Mim (f) born 6/10/11

7/12/16 Mim has been adopted by Sonya after fostering her for a while
March 2015 to December 2016 Thank you to Margaret Haywood who sponsored Mim at $40 per mth, this was a big help.  purrrrs from Mim.

Mim is a pretty, shorthaired tabby girl.
Ally, her carer advises – Mim is a sweet girl though a little independent. She rubs her body against me hopefully when she sees me eating or or stares at me unblinkingly.
Although she is still very shy with new people, she lets me rub her head, stroke her body as long as she is inside her cubby where she feels very secure. Mim needs the company of another cat as she relies on this very much to feel safe, be loved/pampered etc etc. She is good with the other cats and easily forms a good relationship. She even cries out when her friend is out of her sight. She is best suited to a quiet indoor home with an older family and with another friendly cat as a companion.

BONNIE & MADDY born 19/2/13 approx- smoochy & gentle sisters

22/10/16 Bonnie & Maddy have been adopted by Laura & Gary

23/3/13  Bonnie & Maddy and their sisters Niki and Miki were at the pound without their mum.

Bonnie – mainly white with tabby/torti head & tail markings.
Maddy – dark orange torti/tabby with lovely markings.

Bonnie and Maddy love lots of attention and are very smoochy with everyone. They are just gorgeous girls.
It was hard to take their photos as they wanted to come right up to the camera.

Bonnie is full of curiosity and was so keen to see what was inside the bag of litter that she ended up falling inside the bag and had to be fished out. Bonnie is fascinated by the water running from the tap and will sit in the sink trying to catch the water with her paw and also drinking some. As soon as she sees you she runs up for attention and all the pats you can give her.
Because of her pink nose, Bonnie needs to be kept out of the sun to avoid skin cancer.

Maddie loves your attention also and will push in next to Bonnie for her share.  If you are looking for a pair of smoochy loving cats, look no further, you will fall in love as soon as you meet them.
They are both quite happy to remain indoor cats with a window to watch the world outside.

They are looking forward to finding their special families and will give them lots of love in return.  They are able to be adopted separately but would also make a lovely pair of companions if adopted together.

Bonnie and Maddie have tested negative for FIV

PADDINGTON (m) born 29/11/09

5/2/16 Paddington is being adopted by his carer Wendy

 29/11/11 Paddington was microchipped & recorded as 2 years of age, however his owners did not come to rescue him. Paddington is a gorgeous smoochy natured boy.
He is looking for a special home as he has tested positive to FIV. He has no symptoms and is a lovely healthy cat.

Paddington needs to be re-homed as a completely indoor cat which is safer anyway, and he needs to be re-homed to a home with no other cats or another FIV positive cat.

If you would like to offer Paddinton a loving home and would like to know more about owning an FIV+ve cat, please call our President Michelle who can tell you about her experience. She has one FIV+ve cat with no symptoms after 5 yrs since diagnosis. SPRA’s bookkeeper also had an FIV+ve cat which was diagnosed at approx 10 yrs of age and which lived until 18yrs of age, when it passed away due to unrelated causes. Specialists have advised us that they expect that FIV +ve cats who are well cared for and maintained indoors, can still potentially live long and happy lives.. To find out more contact Michelle on 0403 254 960.

You can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions at these links.

Click here to read more information about FIV

18/12/12 – $100.00 from Olga on behalf of Inna and Illia – grateful purrs from Paddington


5/2/16 Christian and Honeybunch have been adopted by their foster carer Natasha

4/2/13 Honeybunch, born Feb 2012 approx , was rescued with her 2 4wk old kittens, Holly & Blackie, who have been adopted. Honeybunch is now looking for her own furever home.

Honey is a little pocket rocket! Small and stocky she charges around full of energy looking for someone to play with. She usually initiates play time with Christian, who is also being fostered, and he wrestles with her in a playful manner. She will chase the red laser dot up and down the hallway, loves the cat tunnel and any other toy that provides stimulation. She is a little shadow and follows me around everywhere, loving a back rub and attention, making little chirruping noises (bit like a guinea pig) and responding to her name with a little acknowledging chirrup. She makes me laugh every day with her curiosity and playfulness.

Honeybunch has tested negative for FIV/FELV


 Christian is a little shy to start with, but once he’s settled in he just loves being in your company.  He’ll follow you from room to room talking away just hoping you’ll give him a pat behind the ears or under his chin.  He welcomes you when you come home, plonking on the ground waiting for a belly rub and cuddle. He loves lying on plastic bags as well as his cat bed and is playful with balls, his cat tunnel and chasing a piece of elastic on a stick!  He’s not a lap cat but will come up close to get pats and rolls over for a belly rub when you go to him.  He’s just adorable with his long slender limbs and his fur is so lovely and soft.  He’s lovely company to have around.  He’ll sometimes hide when visitors come over but not for long as he’s curious to see who’ll give him a pat.

He is located in Manly with Honeybunch
17/3/14 – August 2015 Christian was sponsored by Robyn at $40 per month..purrrrr

CINDY (f) born 8/1/11

13/1/16 Cindy has been adopted by Jill & Cameron in Bilgola

Cindy is a long haired, very pretty, small black cat. When picked up she cuddles into your neck and purrs softly. She is not a lap cat but will tell you when she wants some cuddles and chin rubs by looking up at you and giving a squeak. She has a cute squeak instead of a meow, especially when she sees her food coming. She is a little shy with strangers at first and likes her own space. She uses the cat flap to access the enclosed balcony. Cindy is best mates with Pixie and they have a ball chasing each other and play fighting together. Cindy is the quieter one of the two and likes to watch the other cats from a quiet corner. However she is quick to jump up and play when Pixie ambushes her. The catnip toys are a big favourite with them both and the cat tunnel also. They would love a home together if possible

Cindy is best suited to an indoor lifestyle in a quiet home with no young children. She will need time to settle into a new home. Cindy will need regular brushing to keep her fur coat tangle free and to remove loose hair especially in the summer months. Luckily she loves being  brushed and is very patient when I am brushing out knots in her fur. I have found Cindy to be a very easy cat to care for. She gets on with all my other cats.

Cindy is located with Lucy in Bexley together with Pixie and Scotty.

Many thanks to Iris & Hanky who previously sponsored Cindy @ $20pm from July 2011 till Jan 2012.
Cindy says thank you to Sarah-Jayne who sponsored her @ $40 pm from January till June 2013
Many thanks to Penelope who sponsored Cindy @ $40 per mth from January to June 2014