DAWN & TWINKLE lovely Blue/white mum and daughter

 Dawn & Twinkle have been adopted by their foster carer, Michelle, at Sylvania

  “Hello, my name is DAWN and I am a pretty blue/grey and white tabby with big green eyes and I am bit of a smooch. I have a short easy care coat.
I was abandoned when pregnant and was left at the pound with no future to look forward to. Then a lovely lady rescued me from Death Row and gave us a foster home.
I would love to stay together with my special little daughter TWINKLE, who is a very loving, cute and pretty dark blue and white petite girl with white handlebar whiskas. She was born 28 Aug 2006 and is very precious indeed.. We would like to be your only cats, or maybe with just one other, but no dogs please.
We are both vet checked, micro-chipped, de-sexed, vaccinated and wormed-deflea’d.” Also tested negative to FIV

Oct’08 – Thank you to Marilyn for her gift of food bowls and a lovely pink cat collar. Purrs and cuddles from Dawn and Twinkle x x x

Oct’08 – A big thank you to Penny, Cris, Toby, Sparkle and Gemma for their very generous donation of a box of Dine gourmet food. Yumm yum, purrs and hugs from Dawn and Twinke x x x x
Many thanks to Carolynne and Dana from Cronulla for the lovely comfy bed- lots of purrs from Dawn and Twinkle x x x


CAESAR (m) born 12/2/13 approx

25/12/14 Caesar is being adopted by his foster carer Julie in Beverly Park

 Caesar is a handsome grey/beige tabby, and a real lap cat, he just loves to lie in your arms. He is a quiet slightly shy little boy, but once he gets to know and trust you, you will have a lovely friend.

He loves playing with his catnip filled mouse and enjoys face and neck rubs

He was rescued from the pound 23/3/13  together with the 4 sisters Miki, Niki, Bonnie & Maddy

He would suit a quiet home with time to settle in and get to know you.


MIA pretty torti girl, born approx 1-3-13

18/10/14 Mia has been adopted by Liza and Paul from Dulwich Hill

Mia is a very pretty tortoiseshell and white little girl. She is a lovely girl, is very friendly and affectionate, loves to play with anyone and anything.

Update from Lara – Known for being a ‘feather on a stick’ thief, is this charming, boisterous girl. Initially timid, Mia will literally go missing in action until the fun and games begin. Talented at holding herself up on two back legs, Mia will never fail to put a smile on your face. Still young at heart, this gorgeous girl can play for ages but still enjoys curling up on a chair. One to follow you everywhere you go, Mia can be an attention seeker but is also quite placid when you need your space. Mia has a powerful purring motor and loves to sit on your window sill watching the world go by. She gets on with people, cats and kittens alike and loves being groomed by her carers own cat as you can see in the photo.
Mia is a true companion animal and a people pleaser.
Mia is currently with Codie & Ryan in Engadine

GENTLE GEORGIA (f) born Dec’2010 approx

17/9/14 Georgia has been adopted by her foster carer, Maryanne, from Miranda.

Gentle Georgia is such a special lady. She is so very gentle and sweet and  loves to nestle in your lap. She has a pretty, black and white short hair coat.
Initially, Georgia was a very scared little kitten and just wanted to hide. After a while, she got used to being handled by her foster carers……. and what a lovely nature has surfaced now! Out of the blue she might go for an exuberant run around the room – Beaming with the joy of life. She’ll talk to you in her endearing little voice, and then she’ll cuddle up in your lap. Or, she’ll just settle happily nearby. Georgia adores company. You are her focus, and she just loves to be close.

30/5/12 Georgia has tested negative for FIV/FELV

Vet advised that Georgia needs to lose some weight (she was 6kg) to get down to 4kg. So she is on a special diet.
4/8/14 Georgia is now perfect at 4.15kg and is a very happy healthy girl

Georgia sends purrs & grateful thanks to Valma Roe for her kind donation of $150 “for expenses for care of  Georgia”

 MABEL (f)

June 2014-Mabel has been adopted by her foster carer, Jane in Pananiav

24/8/11 Update from Jane-
Mabel, born approx 2007,  is a gentle natured cat who was rescued from the pound with her two kittens Daisy and Matilda (adopted). She is an affectionate cat who has a playful nature.  Mabel has been around other cats and she would be fine to have one or more cats around her.
Mabel has shown great affection to foster kitten Isaac who is now being adopted.

CHARLIE CHAPLIN (m) & WINNIE (f) born 27/10/13 approx

28/04/14 Charlie Chaplin & Winnie have been adopted by their foster carer, Rebecca, from Campbelltown


Charlie and Winnie are 2 gorgeous little kittens who have just come into care. They are Ragdoll blends.

Charlie is named after Charlie Chaplin because of his cute moustache. He is the braver one of the pair and Winnie follows behind him. Both are still settling into their foster home and are rather shy just now, peeking out of their room,  but are slowly coming out of their shells. They just love playing with ping pong balls and then forget to be shy and come out of their room to chase them.

They will need daily brushing to keep their coats looking their best. They are best kept as indoor pets as their coats would get tangled and collect grass burrs outside. Their white noses are prone to sunburn and this can lead to skin cancers with repeated exposure.

MAXIE (m) born 29/6/12 approx

21/4/14 Maxie has been adopted by his carer Georgia in Castle Hill

Maxie is an adorable, shorthaired silver tabby and white kitten. He is a very social and friendly boy, who loves company and is very affectionate. – He’s so cuddly and purrs as soon as you pick him up 🙂



Remus & Robbo  playful friendly brothers

April 2014 Remus & Robbo are being adopted by their foster carer Melissa in Jannali

Remus & Robbo, Honey & Rufus were surrendered with their mum Tim Tam, shortly after they were born in late October 2009.. Tim Tam has been adopted.

REMUS (m) – Smoky Black short-haired boy. Super Smoocher Remus will be your best friend forever once he gets to know you. Although a little shy to start with, Remus will soon chat away with you for hours letting you know all about his day with his vocal meow. Remus loves to smooch your hands and face and will purr loudly to let you know just how much he really is enjoying it. His beautiful sleek black coat is just divine and his gorgeous golden eyes are just stunning. He has long black whiskas and there is not one patch of white fur anywhere to be seen. Although Remus is not huge on playing, he still likes to pat his ping pong ball around and chase the laser light up the walls.

ROBBO (m)- Tabby short-haired with lovely tiger stripes, he was the smallest of the litter, but with lots of encouragement has grown and is a good eater now. He will be a handsome little man, still a little shy but getting better with TLC. He has the softest eyes that just melt your heart. He loves a neck massage and purrs loudly to tell you how much. He loves playing with his white toy mouse. He is the more athletic of the brothers and will jump more than twice his height to catch his feather toy and race after it when you drag it around the room.
Robbo is such a big cuddler and a big heat thief!! He is the 1st one in front of the heater!! He and Remus are so in love with one another, they are never apart for long before they meow for each other to make sure everything is ok. Very cute!
They are healthy and happy boys and have been tested negative for FIV/FeLV (Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia)


OSCAR, BUDDY & BENNY  born approx 16/1/13

19/04/14 Benny, Buddy and Oscar have been adopted by Nikki from Beacon Hill

We were saved from the pound, thanks to  Jen’s fund to Help Sad & Mistreated Animals

6/2/13 Faith was rescued with her litter of 5 tiny kittens. Faith, Millie & Billy are being adopted.

Benny(m) – Black and White. I was the tiniest in my family next to Millie (my sister) and even the vet said I was pretty small .But I was determined and I am now the biggest, strongest boy ever. I love attention and wrap my paws around Jill’s neck and give lots of big kisses with my cold nose all over her face when she picks me up for a cuddle .If you sit down I am more than happy to come and keep you company and sit on your lap and have lots of pats and scratches .I even like being combed when I am in bed dropping off to sleep .I love playing and being involved .My other fascination is dabbling my paws in the water bowls (even my brother Buddy now thinks it’s fun too) and the bath tub and splashing water around .I am very cheeky and climb inside the doona cover so I can be cosy at night and then popping out and play with my brothers and sister when they come to bed.

Buddy(m) – Gorgeous silver stripey coat. I am a very active boy ( that’s when I’m not snuggled up in front of the heater , on the bed with my sister and brothers or tucking into my dinner ) and like my sister Millie , my most favourite game in the world is playing fetch with little pieces of paper even though I have lots of toys too .I am a little bit more savvy than my sister because even though I am super smart and know I am not a dog, I bring my paper toy back and put it in the hands of Jill who loves to play throw and fetch with me .You will often see me following Jill around the house with paper in mouth waiting for an opportune time or sitting at the door when she gets home waiting with my pieces of paper to play .I love head butts of the pussycat variety and every now and then I just feel a little sensitive and all I want is lots of love , pats , affection and personal time with Jill .

Oscar(m) – dark charcoal tabby I am very handsome with my striking charcoal and cream colours .My patterns are pretty spectacular…. I think I look quite elegant really .I love my cuddles and having my tummy stroked as I’m falling asleep in front of the heater .It is one of my favourite pastimes . I am a bit of a deep thinker ,sometimes you will see me just watching and observing and you will probably wonder what is going on in my head…. that’s of course when I’m not preoccupied racing around playing tag with my brothers and sister Buddy ,Benny , Billie and Millie . I am also very active like my brother Buddy and I love to play ,even the paper toy game ,but I take my toys and run away and hide them so later when Jill’s at work we all go looking for them and give them to her when she gets home so we can play or even better we get her involved in helping us find our toys again .My other fun pastime is rolling round and round on the bed when the fresh linen is being put on the beds .That is the best .
I am a pretty cruisy little man all round .I just want to be with someone who loves pussycats and would give me a forever home .

They are with Jill in Beacon Hill


 02/03/14 Faith, Millie and Billy have been adopted by Lea from Collaroy
We were saved from the pound, thanks to  Jen’s fund to Help Sad & Mistreated Animals

6/2/13 Faith was rescued with her litter of 5 tiny kittens who were born 16/1/13 approx.

Millie(f) – Torty/White. I know I seem shy and quiet and maybe even a bit nervous, but as you get to know me you will find I am a real little sweetheart and quite adorable. I love my chin scratches , pats , and spending time with you .One of my favourite games is playing catch with pieces of paper with you even though I have lots of other toys . I love playing in the sheets when all the bed linen is being changed .I get very excited and charge around on the bed even though I am tiny compared to my brothers .I look really funny and am quite a trick when I play .I am not a big talker but when I do I squeak like a kitten which is very cute if I may say so myself .I have earned myself the nickname of Squeaky from Jill . I love sleeping on the bed at night and snuggling up to keep warm .I am still with my mum Faith and big brothers at present and they keep me warm at night as well .

Billy (m) – Tabby/white.  I am like my mum in personality and I am so proud to be just like her .I have the most gentle ,sweet nature and even when I love to play rough and tumble( which I do) with my family I am just like a big teddy bear .I have the softest thickest coat of fur and love lots and lots of cuddles .You just have to look at me and I turn my head to one side and purrrrr .I have a very deep baritone voice so when I talk I know Jill always knows that it’s me having a conversation with her and not one of my brothers .I am very affectionate and love lots of affection back .Whenever I am picked up I give big bear hugs and wrap my paws around Jill’s neck and snuggle .When I was tiny I used to drape myself around her neck like a collar and sit there while she was getting ready for work or while she did the housework …now I am a bit too big . I just love being smoochy and friendly and even though I know everyone has to go to work and all that stuff I love it when you come home and we get to spend time together.

They are with Jill in Beacon Hill

OLLIE, TOBY born 17/10/11

27/02/14 Ollie and Toby have been adopted by Brett from Oyster Bay

These lovely kittens are brothers,  Ollie (pale ginger and white), Toby (black tabby), Fergus (red tabby) who were born 17/10/11

Update 29/3/12 They are all VERY affectionate and playful now, and they love their food. They all get along well with their carer’s cat.

Toby & Ollie are very close and they sleep together, they both will hang out with you wherever you go in the house. They would love to stay together if possible
Toby has very shiny short hair and a long slim body.

23/5/12 Ebanny says – Toby and Ollie are playful,  a bit cheeky at times but very sweet. They love to play around with each other and you but they also like to snuggle and love just sitting with you watching TV.
Toby is very affectionate while Ollie is a little shy at times but is usually the ringleader when getting up to mischief.

Toby is very outgoing and just loves company he is forever climbing onto my lap when I’m on the computer or watching TV and he’s done the same to my housemate the first night they met. Ollie on the other hand is shy at first, but he warms to people quite quickly if they are gentle.

Both boys are beautiful and would love to live with a family where they can get lots of attention and pats.

17/1/13 Toby & Ollie were in boarding 38 days until 16/2/13

16/2/13 They are now with Kylie in Oyster Bay


MOBY (m) a special lovely boy- very affectionate

 04/02/14 Moby has been adopted by his foster carer, Goretti, from Lugarno

Moby is special, a lovely lovely boy, the pound staff advised us, another favourite of theirs… He is short haired, mainly white with blue/grey markings and is approx 12-18mths old as at 28/8/09.
He should ideally be kept as an indoor cat because of his pink nose & ears which are susceptible to sunburn and possible skin cancer
Moby is with Goretti who has this to say –
Moby has been with me since Jan/10.  Moby is a delight to have and has a gentle and mild manner and is a very easy going and happy boy. It does not take much for him to purr loudly. He was a bit timid at the beginning but he’s now grown more confident and assertive.
Moby plays well with my other cat Charlie and both of them always greet me at the door when I come home. Moby likes to jump onto my desk and lie on the keyboard when I use the computer. He  enjoys a gentle brush on his coat now and then and this keeps his coat silky and shiny. Moby is curious but not too adventurous so it’s quite easy for me to take him for a walk on harness in the garden. He is very well-behaved as long as you let him know the rules. He likes to play with small balls and sometimes he would bring his ball to me to throw so that he can chase after it. Moby also likes to play with water. As soon as I walk in the bathroom, he will signal me to turn on the bath tap so he can drink directly from it and play with the dripping water. He occasionally likes to squeeze into small spaces, he once crawled into one sleeve of a jacket on the floor and got stuck. I had a really good laugh before I rescued him.

He adapts to changes easily. Some examples are:
1. He was ready to explore the new environment just within hours of setting his foot in my house and quickly found his way around;
2. I had been experimenting with different cat litters but Moby never had any issue with any;
3. I once put both cats on the Litter Kwitter training (it’s a 3 stage training system to train the cats to use a human toilet), Moby progressed really well.  I had to give up on stage 2 because Charlie was protesting furiously and it became too much for me to manage, which unfortunately killed Moby’s potential for the greater achievement (using a human toilet).

Moby is very affectionate and loves human company but he is also quite comfortable to be left on his own. When I am home, he likes to stay near me and sometimes either jumps onto my lap or shares my chair. He is also very friendly and sociable with strangers. Moby is a real sweet heart, even a first time cat owner will find it easy to look after him. He will do very well in a quiet loving home.
Moby is with Goretti in Lugarno


SAVANNAH (f) -born Nov 2010

02/02/14 Savannah has been adopted by Dianne from Kirrawee

14/11/11 Savannah is cute, cuddly, clean, and a great companion. She has settled in so quickly and is totally part of the household already. She is such a tiny girl with a huge heart and a kitten-like playful nature. She loves her food and lots of cuddles, and is happiest following us around the house looking for a head pat or a tummy rub. Savannah would like to go to a household with another cat if possible as she very much enjoys the company of other felines.
She would make a great companion to anyone who is looking for a dedicated little feline friend!
Savannah is with Pamela at Bondi Junction together with Domino

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