scratch and smooch. He is more interested in me than his toys when we have playtime.
He has a very unusual colouring. He is like a dark charcoal tabby and when you split his fur apart he is grey. He also has unusual brown eyes.
22/2/09 – Noah has been adopted by Ellie at Nth Sydney.

Thank you to Samantha from Greenwich for her kind donation of Royal Canin Baby Cat food….Hugs and purrs from Stanley and Noah x x x



2 of Delilah’s cute kittens DOB approx 8/10/08
PEPSI (f) Dark tortoiseshell – Pepsi is mumma’s girl & loves her mum.
PRECIOUS (m) Silver Tabby

22/2/09 – They have been adopted by Kellie at Roselands.



TOMMY(ginger) & TIGER(tabby)

TIGER(m)born 23/9/08 is a Medium Hair dark tabby kitten with lovely dark pattern of tiger stripes & a lute face. Tiger is a lap cat and just loves his cuddles.
TOMMY(m) born 21/11/08 is a cute friendly boy, rescued at 10wks old on 30/1/09

19/2/09 have been adopted by Tara and Barry from Jannali


LOLLYPOP gorgeous tabby & white kitten

Lollypop was rescued when he was 4wks old. He was born approx 5/4/08. He needed lots of TLC and good food and has grown into a handsome little kitten. He is the most adorable playful gentle little boy and full of fun. How can you resist his striking tabby face and such big eyes..
Cats with pink noses/ears are more susceptible to sunburn. Repeated sunburn can lead to skin cancer, so it will be important to make sure that Lollypop is not left outdoors in the sun for long periods.

14/2/08 Lollypop has been adopted by Kay Gale from Camden


Monica is a very sweet little Black & white girl. She is shy at first but once she gets to know you and she is comfortable, she is ready for a cuddle. She is a pretty girl with a cute face, green eyes, white feet & tummy with a black mask over one eye, a black chin, nose and tail. She was born approx 10/10/08

Leroy is gorgeous looking fluffy tabby & wihite kitten who was found abandoned. by a caring person. Leroy will be having surgery to correct his cleft palette by May’09
Monica & Leroy has been adopted by Trish and family from Mosman.

Feb’09 – Thank you to Trish for her kind donation of $50 which will go towards Flea/worming treatment and food. Lots of purrs from Monica & Leroy x x x
Jan’09 – Thank you to Samantha from Greenwich for her kind donation of Royal Canin Baby Cat food and kitten toys. Hugs and purrs from Monica & Leroy x x x Yum yum

POSS med hair kitten

Poss born 27/10/08 approx was rescued from Death Row along with mum Saphira and 2 sisters.
Poss is a Medium haired tabby kitten, brown coat tinged with amber.   Possum would love a home with another kitten as a playmate and companion to snuggle up with.Possum adores attention and is inquisitive about the world around her. She is a very pretty kitten with an excellent temperament. She is hoping to find a home where she will be a much loved member of the family.
1/2/09 – Poss has has been adopted


 BAXTER (m) fluffy gorgeous fluffy kitten

BAXTER- born approx 26/3/08 – Quiet and Cuddly – Quiet little Baxter loves a cuddle and when rescued, he was a tiny ball of black and white fluff with beautiful blue eyes. He loves a cuddle and has a very healthy appetite. Baxter likes to watch the other kittens play and will join in if it suits him. Baxter has med to long fur and will require regular grooming. He has a beautiful fluffy tail like a feather duster.
Baxter recovered well from his eye surgery when he was so little, and has no after effects,  he is a lovely healthy little boy.
30/1/09 – Baxter has been adopted by Lynne & Barry in Musswellbrook


MILO & OTIS – ginger twins (now Tom & Jerry)

  Milo and Otis are gorgeous ginger twins with bright blue eyes and were born approx 23/9/08. They have medium length coats which will need regular grooming when older.Otis has a white chest and a small white stripe on his nose. They would love to be adopted together as playmates.
26/1/09 – Milo and Otis have been adopted by Norma and John from Lane Cove & have been renamed Tom and Jerry


Gorgeous MAISIE- very affectionate

Gorgeous MAISIE born approx April’08,  is a pretty little girl who was sitting on Death Row with her life on the line, after being surrendered by her owner. She was very bewildered and did not know what she had done to cause this to happen. She was also pregnant & gave birth to 5 kittens but sadly only 1 survived- Millie who has been adopted
Maisie has long to medium length hair. She has a white tummy with lovely tabby markings on back and face.  She loves company and does not like being left on her own. Maisie is a very happy little lady. She is the sweetest little girl and purrs as soon as you touch her or present her with food. She is very smoochy and loves having her tummy rubbed. She just flops onto her back asking for tummy rubs!!
She is an amazing little girl and anyone that meets her will fall in love with her!
Maisie will need regular brushing to keep her coat in tiptop condition and looking great.
23/1/09 – Maisie has been adopted by Wendy from Mortdale


JET Foxy x pup

Mum Jenna was a Foxy X and was rescued from Death Row heavily pregnant. She gave birth on 20/5/08 to 7 gorgeous puppies
Jet is an adorable boy who loves doing all doggie type things like playing fetch, going for walks, loves his food and sleeping in your lap.

22/1/09 – Jet has been adopted by Avi from Kingsford.


RUSTY Ginger kitten

Rusty is a very sweet and friendly Ginger boy born approx 15/9/08. Rusty’s owner didn’t want him, so dumped him at the pound, knowing he could be put down at any time. We enquired about Rusty but were told by the pound that he had already been put to sleep. Then a couple of days later, we found out he was still alive….how could we not rescue this little boy, whose life was saved by a twist of fate. In order to rescue Rusty, we had to put him into boarding,

22/1/09 – Rustyhas been adopted by Nicola from Willoughby


LOUIS Long haired silver tabby kitten

Louis – Long haired Silver Tabby male  born 5/11/08 approx – Rescued Christmas Eve from Death Row
Louis is a little cutie, and the most adorable kitten we have had for a loooong time!. He is definitely a lap cat, and loves to snuggle up on your shoulder. He looks up at you with those big saucer eyes, and it just melts your heart. He is so sweet and gentle & very cute, toddling around. He is playing a lot more now, and chases Stanley his little buddy all around the house. He  loves his dry kitten food. He has put on weight and has a roly poly tummy.  He will be a magnificent little boy!
22/1/09 – Louis has been adopted by Laurie at Concord


CASSIE tabby kitten born 27/10/08

Cassie born 27/10/08, was rescued from Death Row along with mum Saphira and 2 sisters.

Cassie is a short haired tabby kitten, brown coat with a little tan on her belly. She adores attention and is inquisitive about the world around her. She is a very pretty kitten with an excellent temperament.
16/1/09 Cassie has been adopted by Rod at Pennant Hills


THOMAS tabby kitten born 21/9/08

THOMAS (m) medium hair dark tabby, is a little shyer than his brother Max but, like Max, every day he is becoming more friendly and also loves cuddles. He is a very handsome boy & has beautiful tiger stripes.

14/1/09 – Thomas has been adopted by with Elizabeth from Strathfield


Felicity ( f) Smoochy medium haired tabby & white kitten born 3/11/08 approx 

8/1/09 – Felicity has been adopted by Colin from Caringbah

This little tyke was abandoned and was lucky to be rescued by two loving ladies. She was skin and bone and full of fleas, but after some good food, flea treatment, lots of TLC and a warm bath, little Felicity is well on her way to being an adorable pet. She should be ready for her new home by the 9th January 2009. Felicity was approx 7 weeks old as in these photos taken on the 22 Dec 2008.  she was born approx 3/11/08.

Felicity is super friendly and turns on her loud purr at the drop of a hat. She is playful and loves to bat her ping pong ball around the floor. Felicity has gorgeous markings and once she grows up, will have a medium to long haired coat which will require regular grooming to keep it in tip top condition.

Cats with pink noses/ears are more susceptible to sunburn. Repeated sunburn can lead to skin cancer, so it will be important to make sure that she is not left outdoors in the sun for long periods.
She is located in Sutherland


Blueboy gorgeous grey and white long haired cat (m) very affectionate 

Blueboy was rescued from Death Row in the nick of time. He is a very handsome grey & white medium to longhair boy with a simply gorgeous nature, he is very affectionate and was approx 2-3 years old in Oct ’08.
Blueboy is a sweet, quiet and loyal cat that is independent but affectionate. He will do best in a quiet home that is gentle and patient.
Initially he is shy and hides when visitors come by but when he realises that they won’t harm or hassle him he becomes quite comfortable with new people. The more respectful you are of his feelings the more he opens up to you. He does not play very much but has a kind heart.
He is an early bird and loves to come and snuggle up to you affectionately in the mornings. He prefers his tinned food to dry food and has particular preferences but is generally low maintenance.
His temperament is stable and sweet. He prefers female humans to males but is friendly to both. He has a strong aversion to dogs (he can be naughty and pick fights with them) so best kept in a dog free home! He may be introduced to another cat but is happiest on his own without having to share his human/s. He is not a lap cat but enjoys sitting next to you in front of the heater watching animal documentaries. He is ideal for someone who has the time for affection and chats and who appreciates a funny little cat who can sometimes take himself a bit too seriously. He is careful but confident with the kids that live next door but prefers adult company.

He will need regular grooming to keep his lovely coat in good condition and would be best kept mostly indoors. He has a half white nose which is prone to sunburn.
7/3/09 – Blueboy has been adopted by foster carer Divya. Blueboy has jetsetted to his new home with Divya who is now in Brisbane.


MIA & ANASTASIA-sisters rescued on Christmas Eve

     Mia                                     Anastasia

These little kittens were rescued on Christmas Eve from Death row-
Mia – Short Haired Black and White Female born 15/10/08 approx – Very friendly, very smoochy and loves to purr
Anastasia – Short Haired Black and White Female born 15/10/08 approx – Very friendly, smoochy and playful-
Jan’09 Anastasia has been adopted and is living in Whale Beach
Mia & Anastasia have been re-homed by Cremorne Veterinary Hospital.
contact “Eugenia” or “Jessica” – Telephone Number: 9953 1090 if you would like to give them a home.
Location: 73A Spofforth Street, Mosman.


 ALLY (f) Foxy X pup born May 2008

Ally is a gorgeous natured sable coloured Foxy X pup (f)  born approx May 2008. She will be a small to medium size dog
She is a very placid little dog and loves cuddles and loves to give you licks in return. She knows the command to sit and will benefit from further training for walking on the lead etc.
22/1/09 – Ally has been adopted by her foster carer Deborah from Earlwood


 OSCAR (m) handsome super smoochy Blue tabby kitten

Oscar was found on Death Row wondering what he had done to end up there. He is now safe with us and getting lots of TLC to let him know of the good times ahead. He was born approx end of May’08
Oscar is a stunning short haired kitten with golden eyes, His shiny fur is smokey blue with white socks, moustache and tummy,,  ,
His foster carer tells us that  Oscar is very sweet and super smoochy and just loves to get his tummy rubbed.  He is gorgeous looking and is a real snuggler. He jumps up into your lap and reaches up to pat your face and rub his face all over you to show you how much he loves your attention. He is one of the nicest natured cats she has looked after.
14/11/08 – Oscar has been adopted by David from Killara.

Minnie-Mouse DOB 28/9/08

3 kittens – DOB 28/9/08 approx rescued with mum Wendy and siblings Azure(m) and Sox(f) from Death Row.

MINNIE-MOUSE – (f) black/white & the image of mum Wendy- She is the largest of the kittens and was the first to start eating solids.
9/1/09 – Minnie has been adopted by David as a friend for Oscar



JENNA Foxy X mum

Mum Jenna was a Foxy X and was rescued from Death Row pregnant giving birth on 20/5/08 to 7 gorgeous puppies
– She is a bundle of energy just like Angel, she loves attention and loves going for walks, she also loves to play and jump all over you. She would be great with kids who are full of energy.
Mum Jenna has been adopted by Jenny, her carer who has fallen in love with her

7/6/09 Bosco & Bailey have been adopted
21/1/09 Jet has been adopted by Avi in Kingsford
29/8/08 Akira has been adopted by Nora and Ed in Cammeray
4/8/08 Holly and Ebony have been adopted by Grace in Rozelle